Suffering from pain and want to get rid out of the bad situation? Is the pain disturbing your sleep? As it comes to the term "orthopedic", you are likely to find various types of misconceptions revolving all around. People do get misguided by the wrong information given over the internet regarding such issues that later may make them prone to more pain.

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Are you in need of a good mattress to sleep on or just inquisitive to check out the list of the best orthopedic mattress brands in India? Then this titbit is meant for all of you people who want to transform their living by including the right mattress, which offers support that is targeted and tailored for your body, as their sleeping partner to improve their fitness. However, if you want to get more information regarding a different kind of mattress, you can check out our titbit for Best Mattress for Back Pain in India.

These are the topics that this titbit will help you will understand better regarding the best orthopedic mattresses in India:

What does an Orthopedic Mattress Mean?

An orthopedic mattress is specially designed to hold up your spinal column and joints. It helps you in maintaining the ideal posture of your physique while you are napping. These mattresses are based on expert scientific research and discoveries in the field of ‘ORTHOPEDICS’ that deals with the malformations or the ailments that are likely to occur from the misalignment of spinal cord, leading to hurting joints in your body.

Your backbone helps you in standing straight and any misalignment in its correct posture can harshly damage your capability to stand upright. Any ailment in your joints can obstruct your capability to lead your life the way you have wished to live. These factors are so important that if you don’t pay attention to them or take care of them then you would not be able to even stand properly. So getting the best orthopedic mattress in India should be a matter of seriousness and the decision must be taken responsibly.

But given the chaotic world we live in, it is very tough to cope with your schedule and also get your preferences right for getting a more comfortable sleep. That is where the orthopedic mattress for back pain steps in and does the work for you – that too without putting any added efforts on you to get a sound sleep to relax your body.

What Are the Benefits of Orthopedic Mattresses?

  • Helps retain perfect posture

Since these mattresses are based on health findings, they have just the right firmness on the surface that assists you in maintaining the right posture overtime.

  • Helps you conquer bones and spinal pain

The best orthopedic mattresses come with right mix of gentleness as well as toughness. It provides correct pressure to your muscles and bones, resulting in decreased body pain. These mattresses offer the sufficient amount of lumbar support while maintaining  the ideal form of your body.

  • Calls off the rollover effect

Another key advantage of an orthopedic mattress is that it does away with the overturn effect that is usually found in other mattresses. It takes the form of your body, while the rest of the mattress stay straight and fail to create a dip to support your structure, that is very necessary. Each person has his/her own contoured shape which actively fits into the depression created in an orthopedic mattress.

  • Provides the ideal amount of care

Say bye to the irritating need to keep adjusting your postures all night to find the ideal amount of support. When you lie down to sleep, a good orthopedic mattress constantly regulates the mass and creates a perfect cocoon to hold you in place and provides you with the comfort that you really need after a tiring day.

  • Lumbar and softening support

Since they follow learnings from many years of health research, the best orthopaedic mattresses are constructing keeping in mind the unique lumbar and softening support needed by the human body. To put it simply, not all parts of our body are alike each other - some are tender, some are stiff, some are being frequently used and some are not – picking the best orthopedic mattress means that all these considerations have been taken care of. Orthopedic mattresses are built in a manner so that each body part gets the exact amount of comfort and lumbar support as it needs.

  • Made up of recyclable materials

These mattresses are less likely to leave a significant carbon trail and use more eco-friendly products. On top of that, the orthopedic mattress for back pain also circulates oxygen flow in an improved way. So if you are prone to sweating heavily or feel very hot regularly, then, it can help you in keeping relatively cooler. Using the best orthopedic mattress in India will create a space that will perfectly hug your body.  Also, at the same point of time, it will restrict the extreme sweating or fret because it breathes well.

List of the Best Orthopedic Mattress

Now that you know the benefits of using an orthopedic mattress, let us come good on our promise – which is to provide you with actionable advice, not just a bunch of theory that does not lead to immediate results.
Here is the cautiously curated list that our experts have put together to help you find the best orthopedic mattress brands in India. Look at the key features of each to select the perfect orthopedic mattress for back pain to relieve all your physical aggravations caused due to imperfect sleep:

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

King size orthopedic mattress – 5 inch

Wake fit is an Indian based brand in Bengaluru. It has gained in popularity solely because of the quality and the transparency of its natural materials

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

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Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress is made from high quality memory from by using latest technology.

Key Features

  • Has breathable material to escape the excess heat
  • Provides a medium rigid mattress that follows up the shape of your physique
  • Has a rare gap pressure area system which permits the air to pass around within the mattress to keep you relaxed during your sound sleep
  • The high resilience foam makes it durable thus multiplies the duration of the mattress
  • This orthopedic mattress for back pain is very affordable as well
  • It is probably the best orthopedic mattress fro back pain in India

2. Duroflex Black Magic Orthopedic Mattress

Single size coir mattress – 5 inch
Duroflex is a well renowned and highly admired brand which has domain knowledge of over 50 years. running in the surroundings of Kerala. It has transformed into a company that resonates with the feeling of superiority and faith among its shoppers.
Duroflex Black Magic Orthopedic Mattress

Duroflex Black Magic Orthopedic Mattress

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This orthopaedic mattress for back pain is recommended by the national health academy and has been provided the first position in many different aspects, by passing all the requirements.

Key Features

  • It consists of seven separate sheets with the first one being the main foam followed by layers of HR foam, coir and the best recoiled foam
  • This mattress is perfect for the patients suffering from bone, joints, and spine pain
  • It is engaged with a skill called ‘DUROPEDIC’ which is claimed by the NATIONAL HEALTH ACADEMY. In this particular technology the mattress is divided into prominent five exclusive zones with a very firm rating on the comfort side of the mattress

3. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Mattressr

3 layered orthopedic mattress for back pain – 72*36*5
Sleepyhead is another comfort brand manufactured in Bangalore. It has amazed its customers by the comfort and the sleep excellence of its mattress which can be felt instantly.
Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Mattress

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Mattress

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Sleepyhead mattress has a breathable fabric, comfort, responsive memory, and support foam.

Key Features

  • This back pain orthopedic mattress consists of an outside wash cover
  • Comfort foam for a hug like feel
  • Pressure alleviate for total equal weight sharing
  • HR foam for back pain support

4. Sleepycat Plus Orthopedic Mattress (Gel Memory Foam)

Comes with a unique gel memory foam – 5 inch
Sleepycat is a homemade brand that has built an army of satisfied customers. The brand boasts of considerable grown and pays special attention on making merchandise with a touch of royal and innovative patterns.
Sleepycat Plus Orthopedic Mattress (Gel Memory Foam)

Sleepycat Plus Orthopedic Mattress (Gel Memory Foam)

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Sleepy cat is a brand that you can trust blindly when it comes to health related products and this orthopedic mattress for back pain is indeed a gem.

Key Features

  • Comes with a neat and stylish washable wrap and an anti-skid bottom to preclude unintended shifting
  • This mattress consists of 2 inch cushioning gel on the first layer and 6 inch memory foam on the down one
  • Provides softening and even relaxing effect which can be an excellent bonus in summer
  • Has softer side, appropriate for those who want only for preventive measures

Now we will be wrapping up this informational titbit that included some of the best orthopedic mattress brands in India. If you are someone who is in urgent need of an orthopedic mattress then we assure you that these will surely be a perfect choice. You can use this titbit to select the best orthopedic mattress for back pain in India to live the fit, happy, and comfortable life you deserve.