Even though the term Omega 3 is very well known, yet not many people know how that works or affects the human body.

Omega 3s are generally found in fish oil, and in some vegetables and plant products. Omega 3s are a type of fatty acid linked with multiple health benefits.

As Omega 3s can’t be produced by the human body naturally, one needs to ingest adequate amounts of Omega 3s by eating certain fish and vegetables. Alternatively, you can consume it by taking Omega 3 fatty acid capsules as well.

Amongst their many benefits, one of the most well-known ones is that it reduces the number of triglycerides and optimize bad cholesterol (LDL) in the human body. They promote good health and a fit mind, which is why people are advised to take supplements or fish oil capsules that are rich in Omega 3, almost on a daily basis.

What Are the Benefits of Omega 3 Capsules?

As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits of including Omega 3 capsules in your daily routine. Here are some of their common benefits of them.

They Help Manage Cholesterol Levels

Omega 3 capsules have been proven to manage cholesterol levels in the human body. It is also known to increase the levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, but they do not reduce the levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol. Instead, it works a little differently.

Increased amounts of HDL cholesterol can reduce the chances of bad cholesterol getting clogged up in the arteries, essentially safeguarding you from encountering a heart attack.

So, Omega 3 capsules and supplements help in improving and promoting cardiovascular health and are essential for people who have heart problems.

They Reduce the Levels of Triglycerides in the Body

Triglycerides are a type of fat that is found in the blood, which gets stored when someone has a sedentary lifestyle or has obesity. When one consumes a bit too many calories, the human body turns it into fat and stores it as energy reserves in the blood.

But high amounts of triglycerides can cause a lot of health problems, like heart diseases, metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes, and can even result in hypothyroidism.

Taking Omega 3 capsules on a daily basis and adopting a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right can lower the levels of triglycerides in the human body.

They Help in Dealing with Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Diseases

The best Omega 3 capsules in India can even help you deal with the symptoms of bone and joint-related problems like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

They can even reduce certain joint-related issues like joint tenderness or swollen joints, by regulating the immune response.

It Improves Mental Health

One of the best things about including Omega 3 capsules in your diet is that they can help to improve your overall cognitive health.

Studies have shown that taking the right amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids can help deal with various mental problems like depression and anxiety. They are also helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Bipolar Disorder, and even psychosis.

What Are the Side Effects of Omega 3 Capsules?

However, there are certain side effects of consuming unregulated Omega 3 supplements.


One of the most well-known side effects of Omega 3 fatty acids is decreased blood clotting. It all depends on the amount of Omega 3s one takes on a daily basis.

Studies have shown that taking more than 3 gms of Omega 3 fatty acids has resulted in decreased blood clotting and increased blood thinning, so it is important to control the daily intake amounts.

If you are not sure about what to do, you should definitely consult a doctor and get his or her advice on this.

Diarrhea and Other Gastric Issues

Diarrhea is an extremely common side-effect of taking Omega 3 fatty acids, which also depends on the amount taken every day.

Flatulence is another accompanying side effect and happens commonly to people when they don’t regulate the dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn too can occur to people who take a little too much Omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis. As Omega 3s are known to have a powerful effect on the human heart, heartburn and acid reflux can be noticed.


Studies have shown that taking the right amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids can improve your sleep schedule.

But in some cases, it has been noticed that taking high amounts of Omega 3 capsules can disrupt your sleep schedule and even result in insomnia. It has been most noticed in patients with a history of anxiety and depression, but it can be a side-effect for anyone.

High Blood Sugar

Taking high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids can result in increased sugar levels in patients who have a history of hereditary diabetes, or are already pre-diabetic.

As high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids can stimulate the production of glucose, it can result in high sugar content in the bloodstream.

Usage of Omega 3 Supplements

The safe usage of Omega 3 supplements should depend on your existing physical conditions and proper medical advice. You should consult a doctor or a certified nutritionist before you start consuming Omega 3 capsules regularly.

According to notable health organizations across the world, people should not take more than 3 grams of Omega 3 per day, as unregulated dosage can cause adverse effects like blood thinning, increased bleeding time, and diarrhea.

Final Thoughts

Omega 3 fatty acids can help you get healthier physiology and manage the symptoms of many diseases, but one has to be extremely careful in choosing the right amount to intake. Talking to a doctor will help in this case, and you can benefit majorly from this.