Water scarcity is rising daily and the source of water cannot be trusted. The TDS level of drinking water plays an important role in the health and wellness of your family. Water with an excessively high or low TDS level is not suited for drinking. But how would you know whether the drinking water is suitable? Well, the best tds meter in India can help you through the problems. It can help you live the safe, active, and prosperous life you deserve.

What Is a TDS Meter?

TDS refers to the Total Dissolved Solids and it is the combined organic and inorganic particles present in the water. It is inclusive of anything other than pure water molecules. Sometimes running tap water contains potential contaminants like trace materials, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphates which are very unsafe for human consumption.

A TDS meter is used for determining the level of dissolved particles and measured in ppm or parts-per-million. But getting the right TDS reading of your groundwater or municipal water supply is not an easy task. In some cases, buying the right TDS meter for drinking is the most viable solution.

Why Do I Need a TDS Meter?

According to time the reports of the World Health Organization, TDS in drinking water refers to reliable information on the potential health impacts associated with the total dissolved solids. Since the level of these substances can be very erratic depending on the source of water supply, there is no health-based guideline for the ideal TDS level.
The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS has set up an acceptable level of TDS in drinkable water. The most plausible level of TDS should be 500mg/L in drinking water. But the report also mentions that when there is no other source of drinking water available, the proportions of TDS can be relaxed up to 2000 mg/L. It also mentions when the amount of TDS in drinking water is more than 500mg/ L, the taste of the water is also affected in some cases, which may also lead to reduced palatability. Sometimes, such water also causes digestive issues, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal disorders.
So how would you know whether the drinking water available at your home is safe for drinking or not? The best way to ensure it is through a hand-held TDS meter. It’s worthy of mention here that a major part of the dissolved minerals present in water is very useful for our health. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any misconception that zero dissolvable TDS is a sign of appropriate drinking water. Moreover, reducing the TDS level to a meager level negatively impacts the pH level of water. Also, water will taste dull in such conditions. Even though there is no recommended lower limit, the TDS level of water should be at least 80ppm.

How to Choose the Best TDS Meter?

TDS meters are equipped with built-in automatic temperature compensation or ATC which helps in giving the most appropriate TDS measurement. With a huge number of the best TDS meter in india available online, how would you understand which option will serve your purpose the best? Here goes a useful guide that would help you lay your hands on the right device.


Typically, TDS meters takes three types of measurements and these are:

  • Electrical Conductivity: TDS meters also function as EC meters and it measures the level of electrical conductivity present in water so that TDS level can be detected. It is displayed in the form of uS or micro siemens or S i.e., siemens.
  • TDS: This is shown in the form of parts per million or PPM.
  • Temperature: Since all TDS meters come with a built-in temperature sensor, you can also know the temperature of the water along with TDS and EC.
Some premium TDS meters also show ph readings which are very useful for hydroponics and swimming pools.


Since TDS meters are quite small in size the display is invariably very small. But when you opt for a TDS meter, make sure that the display is large enough for the readings to be legible. It’s better to opt for TDS meters which are armed with a backlit display so that you can see the readings in all conditions.


The pricier the TDS meters, the better will be the accuracy. If you want maximum precision on the TDS level of water, make sure that you invest in a premium class device. A narrow error margin with a fine resolution of 0.1 ppm is the most suitable, particularly for low display.
It is worthy of note that the accuracy levels of TDS are dependent on how the reading is taken. You should closely follow the instructions for testing. For instance, if the manufacturers recommend you to test the TDS level with flowing water, you have to do it that way to ensure maximum accuracy.

Mode of Calibration

Another means of enhancing accuracy is to opt for TDS meters which can be calibrated. Although some of them come with a default calibration from the factory, they may become off-kilter after regular use. If the meters can be recalibrated, it would work fine.
Other functions to look for in a TDS meter are auto-off technology and hold function. With the auto-off technology, the display is switched off when the meter is left unused. This helps in saving battery life. On the other hand, the hold function freezes the readings so that you can see the display even when the meter is removed from the water.

