Off late there has been a certain kind of rave amongst health-conscious people about Bilona Ghee. Bilona cow ghee is loaded with nutrition that is generally lost in the commercially available processed ghee that is readily available. In this Lifestyle Titbit, we would be exploring the bilona ghee in-depth and make a sincere attempt at explaining what it is all about. Do stay in touch with us for more informational titbits like this to help you live the healthy, happy, and informed life you deserve.

Before we delve further you should know that Ghee is a half a billion-dollar industry in India. With such huge numbers involved, it is natural that things will be bent towards commercialization. Stating this here was necessary to make you understand why the bilona process is now rare and why bilona cow ghee is being labelled as a premium product.

What is Bilona Ghee?

Simply put, ghee made by following the bilona process is called bilona ghee. So, to understand the bilona cow ghee you must understand the process. Bilona ghee is traditionally made from cow’s milk. However, in certain regions of our country buffalo milk is preferred.

Now coming back to the point, bilona is the traditional process or way to make ghee. If you want to see it in action, we would recommend watching some old (really old) Indian movie about village life, you would get some idea about bilona process for sure.

How is Bilona Ghee Made?

The traditional bilona method of making ghee starts with milking the cow. The fresh cow milk is then boiled and finally cooled to room temperature.

Once the milk is at room temperature a little bit of curd is added to it. Basically, the cow’s milk would now be turned into curd. The curd is preferably set in an earthen pot. A cow dung cake is lit and the earthen pot with curd culture is set on it overnight. This gives the best traditional curd that you can ever taste; in fact, it is so yummy that you might want to gulp down the entire pot of it.

This curd culture pot is allowed to mature over the cow dung cake overnight, in the morning a pretty thick awesome quality curd is formed. This curd is now transferred into another deep earthenware and churned using a wooden churner attached to a rope. This tool is called bilona. Curd is then manually churned to obtain white butter. This fresh butter is carefully collected into another earthen pot which is then set for boiling over a wood fire.

When the butter starts to boil a few leaves of curry patta are added to the mix. This enhances the flavor of the ghee thus obtained and adds medicinal value to it too. The resultant ghee is yellowish in color and has a distinct aroma.

Benefits of Bilona Ghee

Bilona ghee has great therapeutic benefits as per the ayurvedic texts. In fact, it is believed to be a storehouse of health benefits. Here are some bilona ghee benefits that will make you get a bottle for yourself right away:

  • Aids Digestion: Bilona ghee is loaded with vitamin A, D, E, K. It acts as a digestion enhancer, is good for your liver, and helps in the proper absorption of nutrients.
  • Skin Care: Massaging your skin with bilona ghee has miraculous effects. It is a great moisturizer and heals damaged skin. During winters bilona ghee is the head remedy for chapped skin.
  • Boosts Immunity: Bilona ghee is loaded with trace elements, it is broken very well by the liver and promotes immunity and liver health. Once your liver is healthy then toxins automatically are kept under check hence making your body stronger and healthier.
  • Anti-Aging Aid: According to Ayurveda Bilona ghee when consumed in moderation with a proper ayurvedic diet slows down the aging process. It also helps keep people fertile and promotes reproductive tissues.

From Where Can You Buy Authentic Bilona Ghee?

Now that is a million-dollar question. See authentic bilona ghee is produced in very limited quantities and there are only a few reputable commercial producers of them. Bilona ghee is supposed to be produced from desi-cow’s milk which is another rarity in our country now, unfortunately. So, one place where you can definitely try looking are the online marketplaces.

Bilona ghee is pretty expensive so you might not find it in your local markets. Buying fake bilona ghee means putting your health in jeopardy. We recommend shopping online for it or best you can take some time out and get the necessary tools and get it made at home. There are many bilona ghee benefits that are yet to be explored. So, investing time and money in procuring it definitely makes sense.

We would conclude our titbit by telling you that bilona ghee is loaded with flavor and health benefits. If you have growing kids at home or elderly, then feeding them with bilona ghee will surely show positive results in a short while. Try it once, we are sure you will fall in love with it. Consuming bilona ghee means staying at the top of your health game to live the active, strong, and beautiful life you deserve.