Recliners prevent any posture-related health problems like arthritis, muscle soreness, fatigue, etc. They are also useful in reducing mental stress that results from physical complications. Prolonged sitting in a single position may prevent normal blood circulation in our body. Recliners permit normal blood circulation in our bodies. This is a crucial benefit for senior citizens, expectant mothers as well as people with conditions such as varicose veins. All these benefits make recliners an essential item in our daily lives, and especially to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. We at Lifestyle Titbits are committed to elevating your lifestyle and therefore understand its importance. So, we gathered together a team of professionals and experts to find out the best recliners in India for you. Our extensive research in this context enabled us to present to you the top recliner brands in India. Below, we present you with all those brands to help you choose the best reclining chair as well as the best recliner sofa in India for yourself. According to our in-depth research, the Furlay Metal Recliner Chair sits comfortably at the numero uno position of the list.

Our Pick

Furlay Metal Recliner Chair

Offering Excellent Back Support and Easy Portability

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits picked this recliner as the best recliner in India after conducting hours of dedicated research.

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Our team was mesmerized by the ergonomically designed back support that offers orthopedic benefits. It is the best feature of this brand of recliners. They help you relax and give you instant relief from body pain. Our team of professionals and experts highly praised the high-density seating cushion available with this product. It also comes with a cushion cover zipper which makes it very easy for cleaning.

Our team did in-depth research and found out that these recliners are made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel frames. This enhances its longevity and makes it highly durable. All the parts of these recliners are easily replaceable. These recliners offer six adjustable positions for relaxation after a day of heavy work as well as to facilitate sleeping.

On top of all these features, these recliners come with a 2-year unconditional warranty. This makes these the ideal product dished out by one of the best recliner brands in India. It has a load capacity of 150 kgs and is very easy to fold and carry. All these features make this recliner the unanimous choice of our team as the best recliner chair in India.


Amazon Brand-Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner

Sturdy Frame is Synonymous with Durability and Superb Comfort

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits chose this brand of recliners as runner up for the position of the best recliner chairs in India due to a wide range of benefits it offers.

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Our research team highly recommends this product from the acclaimed Amazon brand. It offers you maximum comfort during your leisure. It has a stunning design and we feel that it will enhance the beauty of your room. It is made of high-quality fabric material along with strong and durable seams which make this recliner one of the most durable pieces of furniture at home.

The fabric used in this recliner caught our fancy as it doesn't lose its luster even after repeated scrubbing. This Amazon brand’s product also passed our durability testing with 100kg on the seat. It also complies with the highly stringent European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520. It also meets the European Standard EN 1728 for performance and these ensured us about the quality control of the brand.

Our team found out that this recliner is free of any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, lead, azo-dye, etc. It is lightweight. So, you can shift it easily around your room according to your convenience. All these features make this single-seater sofa the best recliner sofa in India.

Budget Pick

Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home

Powder-Coated Steel Frame with Cushion Supported Metal Armrest

Our research team considers this as the budget pick in the race for the best recliners in India as it offers you every comfort within an economical price range.

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This is the best recliner for you if you are looking for a comfortable piece at a highly affordable price. It comes with a superior metal frame. This makes it one of the most durable metal recliners in India according to our extensive research. The recliner also has armrests made of metal. These armrests come with cushions making them immensely comfortable and aids in your relaxation.

These recliners offer you five adjustable positions. These positions are designed with ergonomic efficiency to give you a host of highly suitable seating options that ensure correct posture and minimal physical pain. We concluded that resting on these recliners facilitates proper blood circulation and helps you to relax seamlessly. It is also very easy to fold making it suitable for carrying around. If you want a recliner for your home but are hesitating due to the high price, this is one of the best recliner brands in India for you.

You can lift both handles of these recliners simultaneously and then lean back to recline backward. You can release the handles at your desired position. You can press the footrest to come forward and then release it at your desired position. This mechanism makes it one of the most ergonomic recliners in India.

Top Recliner Brands in India

Recliners are an essential item for relaxation and reduction of physical stress. Apart from that, it is also a highly comfortable seating option if you are working from home and are required to sit in a specific position for a long period. With these in mind, we at Lifestyle Titbits offer you a curated list of the best recliners in India after extensive research.

  1. Furlay Metal Recliner Chair
  2. Amazon Brand-Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner
  3. Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home
  4. Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner
  5. EQUAL Mild Steel Zero Gravity Folding Recliner
  6. Livzing Adjustable Multi Position Relax Recliner Chair
  7. The Couch Cell Recliner in Brown
  8. AE Designs Rocking Recliner
  9. Amazon Brand-Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner
  10. Home Centre Toledo Fabric Single Recliner

This is a comprehensive list of available brands of recliners in India. All of these are authentic products with unique features and benefits. We urge you to go through the list meticulously before making a choice. This will enable you to choose the most suitable brand tailored to your needs and requirements.

