Saffron is an important condiment that has been a part of Indian cuisine from ancient times. Its royal status is owing to its exclusivity and high price, but saffron has great medicinal values that cannot be overlooked. Saffron is mostly sourced from Iran and pockets of Kashmir in India. Spain and Greece also produce spice, but their harvest amount is way less than the two major producers. The dried stigma of the autumn crocus flower is used as the spice we know saffron as. The stigma also has medical benefits and is used as a cure for depression, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, menstrual cramps, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Additionally, it is also applied to the skin to get a clear complexion and supple texture. Our team at Lifestyle Titbits examined 80 saffron brands available online to determine the best saffron brand in India. We have chosen UPAKARMA Kashmiri Kesar / Saffron Threads as the top product from our wide array of test subjects.

Our Pick

UPAKARMA Kashmiri Kesar / Saffron Threads

Pure Kashmir Saffron for Inducing Great Flavour

With the highest ranks on our parameters of color, taste profile, shape of the thread, and packaging, this 100% saffron has won our hearts. It can be used both in cooking and skincare.

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The authentic saffron threads from UPAKARMA have impressed our researchers. They have the perfect blend of the signature floral aroma and bittersweet taste of saffron. It ensures that this is the best saffron brand in India.

The finest threads of the most authentic saffron by UPAKARMA are sourced straight from Kashmir. They are handpicked so that the company makes sure the customers get only the best color and taste. It has an average color reading of 250, which is the best you can get. With saffron, you can also make skin-lightening face packs that will help you to get rid of unwanted marks and blemishes.

The only downside we found in this product is that the saffron threads come in a glass jar that can be hard to carry for some users. This is not the case for our budget pick, Baby Brand Saffron.


Keynote Kashmir Saffron

Finest Saffron Strands Sourced with Care

Authentic saffron threads vacuum-packed in an airtight jar. This is best used as infusion in hot water or milk.

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Keynote Kashmir Saffron brings unprocessed and natural saffron sourced straight from Jammu and Kashmir. This exquisite gourmet ingredient gives your food the rich taste of diverse culinary cultures. Our experts especially liked the bright colored threads of this product

The strands that this product contains are flash dried and then carefully graded according to their color and texture. Their potency is maintained in an airtight glass jar that also adds to the attractive appearance. This saffron takes some time to emit color, proving its authenticity as quick emission of color suggests fake products.

We did not find any such downside for this product except the similar packaging that might be hard to carry. This can be easily counted as the best saffron in India.

Budget Pick

Baby Brand Saffron

Amazing Quality Saffron with several Medicinal Benefits

100% pure saffron in a resealable plastic box, packed with care. It is affordable and yet has all the best qualities of the spice.

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Just like every mother chooses the best product for her baby, the saffron from Baby Brand has been handpicked with care. Our team at Lifestyle Titbits chose this product for its affordability and equally good quality.

Baby Brand Saffron has been selling saffron for six generations now. The finest stigma is dried to make their saffron that can be very healthy for babies and adults alike. They are packed in a controlled environment with a long shelf life during which the product retains its high quality.

Our researchers liked the compact packaging of this product. Its blister seal ensures its good quality in storage.

10 Best Saffron Brands in India

The online retail industry has a plethora of products for you to choose from. But saffron is a very expensive spice, so you should make a well-informed choice. Here is a list of the best quality saffron in India you can choose from.

  1. UPAKARMA Kashmiri Kesar / Saffron Threads
  2. Keynote Kashmir Saffron
  3. Baby Brand Saffron
  4. Lion Original Kashmir Lacha Saffron
  5. Organic India Saffron
  6. Shree Murli Kashmiri Saffron
  7. House of Saffron Kashmir Mongra
  8. Dry Fruit Hub Saffron
  9. Namo Organics Saffron
  10. Popaji Pure Saffron

Our team of researchers has collated extensive data from various sources to put together this list. A closer look at the product details of the best saffron brand in India featured in this list will give you a clearer idea.

