Thick and fluffy towels are a great addition to one’s new home. The perfect towels for your bathroom should be highly absorbent to help you dry up completely. They should also dry up quickly so that you can use them again if need be. In beautiful assorted colors, these towels complement the overall look of your bathroom. Cotton bath towels are gentle on your skin and are generally more sustainable. They do not cause any kind of skin irritation or infection. Our researchers tested more than 100 brands to determine the best towel brands in India. They found Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set to be the best of all.

Our Pick

Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set

Plus Cotton Bath Towel for Everyday Use

Made with 100% combed cotton fiber material, these towels last long. Luxurious and soft on your skin to provide the perfect bathing care.

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The top-quality of the towels with their extraordinary plushy texture impressed our team of researchers. These colorful towels will treat your skin with the kindness it deserves. The fade-resistant fabric of these towels is made from 500 GSM combed cotton fibers which give them super absorbent quality. The softness feels good on your skin, giving you the ultimate comfort at the end of the day. They come in unique colors - Spanish Red, Paradise Pink, Iris Blue, Spring Green, Olive Green, Turquoise Blue, Sunshine Yellow, and White. These elegant and luxurious towels will dry quickly. The length dimensions of these towels are 2.3 x 4.5 feet

The only downside we found in this product is that they are made of combed cotton threads that give them a plushy texture. If you are looking for woven cotton bath towels that are not fluffy yet super absorbent, check out our next pick, Sathiyas 4 Piece Bath Cotton Towel.


Sathiyas 4 Piece Bath Cotton Towel

Set of 4 Durable and Lightweight Cotton Towels

Permeable towels of high-quality cotton in 4 pleasant colors. They are ultra-soft and quick to dry, coming from a well-known towel manufacturer.

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Our testers were amazed by the longevity of these towels. They were put under rigorous tests but they stayed as good and soft as when they were new.

The lightweight of these bath towels makes them easily portable in your travel backpacks while being quick to dry. They soak up the water easily so that water droplets are not stuck to your skin and making you come down with a cold. They are made of cotton and can be washed easily using mild detergent, handwash, or machine warm wash. They come with a diamond and stripes design that looks nice against the blue, lavender, pink, and orange colors and are as long as 2.5 x 5 feet.

The only downside we found for this product was that some people may find it hard to afford them. At Lifestyle Titbits, we have got you covered. For more affordable options, we recommend our budget pick, COMFORT Weave Cotton Bath Towels. Despite its low price, this product does not compromise its quality.

Budget Pick

COMFORT Weave Cotton Bath Towels

Premium Bath Towels for Extra Comfort

The unique density of the towels makes them absorb water quickly. They come as a set of 5 towels and are soft, gentle, and extremely comfortable.

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The affordability of the woven cotton towels by COMFORT with their great quality easily caught the attention of our researchers. They are easily portable and takes up minimum space in the luggage while being lightweight.

These towels come in multiple attractive hues - pink, yellow, blue, brown, and orange - making them perfectly usable in guesthouses, poolsides, beaches, or after gym sessions. The unique weaving technique makes them soft and pliant under the touch. The COMFORT towels are quite long, around 2.5 x 5 feet, which is the perfect size for bath towels. They have a striped design.

The thin and durable towels can be easily washed in machines. They lack any kind of color bleeding and are fade-resistant. This low-budget set is worth the cost.

10 Best Towel Brands in India

In the online marketplace, there are hundreds of companies selling towels that come in various materials, lengths, and designs. Then how do you choose between them? With Lifestyle Titbits still around, you don’t have to worry a thing. Our experts have tested over 100 brands to finally prepare a detailed and reviewed list of the 10 top towel brands in India. We present the list here.

  1. Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set
  2. Sathiyas 4 Piece Bath Cotton Towel
  3. COMFORT Weave Cotton Bath Towels
  4. Welspun Cotton Bath Towel
  5. Story @Home Ultra 100% Cotton Large Bath Towel
  6. Roseate Elegance 100% Cotton Large Bath Towel
  7. Mush-Bamboo Derived Rayon Towel 
  8. Heelium Bamboo Bath Towel
  9. Vinayaka Cotton Towels
  10. Leaf Dew 100% Cotton Bath Towel

Our list features the best brands selling good-quality towels in India. Let us take a closer look at these top contenders to get to know their materials and sizes so that you can buy the one that suits you.

Now let's look at the salient features of the bags that our team has listed down here.

1. Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set

These premium towels are dished out by one of the top towel brands in India. Loved by many, these towels are highly absorbent and extremely soft, which makes them the ideal choice for anyone. They are available in two beautiful shades, Olive Green and Turquoise Blue, and are extremely popular throughout the country.

These towels by Amazon Brand - Solimo are also fade-resistant and their affordable price range makes them an absolute favorite of our experts. As one of the best towels in India, they have hypoallergenic nature, are safe to use, and are mild on the skin, thereby preventing any unwanted rashes or skin irritation.

