While tracksuits are often associated with athletics and sports, today, many wear them casually along with running and gym sessions. Tracksuits are great for keeping your body warm, and depending on the fabrics, and they can also keep your skin from direct sunlight.

When a person pays for a tracksuit, they look for something comfortable and durable. And if it comes under a specific budget, even better. Many brands in India offer a wide range of choices for tracksuits, and consumers often stick with these brands to ensure quality, pricing, and comfort at all times.

Here are the top tracksuit brands in India


Adidas is quite a famous brand not just in India but all over the world. This brand deals with tracksuits along with shoes, attire, and many other things sports-related. Adidas is often preferred by many around the world because its attires and shoes are trendy, that offer the highest levels of comfort. If you are looking for something breathable and solid while working out or running, then an Adidas tracksuit would be an excellent investment for you.

Adidas is one of the top 5 tracksuit brands in India and has been doing great in the Indian market for decades. Sachin Tendulkar is one of the athletes that made many people believe in Adidas by wearing the brand by his last years in the cricket field. Europe’s largest sportswear manufacturer brand, Adidas, today has over 700 stores all across the country.


Nike is another popular brand in India, which has been associated with the Indian Cricket team since 2005. It is also one of the best tracksuit brands in India that manufactures a wide range of sandals, shoes, clothing, and other sports-related accessories as one of the top and most reliable sports brands, Nike, of course, offers top quality products to the market, along with bringing innovation to their products and services continuously.

If you are opting for tracksuits from Nike, you can buy them in many places in the country. It has over 200 physical stores in India, but significant online shopping sites offer Nike products at heavy discounts and free delivery. Nike tracksuits are soft and offer warmth and comfort to the wearer. They are also available in trendy colours and styles, and you can opt for a chic look with tracksuits from Nike.

Under Armour

Under Armour is another American brand that is relatively new, and is also an active apparel brand. It also deals with casual apparel, along with footwear and sportswear. With time, the brand has given fair competition to the existing top brands globally, and specifically in America, and today stands as a top-quality athletic apparel manufacturer. The brand is associated with the NBA Superstar Stephan Curry, and many would like to associate the brand with the superstar.


Cricket fans in India would know that Fila is one of the brands that an Indian cricketer promotes. In this case, it was Virendra Sehwag who first embraced Fila and introduced it to the Indian audience.

This sportswear manufacturer started in Italy and now is owned by a South Korean Yoon Keun-chang. The brand has been offering sportswear and other products since 1911. It is also involved in designing sports shoes, that are known for ultimate comfort and sense of style. Fila’s designs are often about liveliness and offer some of the best tracksuits with comfort and breathability. Fila stores are readily available in India's top cities, and you can also get them from online stores or sites.


Who doesn’t know Puma? Whether you are brand conscious or not, Puma is a brand known to many in India. Surprisingly, Puma was established in 1948, not very long ago compared to many other popular sportswear brands. While Puma is primarily a sportswear brand, it also has products for school going students, from footwear to bags.

Tracksuits from Puma are highly preferred among the health-conscious and gym freaks, as it brings not just premium quality comfort but also trendy styles. If you have Puma clothing or tracksuit you wore before; you might already know how lightweight, they are.


Quality sportswear and tracksuits are not scarce in India. While every brand is not popular and certainly cannot compete with the big brands in terms of market dominance, they provide good quality tracksuits at affordable prices.