1. UPAKARMA Kashmiri Kesar / Saffron Threads

If you are looking for the best saffron in India then Upakarma Saffron has your back. They provide the finest threads of original saffron right from the fields of Kashmir. Their products are hand-harvested and natural. If you are looking for heavily tinted threads of this expensive spice, then you are in luck because Kashmir saffron is more effective with an average color reading of 250.

Our team of experts even says that these saffron strands help to reduce mood swings, menstrual cramps and even act as a potent antidepressant for pregnant ladies. These Kashmiri saffron variants can also be used in facials and face packs to get soft, supple baby-like skin. We recommend these Kashmiri Kesar for their superb effect to induce sound sleep.

2. Keynote Kashmir Saffron

If you want premium quality saffron at an affordable price range then this product is for you. These strands of saffron lack additives and are vacuum-packed in an air-tight glass bottle which keeps them fresh for all fancy festive preparations. Research shows that this authentic saffron boosts memory power and learning abilities.

These strands are of single-origin which endows them with premium flavor that is perfect for festive desserts on special occasions. The product is NABL-certified and hence impressed our experts. Each pack of Kashmir saffron contains these essential ingredients- Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal. Such authentic products are critical in protecting brain cells against progressive damage and display excellent outcomes against inflammation.

3. Baby Brand Saffron

We inquired a lot of Indian mothers about the best quality saffron in India, during our surveys and they all voted for this organic saffron. With an amazing shelf life and a range of health benefits, these high-grade saffron are the ideal addition to your culinary space during a house warming function.

The product details include incredible quality assurance and thus earned our maximum star rating. With unmatched quality and several medicinal benefits, this is the best saffron to flavor your culinary extravaganzas! Enriched with amazing flavor, it comes in a compact, modern packaging sporting an affordable price.

4. Lion Original Kashmir Lacha Saffron

Lion Saffron is often considered the best saffron in India. Our food experts and chefs were moved by the quality of these Kashmiri Kesar, containing 80% red stigma and 20% orange style, which gives the Lion Saffron a great fragrance.

Festive season calls for chandan tilaks and this is perfect for Rakshabandhan, Bhai Dooj, Rakhi, and any other religious festivals. It can also be added to Multani mitti and toners for blemish-less, glowing skin. The consumption of saffron will also propel your weight loss goal.

5. Organic India Saffron

This Kashmir saffron is known for its hefty price but the numerous saffron benefits overpower the expensive price tag. This natural saffron is ideal for baking the perfect saffron bread on Christmas. Our teams of experts and nutritionists have had this product under various internal examinations and they have certified the purity of these saffron threads.

These saffron threads have antioxidant properties. They retain their amazing flavor for maximum time and are ideal for memory retention. Our researchers also confirmed that these Kashmiri products help improve heart and respiratory health.

6. Shree Murli Kashmiri Saffron

Shree Murli Saffron is the best quality saffron in India according to several experts. These strands help lower your blood sugar levels and are perfect for diabetics as they add extra flavor without harmful calories. These threads are ethically sourced and are packed in an airtight glass container which keeps them fresh for maximum time.

Shree Murli is committed to enhancing your quality of life by providing the finest spice which retains freshness for an extended period. These Kashmiri products have played an impactful role in controlling blood pressure and delivering skin treatments since ancient times. Our researchers say that these products have a positive influence on human body cells.

7. House of Saffron Kashmir Mongra

 These threads of saffron are directly sourced from Pampore. They are the highest quality saffron threads available in the market and are known as Mongra Saffron. These Mongra Saffron variants are devoid of artificial preservatives. Our experts can certify that this Kashmir saffron has explicit memory retention benefits.

We suggest soaking the saffron threads for at least 30 minutes preferably in warm water or hot milk before use. The resultant saffron milk delivers tremendous value with regular consumption. This Mongra Saffron color power is more than 260, and its aroma exceeds all our standards and expectations.

8. Dry Fruit Hub Saffron

Saffron produced by Dry Fruit Hub is flavourful and minimally packaged in an antique wooden box. This product meets all the standard food hygiene requirements. It is the finest spice for making saffron milk and oil. This box also acts as a brilliant gift option for small gatherings and baby showers.

