Games can be termed as 'the product of the 21st century. There are numerous studies on the social, cultural, and economic effects of games in the available social science and humanities literature. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, think that gaming has a considerable impact on our health as well. The requirement to sit in one place while playing games on your console has a direct impact on our physical health. With this in mind, we decided to bring you a list of the best gaming chairs in India 2022. Gaming chairs provide an ergonomic experience to your gaming sessions. We want you to enjoy your game immersed in comfort and dedication. You need to buy a gaming chair in India to experience this additional comfort. We request you to read this article to know the benefits and gaming chair prices in India. After careful consideration of a multitude of parameters, our experts believe that Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs in India 2022.

Our Pick

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Gaming Chair

Neck Pillow and Adjustable armrest for Maximum Comfort

The research team at Lifestyle Titbits unanimously chose this brand as the best gaming chair in India 2022.

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We at Lifestyle Titbits understand the value of comfort during your gaming activities. Primarily this understanding has led us to select this particular brand of gaming chairs. The Green Soul gaming chair gives a superior quality of comfort with its unique design. Our team thinks that your positioning and comfort on the Green Soul gaming chair will give you an extra edge in those nail-biting moments of your game.

Our team of market researchers illustrated this brand's dominance over the market for the best gaming chairs in India 2022. This gaming chair comes with a neck pillow and an adjustable armrest. The neck pillow is super-soft and cozy and prevents your neck and head from encountering any kind of stress. The adjustable armrest will help you maximize your efforts during the game. Our experts emphasize the importance of these features to give well-adjusted support to your body in seating posture.

The Green Soul gaming chair is quite large and has ample seating space. It is made of the most breathable material for the seat cushion. Our experts believe and endorse this chair as not only a gaming chair but also a useful tool for sitting long hours at a stretch in our urban sedentary lives. Considering the second part, our team thinks another chair that can potentially match this brand is JD9 Oyster High Gaming Chair. To know more about this, do read on.


JD9 Oyster High Gaming Chair

Sliding Seat, Strong Body Material

We at Lifestyle Titbits have chosen this brand as the runner-up in our study.

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Our research team was fascinated with the adjustable seat sliding these chairs offer. Alongside adjustable seat height, this feature offers you additional lumbar support. This provides you with a unique experience of comfort that you have never imagined. The mesh material is made of nylon which can be stretched to a considerable extent.

This gaming chair also features an adjustable armrest and adjustable height mechanism. This provides excellent lumbar support for gamers who, probably like you, play games at a stretch for long times. Your spine and backbone will be at rest and not encounter any excess shock or stress while you are invested in your game. Our experts assure you of ergonomic comfort if you buy a gaming chair in India.

This is the perfect gaming chair for you to have an exciting gaming session. If you are playing in major gaming tournaments then you should buy this. We know that the gaming chair price in India may seem prohibitive for many Indian gamers. But don't worry! Our experts will request you to take a look at the budget pick and then take your final decision as to whether to buy a gaming chair in India.

Budget Pick

INNOWIN Jazz High Ergonomic Chair

Multi-position Lock, Ergonomic Design, Strong and Durable

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits considers this brand as the most affordable yet high-quality brand of ergonomic chairs.

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These chairs were originally built for office work. Now, one thing common between a desk job at an office and gaming is that they both require people to sit for a long period. So, it has been increasingly adopted as a gaming chair across various gaming communities in India. Our team found out the superior ergonomic design of the chair as the chief reason behind this.

These chairs feature multi-position locks. This gives you a variety of seating postures to choose from. You can vary the tilt positions and degrees as well as choose from the flurry of rotatory motions to give your body some freedom of movement during an intense gaming session. These features also help you in concentrating while you are invested in your game. All these add comfort to your gaming experience.

Our experts confirmed that the chair is made of strong and durable materials. It is very long-lasting. Hence, you can play games without any worries about investing in more gaming chairs over time. Alongside this, the chair has a smart and elegant design, which accentuates your gameplay. This makes these chairs more attractive and popular amongst dedicated gamers.

Top 10 Gaming Chairs Brands in India

Gaming chairs are a new and rising trend in the Indian market. This rise is set to continue soon according to market analysts from Lifestyle Titbits. We made a list of top gaming chairs brands to help you in choosing the most suitable chair for yourself.

  1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Gaming Chair
  2. JD9 Oyster High Gaming Chair
  3. INNOWIN Jazz High Ergonomic Chair
  4. Green Soul Beast Series Gaming Chair
  5. beAAtho JS-2 Executive Gaming Chair
  6. CELLBELL GC01 Transformer Series Gaming Chair
  7. Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair
  8. Sunon Gaming Chair
  9. TANRI Gaming Chair
  10. Drogo Gaming Chair

This is a comprehensive list of available top brands of gaming chairs in India. It is not to persuade you to buy one or the other brand. We at Lifestyle Titbits aspire to empower our readers with information and knowledge generated by our studies and research. This will guide you to choose the best gaming chair on your own.

