Gaming is becoming a rave in India, we are not talking about sports but esports here. Kids and even adults are now a big fan of the video games and India is just opening up to the bigger global picture. In the west, the video gaming scene is very developed and there is a lot of money to be made apart from the fun factor. If you are a person who is serious about e-sports then you must have the best hardware and gear to make your cyber gaming dreams become true. Although there are many components and categories of gaming hardware, the one we are focusing on today is the gaming chairs.

Since esports requires one to be seated for hours together daily hence exploring the best gaming chairs makes perfect sense. Factors like ergonomic design, soft padding, lumbar cushion, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable armrest, padded armrests, headrest pillow all add up to the level of comfort and safety that one would get from the gaming chairs that they are planning to purchase. There are many brands out there but some of them like Green Soul have carved a niche and cult status for themselves. Remember, gaming chairs are not your regular chairs and they come with many good features like adjustable armrest, strong metal frames, head pillow, higher maximum weight capacity and extra padding that add to the extra comfort that they deliver.

Team Lifestyle Titbits has put in 1000 hours in research to bring you the best gaming chairs that would make your esports ambitions safer and comfortable. All this so that you can enjoy the thrilling, exciting and fun-filled gaming life that you deserve. Our research shows that the best gaming chair in India is Green Soul Monster Ultimate closely followed by Casa Copenhagen ES70. There is a lot more to be explored here, so let's move ahead and check them out.

Our Pick

Green Soul Monster Ultimate

The Best Gaming Chair in India

Comes from a brand that knows how to make superb chairs.

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Green Soul is a make in India brand that meets the international standards for making chairs. They make some of the best gaming chairs. It comes in many color options and is made using pretty high-quality materials. You would not get such a premium quality at this price range for sure. Use it as a gaming chair or as an office chair, back sours and arm pain would be a thing of the past for sure. It suits people of every height pretty well, the adjustable height feature on this chair is really different and the product is designed to provide you comfort for hours together. Made of high quality PVC leather, the chair is not your normal chair by every standard. The internal frame material is also superb and the metal frame construction ensures that this chair will last a really long time. The top-notch features on this chair is what makes it perfect for every type of user.

This great product is designed in Denmark, that's the place known for making highly utilitarian furniture and living a high life altogether.  The comfortable armrest of this chair ensures that those into mobile gaming have a gala time competing with peers and unknowns. Comes with 2 years if brand warranty and is designed to bear maximum weight. The adjustable headrest also makes it suitable for people of all heights. You can also use it as a study chair when not gaming. This is one ergonomic gaming chair that will really up your game. In nutshell this is one comfortable chair that will surely rock your gaming world.

The only flipside that we could see here is the price of the product. If you are looking for the budget gaming chair, then check out our budget pick below.

If you are on a budget and need to get a chair that helps you with gaming as well as long office hours, then this is the chair to go for. It does not come with a lumbar support pillow but the shape of the chair allows for ultimate support and comfort while you are in a seated position. The chair is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and these smooth wheels really make moving around a breeze. Since it is a budget chair hence there are no extra features with it, however this is an adjustable chair and way more comfortable than your traditional office chair. The armrest height is adjustable although a curved armrest would have been really appreciated here. All in all it suits everyone's pockets and is one heck of an ergonomic chair. Nothing near your fancy cushioned racing chairs, but it does the trick anyways. Maximum comfort in the minimum budget is what you can expect here.

10 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000 in India

There are many types of gaming chairs available in India. Most of them can be used as an executive chair also, earlier (a few decades back we guess) such chairs would come in a wooden frame, but doing so now would make them costly and out of the reach of most of the people. Now, steel frames are used and modern gaming chairs come with a host of salient features. Things like a lumbar pillow and dual caster wheel are pretty common to see. While testing the gaming chairs for reviews here our team made it a point that they go through every feature properly. Nothing was left by them, things like tilt locking mechanism, soft cushion, overall quality of seat cushion and swinging butterfly mechanism - all were taken into account. Result! Is what you see below. Let's move ahead and check the 10 best gaming chairs under 20000 in India that you should definitely buy. Just before we do that here is the list of the gaming chairs that we have tested and reviewed, it would help you understand things better.