1. Furlay Metal Recliner Chair

This product is from one of the best recliner brands in India. This chair comes with 6 adjustable positions so that you can enjoy a comfortable seating experience. We loved this manual recliner as it is highly durable and easy to fold and carry around. The adjustable reclining position feature alleviates a lot of body pain.

This piece of furniture is made up of a high-density foam cushion for maximum back support. Available at a reasonable price, these types of recliners are ideal for elderly people, bolstering their otherwise weak spinal cord and backbone. Other than that, it also comes with a 2-years unconditioned warranty, making it one of the most comfortable recliner chairs around.

2. Amazon Brand-Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner

The primary material of this fabric recliner is of superb quality. This recliner chair amazed us with its stunning design. We also found out several benefits of recliners, including extreme softness and comfort. The product dimension is ideal for a single person to enjoy extra comfort.

This chair deserves the deacons position on our list due to its long-lasting nature and sturdy frame. Along with the superb upholstery material, this recliner is ideal for any weight capacity. You can relax in your comfortable position and have the utmost peace of mind with this lightweight and highly portable chair. All these key features with the added 3 years warranty have made these recliner seats the perfect choice for several Indians.

3. Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home

Our experts feel that you can say goodbye to your regular chair if you decide to purchase the Spacecrafts recliner seats! This recliner chair is the ideal choice for several Indians with its simple design and maximum level of comfort. With a powder-coated steel frame, optimum comfort feature, and metal handles, this recliner will offer you complete rest.

Our experts were absolutely in love with this product as it offers five different reclining positions owing to its ergonomic designs. It also features maximum weight capacity so that the users can achieve maximum comfort and maintain the ideal body posture while using this chair. This is from one of the top recliner brands in India and is known for its contemporary design and long-lasting nature.

4. Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner

If you are looking for a recliner made from a high-quality material that will add sophistication to your home, then this can be the ideal choice for you. With its elegant design and charming brown color, this recliner comes with pocket springs to offer you the ultimate comfort.

You can place this chair into your living room and since it comes with a luxurious choice of color with the finish color-brown, it will create an impressive environment to host your guests. It is made of high-density foam and fiberfill, and the German recliner mechanism makes it a sought-after product.

5. EQUAL Mild Steel Zero Gravity Folding Recliner

Our team of experts wholeheartedly recommend this product as it has a sturdy mild steel tube frame, along with a bungee suspension system and durable fabric. It is an extremely comfortable chair, as it offers many reclining positions for its users.

If you have back pain, shoulder pain, or joint pains, then this chair could help you reduce them by allowing you to adjust it according to your body shape. The sturdy mesh polyester material and adjustable backrest offers maximum support and ensures comfort by permitting airflow. We love this manual recliner because of the ease it offers to its users and our volunteers vouched for it.

6. Livzing Adjustable Multi Position Relax Recliner Chair

This chair has been tried and tested by our experts and volunteers, and it has passed with flying colors each time. Built with a heavy-duty steel frame, this adjustable recliner chair accommodates your body size and allows you to adjust your body posture to derive optimal comfort.

Offering a comfortable reclining position, this chair is very easy to clean and maintain, as well as carry around. If you have comfort in mind and want to attain a comfortable seating posture, then this product is tailor-made for you! You also get a padded headrest and armrest with this chair that can give proper support to your back and neck while using it.

7. The Couch Cell Recliner in Brown

This chair has been gaining major attraction due to its extremely stylish, contemporary look and highly ergonomic designs. Built to ensure maximum comfort and a correct posture, this recliner chair with sturdy construction can be a wonderful addition to any home.

It has been a favorite among the people in India especially due to its 176 degrees reclining feature. These additional features also set this recliner apart from the regular recliners available in the Indian market. You also get a 6 months warranty with this product, making this a value for your money.

8. AE Designs Rocking Recliner

With a unique suede look, this chair deserves a spot on our curated list for its increased sturdiness and added comfort. It can be a fantastic addition to any living room, and even comes with a to and fro rocking mechanism to offer you maximum relaxation.

This rocker recliner can be used for multiple purposes, like reading books, using electronic gadgets, or even resting, while maintaining the perfect body posture. It comes with an incredible revolving mechanism that sets it apart from all the other swivel recliner variants in the market.

9. Amazon Brand-Solimo Biela Single Seater Fabric Recliner

Many people deem this product as the best recliner sofa in India as it is from one of the most trusted brands in the country. It has a very attractive design and is made with highly durable seams to ensure maximum longevity and extra comfort.

It has a stable armrest that allows you to sit comfortably and relax any time you want. This chair is of European standards and it is also light in weight, offering optimal comfort. The basic assembly of this recliner makes it easy to use. The flexible seating positions help you get rid of chronic knee pain and other kinds of body pain. Overall, this is an amazing recliner that could make your reading time more comfortable. AmazonBrand-Solimo products come with maximum load capacity and high-quality cover material offering you ample rest.

10. Home Centre Toledo Fabric Single Recliner

We went ahead and surveyed the people regarding which reclining chair they like the most, and the name of this product cropped up multiple times. This single-seat recliner chair is highly durable, long-lasting, and comes in a stylish beige color, which makes it one of the best recliners in the market.