This saffron is untouched by human hands and has a maximum shelf life. It is often considered to possess aphrodisiac properties for both men and women. It also helps adolescent girls and women with their Premenstrual syndrome. The benefits of saffron exceed the above and this saffron is often used in skin treatments. This saffron company created quite an impression on our experts and researchers!

9. Namo Organics Saffron

If you are looking for the best quality saffron in India then you have landed at the perfect spot! If you like pure, organic, naturally handpicked products, then this product description from one of the top quality brands will appease you. Namo Organics is a brand that is on a mission to make eating healthy easy and affordable.

The saffron strands have a 100% purity certificate and are the finest A++ grade Kashmiri Kesar. They come useful in every aspect and occasion - from beauty, improved health, and Tilak ceremonies.

10. Popaji Pure Saffron

Negin cut is the most expensive among all other classes of saffron. Only one pound of saffron is hand-picked individually from more than 100,000 flowers. Since this saffron yield is so rare, therefore the hefty price. This saffron crop from one of the finest quality saffron brands in India outperforms all others with its intoxicating aroma and strong taste.

The benefits of saffron are enormous. This particular saffron has Vitamin B2 and Riboflavin. It aids weight loss, reduces pigmentation, and improves the quality of life. It is highly valued in the European market as well. We loved that the company has focused on quality assurance and quality control during the production of saffron and its sourcing. The product has no fancy packaging.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, prefer being upfront about our research methodology. The readers must know the grounds of our research and the information we provide. This helps us to establish a clear channel of communication with our readers.

Why You Should Trust Us

Lifestyle Titbits has been dedicated to improving the quality of living of our readers, as our name suggests. Our respective research teams from different departments bring the most trusted information about all the products you are curious about. Ranging from new food habits to traditionally healthy condiments, we have got it all covered for you.

As a spice, saffron is a household name in Indian cuisine, so, naturally, we hope our readers will like to know more about the brand they are buying from. Our research team for testing the saffron brands consisted primarily of health professionals, culinary experts, and nutritionists who collaborated with spice researchers and food enthusiasts. They conducted hours of research and set up interviews and polls both online and offline to know the opinions of the crowd.

We used various parameters in our research to collect and evaluate the data from these interviews. Our collaborators enriched our knowledge of saffron as a spice. Together, we have brought to you a comprehensive list of all the brands that deliver the best quality saffron in India.

Who This Is For

Our extensive list of saffron brand reviews is for every curious soul who is looking for making an intelligent purchase. We have put together this list with all of them in mind.

  • Culinary experts.
  • Cooking hobbyists.
  • Restaurant chefs.
  • Health professionals.
  • Nutritionists.
  • Exotic spice enthusiasts.

We aim to reach out to a larger audience and help those who need advice. Our recommendations will help you find the best product that suits your needs.

How We Picked

The team of experts at Lifestyle Titbits considered many parameters to evaluate the quality of saffron we tested. Some of their most important and basic parameters were:

  • Coloring: The original, authentic saffron has a deep red colour with orange or yellow tips. If the dried saffron stigma is completely red then it is the evidence of the supplier dyeing the crocus to cover up defects and impurities. Fake saffron in hot water will bleed out these colours quickly in under 10 minutes, while real saffron will emit a uniform yellow color, deepening it for a long time. Good saffron is very hard to get, so one has to be cautious of what they are consuming.
  • Taste profile: The differences in the taste profiles of the test waters can also tell you which saffron is real or otherwise. The test water of the fake saffron will taste entirely bland or have a bitter metallic taste. A strong floral scent is noted in case of real saffron water. It will have a floral and earthy taste, not entirely sweet, the ideal kind of flavor for food garnished with this spice.
  • Shape of the thread: Real saffron threads are shaped like a trumpet. The threads must bulge at one end and taper off towards the other. If it has a uniform thickness then, most likely it is a fake. On rubbing real saffron between your fingers, the skin will take on a shade of yellow or orange. Additionally, frayed or worn looking saffron should be avoided, especially if they have too many pale streaks.
  • Packaging: Our researchers also took packaging into consideration. Since saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, it should come in proper packaging so as not to damage any of the contents. Ideal saffron packaging should be done delicately, by keeping hygiene standards in mind.
  • Shelf life: If a customer is buying a spice so expensive, they will want to ensure that it lasts for the longest time at its peak quality. The best saffron in India can usually retain its quality for up to 2 to 3 years if stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Airtight containers allow them to retain their original taste for a long time. Our researchers conducted polls especially for this point, asking people for their experience of storing saffron from the brands they have used.

