Here is our healthy titbit on this super food. At Lifestyle Titbits, our only intent is to enlighten you with information that leads to a better life. Ghee is a well-known source of healthy saturated fats that offers minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to our body. It is a form of clarified butter that is simmered at a high temperature of about 485 degrees Fahrenheit. Milk solids and water get separated from one another at such a high temperature and leave behind a golden-colored residue which we call ghee.

Ghee is a staple to the Indian subcontinent and is used widely in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisines. The aroma and taste, along with the health benefits it offers, make ghee one of the favourite ingredients in households all around us. This titbit from the experts at Lifestyle Titbits will enlighten the readers on the benefits of desi ghee - do read the post completely, it might set you on a healthier path. Also, bookmark us for more informational titbits that will help you lead the informed, healthy, and fun life you deserve.

Advantages of consuming ghee

Before highlighting the various health benefits of ghee, let us consider the nutrient composition of desi ghee. It comprises of Vitamins A, D, K, and E along with dietary fats. For these vitamins to be digested by the gut, it should mix with fat, and that’s why they are fat-soluble. Ghee helps in offering that essential fat in the way of dietary fiber, as a result of which, it is easily absorbed and used by our bodies.

Improving the digestive system

One of the most important desi ghee benefits is the improvement of the digestive system by replenishing the enzyme secretion process, which makes it easier to absorb due to low chain fatty acids. As a result, the immune system becomes more productive. Another important benefit of desi ghee is supporting the intestinal walls due to the high content of butyric acid. This is because the cells present in the colon walls make use of this acid as a potential source of energy. If you are prone to poor digestion, taking ghee on a regular basis can ease the problem. Also, desi ghee helps in easing bowel issues then you can take a glass of milk with some ghee every night before going to bed.

A good source of fat

If you are looking to lose weight, desi ghee for health can be your saviour. You might have heard about the various pro tips for weight loss. One of the most common weight loss tips that is circulated all around is to avoid all kinds of fats. In the pursuit of shedding off weight, we often forget to think of healthy fats. We all know that carbohydrates, protein, and fat are essential components of our daily diet. Removing any of them may cause a disruption in healthy weight loss and therefore, the best we can do is to choose better. According to diet experts, ghee is one of the most suitable means of oleation, which is a process of ingestion of oils over a passage of time. It works by pulling out the fat-soluble toxins from the cells which, in turn, causes the metabolism of fat.

Decreasing the glycemic index

In our country, one of the choicest ways of serving homemade bread is to apply ghee on its surface. It is also believed that by doing so, you can bring down the glycemic index of the food. Needless to mention, it makes the rotis more moistened and easily digestible. Modern research shows us that we can consume about 4 tablespoons of saturated fats in every meal, and it is best to derive it from healthy sources such as desi ghee. As you can understand, the benefits of eating desi ghee are many. Even celebrities known for their fitness, like Kareena Kapoor endorses the use of ghee in her daily meal during her pregnancy, as revealed in the book launch of her dietitian, Rujuta Diwekar.

Fighting constipation

As already mentioned, if you are having a hard time with passing your stool, desi ghee can come to your rescue. Dr. Vasant Lad, in his book, ‘The Complete Book of Home Remedies’ has mentioned milk and desi ghee as an effective means of combatting constipation. All you will have to do is to take a spoonful of ghee in a cup of hot milk at bedtime for wielding these benefits of pure ghee.

Supporting your cardiac health

Quite like all the other sources of fats, ghee is also known for raising cholesterol levels. But what is often overlooked is that desi ghee is a safer bet when your wholesome cardiac health is to be considered. One of the significant desi ghee benefits is that it is not directly related to heart diseases like other long-chain fatty acids since they are used directly by our body rather than hoarding them as fats. Thus, in order to reap the benefits of eating ghee daily, you should consume it in small quantities. Desi ghee or clarified butter is known for reducing bad cholesterol while raising healthy cholesterol levels. However, children can take more if they want. That’s one of the best advantages of eating ghee.

Improving our skin

Since time immemorial, desi ghee is linked to several beauty benefits. The vital fatty acids in desi ghee work as an agent of nourishment that can infuse life into your dull skin effortlessly. As pure ghee is made from cow’s milk, it is a great way to make your skin soft and supple. One of the best desi ghee benefits is that it is suitable for all skin types and there is hardly any chance of a breakout.

As it is evident - desi ghee is good for health and you must not get the benefits of eating desi ghee regularly. Homemade ghee can be stored outside the refrigerator for three months and the shelf life is yet another reason why you should consider adding it to your daily fitness regime. Billions of people across generations have experienced desi ghee benefits for ages, it’s time you should also do the same. Do follow Lifestyle Titbits for more such awesome and enriching titbits. Let’s help you live the life you deserve.