Almonds are the perfect, most binge-worthy snacks of this generation. Not only are they healthy but they also help in weight control and better digestion. Globalisation has certainly helped boost the standing of these nuts in the past decade. We at Lifestyle Titbits have noticed the growing demand for almonds in the Indian market lately. With people becoming more modern and health-conscious this was bound to happen. With the numerous dry fruit brands coming up these days and the hundreds of almond products on the market, we thought it would be a good time to again make your lives easier. That is why we have brought you this dynamic list of the best almond brands in India. And at the top of our list sits the ambitious Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds.

Our Pick

Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds

Best Almond Brand in India

Our team of dry fruits experts at Lifestyle Titbits were impressed with the taste and quality of these almonds. They have a rich taste and a crunchy bite owing to their freshness which is allowed by their unique packaging.

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Solimo is a rather new dry fruits company backed and trusted by Amazon. We found their almonds to be hygienically packed in a resealable package which allows them to remain fresh longer and encourage healthy snacking in these distressing times. These solidify Solimo as one of the best almond brands in India.

Almonds are one of the most popular superfoods out there and a great replacement for all your glucose and cholesterol-rich breakfasts and snacks. Because almonds are versatile, they can be consumed in several different ways including almond butter, almond milkshakes, crushed or sliced almonds, soaked almonds, or even whole almonds straight out of the packet. The Solimo brand packs your almonds in an air-tight vacuum-packed resealable package which keeps them fresh for longer periods. Because they are resealable you can also conveniently have them straight out of the packet when you get hungry. We took more than a hundred of these products from the market and thoroughly tested the veracity of these statements back in our facilities and it’s true. Solimo almonds are among the best almonds in India.

The Solimo brand does not spend its finances on advertising, marketing, or brand promotion. This allows them to focus on quality and affordable products and our experts agree with this completely. Not only do these almonds taste delectable - with a rich texture and a resounding crunch, they are also packed to the brim with healthy and organic vitamins and minerals for all our health-concerned customers out there.


Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack

Roasted, Tasty, and Crunchy Almonds

Our dry fruits experts found these almonds especially pleasing to the tongue. They have a rich and complex texture with layers to their tone and we believe it’s the roasting that gives them this deep and bold flavour.

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Rostaa almonds are sourced from the almond capital California, USA. These are organically grown almonds processed in special modern dry fruits processing facilities which are all equipped with the latest industry-grade technologies to ensure maximum hygiene to their products. Our team was impressed by this dedication to quality.

These almonds are roasted for a deeper, bolder flavour so it’s hard to forget their distinguishing taste from the rest of its peers. They are processed and approved under modern high-tech facilities that pass world-class health and hygiene standards and guidelines. For all the Indians concerned- this also naturally comes approved under FSSAI so you can rest assured of their premium quality. These almonds are grown in nutrient-rich, chemical-free soils of California. Because almonds help in weight control and digestion, you can snack on these without any worries and be sure to experience all its health benefits first-hand.

These almonds come packed in a zip-lock package that allows for easy opening and resealing. The air-tight packet helps keep the almonds fresh for longer periods so you don’t have to worry about loss of quality anytime soon. Get almonds for your whole family and watch as your reap their health benefits after you add them to your diet.

Budget Pick

Happilo Natural Premium Californian Almonds

Budget-Friendly, Nutritious Almonds

We at Lifestyle Titbits found this to be our best in the budget pick. These almonds are 100% natural, organically grown, and processed to reduce costs and keep their nutritional values intact. Give these a go if you are looking for an affordable option.

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Our experts agree that you shouldn’t have to splurge on these nutrient powerhouses. Happilo almonds are naturally packed and processed without any added chemicals or preservatives so they are not only affordable but also healthier for you.

These almonds are low-cost and nutritious alternatives against all the high-end health products out there. Their taste is crispy and natural with an earthy feel so you feel right at home consuming them. Our experts tested these for chemicals and we found these to be gluten-free and GMO-free almonds so you don’t have to worry about accidental allergic reactions. These also come packaged in zip-lock packs which make them easier to consume and helps preserve them in air-tight spaces to prevent any degradation or loss of nutrients.

These almonds are our best in the budget selection and we recommend this for anyone interested to try almonds out for the first time or are just looking for a cheaper option of this superfood. We assure you of its natural and original quality so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on its health benefits for a low cost. 

