Every house owner has a dream, well they have many dreams for that matter, however, having a flawlessly smooth finish on exterior walls and interiors is something that everyone loves to have. Now there is a wide range of colors that you can go for and then there is a whole range of products to help you get that perfect finish. One product that every professional painter would recommend to you is the wall primer. That's the reason we decided to uptake this task of finding out the best wall primer in India. There are many available online and in the real markets near you, but the thing is that not all of them are up to the mark to provide the long-lasting protection and adhesion that your pain deserves. There is a very wide range of primers listed in the markets and they are suited to the interior as well as exterior emulsions. Now let's move ahead and begin our quest to find out the best wall primer in India. 

It took us 50 real site visits and 3000 hours of research to understand the way a primer works. We needed to understand this to provide our readers with the best recommendations here. The primers that we have listed here have been the number one choice of domestic paint industries and are compatible with a wide range of paints. They work well on porous surfaces and wooden surfaces and provide ultimate levels of wall protection. Our research has led us to the conclusion that the best wall primer in India is the Asian Paint Deco Prime Wall Primer followed by INDIGO Gold Series Water Thinnable Cement Primer. Let us move ahead and see things in a better perspective now.

Asian Paints is one of the largest paint companies in India. They make some of the best water-based paints, the Asian paint portfolio has a good range of exterior paints and interior ones too. They also have one of the widest exterior wall paint colors portfolios. Needless to say that these guys know the paint industry and hence would produce grade A wall primer, the one we have mentioned here for their customers. The primer offers superior adhesion and wall care. It enhances the benefits of using acrylic paint on your walls and would provide long-lasting freshness to your wall paints.

Comes in 10-20 liter capacity and is guaranteed lead-free. So, it takes care of your walls and your health at the same time. It can also be used as a cement primer and can be used while plastering your walls too.


This is one wall primer that has full potential to become the market leader in the Indian market. Its adhesive properties are comparable to our top pick, and it provides A class adhesion. The best part about this product is that it has a superior affinity for adhesion to substrates. That means you can use it to make your walls waterproof and yet keep them looking great. If you use it for your exterior walls then its anti-alkali and water-resistant properties will surely leave you amazed. Trust us, this is the wall primer that is widely used in industrial areas, it is that good. The sq ft per liter cost is also pretty low, hence it is also one of the affordable options that you can have, but if you are looking for something cheap and economical then explore our budget pick Dr. Fixit 604 External Wall Waterproofing Coat. Yes, one more thing, the best output of this wall primer is seen with Indigo Paints.

If you want an attractive finish on your wall without burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the product to go for. It works with every base type and provides a waterproof base for application. So if you live in an area that sees a lot of rain and dampness then club this primer with an acrylic base and see the magic unfold. It can also be used to provide an advanced base coat for your painting job. If you plan to paint your house white then this product can also act as a class finish putty and give a superior smooth wall surface. Has excellent adhesion properties and can be used to fix leakages on your terrace tile too. It is produced using high-end technology and is chemically inert. Works well with plastic emulsions also. Although it is our budget pick, it is from brand Dr. Fixit, this brand already enjoys a high market share and produces many wall care products. This particular wall primer is very well accepted for its excellent sealing properties. It makes the wall washable to a greater extent, so if you are a person who loves smart care of walls, then just go for it. It doesn't matter whether you use it on ground floor walls or anywhere else, it is a very versatile product and will infuse life into every wall of your home. Using this wall primer will make every paint everlasting paint. 

Budget Pick

Dr. Fixit 604 External Wall Waterproofing Coat

The Most Affordable Wall Primer

Provides superior finish and ultimate water damage protection.

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Top 10 Wall Primer in India

Wall primers are a must-use additive for every wall paint job. No matter whether you use metal paints, epoxy mastic paint, nerolac paint, jotun paint, Dulux paints, decorative paints, British paints, aluminum paints, or any exterior wall paint color of your choice, clubbing it with a good quality wall primer is your ticket to having envious walls. The wall primers that we have presented here or should we say have recommended here are all made in high-end paint manufacturing facilities. All of them act as a superior undercoat for paints. You can get our recommendation verified by any professional painter who has honed the skill of application of paints and they will vouch for our deep study and superb research. Just explore the article more and check out the top 10 wall primers in India that we have listed here.