2. Sathiyas 4 Piece Bath Cotton Towel

This set of high-quality towels is recommended by our product testers as they are not only ultra-soft in texture, but also quick drying. These absorbent bath towels are available in a wide range of colors. Their reasonable price range is also one of the major reasons why these luxurious towels have gained so much popularity over the years.

Another great thing about these permeable towels is their lightweight nature. Dished by a renowned towel manufacturer, these superior ranges of bath towels give you the feeling of a rejuvenating Turkish bath! Overall, it is a durable towel and therefore a fantastic and affordable product to have in your home.

3. COMFORT Weave Cotton Bath Towels

This product is adored by netizens as it is quick-drying and extremely comfortable. One of the premium bath towel brands, COMFORT Weave has been churning out plush towels for its consumer base across the country. The cotton bath towel fabric renders the ultra-soft texture, making it a decent shower towel for regular use.

One of the best things about this cushiest towel is that the unique density of towels makes them highly water-absorbent. This delicate towel is quick-dry, machine-washable, and hence the best dry bath towel to have at home. These towels are also manufactured by one of the most trusted bath towel brands in India, which specializes in dishing out a wide range of towels.

4. Welspun Cotton Bath Towel

This soft towel caught the attention of our team of experts due to its sustainable and eco-friendly nature that sets it apart from the rest. These types of towels are good for the environment, but other than that, they are also great for our skin as it prevents any kind of rashes or itchiness.

These versatile towels are also machine-washable, and hence the care of towels becomes effortless. It is an affordable bathroom towel, made with high-quality cotton to keep up the reputation of one of the most popular towel brands in the country.

5. Story @Home Ultra 100% Cotton Large Bath Towel

As this product is from one of the top towel brands in India, it has garnered a quite large fan following. This towel has been tried and tested by our team of experts who have concluded that it is easily the most fluffy towel in the country.

You don’t have to worry about washing these regular bath towels as they are machine-friendly. This means you can just pop them in your washing machine and they would be cleaned in no time! This is why maintaining them is effortless, which makes them one of the best towels for the body after a heavy-duty shower session!

6. Roseate Elegance 100% Cotton Large Bath Towel

If you want a towel that will make you feel cozy and warm right after taking a shower, then this is the perfect piece for you. We know how difficult it can be to take showers in the winter, which is why these towels are a must-have for everyone. These superb towels will give you a delightful experience and leave you with dry skin after every shower!

A machine wash will enable easy cleaning and maintenance of this range of towels. The contemporary designs and bright colors make them the best choice for people in India. They are also extremely supple and soft, made from the highest-quality cotton that has breathable attributes, and are highly preferred by gym enthusiasts after a rigorous gym session!

7. Mush-Bamboo Derived Rayon Towel

We conducted a poll and concluded that this is indeed one of the best towels in this country. People love it, especially due to its amazing texture and superior degree of absorbency. It absorbs more water than the finest grade cotton, which makes it the perfect towel for drying yourself and keeping your body clean after a cool shower.

One of the most unique facts about this bath towel is that it does not take up much space in the closet. It is foldable, soft, and lightweight as well. Since it is the ideal partner for your delicate skin, our experts wholeheartedly recommend this product!

8. Heelium Bamboo Bath Towel

People love these towels and so does our team of experts. These comfortable body towels have been around for a long time and are known for their consistency. They are a popular product and great for our skin as well, as they prevent any kind of itchiness or irritation after usage.

This towel is free from any kind of harmful chemicals, which is why it is an ideal product for people with allergies or sensitive skin. They are fungus-resistant as well, and also easy to clean and maintain as they are machine-washable. These are some reasons why this towel is one of the best quality towels in India.

9. Vinayaka Cotton Towels

Colorful towels are always a sight for sore eyes, even in a mundane place like the bathroom. This is one of the reasons why this cotton towel variant with an amazing design has garnered so much attraction in the last few years. They are also fade-resistant and are a value for your money.

These cotton towels feel great on the skin and are easy to clean and maintain too. They are also quick-drying, which makes them one of the most popular towels in the market. Their highly absorbent nature renders a decent washing experience after every use.

10. Leaf Dew 100% Cotton Bath Towel

Hundreds of people in this country have tried this product, and have loved it. We even surveyed many people to find out that this towel is one of the softest and most comfortable towels out there. It is also affordably priced and is a total value for your money in every way. 

These towels have a soft nature that is one-of-a-kind. They stay dry, are durable, have an extended life span, and come in multiple colors as well. They are from one of the most trusted brands in the country, and they truly deserve a spot on our curated list.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

At Lifestyle Titbits, we value the trust our readers have in us. This is why we would like them to get to know us better. Our research methodology makes us confident in our reviews and sharing it with you lets us convey our dedication. We believe it is important for us to maintain transparency about how our list came to be so that it can become something you can readily trust in.

Why You Should Trust Us

At Lifestyle Titbits, we are a group of enthusiastic and dedicated reviewers who want to bring the most authentic content for our readership. On Google, you will see that we are a popular website that brings the most valued information for our readers. Our reviews cover a wide range of products, choosing the ones that deserve the attention of our readers.

