We Indians all love some achaar to go with our daily meals. Be it with your piping-hot morning parathas, a traditional lunch thali, hot kachori for snacks, or even with hot chapatis for dinner- pickle pairs well with all Indian meals, even disregarding your specific regional cuisines. We would even go so far as to say that a pickle is a vital aspect of Indian cuisine as a whole. Pickles go hand in hand with the rich spices of Indian food and the culture of pickles and pickle-making is an almost ancient tradition in India’s food practices. There are entire clans and families renowned for their craft in pickles and these traditions continue to this very day. Our team at Lifestyle Titbits would be amiss if we didn’t give our opinion and advice on our favourite pickles from the Indian market. These range from regional delicacies and specialties to universally loved and reputed mixed pickle preparations. The pickle that stands atop the competition is none other than the Sun Grow Organic Homemade Stuffed Baranasi Red Chilli Pickle Achaar (1kg).

Our Pick

Sun Grow Organic Homemade Stuffed Baranasi Red Chilli Pickle Achaar (1kg)

Best Pickle in India

We are proud to bring you our favourite, most mouth-watering and spicy pick of the lot with this one. The extra peppery taste, the mustard and the healthy oils make it a perfect companion to spice up all your daily cravings.

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These pickles come handmade, following a traditional Varanasi recipe to hit you with a punch of spice and nostalgia. We have considered all its admirable properties and have crowned it the best pickle in India.

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits, after thorough research, have found out that this pickle comes without onion and garlic so for all our traditional vegetarians out there- we are sure this one will satisfy your spice-craving taste buds. With our team of expert culinary tasters and spice connoisseurs, we have determined that the chilies of this pickle are naturally sourced from authentic and trusted farmers and they come packing with a universally acclaimed, hot Scoville rating and high Vitamin C reserves. Our research revealed that with its high Vitamin C reserves, it is also very healthy for the immune system and helps keep the blood clean and free from blockages. This pickle also comes dipped in mustard oil to preserve its rich and spicy taste and allow for longer preservation.

Our team was left mouth-watering at the testing of this product and we highly recommend it for its authentic Varanasi taste and the tart and tang taste of the chillies used in it. We also go so far as to guarantee this is a tasty and healthy addition to your diet provided it is consumed in moderation.


Nilon’s Rajasthani Pickle - 900g (Mixed Pickle)

Rajasthani Pickle for Improved Digestion

This product from the reputed Nilon’s brand is no surprise to this rank as it has proven and stayed true to the Indian pickle’s land of origin- Rajasthan. This pickle is sure to make all your future meals memorable, fun and tasty.

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The reputed Nilon brand is indeed a legendary Indian processed food company established way back in 1962. They have a superior understanding of India’s taste buds and what spices are best used to tickle them. With decades of experience under their hood, it’s no surprise that a Nilon’s pickle made it to our list and even took one of the top spots. This product was a strong contender for the best pickle in India spot.

Our pickle research team found out that their mixed pickle comes with a thoughtful and healthy balance of fruits and vegetables which combine to give this unique and delectable punch to our taste buds. The spices added to this one are skilfully selected; we can also confirm the addition of some unique and authentic Rajasthan exclusive spices in the mix. The mustard oil helps in the natural preservation of the pickle while also adding to its rich spicy and layered taste. We ran several tests and also found that this pickle is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Some of the ones we found in the mix were-Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, in addition to some probiotics even. Our researchers also found how Vitamin B12 helps in blood formation and prevention of anemia while Vitamin K improves bone health and improves mood and stress disorders.

We are confident in recommending you this premium and tasty pickle concoction by Nilon’s. This will also be a healthy and tasty addition to your diet while also keeping your family’s taste buds satisfied every day.

Budget Pick

Add-Me Homemade Dry Mango Pickle

Authentic Dry Mango Pickle

Our team is delighted to suggest this one as our budget option. Dry mango pickles are a classic with their khatta taste and this is the best of the lot.

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Our product research team loved to review this product and concluded that it goes perfectly with summer recipes. With its tangy, dried mango slices and a superior mix of mustard and other Indian spices, the pickle truly shines with a unique taste like no other.

The brand Add-Me specializes in mango pickles so we’re not surprised at how great they taste. The virgin mustard oil has been used in moderation so that it is only the spices and mango slices that shine most in this pickle. Our research team also found out that these mangoes were organically sourced from the countryside and dried under a controlled environment so that they don’t lose any of their vital nutrients. This pickle also comes packed in a premium glass container for a longer shelf-life. We also found that this pickle has no added colours or preservatives so you can rest assured and include this in your regular diet without worrying about foreign chemicals.