  1. Asian Paint Decoprime Wall Primer
  2. INDIGO Gold Series Water Thinnable Cement Primer
  3. Dr. Fixit 604 External Wall Waterproofing Coat
  4. Asian Paint New Truecare Interior Wall Primer
  5. ASIAN Thinnable Primer Paint
  6. Asian Paints RED-Oxide Metal Primer
  7. BP White Primer WT - Berger Paints
  8. M/S BHAWNA PAINTS INDIA Water Base Cement Primer
  9. Berger AB-014 Primer
  10. Magnetic Paint / Primer

All the primers that we have listed above are quality products and are best for all types of surface coating, using them properly would also provide superior protection to metal surfaces. Just explore these authentic products further to select the one that compliments your lifestyle. Just to add some more spice to the reader's time spent here. You need a wall primer coating on walls to create a proper adhesion surface for the paints to act on. Paint can still be applied to the walls without primer but then it would get faded and leave the surface within a year, mind you painting walls nowadays is pretty expensive and you should do your best to make it proper in a single go.

So here is the list of the best wall primers in India for our readers to savor and improve their living standards.

1. Asian Paint Decoprime Wall Primer

If you are a person who looks for the very best in everything, then as far as wall primers are concerned you should certainly go for this one. 

Comes with great adhesion properties and professional painters love it for premium jobs in hand. Go for it and see the magic unfold.

2. INDIGO Gold Series Water Thinnable Cement Primer

Indigo is a very well-established paint brand in India and they produce many excellent wall care products including wall primers. The one we selected here is also one of those excellent products for walls that the brand creates.

Suits every surface for application and is very flexible in terms of usage. You can use it for exterior walls as well as interiors. It is affordable and provides a premium class finish with the least expense. You would surely love the way it enhances the beauty of your walls.

3. Dr. Fixit 604 External Wall Waterproofing Coat

Dr. Fixit is a brand that is known by every Indian, they produce some of the best waterproofing products in the country and have absolute business dominance for the same. This particular wall primer not only provides superior adhesion but also provides complete water damage protection to the house.

If you live in a damp area where there is moisture in the air year around, then go for this wall primer with your eyes closed. You will surely love the output you get through it.

4. Asian Paint New Truecare Interior Wall Primer

Wall primers also come in many colors, usually, people go for the white one as it is cheaper and can be tinted with pigments to get the desired color easily. This particular primer from Asian Paint comes in white color by default and is royal in every sense.

It can be thinned to the desired consistency easily and it sticks to the wall surface flawlessly. Just use it once and you would know for sure what we are talking about. 

5. ASIAN Thinnable Primer Paint

This is another superb product from the house of Asian Paint, this one is designed specifically for exterior wall application. The product is amazing and we have seen it in action. The finish and the protection it offers for the exterior walls are something that you would not have seen in general.

If you are planning an outdoor wall paint job, then this is the wall primer to go for. Just grab a few buckets and you will see the difference yourself. 

6. Asian Paints RED-Oxide Metal Primer

A house has many elements that are used while constructing it. It is not only the walls that require care but also the metal railings and grill. For them, a red oxide metal primer is used. It provides greater protection to the metals and makes up for a perfect base to paint on.

We have seen the wonderful quality of this primer with our own eyes. The professionals use it to paint metal parts that are generally exposed to water or submerged in it, the level of corrosion resistance it offers is astounding.

7. BP White Primer WT - Berger Paints

BP produces some of the best wall primers in the country. The one we have listed here comes in base white color and is thinnable with water. It is chemically inert and provides superior protection to walls. Any paint coat sticks very well to it, so once you use it your walls would look fresh for years to come.

This one happens to be affordable too. Most of the professional painters while taking a large-scale contract prefer using this wall primer. It is easy to apply and provides far superior wall and paint protection.

8. M/S BHAWNA PAINTS INDIA Water Base Cement Primer

Primer can be applied directly to the walls and it can also be applied to the cement used for plastering walls. This one cited here is a cement primer and is mixed with cement while the walls are being plastered. Saves a lot of costs and works excellently by providing a smooth surface for the paint to be applied upon.

Just give it a try and you would love it for sure. Perfect for those who are going for new construction or for those who have damaged walls in the home and need to get it back in A-1 condition.

