Water heaters, often known as geysers, are necessary, particularly in colder climates and places. Like most electronic appliances, there are many geysers available in the market. To make your search easier, here is a compilation of the best geysers in India. So, if you are here searching for the best instant water heater in India, continue reading!

In this article, we explore the plethora of water heaters available. We will help you pick the best geyser in India that will perfectly suit your day-to-day requirements! Before selecting a geyser, however, make sure to consider matters such as water holding capacity, design, water pressure and energy efficiency. For your kitchen needs, a 3-litre water heater would suffice. However, you will need a 15-25 litre water heater for your bathroom. 

Bajaj New Shakti

With a water storage capacity of 25 litres, this water geyser is suitable for large households or warm water demands. It is highly compatible with high-rise buildings with 8 bars. Moreover, the inner tank is rust and corrosion-proof thanks to titanium armour technology, which will last for years.

Even if you're using it for a long time, you can save electricity. Several safety features protect the gadget and the user from harm. The geyser can detect power fluctuations and automatically turn off to keep the device safe.

Havells Instanio Instant Geyser

The Havells Instanio is an excellent choice for a family that needs hot water frequently and instantly. Its small and sleek design lends beauty to its installation location, making it the best instant water heater. Colour-changing LEDs are among the consumer-friendly features of this product. When the water is suitable, the geyser changes colours from blue to amber. This geyser has a one-litre water volume and best suits household kitchen demands. In addition, this geyser has exceptional resistance to oxidation and carbonisation, and its Copper heating element provides superior heating performance.

V-Guard Victo 25L Water Geyser 

V-Guard is another excellent brand that makes high-quality geysers at a reasonable price. The V-Guard Victo geyser has a large capacity and is very durable. The outer layer is high-quality mild steel, while the internal tank is lined with premium gauge steel that protects against harsh water. In addition, the non-corrosive coating on the outer body protects it from rusting, ensuring a long-lasting life, making it the best geyser for hard water in India

BAJAJ 15 L Storage

The magnesium anode of the Bajaj 15 L water heater is supposed to extend the water heater's life. It claims to endure pressures of up to 8 bars, making it appropriate for use in high-rise structures. In addition, it contains a thermostat control that allows you to alter the temperature of the stored water, eliminating the need to mix cold and hot water. The product comes with a one-year comprehensive guarantee, a five-year tank warranty, and a two-year heating element warranty. Because of its vertical form, the Bajaj 15 L water heater can fit in a bathroom with a lot of wall space.

AO Smith 25 L Storage

The temperature control knob on the AO Smith 25 L water heater allows you to choose the ideal temperature. Because of its vertical shape, it is suitable for vast wall spaces. In addition, it is appropriate for installation in high-rise buildings due to its 8-bar pressure capacity. It has a long-lasting and sturdy anode rod, according to the manufacturer. It comes with a two-year comprehensive guarantee, a seven-year tank warranty, and a three-year extended heating element warranty. The glass-coated heating element in the AO Smith 25 L water heater should provide efficient performance.

Venus Mega Plus 15EV 15-Litre 

The geyser is manufactured in a modern, automated facility using European technology. The tank is rust and corrosion-resistant. Pressure pumps, multi-story buildings, and 8-bar pressure are all possible applications. The geyser also comes with water hardness protection. In addition, an automated thermostat, multi-function safety valve, and thermal cutouts protect against overheating, dry heat, and high pressure.


Geysers are commonly used in washrooms in India, and they are used mainly in the winter. However, geysers can also be used in various settings, including restrooms, kitchens, and offices. For example, you can use a geyser for cleaning utensils or making food in the kitchen. In addition, large-capacity geysers or solar geysers are frequently employed in commercial structures.

Choose a geyser with a non-corrosive coating; it qualifies a geyser to work properly even if you get hard water ( water with high mineral content). Not only will the geyser be more durable, but it will also be protected from rough water for a more extended time without getting corrupted.