  1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate
  2. Casa Copenhagen F1 Racing
  3. Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base
  4. Green Soul Beast Series
  5. Pulse gaming Metal, PU Leather Ergonomic Chair
  6. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back
  7. CELLBELL® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming
  8. Amazon Brand - Solimo Accord Chair
  9. beAAtho Vintage Ergonomic Leatherette Executive
  10. Drogo Multi-Purpose Gaming Chair with 7 Way Adjustable Seat

The product testers at Lifestyle Titbits took things like presence of a sturdy base, aesthetic design, firm padding, presence of a breathable fabric etc., into the picture while selecting the products. For an avid gamer these things matter a lot. These guys spend hours sitting on their chairs honing their skills, plus most of them are also live streamers, so proper product dimensions, upholstery material, presence of soft fabric and a strong metal base - all matter, as they have to look good and perform well. The world is watching and nothing can be left of chance.

Gaming sessions for them last for hours at a stretch, hence the chairs should have human-oriented ergonomic construction. The chair should be a visual treat as well as comfortable enough to keep the gamer healthy. With that in mind let us move ahead and check the finer features of the chairs that our product testers have lined up here.

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate

Green Soul is a bootstrapped Indian startup that has now become a name to be reckoned with. They make some of the best office and gaming chairs in India. The best part about them is that they are not under any pressure like other funded companies. They only answer to the clients requirements, and they do so wonderfully.

This chair has made it to our top slot because it is the performer. From ergonomics to the levels of comfort that it delivers everything is just flawless. Comes with great warranty too, so there is nothing where this chair falls short. Pricing wise, personally speaking, we find it pretty affordable.

2. Casa Copenhagen F1 Racing

From the looks to performance, there is something different about this chair. This is a high back gaming chair that is made using Italian leather. First glance and you would know that this is something special. Most of the elements of this chair are adjustable.

From armrests to height everything can be calibrated. Comes with a lumbar pillow to help your spine remain in proper shape while gaming for long hours. The chair has a 2 year warranty, that is something which every prospective buyer would appreciate for sure.

3. Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base

This is a copolymer chair, that means it is very light when compared to its size, yet, it is pretty sturdy. The back is made of contoured mesh, that gives it ample flexibility and the chair works well with almost every weight category.

There are many adjustments that can be made while using this chair. It is very pocket friendly and very dependable at the same time. You should give it a try if you are on a budget. We are sure you would be as impressed and elated as us.

4. Green Soul Beast Series

Yet another rocking gaming chair from Green Soul. This brand has really amazed us with the superb design and focus on detail. They make products keeping their customers in mind. Green soul model is for the seasoned gamer who live streams their games. The looks and the comfort are unmatched.

There are many color options to choose from. So depending upon the gaming rig setup for the livestream, one can choose what they blends well. Comes with great warranty and brand trust. Go for it if you are serious about looks and performance.

5. Pulse gaming Metal, PU Leather Ergonomic Chair

If you love basics, then this is the gaming chair for you. All you need to do is buy it with your eyes closed. We checked it for 1000 hours of intermittent use, no sagging of cushions and no dullness in the PU leather.

The price point at which it is available is also great. It comes with a 4D arm adjustment, however the width selection setting is a bit limited. There is no warranty statement made available by the seller.

6. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back

This looks like an executive chair but has been widely accepted as a gaming chair. This is the reason we had to include it in our list. Well that's one of the reasons. The chair is really good and is built solid.

Internal frame of the chair is wooden, that is something we are a little skeptical about, but at the price point it is available we would say it is a steal. There is no arm adjustment here, you can adjust the height though. The material is rexin and stretchable one, so it is going to last for a really long time.

7. CELLBELL® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming

We are still wondering why these guys don't provide a warranty on their chairs. This gaming chair will surely blow your mind away. Thigh support on this chair is simply out of this world. You can play for hours sitting on it and still get up fresh as a daisy.

The best part is that this gaming chair can be used as a recliner also. So if you get too tired doing your thing, then you can always stretch your body on this gaming chair. On the looks front it is a total stunner.

8. Amazon Brand - Solimo Accord Chair

Solimo is a brand owned by Amazon, they really make some neat products, and the gaming chair we have listed here is one of them. By the looks of it, it looks more like a clerks chair, however, on a practical note it is more of a gaming chair then you can imagine.

Although it might not look like a gaming chair, trust us it is one. There are many gamers across the country who use it without any issues. This is a very basic chair with basic functions. If you like simple things then this is the chair you should opt for.