Top 10 Best Almond Brands in India

Our team of foodies and dry fruits experts at Lifestyle Titbits understand the nutritional benefits of almonds and how big of a role it has come to play in our modern society. Today, we bring you our top 10 expert-approved nutrient-rich almond options that we currently have for sale in the Indian market.

  1. Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds
  2. Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack
  3. Happilo Natural Premium Californian Almonds
  4. Upcrop Premium California Almonds
  5. Vedaka Popular Whole Almonds
  6. Nutraj California Almonds
  7. Ziofit Californian Almonds
  8. Tulsi Raw California Almonds
  9. Disano Californian Premium Almonds
  10. More Choice Dry Fruits - Almond (Badam)

Explore the best almonds brands here.

1. Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds

Solimo almonds come vacuum packed to retain maximum freshness and prevent any loss of minerals. Our dry fruits experts tested and approved of this personally and we regard these as the best quality almonds in India. These almonds are processed and packaged at exclusive Solimo dry fruits facilities which uphold all the latest health and hygiene standards of the world.

Solimo almonds can be rightfully called bounties of nature as they come packed with Vitamin E and other minerals that help boost immunity and help keep skin and eyes healthy. These almonds are not only very healthy but also highly affordable because Solimo does not incur any hidden extra charges. The Solimo brand does not spend on advertisements or brand promotions so they can provide you with cost-effective affordable and quality products.

2. Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack

Rostaa almonds are roasted for maximum taste so you can have them as the perfect healthy snack. They are sourced from places like California, USA, and come nutritionally approved by world-class standards. They are packed in a resealable package for comfort and convenience.

A resealable package is a convenient tool that allows for extended freshness while also encouraging healthy snacking straight from the box. Roasted almonds also allow for a richer taste. Almonds are known to reduce hunger and help with weight issues so choose this if you are looking for some healthy snack options.

3. Happilo Natural Premium Californian Almonds

Happilo brand brings us a budget option for these nutrient-rich powerhouses. Happilo almonds are processed with low foreign chemicals to preserve the originality of the product and its natural minerals and nutrients. Our experts ran several tests to confirm this and we agree you shouldn’t have to splurge for some quality almonds.

Happilo almonds come neatly packaged in zip lock bags that allow for easy snacking and preserve the fresh crunchiness of your almonds within the bag with air-tight sealings. Have these almonds whole, crushed, sliced, soaked, or chopped and we guarantee no loss of nutrients in the process. Happilo almonds are not only affordable but also versatile.

4. Upcrop Premium California Almonds

Upcrop almonds are premium quality almonds sourced straight from the illustrious land of California. They are processed and imported from modern industrial-grade dry fruits facilities in California so you can trust their impeccable quality and taste. Our food experts here were also very impressed by the quantity they offered in a single pack.

These premium almonds are gluten-free and natural-based products. You don’t have to worry about any gluten allergies while snacking on these. The large quantity offered for the price also encourages you to eat more of these which only make you healthier and fit. Because they are sourced from California, the almonds are all high-grade and professionally grown for the most nutritious experience.

Vedaka was an up-and-coming dry fruit-focused brand that recently shot to fame among Indian consumers and is making waves in the market with its quality products. These almonds are organically grown and processed in India itself and meet all the latest FSSAI guidelines and testing standards so you can be assured of their quality. 

Our specialists were surprised by the sudden rise of this brand and so we tested their products and we assure you the popularity comes with good reason. Vedaka’s whole almonds are neatly and hygienically packed for long preservation and freshness. We found they tasted especially rich and nutty with a unique complex texture. The complex taste and its organic origins have truly hit a chord with the Indian demographic and we can recommend this to you without any worries.

6. Nutraj California Almonds

Nutraj almonds are the perfect breakfast almonds to start your day. These are gluten-free, GMO-free almonds that are organically imported directly from California. Our experts tested these against the harsh weather conditions in India and these almonds are tough as nuts and survived fresh through it all.

We recommend these for growing school-going children for their high vitamin and mineral content that will allow anyone to survive the day feeling full and energetic. Almonds reduce sudden pangs of hunger that children often experience and this will help subdue that while also keeping them happy and full throughout the day. Because Nutraj almonds are processed chemical-free, organic facilities, you also don’t have to worry about accidental allergies.