1. Konvio Neer Imported Total Dissolved Solids Meter

“An effective water quality PPM tester fir household, swimming pools, aquariums, and hydroponics”
Testing the water for the consumption of your family is the first step in protecting their health. Since water plays a huge role in our lives, we are always eager to know how pure is the water that we are drinking. The Konvio Neer is the perfect tool for tracking the purity level and making sure that the water filter is performing its job.
The PPM meter is suitable for all sorts of water purification applications: it is very easy to use and all that you will have to do is to dip the meter in water and test it. There is no need to do nay calculations as you can see the results right away.
Konvio Neer Imported Total Dissolved Solids Meter

Konvio Neer Imported Total Dissolved Solids Meter

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The reliable function of the TDS meter can be easily installed in the RO membrane of the filter for testing the standard and quality of water.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Comes with an intelligent detection chip
  • Measures input and output of total dissolvable liquid
  • Equipped with premium class titanium alloy
  • Loaded with automatic temperature compensation

2. Nexqua Dew Digital LCD Display Portable Pen Type

“Pen type digital TDS meter measuring water quality in PPM.”

Often we think that we don’t require any meters for measuring the quality of water that we are drinking. With this pen-type digital TDS meter, you can check the number of dissolvable solids in water. You can check the level of contaminants along with the overall purity level with a single push of a button. You can use the meter for checking the level of contaminants in drinking water, tap water, and water for the fish tanks.

Nexqua Dew Digital LCD Display Portable Pen Type

Nexqua Dew Digital LCD Display Portable Pen Type

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Also, the meter comes with a handy guide to using it and care instructions so that you xa get accurate readings every time.

Key Features:

  • High level of precision
  • Equipped with a back-lit LCD fir easy readability
  • Auto-off function as the LCD turns off after 5 mins
  • State-of-the-art digital meter tester
  • Comes with high-class titanium alloy for temperature compensation

3. CPEX Digital TDS Water Test Meter Kit with Temperature Calibration Filter Pen Stick

“Standard scale for measuring the TDS level of water.”

If you are planning to install a new RO filter for your home, you can also opt for this for measuring the level of contaminants in your drinking water. According to users, it shows the level of dissolvable contaminants very clearly and accurately. It also takes the temperature measurement so that you can check it for a variety of usage like swimming pools, fish tanks, rain water storage, gardening, and while traveling. Like all other best quality TDS meters available online, it shows the readings instantly so that you don’t have to wait much before consuming the water.

CPEX Digital TDS Water Test Meter Kit with Temperature Calibration Filter Pen Stick

CPEX Digital TDS Water Test Meter Kit with Temperature Calibration Filter Pen Stick

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This high-precision water testing device is not only easy to use but also comes with a large display so that you can see the readings without any effort.

Key Features:

  • Clear and large display
  • Protective cover for storage
  • Equipped with a titanium alloy electrode
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use

4. HM Digital TDS3 Pocket TDS meter water tester

“Get to know the quality of your water with those inexpensive and highly impressive tool.”

Water often comes overloaded with silt, plankton, industrial waste, and sewage waste. And the worst thing is that we don’t even realize it until we fall sick. You can easily get to know whether you are consuming water suitable for drinking. Designed to give you an accurate reading with the push of a button- you can see the level of water safety which gets displayed on the screen. This small instrument can be used to check the water quality in pools, aquariums, gardening, and spas.

HM Digital TDS3 Pocket TDS meter water tester

HM Digital TDS3 Pocket TDS meter water tester

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This TDS water meter is highly efficient and precise owing to the advanced microprocessor technology.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a hold function
  • Built-in digital thermometer for measuring temperature
  • Comes with a carrying case

5. PSI TDS Meter Pocket Digital Meter

"Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology."

The last one on the list, the PSI TDS meter is one of the most sought-after instruments for measuring the quality of water you are consuming. Moreover, you can also check the water used for spas, pools, fish tanks, and gardening. The advanced microprocessor technology allows high efficiency and if you are looking for a low-budget TDS meter, then you can surely go for this one.

PSI TDS Meter Pocket Digital Meter

PSI TDS Meter Pocket Digital Meter

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Besides checking the level of dissolvable contaminants in water, you can also check the temperature with the automated ‘temp' button.

The Bottom Line

It is very difficult to recommend the most suitable water for consumption, particularly if it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. This is because it depends on each individual and their taste and preferences. For people who are not prone to suffer from water-borne illness and live in areas with high temperatures, it is recommended to consume water loaded with minerals. This helps in providing the right level of hydration.

TDS meters are not just used for drinking purpose, you can also use these handy instruments to check whether the water is suitable for hydroponic farming, aquarium and all other applications where maintaining the quality of water is very crucial. If you reside in an area where water quality always seems to be fluctuating, it’s high time that you invest in a good quality TDS meter. A good TDS meter can help you live the pollution free, disease free and jovial life you deserve.