This chair offers lower back support for users, allowing them to achieve utmost relaxation while using it. It is also an affordable option for you if you have comfort in mind. The mechanisms are simple and you also get a one-year warranty with this product.

Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Health has become a valuable commodity today. Most of the common health problems have their roots in our sedentary lifestyle which involves zero or minimum movements and exercises. Working from home after the pandemic has also caused us to sit in a particular position for extended periods and has aggravated our health issues. Prolonged sitting often comes with forward-slanting, which may lead to pain in the back or neck.

Recliners provide an easy solution to these issues. They are useful in giving relief to pain in your back and neck after a day of physical stress and minimal movements. It enables you to change your seating positions while maintaining the correct posture without much hassle. We at Lifestyle Titbits understand these superb advantages of recliners. So, we thought of offering you some help and professional advice in your purchase of recliners with a comprehensive list of the best recliner brands in India. Below, we offer you the details of our research process and screening procedure with absolute transparency so that you can build trust with our review and buying guide. For your convenience, the next part will be divided into the following sections -

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits consider ourselves as the personal advisors to our readers regarding lifestyle issues. We are aware of the value of a healthy lifestyle in today's forward-moving society. We want to provide our readers with suggestions that will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy comfort. This led us to look for the best brands of recliners available in the Indian market. We assembled a team of experts, researchers, and professional product testers to offer you a comprehensive list of such brands.

Our experts first made a list of sixty available brands of recliners in the Indian market. All these brands were chosen as per their recent sales history, online testimonials, reviews, and their market presence. Our team of market analysts helped us in finalizing this list of products. Then, our experts consulted with technical professionals to understand the underlying mechanism and elaborate features of all these products. This led us to shortlist 22 products based on their durability, ergonomic structure, and additional features.

Researchers in our team conducted extensive focus group discussions amongst consumers to understand their needs and requirements regarding such recliners. At the same time, our dedicated product testers kept on putting these recliners under several thorough tests. Based on this, we chose the top 10 brands of recliners in India. All these elaborate research processes provided us with multi-faceted insights into the features and benefits of such recliners. This heavily influenced our list, which is curated by expert opinions, in-depth experimentation as well as consumer choices.

Who This Is For

Though our list will cater to the needs of a wide section of the Indian population, some of the target groups of our study were -

  • Homemakers
  • Expectant Mothers
  • People with back, knee and neck pain
  • Elderly people
  • People working from home
  • Office workers with a desk job

How We Picked

Though we studied all the available brands of recliners based on multiple parameters, it would be quite boring for you to go through all those nitty-gritty. Apart from that, it would require a large chunk of time from your busy schedule to go through all the elaborate graphs and documentation that resulted from our experiments. So, for your convenience, we give you some of the most important parameters below.

  • Durability: The first parameter for our research team was the overall durability of recliners. We focused on the potential longevity of such products to ensure a high return from your expense.
  • Available Seating Positions: What makes recliners such a highly valued product in the market is the fact that they provide a bunch of seating options without much hassle. So, our research team focused on building the list of recliners based on multiple seating positions offered by such products.
  • Ergonomic Structure: Ergonomic structure provides you with maximum comfort while maintaining the correct posture. Our research team particularly focused on the structural aspects of recliners to find out their ergonomic index and other available product standards.

Our Picks

After strenuous research and testing, we bring you the top brands of recliners available in the Indian market. This list not only gives you some options for your purchase but also provides you with necessary background information enabling you to do so successfully.

Photo Title Price Buy
FURLAY Recliner Chair...image FURLAY Recliner Chair Coffee Bean Moulded Cushion ₹5,698.00
Spacecrafts Recliner Folding...image Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair | 5 Adjustable Postions | Cushioning | Portable & Space Saving Easy Chair For Home Relax Old Age | Black, Mild Steel ₹4,549.00
EQUAL Mild Steel...image EQUAL Mild Steel Zero Gravity Folding Recliner Relaxing Chair w/Cushion; Smoke Grey
Livzing Adjustable Multi...image Livzing Adjustable Multi Position Relax Portable Folding Recliner Chair with Headrest and Soft Cushion Bed (Multicolour, Fabric & Foam)
The Couch Cell...image The Couch Cell Multi-ply Hazel Recliner Leatherette, Brown ₹13,750.00
The Couch Cell...image The Couch Cell Rocking Recliner In Olive Brown Fabric ₹16,500.00

We only request you to go through our list of products and then choose the most suitable model of recliners by YOURSELF.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best recliners in India, our team unanimously recommends our top product - Furlay Metal Recliner Chair.

If you are looking for the best recliner sofa available in the Indian market, then we suggest you go for the Amazon Brand-Solimo Musca Fabric Single Seater Recliner.

If you are looking for the most affordable recliner, then our budget pick, Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair for Home, is the most suitable one for you.

Nonetheless, whichever brands you choose from the list based on your understanding, we guarantee you 100 percent product satisfaction from all of the brands featured in our list.