The COVID-19 lockdown has been a blessing in a way, that you started noticing things inside your house that needed fixing and were not tended to for a long time. The only good thing about the lockdown is that it makes you mindful to do your own business and not call a professional team to arrive at your house and help in fixing or repairing stuff. In all these cases, our review article consisting of the best screwdriver set in India list will come in immensely handy. You can entrust your faith in our best pick, which is the Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use. It is definitely the best of the lot that we have reviewed and put through stringent quality tests.

Our Pick

Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use

Multipurpose and Super-Efficient Screwdriver Kit

If you are looking for the best screwdriver kit for home use, this is it! It will help you maintain, fix and repair everything at your home in a jiffy.

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The Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use is the absolute best that you can ask for in a screwdriver kit that is meant for daily use and household maintenance activities. That is why it deservedly ranks as the best pick in our assortment of top-notch screwdriver sets in India.

The Spartan BS-01 is the best kind of screwdriver set that you can get for your home use. Our reviewers and testers put it through all kinds of tests and it ranks at the top because of its range of functionalities, ease of use, sturdy body made of high-grade plastic combined with steel, and several other features. One of the most important things that attracted our reviewers was the magnetized material of the screwdrivers. It enabled performing precision works with the finesse that could hardly be matched by others. As a result, most handymen preferred the Spartan set of screwdrivers when it came to fixing household things and those of daily usage. Since they have access to differentially hardened and tempered blades, professional handymen vouch for these products as they are long-lasting, durable, and resistant to wear and tear.

We found the Spartan screwdriver set to be the best for home use. However, there is one downside to this tool kit. The number of screwdrivers and precision tools is limited, hence its action is limited to only your homes. If something in your factory needs tending or mending, we would not recommend this set of screwdrivers. Instead, you can go for the Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set during those requirements. It also features in our list of the top 3 products.


Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 - Green

Multipurpose, Affordable Screwdriver Set for Home Use

When you want an inexpensive deal to tackle your problems at home that need DIY fixing, the Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 features as a superb option.

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Just like our best pick, the runner-up - Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 was tested extensively to reveal a variety of upsides. And it deservedly secures its runner-up position in our list.

Our reviewers and testers believe that the Taparia 840 Standard is one of the choicest screwdriver sets that you can get your hands on. Especially useful for home use, this screwdriver set contains 6 blades along with a tester. Now you can use them for fixing your electrical and electronic gadgets and appliances, while also doing a bit of mending and tending work around your house. The magnetized blade tips are meant for precision work and hence our reviewers feel that this screwdriver set will help you to tend to the most minute and intricate details. One of the best features that this screwdriver set has is the alloy steel body that scores high on our testing parameters.

However, the Taparia screwdriver set is not meant for heavy-duty work. Although the brand claims the handle to be made of high-grade plastic, our reviewers and product researchers did not find it suited to handle industry-grade works. It is also quite inexpensive compared to the other screwdriver sets we have reviewed, and hence, can be counted as a budget pick.

Budget Pick

Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Precision Tools With Advanced Functionalities

Considered to be the best screwdriver brand in India by several users and experts, the Thermisto precision screwdriver set features several tools for a range of applications.

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Featuring amongst the top three screwdriver sets within the 75 brands and their products that our product researchers and testers reviewed, the Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set is clearly one of the best that we would recommend you to purchase. Our testers have put it through some grueling tests and reviewed its multipurpose nature and terrific functionality and have come up with the opinion that the Thermisto Precision Screwdriver Set is a super buy indeed!

Featuring 24 mini screwdriver heads, a couple of openers, and a handle, the Thermisto screwdriver set is the ultimate toolkit for all your DIY requirements. We have polled handymen and homemakers who perform DIY fixing and maintenance themselves and have got a very positive response from them regarding this product. The screwdriver set comes in a sleek, leather bag that elevates your style quotient. Not every DIY job needs to be messy and crude right? The Thermisto screwdriver set ensures just that.

Although this is a product meant for your DIY fixing and maintenance requirements, it can be put to use in your garage or your factory too. The screwdriver set is immensely handy and the non-magnetic aviation alloy handle makes it a versatile pick. If you want to fix things around your house, then we would recommend you to go with our first and second choices. However, if you want to spend some extra bucks and get yourself a product that has a wider range of applications, then the Thermisto Screwdriver set will be ideal for you.

Top 10 Screwdrivers in India

  1. Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use - Multicolor
  2. Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 - Green
  3. Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set
  4. Cable World 32 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Bits Set - Multicolor
  5. AmazonBasics 51-Piece Precision Screwdriver Bit Set
  6. Miniso Screwdriver Set, Steel 31 in 1 with 30 Screwdriver Bits
  7. AmazonBasics 73-Piece Magnetic Ratchet Wrench and Screwdriver Set
  8. Visko 1/4 Drive Metric Socket Set (46 Pieces)
  9. ACHRO Chrome Steel Professional Industrial Grade Screwdriver Set with Box Spanners (Silver, Small) - Pack of 24
  10. Chameleon 46 In 1 Screwdriver and Socket Set Tool Kit

These screwdrivers will make your life and DIY jobs easier. Our experts highly recommend these products.

1. Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use - Multicolor

Get a compact screwdriver set to use at home from Spartan, the best screwdriver set in India. The Spartan BS-01 has screwdrivers made from alloy steel with a strong, plastic grip. This set comes in handy for doing some small fixings at home.

The set comes with 5 adjustable screwdriver heads along with a tester. This set comes in a plastic box for you to carry around easily. The blades have a smooth nickel chrome plating finish and are non-corrosive. Their tips are magnetized so that they can lift small screws easily and lose no motion while turning a screw.

2. Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 - Green

Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set comes with 6 screwdriver blades, including flatheads and square pokers. The driver grip also has a small light that indicates whenever a tester tip encounters a live socket. All the blades have magnetic tips so that you have a good grip on the screw.

Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set comes organized in a light, portable plastic box. The handle of the driver is made from high-grade CA plastic. The blades are made of good quality steel and do not break under pressure.

3. Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Choose the best screwdriver brand in India to buy yourself a handy screwdriver set. This excellent product from Themisto contains 24 mini screwdriver heads to satisfy all your DIY needs. Two openers and a driver handle are also included. This set comes in a sleek, black leather bag for you to carry around in style!

The package contains a non-magnetic handle for gripping. This is made from aviation alloy material. Its swivel top makes it easier for you to use the screwdriver precisely to disassemble or fix your appliances.

4. Cable World 32 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Bits Set - Multicolor

Why settle for anything less? Experience top-grade tools with the best screwdriver brand in India. Packed in an easily portable box, Cable World brings you 30 screwdriver heads with a driver handle. The bits are non-magnetic but once put into the driver handle, they have the best utility!

Repair any toy, camera, cell phone, electrical appliances now with the perfect screwdriver from Cable World. The package also contains a magnetic, flexible extension rod so that you can work better!

5. AmazonBasics 51-Piece Precision Screwdriver Bit Set

AmazonBasics brings you a precision screwdriver set containing 51 pieces. It comes in a compact storage box that is easily portable. This is the solution to all your DIY projects. The bits are made of chrome vanadium steel for maximum strength.

The driver handle provides you a strong yet comfortable grip. AmazonBasics gives you a 1-year warranty with this product.

6. Miniso Screwdriver Set, Steel 31 in 1 with 30 Screwdriver Bits

Miniso Screwdriver set contains 30 screwdriver bits with a strong magnetic driver handle. The bits are manufactured from excellent high-carbon alloy steel material that ensures their durability.

The plastic case is a multipurpose stand that holds the driver handle and all the screwdriver bits and at the same time, it looks very modern! The large contact surface of the blades makes the work easier for you. It has the right balance and grip for you to use without worry.

7. AmazonBasics 73-Piece Magnetic Ratchet Wrench and Screwdriver Set

This product from AmazonBasics contains a magnetic ratchet wrench along with a screwdriver set. Are you repairing heavyweight electrical appliances at home or building something straight from scratch? Then this is the perfect product for you. These multiple screwdriver bits are manufactured to give you the best results!

AmazonBasics brings you this screwdriver set made from chrome vanadium steel. For the perfect hardness, these pieces have been heat-treated at the best facilities. They have an anti-corrosion finish to give you maximum efficiency. The driver has 3 settings - clockwise, anti-clockwise, and fixed. The wrench and the screwdriver handle have excellent grips to ensure your safety while working.

8. Visko 1/4 Drive Metric Socket Set (46 Pieces)

Visko socket and bits set has 46 pieces at your disposal! The tool kit contains 5 Degree ratcheting arc that allows you to use micro tough in the most confined applications. The double nickel-chromium alloy coated tip reduces corrosion.

The locking mechanism of this screwdriver retains sockets to make your work safer and more productive. That is why this set truly has an answer for all of your needs!

9. ACHRO Chrome Steel Professional Industrial Grade Screwdriver Set with Box Spanners (Silver, Small) - Pack of 24

According to our experts who interviewed a professional company of handymen, the Achro Chrome Steel screwdrivers are a delight to use. They have said that this is the best quality of screwdrivers that comes useful in every kind of repairing and fixing things. The precision-machined chromium-vanadium alloy material makes these screwdrivers some of the best that you can get in the market.

Since the Achro steel screwdrivers are industrial-grade, they can be employed in fixing things at your office as well. You can save a lot of money by using DIY methods and executing things with the help of these screwdrivers. Our reviewers and experts wholeheartedly recommend this screwdriver set for all your residential and industrial needs.

10. Chameleon 46 In 1 Screwdriver and Socket Set Tool Kit

If you have ever wished for a versatile set of tools that you can put to use virtually anywhere, the Chameleon 46-in-1 set is the ideal piece for you. Our reviewers and testers have found this set superbly useful and recommend this for use in your home, office, garage and at every spot where things need a little fix.