The recipe for this pickle is one of the traditional recipes for mango pickles used in India- only Add-Me has perfected the process of making it. If you’re looking for a tasty but affordable pickle to try out for yourself, our team highly recommends this product.

10 Best Pickles in India

As Indians ourselves, we know how much Indians have loved pickles since ancient times. Some of us are even privy to our elders making their pickles while we stood staring with longing eyes and mouth-watering faces. With the online boom of the Indian food market, it’s become increasingly difficult to choose good quality pickles with so many brands in the competition. So we took about 55 of the most promising products and after strenuous research and tasting, we have narrowed the list to the top 10 best pickle brands in India.

Below is the thoughtful, comprehensive list of the top 10 pickle picks in India and we urge our readers to go through each of them and choose what suits their tastes best. They are all guaranteed top-notch taste and quality so make your choice without reservations:

1. Sun Grow Organic Homemade Stuffed Baranasi Red Chilli Pickle Achaar (1kg)

This achaar delivers the authentic taste of Baranasi pickle and you can use this for some extra peppery taste in your dishes. It is healthy for consumption and comes in a plastic container for longer storage.

At a reasonable price, you get a variety of spices and seeds like mustard and red chilli, infused in a healthy mix of a variety of oils. Homemade pickles are also free of chemical preservatives, are organically produced, and are safe for consumption.

2. Nilon’s Rajasthani Pickle- 900g (Mixed Pickle)

If you’re looking for a fruity yet pickle-y taste, this one is a veritable choice. It contains a mix of various fruits and seasoned vegetables and delivers an authentic Rajasthani taste. It also contains various probiotic components like Vitamin K and Vitamin B12 which boost immunity.

People with digestive problems can also consume it as it contains Jatharagani powder for better digestion. As the name already suggests, this Rajasthani delicacy is prepared under hygienic conditions and doesn’t have any added artificial flavoring.

3. Add-Me Homemade Dry Mango Pickle

This pickle delivers a tangy and tasty mango flavor. We’ve selected this as our go-to summer pickle choice. A concoction of dried mango slices, oriental spices, and virgin mustard oil, this pickle comes packaged in a glass container for longer durability.

This is a trustworthy product that comes with a shelf life of 18 months. It also contains cumin, aniseed, curum, and other spices and condiments to tickle the taste buds. It also contains very little mustard oil and no fillers, which is a plus side for many and helps retain much of the original taste of spices.

4. FLAVAA Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper (250g)

Bhut Jolokia is considered to be the King of chilli peppers and is accounted for as the world’s hottest pepper. FLAVVA’s Bhut Jolokia pickle comes packaged in a glass container for secure storage and contains this pepper variant soaked in mustard oil.

This goes well with mid to high-range spicy dishes and can even be used to season flavourful delicacies. However, it should not be consumed all by itself as it releases a pungent smell. It is a kick to your taste buds but watches out for the end. One on the upper echelons of peppery gourmet condiments!

5. Mother’s Recipe Mixed Pickle (Mp/Ei) Bottle, 400g

This one is a perfect concoction of various seasoned fruits and vegetables including chilli, ginger, lemons, carrots, and tender green mangoes. It can be consumed along with fried spinach leaves or alongside onion fritters in the evenings.

One of the classic Indian middle-class pickles, this delivers the feels and is loved across generations. Neither too hot nor spicy nor bland, it is the perfect pickle to consume with a healthy and fulfilling meal. It also does not have any artificial coloring which makes it a safe consumable for children and adults alike.

6. Priya Ginger Pickle with Garlic, 300g

Rice Bran Oil pickles are also a rising preference among pickle-lovers worldwide. These give a healthy yet delicious twist to your meal. Priya’s ginger pickle is a suitable choice for sweet and sour pickle lovers as it has tamarind and jaggery in it.

Additionally, neither too spicy nor too sweet and free from artificial preservative chemicals, this can also be safely consumed by children who may like it with roti and vegetable mixes.

7. ANAND Home Made Rajasthani Chilli Pickle (300g)

Other than mixed fruit pickles, green chilli pickles also add the perfect taste to those after-school treats with friends during summers. These are rich in antioxidants and have a high nutritional value. Green Chilli pickles also come with a high Vitamin K and fiber concentration which helps relieve several conditions such as nausea and headaches.