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Gaming Chair

If you want to enjoy an exciting gaming session with maximum comfort, then this chair can be the perfect choice for you. Made with the most breathable material for the seat cushion and the rest of the body, the Green Soul gaming chair with its ergonomic design edges past any leather chair. Even though Monster Chairs have made a name for themselves in the gaming community, the Green Soul Ultimate stands out as the best product from the series.

This Green Soul chair is quite large which can make it one of the most comfortable chairs with the maximum weight capacity. It is one of the most popular types of gaming chairs with a neck pillow/headrest pillow for supporting your head and neck which allows you to play in your optimal position.

2. JD9 Oyster High Gaming Chair

Our team of experts often recommend this product as it is not only a sturdy and unique chair, but it is designed in a way to give you optimal support while gaming. It has a height-adjustable lumbar support system along with a sliding seat, which can help you play games comfortably and conveniently.

You can sit in whichever way you like with the help of the armrest and backrest present on this chair. The padded armrests come with an armrest adjustment feature that makes it a premium chair in the gaming chair category. The material used for making it is nylon, which is breathable and stretchable at the same time, making this the perfect gaming chair to have in your home.

3. INNOWIN Jazz High Ergonomic Chair

This product is from one of the most trustworthy brands in the market. It has a stylish appearance and is built to support you in every way possible while you are immersed in your game. Comfort becomes a major factor for concentration, which is why this chair with its ergonomic design allows you to concentrate more keenly while playing.

Made from the most high-quality material, it is a highly strong and durable product. So, if you want to buy a gaming chair in India that not only has a great appearance but is also of high quality, then this is the piece for you.

4. Green Soul Beast Series Gaming Chair

This Green Soul chair deserves the third spot on our curated list as it is a flexible, sturdy, and unique product. It comes with a breathable soft fabric that improves air circulation and prevents heat build-up. It comes with a head pillow and premium quality soft and spacious seat that makes your time at the gaming console a fun time

People all over the country have loved this ergonomic gaming chair. It has some great reviews on the internet and thousands of satisfied customers. Other than that, this dedicated gaming chair also comes with a 3-year warranty, which makes it a value for your money.

5. beAAtho JS-2 Executive Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a product that is not only affordable but also of high quality, then you cannot miss out on this gamer chair. It is known for being a professional gaming chair as it has been tried and tested by dedicated gamers multiple times.

It is a DIY product when it comes to assembling. The synthetic leatherette upholstery cover made of faux leather, extra padding, comfortable armrests, and adjustable backrest makes it one of the most sought-after products in the market.

6. CELLBELL GC01 Transformer Series Gaming Chair

This multi-functional chair enables users to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. It is large, which allows you to position yourself perfectly, and also comes with a removable headrest pillow for your convenience. It allows perfect alignment and supports your neck and back during long and intense gaming sessions.

You can opt for height adjustment to position yourself perfectly when you are using this product. When it comes to the cost, this chair is priced affordably according to the average gaming chair price in India.

7. Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

This product caught the attention of our team of experts due to its innovative yet simple design. It is made of breathable, high-quality PU leather, and has an easy lock-tilt adjustment which ensures multiple tilt angle variations and helps you sit in an easy, comfortable, and reclined position while playing games.

It has a strong and sturdy body and an ergonomic design. The incredible leather filling offers a comfortable cushioning experience that allows you to play console games for a considerable time. With a 360-swivel, this chair is the ultimate one to have if you are a gamer, especially due to its increased stability and mobility.

8. Sunon Gaming Chair

This chair is easily one of the best gaming chairs in the market. The color combination of it is stunning itself, with gold designs on black background. It can help you build the perfect atmosphere for playing games, complete with efficient and ergonomic gaming chairs for the best gaming experience of all time.

This chair comes equipped with a comfortable backrest and two armrests, along with a lumbar support cushion. The most unique thing about this chair is the massage function on the adjustable lumbar cushion, which makes it a one-of-a-kind product.

9. TANRI Gaming Chair

With the help of the right gaming chair, you can maintain your concentration and focus for an extended period, without feeling uncomfortable or frustrated. This chair serves this purpose efficiently, as it has a cushion foam padded support and reclining backrest that allows you to enjoy your gaming session perfectly.

No matter if you have back issues or discomfort in your neck, this chair allows you to play games without any problems. It is strong, sturdy, and durable, and even comes with a 6 monthly warranty. The product dimensions make this quality gaming chair an ideal fit for maximum weight capacity. All of this makes this one of the most efficient gaming chairs in the market.

10. Drogo Gaming Chair

This chair is one of the best in the market, as it can be used for multiple purposes at the same time. This product has been tried and tested many times, and it has come out with flying colors. You can use it as an office chair during your office hours, and even as a gaming chair when you’re in the mood for a little competition and virtual fun. 

This chair also comes with adjustable seat height and has great mobility as well. There is also a superb massage function present which can help you stay in this chair for a long time without any kind of discomfort.

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Product Testing and Research Methodology

Gaming on your console requires sitting at a stretch for a long time. This may lead to complications for your physical health. In general, the sedentary urban lifestyle of the 21st century increases the probability of such complications significantly. Such a concern often remains unaddressed while planning suitable gaming arrangements for an individual player.