9. beAAtho Vintage Ergonomic Leatherette Executive

If you love retro designs, then this gaming chair is the best thing you could lay your hands on. It has a high back and quality wise we could not find anything wrong with it. It comes with many color options and has all the basic comfort adjustments that one would require for long hours of gaming.

This one also does not look like a gaming chair, but it is. You can use it effectively for gaming. The looks and the built quality is simply amazing and one can buy it without any issues whatsoever. If you love retro then once again we are repeating - this is the chair for you.

10. Drogo Multi-Purpose Gaming Chair with 7 Way Adjustable Seat

Calibration is what defines this great gaming chair. It has a 7 way adjustable seat, that means no matter what your weight or height is, this gaming chair is quite capable of keeping things proper for you. The built quality is flawless too.

In the looks department this chair is a complete stunner. One thing you should know beforehand. The manufacturer does not provide onsite installation. You have to do it yourself and it takes about 15 mins to assemble this chair.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Lifestyle Titbits is one ethical reviews portal. We are not here to mint money primarily. Everybody is here to make profits but what matters the most is how you make them. For us, compromising on information for the sake of money is just not the thing to do. Our team works hard to deep research the products that we publish here. Each and every gaming chair you see here has undergone numerous internal checklists that only our team could do. This section exclusively deals with our research methodology and product testing techniques, which we believe every reader of ours must be aware of.

Why You Should Trust Us

There are many reasons you should be trusting us. Firstly, we are not some obscure blog that is here to run their affiliate marketing agenda. We are here to inform and educate people. The reason we triumph over competition is because we add value to the lives of our readers. The idea here is not to push you towards buying a product, but to inform you about the right ones. Our efforts are directed towards providing you with the best choices that are calibrated and tested as per the common parameters that the buyers look into. Things like affordability, durability and product availability are always at the top of the list while we frame and craft our review articles.

That's not all - once our testing team is done with their stuff, then our editorial team rechecks every fact that is cited here. So, now you know why you should be trusting us.

Who This Is For

This article is strictly for those into gaming or are into a profession where sitting for long hours in front of a keyboard is a mandate. We know firsthand what long hours wrong posture can do to your body. Things like carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain, spondylosis are all occupational hazards associated with gaming and software/digital professions. So, this review article is dedicated to all our peers in the gaming and IT industry. Guys, nothing is more important than your health. If you are healthy then you are in the game, otherwise you are nowhere.

How We Picked

For us, the biggest motivator and logic variable for selecting the best gaming chairs in India was comfort and ergonomics. These two things actually determine the level of safety and ease of work your chair is going to provide you with. This being at top of the mind, the other parameters that we considered were price, manufacturing country, warranty, type of materials used and overall marketplace ratings.

Our Picks

Here is the list of our team's best picks for the best gaming chairs in India. Please go through them to know more about them.

Photo Title Price Buy
Green Soul® |...image Green Soul® | Monster Ultimate Series S | Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming & Office Chair | Premium Spandex & PU Leather Fabric | Adjustable Neck, Lumbar Pillow | 4D Adjustable Armrests (Black Red) ₹17,999.00
Green Soul Beast...image Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Premium Fabric & PU Leather, Adjustable Neck & Lumbar Pillow, 3D Adjustable Armrests & Strong Nylon Base (Full Black)
Beaatho Rio Executive...image Beaatho Rio Executive High Back Revolving Office Chair/Director/Desk Chair With 3 Years Warranty(Black). - Teak ₹7,599.00
CELLBELL ® GC03...image CELLBELL ® GC03 Transformer Series Gaming/Racing Style Ergonomic Faux Leather High Back Chair with Removable Neck Rest and Adjustable Back Cushion (Blue-Black)
beAAtho® Vintage Ergonomic...image beAAtho® Vintage Ergonomic Leatherette Executive High Back Revolving Office Chair with 3 Years Warranty (Multi Color Options) ₹7,599.00

The items listed in the table are clickable, if you desire then you can check out the product further by clicking on the link.

Final Verdict

If you want to go for nothing but the best and live the action packed, thrilling yet comfortable gaming life you deserve, then choose our top pick Green Soul Monster Ultimate, you can also choose our runners up Casa Copenhagen F1 Racing if you find something lacking on a personal front with our top pick.

In case you are on a budget then choose our budget pick Savya Home® APEX Chairs™ Apollo Chrome Base, it has all the finesse that can help you play your favorite games in utmost comfort.