Chimneys are steadily becoming a part of conventional kitchen appliances in India. This is a desirable development as chimneys collect and throw out smoke, moisture, and polluted air. This protects you from inhaling polluted air having a positive impact on your health. A chimney is technically known as an extractor hood containing three essential parts - a capture panel, grease filters, and a fan for forced ventilation. Despite all its positive influence, the sound of the fan sometimes creates an industrial noise, which hardly matches the idea of achieving a peaceful and stress-free environment in your kitchen. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are aware of the need for such an environment as an aid for flourishing your cooking skills. With this in our mind, we gathered a team of experts to find out the best silent kitchen chimney in India. Apart from easing your surroundings in the kitchen, the best noiseless chimney in India will reduce the level of noise pollution at your home. The best silent kitchen chimney in India is Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology according to our extensive study of more than 30 brands available in the market.

Our Pick

Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (SPOT H4 TRIM EDS T4V LED)

Maximum Airflow Capacity to Enhance Kitchen Air Quality

Our research team chose these chimneys as the best noiseless chimney in India because they reduce sound level to the highest extent.

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These chimneys are chosen unanimously by our experts due to their EDS3 technology. EDS3s are the best extractor hoods at the industrial level. These chimneys provide such highly-rated technology to your kitchen. This reduces the noise with remarkable efficiency.

After long, elaborate, and meticulous research, our research team concluded that these chimneys indeed give you all the benefits of EDS3 technology. Apart from that, round filter mesh and trendy as well as comprehensible touch controls features make this the best silent kitchen chimney in India. Our research team also found out that these chimneys give you maximum airflow with the benefit of tornadic suction.

Due to such impressive features, we, at Lifestyle Titbits, recommend you to use these chimneys in your kitchen to enjoy a noiseless and pollution-free environment. We also found that the LED light strip provided with these chimneys is a very suitable source of light for cooking. So, our experts suggest this brand of silent chimney as the best silent chimney in India.


Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (Glace EDS HE T4V LED)

360 Degrees Round Filter Mesh with Auto-cleaning Technology

Our choice for the second best silent chimney in India is a different model from the same brand. Our research team recommends this model as the best noiseless chimney in India for commercial purposes as well as heavy-duty household cooking.

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Our team at Lifestyle Titbits picked this model as the best silent kitchen chimney in India due to its advanced technology and easy cleaning mechanism.

Our testing team confirmed with the help of practical experimentation that these chimneys take out the highest amount of polluted air containing grease, oil, and other harmful ingredients with maximum efficiency. Our research team consulted several veteran chefs of restaurants from metropolitan areas. They opined that these chimneys are specifically suitable for various commercial establishments. The huge amount of cooking produces a large amount of polluted air. This is easily driven out by these chimneys leaving clean air for you. If you are anxious about the side effects on your respiratory apparatus due to cooking, this product is for you.

These chimneys are fitted with a 3D round filter mesh. This makes the task of cleaning a fairly easy process. This is another reason for its suitability for application at commercial establishments. It also reduces the noise significantly by being equipped with state-of-the-art EDS3 technology. If you are looking for a chimney for a kitchen where a hefty amount of cooking is done, then this is the best product for you according to our research team.

Budget Pick

Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr (HOOD SUPER 3D PLUS Touch Control, Black)

Advanced Technological Chimney Suitable for Standard Indian Kitchens

This product from Faber is the budget pick chosen by our research team. They specifically chose this brand as it reconciles an efficient technology suited to Indian kitchens with a pocket friendly price.

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This is a pocket-friendly silent chimney that will give you maximum product satisfaction. Read on to learn more about its exciting features!

Our testing team at Lifestyle Titbits found its 3-way suction technology suitable for household use. This helps in driving out the harmful and polluted air from your cooking space with maximum efficiency. Elica and Faber are the most domineering brands in the Indian market for kitchen chimneys according to our market analysts. They recommend Faber as a brand that can deliver performances at par with what Elica can offer in a reasonable price range. 

Our research team also emphasized its stylistic look being another reason for its suitability to your house. They observed that Its superior and elegant design is also praised by interior designers. Additionally, it is very easy to clean. This reduces your workload to a significant extent. With this in mind, our team recommends you buy this chimney as one of the best silent chimneys in India.

Our Top Silent Chimney Brands in India

Silent Chimneys are the latest trend in the development of kitchen appliances. This technological development aspires to offer you a healthy and peaceful environment for cooking. We at Lifestyle Titbits are concerned with the well-being of our readers. So, we bring you a list of top brands of silent chimneys available in the Indian market.

  1. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (SPOT H4 TRIM EDS T4V LED)
  2. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (Glace EDS HE T4V LED) 
  3. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr (HOOD SUPER 3D PLUS Touch Control, Black)
  4. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (HOOD FEEL 3D Baffle Filters, Black)
  5. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr (Stilo Slim 3D Plus, Triple Layer Baffle Filters)
  6. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (GLASSY 3D, Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black)

This is a comprehensive list of brands of the best silent chimney in India. We undertook a rigorous process of testing and market research to provide you with this list. We aim to provide the best brands of silent chimneys with unique features and technology to you. This will enable you to make an informed decision in purchasing such a product. So, we urge you to read on and view our full list. Then, you can compare these products according to your needs.

1. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (SPOT H4 TRIM EDS T4V LED)

Cooking in your home might be a frustrating job, but with the help of the best-in-class equipment like a silent kitchen chimney, this job becomes a lot easier. This product is from one of the most revered companies in this country. People are absolutely in awe of Elica products, and this chimney has been making headlines for quite a while with its superb suction power, auto-clean technology, and maximum airflow capacity. Endowed with the amazing EDS3 technology, this is a noiseless kitchen chimney that can give you limitless peace in your kitchen. 

If you have only used traditional electric chimneys in your home, then be sure that this one will change your life completely. Our kitchen appliances experts have loved it for its consistent, uncompromised performance that elevates your cooking experience. It is also easy to clean and maintain and is known for its amazing tornadic suction. Although we tested several types of kitchen chimneys, it's air suction capacity and the ease with which it removes oil particles and soot easily make this the best silent chimney in India.

2. Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (Glace EDS HE T4V LED)

This product deserves the second spot on our curated list as it is one of the most revered and trusted types of kitchen chimneys in the market with its powerful suction and auto-clean technology. Equipped with the latest EDS3 technology, this silent chimney with superior oil collectors is one of a kind. It helps you cook in a peaceful, noise-free environment without any ensuing chaos or interruption. The powerful motor ensures maximum suction and makes your cooking time a fun time. Our experts believe that this kitchen chimney is suited for Indian kitchens irrespective of the kitchen size. 

Other than being an auto-clean chimney with an advanced design and efficient performance, this product comes with an exclusive technology that sucks every charcoal granules and grease particle from the air of your modular kitchen. The 3D cleaning technology points to its 3D filters with a round filter mesh that makes this one of the best angular chimneys for every sized kitchen. The auto-clean feature and considerable noise reduction are amongst the most advanced features that you will get in these types of chimneys. The touch control panels are easy to use, making it one of the most fantastic auto-clean chimneys for Indian kitchens. Our kitchen appliances experts say that although it is from one of the most well-known brands of chimney manufacturers, it also sports an affordable price, making it the best noiseless chimney in India.

3. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr (HOOD SUPER 3D PLUS Touch Control, Black)

This chimney model is dished out from one of the leading kitchen chimney brands that create exceptional chimneys suited for Indian-style cooking. Equipped with advanced technology, this silent chimney can reduce the noise output from Indian kitchens. The 3-way suction gives rise to an effective suction capacity. The elegant design of this electric kitchen chimney makes the Faber brand one of the most sought-after kitchen chimney brands in India. While testing and researching, we also found the maximum competition between Elica & Faber. The charming design makes this a fantastic addition to your kitchen interiors.

This incredible noiseless chimney for the kitchen comes with a one-year warranty. It is equipped with a trendy touch control feature which makes it even easier to use. The touch panel also increases the cool quotient of this product! Many people deem this as the best silent kitchen chimney in India as it is perfectly suited for Indian kitchens and does not even require too much power. It is also easy to clean and the maintenance cost is very less.

4. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (HOOD FEEL 3D Baffle Filters, Black)

If you want a silent kitchen chimney that is easy to clean and use all at the same time, then these are the ideal types of chimneys for you. The advanced technology is suited for every cooking style and eliminates the need for frequent cleaning or manual cleaning processes. This noiseless kitchen chimney also delivers exceptional performance in airborne grease reduction, thereby keeping your kitchen clean. These clean kitchen chimneys come with a 1-year warranty on the chimney and a whopping 12-year warranty on the motor! It has almost a lifetime warranty on the motor. 

Our researchers and testers picked this superior auto-clean chimney amongst the usual Elica vs Faber competition in the market. This product is easy to install and only requires occasional cleaning. It implements hassle-free cleaning, and the advanced features make it a perfect match for commercial kitchens where all the creative ideas and recipes can come into action. Faber is one of the most notable kitchen chimney brands that is well-known for its affordable and powerful products that make your kitchen a joyful place to be in.

5. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr (Stilo Slim 3D Plus, Triple Layer Baffle Filters)

Faber Chimneys are known for their consistent performance and their long-lasting nature. Made with high-quality materials, this silent chimney can be a value for every penny that you spend on it as it delivers a killer performance for many years. This product is one of the most revered ones and millions of satisfied customers can attest to that. The chimney reviews on the internet for this product are simply fabulous!

One of the reasons why this product is recommended by our team of experts is that it is extremely stylish and sleek with a sturdy stainless steel body. The metallic black color gives it an edgy, modern look that can revamp the whole appearance of your kitchen. It is also super-easy to keep this chimney clean. If you want to give your kitchen a sleek-looking stylish and stunning modern chimney that is useful and popular in the market, then this can be the best choice for you. 

6. Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (GLASSY 3D, Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black)

When looking for kitchen chimneys, it is best to go with one that is from a trustworthy brand. Faber chimneys are one of the most popular and beloved products on the market. Loved and respected by many, these chimneys offer unbeatable performance and have a sleek black finish that enhances their popularity.