We at Lifestyle Titbits want to give particular attention to this aspect of your gaming experience. So, we have devoted ourselves to bring you a comprehensive list of the best available brands of gaming chairs. Below, we give a detailed description of our screening process and research methodologies in our study. For your convenience, this part will be divided into five sections -

Why You Should Trust Us

Here at Lifestyle Titbits, we want to help our readers integrating healthy habits and behavior in all spheres of life. Gaming is a significant sphere of life for professional gamers. A comfortable seating arrangement alongside your console adds a special feature to your gaming experience. We hired doctors, physiotherapists, professional researchers, professional gamers, and technical experts to conduct a study on the availability of the best gaming chairs in the Indian market. We give you the result of such extensive research to help you understand and choose from the top gaming chair brands in India.

Market analysts at Lifestyle Titbits compiled a list of 50 available online brands of gaming chairs across the Indian subcontinent. Our team of researchers then conducted extensive group interviews, focus group discussions with various gaming communities across the Indian subcontinent. This enhanced our understanding of the needs and requirements of gamers. This led us to shortlist 25 brands from the initial list.

This list of chairs was then studied based on multiple parameters. Doctors, especially Orthopedics and physiotherapists enriched our understanding of these various parameters and their cumulative effects on our physical health. All these led to a final list of top brands, which, according to our experts, are perfect in their ergonomic design and provide maximum comfort.

Who This Is For

Our list will cater to the needs and requirements of a vast cross-section of people. Our experts don't believe in any rigid divide between gaming chairs and other chairs. They believe that gaming chairs can even amplify the productivity of employees at the office working on a desk for a long period. Even without considering this, our study will cater to the following target population -

  • Professional gamers.
  • Gaming communities and groups.
  • Cyber-cafe owners.
  • Homemakers.
  • Gamers by hobby.

No matter who you are, we guarantee you the fullest product satisfaction from any of the products on our list.

How We Picked

Our research team considered a multitude of parameters in finalizing the list of top brands of gaming chairs in India. Giving an account of all of them will strain the attention of the readers. So, for your convenience, we enumerate a few of the parameters below -

  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic refers to suitable seating arrangement required for optimum productivity. Our team particularly looked at the design of every brand of gaming chairs in terms of their ergonomic quotient. This required attention to the presence or absence of a neck pillow, adjustable arrangement in case of armrest or heights, tilt-lock and height-lock mechanisms, rotation, etc.
  • Build Material: Build material of the gaming chair is also an important parameter for our study to find top brands of gaming chairs in India. This affects the strength and durability of our chairs. Apart from that, the material used for the seat cushion is also considered carefully by our research team with your maximum comfort in mind.
  • Affordability: Gaming chairs are generally looked at as a luxury item. So, it seldom happens that there is significant money allocated to buy this. With this in mind, our research team also considered affordability of particular brands and the amount of product satisfaction they give against their purchase value. It provided an economic approach towards studying the product.

Our Picks

We bring you top brands of gaming chairs available online in India. We only urge you to go through the whole list before making up your mind.

Photo Title Price Buy
Green Soul® Monster...image Green Soul® Monster Ultimate Series T | Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair | Premium Spandex & PU Leather Fabric | Adjustable Neck, Lumbar Pillow | 4D Adjustable Armrests (Black Red) ₹16,999.00
JD9 Oyster High...image JD9 Oyster High Back Mesh Multi-Position Lock with Seat Slider Office Chair with Cushion Seat (Premium Mesh, White & Grey)
INNOWIN Jazz High...image INNOWIN Jazz High Back Office Chair | Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Multi-Tilt Lock, Lumbar Support, Strong Nylon Base | Home & Office Seating (Black) ₹8,600.00
Green Soul® Beast...image Green Soul® Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Premium Fabric & PU Leather, Adjustable Neck & Lumbar Pillow, 3D Adjustable Armrests & Strong Nylon Base (Full Black) ₹13,999.00
Beaatho Rio Executive...image Beaatho Rio Executive High Back Revolving Office Chair/Director/Desk Chair With 3 Years Warranty(Black). - Teak ₹7,599.00
Drogo Multi Purpose...image Drogo Multi Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Breathable Fabric, Adjustable Seat & 3D Armrest | Head & Massager Lumbar Pillow | Home & Office Chair with Full Recline Back & Footrest (Pro Black)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a gaming chair that gives you maximum comfort, then our research team will suggest you Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series (T) Gaming Chair.

If you are looking for the best gaming chair which gives you maximum adjustability and excellent lumbar support, then we will recommend JD9 Oyster High Gaming Chair for you.

If you are looking for the most affordable yet good quality chairs for your gaming experience, then we will recommend our budget pick, INNOWIN Jazz High Ergonomic Chair, for you.

Whatever your choice be, we assure you 100 percent product satisfaction from any of the brands featured in our list. As previously stated, we don't expect or want your blind faith. We want you to be able to make your own choice from the insights derived from our meticulous and extensive study.