This pickle, when consumed alongside other food, also helps clear digestion and improve metabolism for a healthy body. The authentic homemade Rajasthani pickle sits well with our team of experts and so we wholeheartedly recommend this brand.

8. MN Pickles - Appe Midi Pickle (500 Grams)

Raw mangoes are a source of that mouth-watering that taste and we all love it. Mixed with the appropriate oriental spices and oils, Malnad appe midi is the perfect pickle recipe for a feastful family meal.

Made from the finest appe midi, this pickle is securely stored in a plastic jar container and delivers only the finest quality pickle. Neither too spicy nor too sweet, this one is for mid-taste lovers. Its authentic flavour has earned it a place in our top 10 pickle list.

9. Pravin Pickles Mango Pickle 1 kg Jar (Mango Shape)

A mixture of green and raw mangoes along with exotic spices, salts, and oils, this pickle delivers some adorable kicks to your taste buds. Mixed with spice seeds like chilli, this quality pickle is suitable for day-to-day use by people across age groups. It is neither too spicy nor too salty.

This contains cottonseed oil, which we don’t come across often in pickle mixes, and is blended with mustard too which adds a strong essence to the flavor alongside fenugreek and turmeric. We immensely loved the strong essence that this pickle exudes. The perfect combination for everyday consumption, this one comes in an eye-catching mango-shaped plastic container.

10. Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Mixed Pickle - 1 kg

This Punjabi mixed pickle variant is a delicious combination of a plethora of fruits, vegetables, and spices. Made from freshly-harvested and naturally produced ingredients, this concoction of carrot, green chili, lotus stem, and turnips is soaked in edible vegetable oils and mixed spices.

It also includes cranberry and caperberry for that extra fruit-burst flavour. When our food testers and hobby chefs added this pickle to their regular meals, the result was phenomenal! We loved the rich taste and would wholeheartedly recommend our readers to have a taste of this as it is undeniably the best pickle in India according to a lot of experts.

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Research Methodologies and Testing Procedures

Our staff at Lifestyle Titbits have to undergo several trials to even qualify to be a part of our expert product research teams. As such there are several thorough processes we undertake to give you the best of the best in the market. Pickles originated in India primarily and we have a whole history and culture around them. The Indian pickle market has been saturated for a while and our new age customers have had a difficult time making the best choices in pickles. We at Lifestyle Titbits prioritise and aim for 100% customer satisfaction and comfort. Therefore we have brought you the curated list of the top 10 favorite pickles from the Indian online retail market. Our screening process and testing regimes are strict. For further transparency, we will discuss some of the details in the following sections:

Why You Should Trust Us

Lifestyle Titbits is a brand tailor-made to suit and serve the needs of our Indian customers. Our aim is not only customer satisfaction but to also improve the quality of life through comfort, convenience, and health. While pickles may not seem like a healthy product, we assure you it certainly has more health benefits than given credit for by the Indian audience. We at Lifestyle Titbits decided to give India a healthy but tasty assortment of pickles from the market that not only improves the quality of life but also helps improve health so that you can keep coming back to us longer.

Our team of experts is headed by a leading pickle connoisseur Mr. Devansh, hailing from a prominent pickle-making family. We were highly motivated to bring you the best pickle brands in India to enrich your meals. Together with his team, they have tested and reviewed over 55 pickles for this project and with Mr. Devansh’s experience, the process of screening and testing has been smooth and efficient. Our process involved choosing the preliminaries based on their constituting ingredients and base pickle content - whether vegetables or fruits like that of dry mangoes. We looked at and ran the pickles through stringent tests to reveal all the secret spices and their ratio used for the pickle concoctions. As such we also looked at the purity and content of the oils used for preservation. Our team ran more than a couple hundred tests on our state-of-the-art modern facilities. After more than 80 hours of worth of investment, research and testing we finally chose our products- but not before one final activity.

Mr. Devansh also contacted several nutritionists, hobby chefs, and health experts on this project and asked for their expert and experienced opinion. Several interviews and casual meetings were arranged calling for interested parties to come and talk on the matter of pickles. It was a great and building experience for our team too. We also conducted several polls over the internet asking veteran homemakers and house chefs for their thoughts on pickles- what their favorites were and what they’d recommend. This also greatly influenced our choices as it gave us a whole new perspective on what modern India truly wants from its pickles.