This chimney also comes with an extended 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product and 12-years on the motor. It is greatly loved by our team of experts, as they have tried and tested this product for hundreds of hours and got some amazing results. The incredible touch control panels are a highlight for this product making it one of the best types of chimneys available online. It is not at all one of the expensive chimneys, yet it boasts of all the product features that any high-end kitchen appliance will have. In the end, we can safely say that this product is one of the best types of chimneys to have in your home. 

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Product Testing and Research Methodology

The kitchen is one of the primary components of the inner sanctum of an ordinary Indian household. Our traditional knowledge and culture emphasize this centrality of the kitchen with many rituals. Kitchen appliances have developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Modern electric chimneys are one of the best products coming out of this development. The cooking process is quite harmful to your respiratory apparatus. Sustained and continuous exposure may even cause damage to these parts. Chimneys are an easy way out of this problem. Silent Chimneys are better as they also provide you with stress-free surroundings. We at Lifestyle Titbits want to guide you in your pursuit of a clean, pollution-free, and peaceful kitchen environment. We describe below the detailed processes of research we undertook for this purpose. For your convenience, the subsequent part will be divided into five sections as given below - 

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits always encourage our readers in leading a healthy life. We consider ourselves as your advisors. We don’t merely aim to make you buy one or the other product. We aspire to provide you with the best set of opinions, findings, and information. This ultimately helps you in understanding your own needs in a better manner. 

We first developed our interest in finding out the best silent chimneys in India when our kitchen and culinary appliances experts - Sanchit Thakur and Ruhanika Sharma, had an important conversation. Ruhanika pointed out that the health of the chef, both physical and mental, plays a constitutive role in cooking. In the resulting discussion, we concluded that chimneys are the most significant equipment regarding this. This led to the screening of all the silent chimney brands available in India by our kitchen appliances experts. They selected more than 30 brands to compare them on a predetermined set of parameters. The comparison was done by the research team which included professional researchers, product experts, mechanics, and other technicians involved in making silent chimneys. The team also interacted with a vast section of consumers. They divided the consumers into two broad overarching categories. One consists of chefs of the big, medium as well as small restaurants, and the other consists of homemakers. With simultaneous application of experimentation and content analysis of our interactions with both sections of consumers led us to very interesting results.

Mr. Thakur and Ms. Sharma were personally involved with our research team as advisors in all the steps of our research. The findings provided interesting insights into the needs and aspirations of households and commercial establishments regarding silent electric chimneys.

Who This Is For

Products from our recommendations will be of interest to a large section of consumers. Some of the target groups are given below -  

  • Homemakers.
  • Restaurant owners.
  • Professional chefs.
  • Health conscious people.
  • Cooking experts.
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to set up new restaurants.

However, we conclude that our list will satisfy every category and segment of the consumers who are outside our brackets mentioned above.

How We Picked

There were multiple parameters based on which we judged the selected brands. Giving an elaborate account will require a long and detailed write-up. This may prove time-consuming for you to follow. For your convenience, we list out the most important parameters for our research below:

  • Technological background: Our research team profiled all the brands on the basis of their technological background. This relates to technology relating to reduction of noise, collection and discarding of polluted materials from the atmosphere.
  • Suction capacity: Suction capacity relates to the permitted airflow through the chimneys. We judged silent chimneys of various brands on the basis of maximum airflow permitted in their structures.
  • Control features: Our team of experts felt that accessibility should be equally important in your purchasing decision. So, we regarded control features offered by all the brands under scrutiny. Our selection guarantees you easy accessibility in all the silent chimneys.

Our Picks

After rigorous consideration of all the parameters mentioned above and others, we present you with a comprehensive list of the best silent chimneys in India. We guarantee you maximum product satisfaction from any of the products given below. Lifestyle Titbits hopes that this will enable you to decide for yourself in your purchase with a holistic understanding of your personal needs.

Photo Title Price Buy
Elica Deep Silent...image Elica Deep Silent Kitchen Chimney with EDS3 Technology (SPOT H4 TRIM EDS HE LTW 60 NERO T4V LED, 1 3D Filter, Touch Control, Black)
Faber 60cm 3...image Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1095 m3/hr (GLASSY 3D, 2 T2S2 BK LTW 60,Triple Layer Baffle Filters, Black)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a silent chimney with the best sound-proof technology then our favorite Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology is the best option for you according to our research team.

If you are looking for a silent chimney with advanced technology for commercial establishment then Elica Deep Silent Chimney with EDS3 Technology (Glace EDS HE T4V LED) is the most suitable technology for you.

If the price of silent chimneys scares you or you are struggling to choose a chimney suitable for interior design, then our budget pick Faber 60cm 3 Way Silent Suction Chimney, 1150 m3/hr is the best option for your purchase.

Lastly, we assure you that these are intended as suggestions. We think that you are the best judge of your needs. So, we aspire to empower you to make an informed purchasing decision. So, we urge you to fully read this comprehensive article and choose among the best few options as given here according to your judgment. We guarantee you the highest product satisfaction from all these products.