9. Berger AB-014 Primer

This is the primer that you would use when you are planning to have some real premium feel with your walls. It is solvent thinnable and not water-based, which means it sticks to the walls in a better way. Perfect for use with oil-based paints.

We are sure you would have seen those walls that virtually glow when light is thrown on them. That is made possible because of the solvent-based wall primers. It might be slightly expensive to apply but the results are great. Give it a try if you have the budget. 

10. Magnetic Paint / Primer

If you need a magnetic wall for whatever reason, then this is the primer to go for. Perfect for coaching classes and schools that would have labs for students and need to work with magnetism.

This is a very specialized use primer and might suit only a few of us, but we thought of including it here in our review. Our data shows that many people are looking for it, so here it is if you need it then go for it.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that our product recommendations are bang on and add value to their lives. For this particular article, we have spent 2000 hours of work time and visited 50 paint sites to verify the efficacy of the wall primers that our team has short-listed. We shortlisted the primers here based on the number of positive reviews that they had online, however that was not enough for us and we needed to go beyond that to provide a great recommendation post for our regular site visitors. Just read this section to know more about how our team crafted this great post.

Why You Should Trust Us

We specialize in providing lifestyle-related product recommendations to our site visitors. We thought that apart from researching daily use products we should also shift our focus to bigger things that enable a person to live well. Your house is one of those things and walls make a house lively. Nobody likes dull and dead walls, or walls that have chipped and faded paint. So, for writing this article our chief editor and content owner Mr. Vivek K, took extra steps and went personally to 50 odd sites to understand the importance of a wall primer and which brands are the ones that professional wall painters prefer. This should be reason enough for you to trust us. 

Who This Is For

This post is for everyone who loves to live well. Seeing having lively and vibrant walls is all about the quality of the paint job that you get done. Wall primer is just a part of the entire game, however, it is a vital part. So if you are a person who is planning to get his walls painted anytime soon, then by all means go ahead and use the information we have cited here to its fullest. We are sure you will not regret it whatsoever.

How We Picked

Well, the process here was actually quite different from our usual and certified methods. Here we had to think a lot out of the box. Since there was no means for us to actually try the products that we listed here ourselves, we broke the orthodox ways and went all out to find the construction sites that are presently undergoing paint jobs. For this, our friend Mahesh, who is a big paint dealer in the city came to the rescue. We showed him the products that we were reviewing and he arranged for the site visits. Since a single product single site visit would also not do complete justice to the effort, we chose multiple sites just to be sure that whatever we are recommending here would certainly add value to our readers.

Our Picks

Here is a list of the best wall primers in India for your perusal.

Photo Title Price Buy
Asian Paints Manoj...image Asian Paints Manoj Paints & Hardware Store Asian Paint Decoprime Wall Primer, Finish (20 L), White. ₹6,000.00
INDIGO Gold Series...image INDIGO Gold Series Water Thinnable Cement Primer (White, 1L) ₹750.00
Dr. Fixit 604...image Dr. Fixit 604 Primeseal External Wall Waterproofing Coat, White Matte Finish 1 litre, Primer for external surfaces, Wall coating for external surfaces ₹370.00 (₹37.00 / 100 ml)
Asian Paint New...image Asian Paint New Truecare Interior Finish Wall Primer, White 1 L. ₹369.00
ASIAN Thinnable Primer...image ASIAN Thinnable Primer Paint, 20L (White)
Berger BP White...image Berger BP White Primer WT - Berger Paints (4) ₹850.00
M/S BHAWNA PAINTS...image M/S BHAWNA PAINTS INDIA Water Base Cement Primer ( 4Ltr )
Berger AB-014 Primer...image Berger AB-014 Primer (White)
MagicWall Magnetic Paint...image MagicWall Magnetic Paint / Primer | Paint that attracts magnets | 500 ML ( Coverage 9 Sq. Ft. with 3 Coats ) | Color ( Dark Grey ) ₹739.00

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the best wall primer in India is our top pick Asian Paint Decoprime Wall Primer followed by our runners-up INDIGO Gold Series Water Thinnable Cement Primer, if you wish to go for an affordable option then go ahead with our budget pick Dr. Fixit 604 External Wall Waterproofing Coat.