The cook stove is the cornerstone of your kitchen, and it must function flawlessly. In India, gas stoves are the most common. So you would not need to go through a plethora of stove and hob alternatives. You'll need to select between a portable cooktop and a built-in hob if you're building a new kitchen or upgrading an existing one.

A built-in hob is permanently fastened to the kitchen worktop with fasteners, whereas a freestanding stove is moveable and most commonly utilized. Before making a decision, make sure to look at the appliance's convenience of use, effectiveness, and maintenance requirements. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, will assist you in making the right decision by stating all aspects of both items.

Let’s move ahead to explore the benefits and drawbacks of both the gas stove and hob to pick the right one based on your needs.

Advantages of Gas Stoves

Gas stoves have been used in Indian Kitchens for many years. They are easy to install and maintain and have the following important benefits.

1. Design

A standard or conventional gas stove can be found in almost every home. We are raised seeing them in our house, to be more accurate. It's old-fashioned, old-designed kitchen equipment that gets a makeover to give it a new lease on life. Various brands continue to improve the design and functionality of these ten-year-old devices.

The basic structure of those gas stoves hasn't changed no matter how many iterations we've had. These gas stoves are ideal for any home and offer outstanding value for money.

2. Functionality

These stoves have simple functionality, such as minimal command over the flame. To switch them on or off, you must use a manual switch. Additional functions such as manual and auto-ignition are available on expensive gas stoves from reputable brands.

3. Cleaning

The best thing about having a traditional gas stove is how effortless it is to clean. It requires low maintenance. Because of the freedom of mobility, any food stains or dirt may be quickly cleaned. The cooktop's burners and rings can easily be removed for a full cleaning. The added bonus is that you can shift it around your kitchen until you finished cleaning and return it to its proper location.

4. Installation

Traditional gas stoves are incredibly customizable, mobile, and simple to install due to their freestanding body style. It does not necessitate the assistance of an expert. It's something you can do on your own. This type of gas stove has a wide range of power sources.

5. Price

When opposed to built-in stoves, conventional gas stoves are considerably inexpensive. You can purchase a standard gas stove below 3000 INR. The cost of an upgraded model starts at INR 6000 and rises based on the layout, pattern, and functionalities. You may like to get the best gas stove in India to easily cook various dishes in your kitchen.

Drawbacks of Gas Stoves

Along with the advantages, here are some disadvantages of conventional gas stoves.

  • Chances of gas leakage
  • Looks bulky
  • No modern features
  • Not safe

Advantages of Gas Hob

Gas Hobs are modern devices that are permanently attached to the kitchen countertop and cannot be moved. Here are the advantages of a gas hob.

1. Design

Compared to typical cooktops, built-in hobs have a more appealing appearance. Built-in hobs are stylish and can offer your kitchen a modern look. These hobs have thin, narrow gas tops that give them a sleek appearance. Cast iron surface and a glass top are the main options accessible. A glass top version can offer a stunning statement. The customer's selection and taste are always up to him or herself.

Ensure the surface of the hob is spill-proof, whether it's made of glass or metal. You won't have to spend as much time cleaning as a result of this. You might place a greater emphasis on your cooking abilities to improve your experience.

2. Functionality

The flame level on built-in hobs is typically low. Multi-flame controls, which consist of two or triple ringed burners and a high flame, were even offered by some manufacturers. These are more suited to Indian cuisine. Furthermore, their heat adjustment knobs provide seamless rotation.

The majority of built-in hobs come in both gas and electric designs. Autoignition, burglar alarms, and timers are among the numerous specific characteristics of advanced hobs.

3. Cleaning

Expert cleaning is required for a built-in hob. When doing so, one must be extremely cautious and alert, as the item may require to be disassembled. It will consume a noteworthy amount of your time and energy.

4. Installation

This must be done correctly when it refers to installation. The worktop must be trimmed to the exact dimensions of the hob. It's also a requirement.

Always keep in mind that you should complete the cutting process before moving on to the manufacturing of your new kitchen. To do so, you must first pick which model you want to use. You can have your worktop cut to the proper dimensions of your hob, based on the version you pick.

5. Price

Built-in gas hobs are more costly than traditional gas stoves. It is because of their modern design and enhanced functionality. You may like to find the best hob in India 2022 to give your kitchen a modern look.

Drawbacks of a Gas Hob

A built-in hob has more than enough benefits. Now, let’s have a look at the disadvantages of a gas hob.

  • Expensive
  • Need to be cleaned carefully
  • Difficult to install
  • Non-portable

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, assume that this guide will assist you in making the right selection depending on your taste and requirements. Both the gas stove and hob have their own benefits and drawbacks as described above. You can now pick the best appliance for you that matches your requirements and budget as well.