Who This Is For

While these products are curated for all of India and it thus caters to a really wide and diverse set of consumers, here are a few focus targets who we think will most benefit from our list of pickle recommendations:

  • Pickle lovers
  • Beginner or veteran homemakers
  • Spice enthusiasts
  • Culinary adventurers
  • Home or hobby chefs
  • Traditional families

Let us however assure you that no matter who you are or from what walk of life, we are sure of our products’ ability to satiate and satisfy our clients so make your purchase without reservations.

How We Picked

While there are several basic factors to consider while picking pickles like the sources of the ingredients, the recipes used, date of manufacture and shelf-life, and so on, below we discuss a few technical parameters that are most key when you’re picking pickles:

  • Ingredients Used - These raw ingredients may range from fruits, vegetables to even meat-based products like fish, beef and so on. Pickling is originally an ancient art of preservation that is why only the most nutritious fruits and vegetables were chosen for the majority of pickle concoctions. The raw ingredients used for pickles contributed vastly to their respective recipes and spices used because not only would they add to the taste of the pickle but also contribute to preserving their most nutritious qualities.
  • Fermentation Process - The fermentation process is preferably natural because it is the traditional way and it is how it’s been always done. With proper vigilance, most handmade pickles are naturally fermented. However, artificial fermentation in controlled factory environments are also possible in this day and age and they help give a more precise and uniform taste to all the pickles that come from such a process.
  • Preservatives Used - The very idea of pickles relies on the use of natural preservatives like oil, salt, sugar and vinegar. Our team thoroughly checks for artificially added preservatives and food colourings and immediately rejects such products. Depending on the number and amount of natural preservatives used- the tastier the pickle is and the longer it lasts.
  • Packaging - The packaging of the pickle is also very important. All pickle packaging must be air-tight while also allowing for easy usage straight from the box. Usually, pickles come in plastic or glass containers for longer preservation and sustenance. The plastic or glass container, however, must first be well sterilised before any pickle is put into them to prevent any foreign contamination.

There are a hundred other numerical and statistical parameters we consider but we won’t bore you with those details. Let us assure you that these recommendations come from trusted hands after severe and thorough testing and research.

Our Picks

Our teams at Lifestyle Titbits have gone through immense pains to bring you this comprehensive list of the best and our favourite pickles from the Indian market. Each of these products has undergone stringent quality tests and evaluations and after expert deliberations have been recommended to you. We ask that you go through the list of the best pickle brands in India in detail to find the one best suited for your tastes and needs.

Photo Title Price Buy
Sun Grow Organic...image Sun Grow Organic Homemade/Mother Made Stuffed Banarasi Red Chilli Pickle Achaar, 1 kg ₹399.00 (₹39.90 / 100 g)
NILON'S Rajasthani Pickle...image NILON'S Rajasthani Pickle - 900 g (Mix Pickle) | Traditional Achaar | Homemade Pickle | Desi Achar ₹499.00 (₹55.44 / 100 g)
Add Me Dry...image Add Me Dry Mango Pickle 500gm in very Home Made less mustard oil Aam ka Sukha Achar village style 500 g Classic indian recipe glass Pack ₹330.00 (₹66.00 / 100 g)
FLAVAA Bhut Jolokia...image FLAVAA Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Hottest Chilli Pickle in Mustard Oil Glass Jar 250g
Priya Ginger Pickle...image Priya Ginger Pickle With Garlic,300G-Authentic Telugu Style Adrak Achar|Traditional South Indian Taste|Homemade Andhra Pickles|Khatta Meetha|With Tamarind Paste,Jaggery&Mixed Spices|Glass Jar ₹110.00 (₹36.67 / 100 g)
C&G INDIA Home...image C&G INDIA Home Made Rajasthani Chilli Pickle 400 Gm
Pachranga’s Farm Fresh...image Pachranga’s Farm Fresh Mixed Pickle - 1 kg ₹165.00 (₹16.50 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a homemade, spicy, peppery, masala rich pickle then we recommend you go for our top favourites from the list Sun Grow Organic Homemade Stuffed Baranasi Red Chilli Pickle Achaar (1kg)

If you’re in the market for an authentic traditional, Rajasthani style mixed pickle, then we recommend our runner-up product- Nilon’s Rajasthani Pickle- 900g (Mixed Pickle).

If you’re looking for an affordable, budget-friendly quality dried mango pickle option, then we suggest you go for Add-Me Homemade Dry Mango Pickle (500g) Aam ka Sukha Achaar.

Rest assured, no matter your choice you are assured of quality taste and pickle experience from all of our diverse recommended products.