7. Ziofit Californian Almonds

Ziofit almonds are your ultimate fitness snack that is not only rich in protein but also lows in carbs. They come packing with good fat that helps build metabolism while protein accounts for healthy muscle mass. Our experts highly recommend this for all the fitness freaks out there.

These almonds are specially grown in healthy, chemical-free, rich organic soils in the land of California and brought to you freshly packaged as a healthy snack and breakfast replacement. Purchase a pack and choose a healthy and fit lifestyle.

8. Tulsi Raw California Almonds

Tulsi almonds are freshly picked from the rich land of California and delivered right to your doorstep. These are healthy, 100% organic, chemical-free almonds. So you get the original and most healthy experience in the taste of fitness.

Tulsi brand’s almonds are delectable and known for their natural earthy taste with a layered texture and crunch. You can enjoy these as part of your breakfast rituals or in the evenings while watching a movie. You don’t have to worry about stomach problems because almonds help in solving digestion problems too.

9. Disano Californian Premium Almonds

Another up-and-coming food brand that’s recently gained popularity, DiSano’s almonds are specially processed to preserve the natural minerals and nutrients longer. They are sourced from California, USA and they are 0 cholesterol and protein-rich options for your breakfast and snack habits.

DiSano almonds are good for the heart and skin because not only does it help process excess oil and fat in the body but it also reduces cholesterol levels. Our experts thoroughly tested this and were surprised by its efficiency. These nuts come brimming with health benefits that will certainly satisfy all your health concerns.

10. More Choice Dry Fruits - Almond (Badam)

More is a neighborhood Indian company that’s very recently gained prominence. Their almonds come packed with a rich taste and a bunch of health benefits. More does not spend their finances on marketing and advertisements and thus their products are packed with premium quality traits.

More almonds are affordable and come in a bountiful quantity. These almonds are filled with natural goodness and we are certain they will improve the health of your overall family. These can be consumed by anyone and in plenty of forms like- almond butter, almond milkshakes, almond cakes, and so on. Not only are they protein-rich but also zero cholesterol which is good for the heart and skin.

The Nitty-Gritties of Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

In our modern world, health is our most important investment. Today’s consumers are looking for not just the tastiest foods but also the healthiest. The taste of food is weighed against its health benefits and some people are extremely cautious and conscious of what they eat. At Lifestyle Titbits, we put the lives of our customers at the absolute top. We aim to make the lives of our patrons easier but without proper healthcare- all of that concern is unfounded. So we prioritize products that are cost-efficient and come packed with health benefits. That is why we have chosen almonds this time and have brought you a list of the best quality almonds in India. Below we have described the nitty-gritty details of our research processes and product testings. For your convenience, the following section is divided into these categories:  

Why You Should Trust Us

Our brand Lifestyle Titbits aim to improve the quality of life of our customers. We know how hard it is to lead a safe and comfortable life in this day and age so we aspire to bring a level of convenience to our customers. Our vast team of experts in all areas helps make living easier with their professional tips and suggestions. With the booming markets and saturated stocks, brands are constantly coming up with products to one-up another. That is why you can trust us and our team of trusted and qualified experts to only bring you the best of the best in the market.

Our dry fruits aficionado Miss Tanisha Mathur has personally tested the above products. She and her team of experts comprising nutritionists, food experts, and dry fruits farmers have come together efficiently to screen, test, and review over 100 products over a period of several days to not leave any stone unturned. Close to 100 hours of research and testing have been dedicated to these products to find only the ones that best stand out from the rest and deliver a healthy, nutritious, and power-packed performance. We conduct these testings, experiments, and evaluations in our state-of-the-art modern facilities to find out even the last molecule of a flaw in our recommendations. Our team is happy to bring you the best products in the market after the arduous efforts we put in to find them among this mess of a market.

Miss Tanisha has also conducted a series of polls over the past month to know what the country prefers best. The team has collaborated with veteran homemakers and professional chefs and even as far as doctors and asked them about their opinion on almonds and their health benefits. Our findings from these interviews and polls also heavily changed our perspectives on what the country wants and needs. Our list is curated for this specific purpose: to serve as many Indians from as many walks of life as possible.

Who This Is For

This product caters to all our customers in general. From health-conscious foodies to homemakers and even hobby chefs and those in culinary arts. However, some of our specific target groups are:

  • Healthy homemakers
  • Heart patients
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • On the go cooks
  • Growing teens and children
  • Beginners on the path to a healthy lifestyle

We can however guarantee satisfaction to whoever buys our products and guarantee a healthy effect on your lifestyle.