To gather the most accurate data, we conduct detailed research on each product that is available online. Our team of researchers consisted of specialists in home and kitchen decor and bathroom accessories who have been involved in prior research regarding towel material. Apart from doing background testing of the best towel brands in India, they also held interviews and polls online for a closer observation of consumer behavior.

Our team invested a lot of time and effort to curate this list successfully. We hope that you will find this immensely helpful for your know-how before making a purchase.

Who This Is For

We wish that our list of best quality towels in India will reach out to a large group of prospective customers who are looking for the best option to add to their homes and workplace.

  • Hotel managers
  • Home decor enthusiasts
  • Workplace sanitation supervisors
  • Newly married couples looking to decorate their new home
  • Restaurant workers
  • Passenger Railways service providers

Our list of best towel brands in India will hopefully help out everyone anxious about making the right choice. We assure our readers that our reviews will be the perfect aid to get the best product at the most affordable rates.

How We Picked

Our researchers had a long list of parameters in mind while judging more than 100 brands. Only the top 10 that passed these criteria got the green light to be featured on the list. Broadly classified, some of these basic parameters were - material, texture, size, and durability.

  • Material: The material of the towel should be such that it can absorb water quickly and essentially be able to multitask. Cotton is the best material for towels, but some synthetic or mixed materials may also be very useful.
  • Texture: The texture of towels depends on their purpose. If you are looking for bath towels, they should be fluffy and soft to be gentle on your skin and equally absorbent. In the case of kitchen towels, they should be tough and durable, able to clean every surface easily.
  • Size: Once again, the size of the towel used should depend on its purpose. Bath towels are usually long to provide you full-body coverage, while hand towels and kitchen towels are generally on the shorter side.
  • Durability: A towel woven from good material should have good longevity and durability. High twisted fibers make the towel more durable while low twists make it more fluffy. There should be a good balance between them.

We had a long list of parameters to determine the best towels available online. The rest of the brands were eliminated based on a close inspection of them against our extensive list of criteria. But we only talked about the most basic ones here to spare you the boredom of having to read through them all in detail.

Our Picks

Choosing the best towel to suit your needs and comfort is no less feat, especially when there are a plethora of choices available online. Whether these are required by you or your guests, towels are an important part of hygienic habits in the hospitality industry. Even for your own home, the perfect towel makes that shower at the end of an exhausting day more comfortable. Therefore we picked the ones we thought fit the bill correctly out of as many as 100+ brands.

We hope that if you read this list of reviews on the best towel brands in India then you will be able to choose wisely to make the best purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
Amazon Brand -...image Amazon Brand - Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set, 500 GSM (Olive Green and Turquoise Blue) ₹819.00
Sathiyas 480 GSM...image Sathiyas 480 GSM 4 Piece Bath Non-Terry Cotton Towel Ultra Absorbent Super Soft and Comfortable-Quick Drying Towel (Blue, Lavender, Pink, Orange 75 cm X 150 cm) ₹749.00
COMFORT WEAVE Cotton...image COMFORT WEAVE Cotton Bath Towels 250 GSM Multicolor(Set of 5, 31 X 62 Inch) ₹498.00
Welspun 100% Cotton...image Welspun 100% Cotton Quik Dry Bath Towel | High Absorbency Super Soft, Fast Drying Towels for Bath | 380 GSM Large Size 1 Piece Bath Towel for Men and Women | Sized 70cm X 137cm Green ₹329.00
Roseate Elegance 100%...image Roseate Elegance 100% Cotton (450 GSM / 70x140 cm) Large Bath Towel Ultra Soft Super Absorbent (Red) Pack of 1 ₹359.00
Mush 100% Bamboo...image Mush 100% Bamboo Large Bath Towel | Ultra Soft, Absorbent, Light Weight, & Quick Dry Towel for Bath, Travel, Gym, Beach, Pool, and Yoga | 29 x 59 Inches / 75 X 150 cms (Set of 1, Dark Green)
HEELIUM Bamboo Bath...image HEELIUM Bamboo Bath Towel, Super Absorbent, Soft, 600 GSM, 140 cm x 70 cm, Pack of 1 - iris ₹999.00
Vinayaka Cotton Towels...image Vinayaka Cotton Towels 250 GSM (Set Of 4, Pink, Sky-Blue, Yellow and Orange)
Leaf Dew 100%...image Leaf Dew 100% Cotton Bath Towel (500GSM/150 X 75CM) Large Size Towel for Men & Women (Navy Blue) ₹449.00

Final Verdict

If you are looking for 100%satisfaction with your purchase, then we recommend you to choose Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set. This product enhances your bathroom decor and gives you the maximum softness along with the best absorbent power.

If you want a more variety of colors, then our researchers suggest Sathiyas 4 Piece Bath Cotton Towel which is of equally high quality. These lightweight and durable towels will be an excellent addition to your bathroom.

If you want a more pocket-friendly option, we recommend you to check out our budget pick, COMFORT Weave Cotton Bath Towels. They are quick to dry and highly water-absorbent, made available at the most affordable rates.