Amongst all the different types of cooking oils used, olive oil is perhaps the healthiest. It is enriched with various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can help you achieve better health, skin, and even hair. Virgin olive oil is derived directly from olives and is hugely popular all over the world. It is a beautiful aroma and is even suitable for people with cardiovascular diseases. With its high good fat content, polyphenols, and high antioxidant level, one can use olive oils to begin a healthier journey in their life. And one of the best things about olive oil is that along with its high nutrition content, it also has a rich flavour and taste.

However, the benefits of olive oil do not end there. Check out the section below to understand its multiple health benefits other than a cooking medium.

How Can You Use Olive Oil For Getting Healthy Skin and Hair?

The following benefits of olive oil have made it a must-have in your skincare and haircare regimes.

1. Olive Oil Benefits for Your Hair:

Other than cooking purposes, you can also use olive oil to get luscious, strong, and healthy hair. It can even be used to get smoother skin, devoid of pimples, hyperpigmentation, or dark spots. Due to its high antioxidant content, olive oil can be a great product to get healthy hair and scalp. The antioxidants in olive oil destroy free radicals and prevent the further free radical formation in your cells when you apply them to your scalp or skin.

It nourishes the hair from within, and massaging it on your hair can improve blood circulation in your scalp. It is also very beneficial for people with dry scalp, as it locks in moisture and reduces dryness, which in return reduces hair fall or hair breakage. So, if you are facing hair fall or rough and dry hair, you can invest in the best olive oil for hair to get immediate results.

2. Olive Oil Benefits for Your Skin:

When it comes to your skin, olive oil is known to revitalize the skin and repair damaged skin tissues. The high antioxidant content is very beneficial for your skin, as it prevents premature ageing by destroying free radicals and preventing free radical formation.

The best olive oil for face can even be used for removing makeup traces while preventing damage to the skin in any way. Massaging olive oil in your skin can also increase blood circulation. But you need to consider your skin type before applying olive oil on your skin. If you have oily skin then it is best to avoid using any type of oil as it can make your skin excessively sweaty and oily. But if you have dry, or even sensitive skin you should purchase the best olive oil for skin in India you nourish and moisturize it.

What Are Some Other Surprising Benefits of Olive Oil?

However, the benefits of olive oil are manifold and do not end at the ones mentioned above. Here are some of the other well-known benefits of using olive oil.

1. Helps to Improve Cardiovascular Health

As olive oil contains polyphenols that can be used to reduce blood pressure, it helps in improving your cardiovascular health. It is perfectly suited for people with hypertension, cardiac issues, high blood pressure, etc. as it protects the heart from encountering various diseases.

2. It Reduces Risk Of Cancer and Other Diseases

Olive oil has Hydroxytyrosol and Tocopherol which can be used to reduce the risk of cancer. The free radical formation is one of the reasons for which carcinogenic cells are created and multiply rapidly within your body. The inherent antioxidant content of olive oil prevents free radical formation within your body.

Daily usage of olive oil can lead you to live a healthier life and can prevent chances of cancer as well as many other diseases. It is also high in Vitamin E which is also extremely beneficial for our health. It protects people against type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and other diseases.

3. It Has Antimicrobial Properties

Olive oil is known for having antimicrobial and antifungal properties as it contains good amounts of oleuropein. This is one of the main reasons it is used for skin and hair health.

4. It Reduces Chances of Obesity

As a part of the ‘Mediterranean diet’, olive oil can be used to reduce the risk of obesity. Indulging in fast food, especially fried foods, is responsible for rapid weight gain. But shifting to olive oil from other types of cooking oils can benefit your health, especially due to its high antioxidant and Vitamin E content. But no matter what, you need to be careful about your oil consumption to reduce the chances of obesity.

5. It Strengthens Your Bones

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties due to its high polyphenol content which can prevent bone breakdown and even stimulate bone function. It even prevents the decline of mineral density in bones and prevents bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. All these features are why you should invest in the best olive oil for cooking.

Final Thoughts

Adding olive oil to your diet can help you take your first steps towards a healthy lifestyle. You can cook numerous dishes with olive oil, and enjoy the multiple benefits of this nutritious cooking oil. It is one of those rare and versatile oils that takes an active role in your skincare and haircare regime as well. Hence, you should think about investing in olive oil for holistic healthcare.