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Earlier like a few decades, back people use to have bad hair days, now they have bad hair years or even decades at times. The quality of hair is dwindling over time and there are many reasons for it too.

This titbit will explore the causative reasons for poor hair and how vitamin E can help you get the shiniest, bounciest, and healthiest hair ever.

What Is Vitamin E?

According to the Google knowledge graph grabbed from Wikipedia, Vitamin E is a group of eight fat-soluble compounds that include four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Vitamin E deficiency, which is rare and usually due to an underlying problem with digesting dietary fat rather than from a diet low in vitamin E”.

Vitamin E is another essential vitamin that our body needs to function properly. Its main role is that of an anti-oxidant. We are sure you would have heard about antioxidants - these are the biological compounds that remove toxins and bad electrons from our body.

Basically, vitamin E is the body’s helper for regular detox. We all know that toxins are responsible for many bad things in our body, but we know extraordinarily little about their mal effect on the hair.

Vitamin E is also the biological compound that helps our immune system remain healthy and prevents blood clots from forming in the arteries.

Now let’s explore its role in promoting hair care.

Is Vitamin E Good for Hair?

Yes, it is! Most of the hair fall and other hair related issues are typically due to pollution and a poor diet that might lack Vitamin E. Pollution adds up to the toxic build-up in the body and enhances the production of free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules that would attach to the vital nutrients of the body make them less effective. Prolonged and sustained exposure to them leads to poor protein synthesis and it affects many organs of the body including our hair in a negative manner.

To counter the effects of free radical damage, getting vitamin E in adequate amounts is recommended. Vitamin E is known to keep free radicals in check and in some cases stop their production completely. However, consuming supplements rich in Vitamin E should always be done under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

Vitamin E benefits for hair are many; here are some of them to get you started,

1. Hair fall control

Vitamin E is known to reduce oxidative stress on the scalp and that’s what leads to better hair fall control and hair growth when we consume Vit E. If you are suffering from hair loss/hair fall then maybe it’s time to pop a vitamin E capsule.

2. Improves blood circulation to the scalp

Vitamin E is known for increasing blood circulation in the scalp. This eventually helps in maintaining proper hair root health and growth. However more research is underway to establish its complete effect on scalp blood circulation, but as of now, we know that it’s good for your scalp, and that’s what should matter.

3. Protective barrier

Vitamin E helps regulate the oil production of the body. That means if you have adequate levels of vitamin E in your body then your scalp would not be dry. The hair root level moisture would remain proper, eventually making your hair strong and healthy.

4. Lustruous hair

Since vitamin E balances the oil levels at the hair root level, it helps keep your hair nice and shiny. What you get is a natural lustre that cannot be duplicated easily by cosmetic means.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Hair

We have already cited vitamin E benefits for hair above. However, if you wish to specifically treat your hair with this wonder vitamin, then applying vitamin E oil topically can help too. There are many vitamin E oils available out there in the market however experts at Lifestyle titbits would recommend going for pharma-grade vitamin E oil. If it’s fit to be taken orally then it’s fit to be applied topically that’s our belief.

If you are planning on using vitamin E oil directly from pharma grade capsules, then we recommend diluting it with carrier oil. Coconut oil is good quality fatty oil that can dissolve the vitamin E well and can lead to better absorption of it topically.

Just apply a handful of coconut oil mixed with vitamin E oil and let it rest on your scalp for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your scalp using a mild shampoo. That’s all you need to do for getting maximum vitamin E benefits for hair.

We hope our little titbit today shed some light on the benefits of vitamin E for hair. Our team is here to ensure that you live the life you deserve, and we know that you surely deserve healthy hair.

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