Containing various types of sockets, ratchet handles, sliding T handles, universal joints, extension bars, and flexible extensions along with several sets of hex keys, this is the product that is tailor-made for every kind of usage. You would find handymen and professional companies carrying the Chameleon set when they get down to work- all thanks to its versatility.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Our product testing and research methodology are detail-oriented. We do a sweeping analysis of the products and brands that we test and try to provide actionable advice to our readers. Our team at Lifestyle Titbits is highly motivated to test the most authentic products and bring to you the very best amongst them. Since we believe that our product testing and research methodology should be highly transparent, we have presented to you the following details.

Why You Should Trust Us

Lifestyle Titbits is a name that has been synonymous with providing practical information to our readers and helping them make a purchase decision. Our motivation to land the most practical information about every product and provide you with actionable advice makes us some of the most trusted names for the Indian consumers who usually flock to our site for a direction when they are going ahead to buy various products online. Whenever you are searching various product review articles, Google will land you on our page and that’s proof enough for our credibility.

With a highly diversified team consisting of product specialists, researchers, reviewers, testers, and the like, Lifestyle Titbits does genuine research on every product segment and category that it presents before its readers. We understand that it is a challenging job for you to go online and select the perfect product that is suitable to your needs from a flurry of products. We aim to make the job easier for you by conducting thorough research on every product and finally shortlisting only the best for your consideration.

Our testing methods are highly stringent and thorough. The first step involves our staff going online and doing research on every resource that they can get their hands on, involving a particular product category or segment. Apart from that, we also read a lot of credible review articles and testimonials, and finally, decide on the number of products that we will be subject to our testing methods and parameters. Once we are done selecting the products, like the 75 screwdriver sets we selected here, we employ grueling tests that will reveal the true nature of the products like their authenticity, build, design superiority, longevity, and others. These tests bring out the very best, and finally, we can create a list of the best products. Here we have done just the same and created a list of the best screwdriver set in India.

Who This Is For

This review article contains 10 of the most versatile and highly useful screwdriver sets in India. This tool kit is extremely important for several people. However, we have tried to classify those consumers who will find this product review article highly helpful and offer them actionable advice.

  • Those who are keen to fix and mend things.
  • Handymen.
  • Professionals like gasmen, electricians, engineers, etc.
  • DIY enthusiasts.

Reading this review article in detail will help you find out the ideal screwdriver that is essential for your tasks.

How We Picked

Although whenever we choose our products, the macro research parameters tend to align along the same lines of durability, longevity, functionality, design, and such features, here we bring to you a look at some of the micro research parameters and testing procedures that enabled us to shortlist the 10 best screwdrivers in India amongst a list of 75.

  • Types of screwdrivers based on handles: There are various types of screwdrivers- those that have interchangeable bits and with a single handle. These are highly versatile ones. Otherwise, you will find complete screwdrivers fitted with their bits and the handles. Although both are equally functional, the former one allows more space into the toolkit and can be employed in a wider range of applications.
  • Insulated or standard screwdrivers: This is another testing parameter which helped us to zero in on certain good-quality screwdriver sets and separate them from the average ones. Insulated screwdrivers can be easily used by electricians and prevent any unfortunate events of electric shock. Standard screwdrivers don’t have this feature.
  • Build of the screwdrivers: Our team of experts prefers alloy-steel screwdrivers because they are immensely functional. We also found certain screwdrivers made from high-grade alloys like chromium-vanadium, etc. The build of the screwdrivers are responsible for their durability.
  • Magnetized blades and tips: The presence of magnetized blades and tips enable you to perform precision work with your screwdrivers. It is absent in those that are not magnetized, and hence, we don’t give them a preference.

Apart from these, hundreds of testing parameters and criteria helped us enlist only the very best of products.

Our Picks

Following are our picks. You can read about them in detail and make a buying decision.

Photo Title Price Buy
Spartan BS-01 5-Pieces...image Spartan BS-01 5-Pieces Screwdriver Kit/Screwdriver Set For Home Use/For Multipurpose Application (S-6, Yellow) ₹169.00
TAPARIA Screw Driver...image TAPARIA Screw Driver Set with Bulb - 840 (Neon, Silver and Green) ₹331.00
THEMISTO - built...image THEMISTO - built with passion 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit for Mobiles, Laptops, Electronics ₹249.00
Visko 1/4 Drive...image Visko 1/4 Drive Metric Socket Set (46 Pieces) ₹2,197.00
ACHRO 6-in-1 Pc...image ACHRO 6-in-1 Pc Screw Driver Kit With 2 Flat Blades, 2 Phillips Head, 1 Round Poker Bar, Extension Rod With Storage Box For Multipurpose Use (24 pcs set) ₹529.00
Chameleon 46 In...image Chameleon 46 In 1 Pcs Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

Final Verdict

When you want to go forward with an uncomplicated, versatile screwdriver set that satisfies all your DIY fixing, maintenance, and repair requirements around the house, you can select our best pick - Spartan BS-01, 5 Pieces Screwdriver Kit For Home Use.

If you want to go with something more orthodox and affordable, then the Taparia 840 Standard Screwdriver Set, 6-in-1 is meant for you.

If your needs are more than the standard usages and applications around your house, you can use the Themisto 27 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set.

Although all these screwdriver sets are highly versatile, there are slight differences in applications, design, and make and you should purchase the one that suits you best.