India is a great place for those who love to dive into gastronomic adventures. There is so much to be explored on this front. The fact of the matter is that if we start exploring the variety of food items in our country, the entire life would be short. The list is naturally so huge!

Well, this titbit is all about exploring the pickles and that too from the Tamil Nadu. Tamil people are known for their spicy and haughty cuisines. Our gastronomic experts came with this wild idea to explore the best pickle brands from Tamil Nadu.

That’s how this post was conceived. In case you are interested we have also covered a post on the best pickle brands in India. Do explore it because we know that our taste buds are always asking for more.

So, the pickles from Tamil Nadu are really spicy and healthy. Just keep on reading the post and we are sure you would achieve some pickle nirvana.

All this so that you could live the tongue-tingling, aromatic and spicy life you deserve. This titbit would cover:

Best Pickle Brand in Tamil Nadu

Well pickles are something that is very commonly made in everyone’s home. Well, that’s a passé now as the lifestyle of the younger generation is changing and as a youngster you would wish to live the life full of freedom, joy and happiness you deserve.

That lifestyle stance should never bother your taste buds that are why the food experts at Lifestyle Titbits have listed the best pickle brands of Tamil Nadu below for your reference.

  • Priya
  • Selvam
  • The Grand Sweets & Snacks
  • Arun

The list you see above are the brands from Tamil Nadu that are selling lip smacking pickles online. No, let’s move ahead and check the great pickles that they have listed online. These pickles should hit your palate as soon as possible.

Pickles That These Brands Make

Here is the list of our expert curated pickles from Tamil Nadu that the brands mentioned above have listed online. Just go through them as it would help you understand what’s on offer better.

Now let’s explore the finer features of the brand as well as the products that have been listed here. Do read them with peace because if you do so, then we are sure some mouth-watering sessions would happen soon.

1. Priya Pickle Mango Thokku with Garlic 500 gm

Very aromatic

Everybody loves mango pickles. There are many versions of them; however, you should try the Tamil Nadu version. We are sure you would be impressed by the overpowering tanginess combined with aroma. Here overpowering does not mean that your tongue will be on fire. That would not be the case, however we are sure that you would gulp down a lot of this pickle in one go.

Priya Pickle Mango Thokku with Garlic 500 gm

Priya Pickle Mango Thokku with Garlic 500 gm

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This pickle is made by the brand Priya, Priya is the pickle expert of our country and they do have a very neat and wide portfolio of pickles.

Key Features:

  • Made using high quality raw mangoes
  • Only high-quality aromatic spices used
  • Pickle is made in edible oil
  • Does not contain mustard oil
  • Is very spicy

2. Selvam Citron Pickle, 300 Grams

Citron Pickle

You must have eaten a lot of lemon pickles - however, don’t get confused here, this is not a lemon pickle but a citron pickle. The fruits are identical however they vary in taste and tanginess. Selvam is a Tamil pickle brand that has decades of experience in creating some of the most authentic and traditional pickles in Tamil Nadu.

Selvam Citron Pickle,300 Grams

Selvam Citron Pickle, 300 Grams

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Now there- pickles are listed online, so everybody across the nation can enjoy their products. The one that we have reviewed is like a tuft of fresh air. Just try it out with rice or parathas and experience the magic yourself. We are sure you would love it.

Key Features:

  • Made from citron
  • Traditionally made
  • 180 days of shelf life
  • Should be consumed within 3 months after opening of the package

3. The Grand Sweets & Snacks Onion Thokku, Chennai 500 Gm

Lip smacking onion pickle

We are sure you would not have eaten an onion pickle like the one made by the Grand Sweets & Snacks. It is a caramelized version of your regular onion pickle. However, the taste is so unique that you would fall in love with it.

The Grand Sweets & Snacks Onion Thokku, Chennai 500 Gm

The Grand Sweets & Snacks Onion Thokku, Chennai 500 Gm

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Although it’s a pickle still some people might mistake it for a relish. Well let’s be clear here, this is an awesome pickle from Tamil Nadu and would taste fabulous with your paneer parnatha for sure.

Key Features:

  • Made from small onions that are caramelized
  • Smells amazing
  • Only the best spices are used
  • Made in high quality edible oil

4. THENI Arun Pickle Pirandai Pickle 300 gm

Pirandai Pickle

We are sure that those of you who are not from south India would not have heard about Pirandai. Well, it’s a grape like plant with numerous health benefits. The pickle made out of it is a hot favourite of people living in Tamil Nadu.

THENI Arun Pickle Pirandai Pickle 300 gm

THENI Arun Pickle Pirandai Pickle 300 gm

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It tastes great with rice and for that matter any other food. Go ahead and try it out, anyways the brand Arun makes some of the best pickles in Tamil Nadu.

Key Features:

  • Very hygienically prepared
  • Loaded with health benefits
  • Distinct sour and tangy flavour
  • Extremely popular locally

Some Background Notes on Pickles From Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a land of distinct identity. Tamilians are proud of their culture and heritage. The same is true for their cuisines. Tamil food is spicy and is known to be very energetic. The use of strong spices is not uncommon here.

As with their other food items, their pickles are also unique. The way they the pickles are prepared here in Tamil Nadu is completely different and they taste different also. If you love fiercely spicy things, then trying these pickles out is a must.

We are sure by reading our post here today you would surely be able to live the happy, tasty and aromatic life you deserve. Do write to us in case you need more information. Stay in touch, we would be glad to help you out on a lot more…