How We Picked

While there are several parameters we keep in mind like where they are sourced and what kind of facilities they are processed in and so on, there are a few direct technical parameters we make sure to check before approving our recommendation of a product. Some of these are:

  • Packaging - Almond packaging can be normal, air-sealed and finally vacuum packaging. Normal packaging is when the almonds are just normally filled into a pack and sealed. Air-sealed packaging usually comes with zip locks that once opened can be closed again sealing the air every time. These are air-tight packaging that helps preserve the freshness of the almond and prevent it from absorbing too much moisture and spoiling. Vacuum packaging is the most efficient packaging as it comes without any air within the packaging which vastly extends the shelf life of the almonds in the long run.
  • Taste - Fresh almonds taste crunchy and have a thick deep and rich texture to them. They have a sweet earthy taste with several complex notes mixed in determined by the kind of soil they were grown in and the way they were ultimately processed.
  • Dryness - While almonds are considered within the dry fruits category as nuts, there is such a thing as being too dry. Almonds that are too dry taste hard and sometimes even brittle and are a result of bad processing or harvesting.
  • Drying Process Used - The drying process used by the brands determines a lot about their end product. Almonds can be machine dried or field dried and sometimes even both. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Field drying takes considerable skill as the outside temperature and humidity will factor into the drying process and if left out for too long they can get either too hard or even soggy. Machine drying is a safer method but it doesn’t come cheap. Moreover, there’s a chance valuable minerals and vitamins could be lost in artificial drying conditions. Most companies use a combination of both as and when necessary.

Rest assured there are several other statistics that we painfully tally to give you the best products in the market but we’ll keep them off this list so you don’t feel bored.

Our Picks

We have something for everyone in this curated list of the best quality almonds in India. We ask our readers to go through our entire list in detail so as not to miss out on any information. This will allow you to purchase the best product suited and catered to your specific needs in no time. So you can cut down on your valuable hours of scrolling through hundreds of products for your best match.

Photo Title Price Buy
Amazon Brand -...image Amazon Brand - Solimo Whole California Almonds (Grade - Non Pareil) 500G ₹585.00 (₹117.00 / 100 g)
Rostaa Premium california...image Rostaa Premium california classic almonds dried nutritious & Delicious 1Kg, (Pack of 1) (Gluten Free, Non-GMO & Vegan) High in Fiber & Boost Immunity, Premium Badam Giri, Zero Cholesterol,Healthy Snack,Nutritious & Delicious, Dry Fruits Real Nuts
Happilo 100% Natural...image Happilo 100% Natural Premium California Dried Almonds 500g Pack Pouch | Premium Badam Giri | High in Fiber & Boost Immunity | Real Nuts | Gluten Free ₹519.00 (₹103.80 / 100 g)
Upcrop Premium Almonds...image Upcrop Premium Almonds - 1 Kg | Handpicked, Natural Almonds for Nutritious Delights
Keya Piri Piri...image Keya Piri Piri Spice Mix | Exotic Spices Blend For French Fries | An All Purpose Seasoning, Perfect for Pop Corn, Pasta, Fries | Italian Seasoning 80 Gm, Pack of 6 ₹654.00 (₹109.00 / count)
Ziofit Californian Almonds...image Ziofit Californian Almonds 200g, Raw Badam Dry Fruit, High Protien Snack and Super Healthy Nuts
Tulsi California Almonds...image Tulsi California Almonds Premium 500g | Whole Almond | Rich in Vitamins & Minerals | Rich in Fiber | Good for Health | Loaded with Antioxidants | Nuts & Dry Fruits| Premium Badam Giri | Healthy Nuts ₹499.00 (₹99.80 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for quality, state-of-the-art almonds produced and processed in the modern, most advanced conditions then we recommend our favourite Amazon Brand - Solimo Almonds.

If tasty, premium healthy snacks are more up your alley then the Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack is the best option for you.

If you’re instead looking for an affordable but quality and natural alternative then the Happilo Natural Premium Californian Almonds is your best bet.

But let us again assure you, no matter your choice our products are catered towards 100% customer satisfaction so do not be afraid to go for a new brand and try out a new flavour.