In all honesty, our researchers had a huge list of parameters that they used to gauge the quality of each saffron brand. To spare you time and boredom, we give you only the basic parameters to look at.

Our Picks

Saffron is an occasionally used spice to add that festive touch to any Indian food. Otherwise, it can also be consumed regularly in milk for certain health benefits. The dried stigma of the autumn crocus flower can cost a fortune so people buy them in small quantities, hoping they'd last for a few years before they have to buy them again. So, it comes as no surprise that customers will want to be well informed before they make a purchase. Our team of researchers painstakingly conducted interviews and detailed research to put together this comprehensive list of reviews of the best saffron brand in India. If you go through it, you will certainly gain some valuable insight into the product you want to buy.

Photo Title Price Buy
UPAKARMA Original Kashmiri...image UPAKARMA Original Kashmiri Kesar/Saffron | Handpicked Pure Finest Grade | 1 Gram- Pack of 1 ₹449.00 (₹44,900.00 / 100 g)
Keynote Kashmir Saffron...image Keynote Kashmir Saffron | Kashmiri Kesar | Keshar | Whole Threads | Gift Box | Vacuum Packed Glass Bottle 1 gram | Pack of 1 ₹585.00 (₹58,500.00 / 100 g)
BABY BRAND SAFFRON...image BABY BRAND SAFFRON 1GM," Pure Kesar/Saffron for Pregnant Women", Aids Your Digestive System", ₹374.00 (₹37,400.00 / 100 g)
LION BRAND SAFFRON...image LION BRAND SAFFRON Original Kashmir Lacha Saffron/Kesar/Keshar (Certified Grade A) for Biryani, Beauty, Improved Health and Tilak (Pack of 1 (1gram)) ₹365.00 (₹36,500.00 / 100 g)
Shree Murli Kashmiri...image Shree Murli Kashmiri Saffron 100% Natural (kesar), 1 grams ₹249.00 (₹24,900.00 / 100 g)
House of Saffron...image House of Saffron 1 gram Pure Kashmir Kesar | Certified Premium Saffron for Pregnant Women, Milk, Cooking, Fair Skin, Pooja | Grade A1+++ ISO Original Saffron/Kungumapoo/Kumkumapuvvu/Kesar- 1g ₹550.00 (₹55,000.00 / 100 g)
Namo Organics -...image Namo Organics - 1 Gm - Saffron Original Pure Kashmiri Kesar Saffron for Pregnant Women Saffron Threads
Popaji Pure Special...image Popaji Pure Special Super Negin Saffron/Kesar Grade A+++ (1 GM)

Final Verdict

If you want 100% satisfaction with your purchase then we recommend you to choose our top pick, UPAKARMA Kashmiri Kesar / Saffron Threads. There is nothing better than the fresh aroma of original saffron threads sourced straight from the Kashmir valley. Each of these threads is hand-picked and has the perfect color.

If you want saffron that will help boost your memory power and brain activity with no extra additives, you may want to check out Keynote Kashmir Saffron. This is the ideal product to keep your health problems in check.

If you are on a tight budget you might want to check out our budget pick, Baby Brand Saffron. It is affordable without compromising its very high quality with medicinal properties.

All the brands mentioned in our top 10 list are of world-class grade, ideal for garnishing dishes and adding to milk. Whichever product you end up choosing from the list will give you the ultimate satisfaction.