Rechargeable LED bulbs are the bulbs which run on rechargeable batteries.With a long-lasting battery life that can be juiced up from time to time, these LED bulbs are perfect to use and might be your best option. Also, these lights are more eco-friendly. Non-rechargeable LED bulbs need to be properly disposed of because they often have mercury and other harmful chemicals. By using rechargeable bulbs, you don’t have to worry about throwing them away and exposing these dangerous elements to the environment. They are also great for saving electricity as they don't take much time to charge and run for hours. These bulbs are a great option in times of emergencies too. For instance, during a power cut, these could turn into your lifesavers. Finding the best rechargeable LED bulb can be difficult, and therefore, we at Lifestyle Titbits have assembled a team of experts and professionals to find the best rechargeable LED bulbs for you. According to our extensive study, the Philips LED cool day light bulb is the best rechargeable LED bulb in India.

Our Pick

Philips LED Cool Day Light Bulb

Comes with a Fast Charging System

The experts and researchers at Lifestyle Titbits ranked this LED bulb by Philips as the best rechargeable LED bulb in India.

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Our experts discovered several excellent characteristics in the Philips LED cool day light bulb after extensive research and hours of testing, and determined that it deserves to be at the absolute top of our list.

Unpredictable power outages can be highly inconvenient, particularly if you are in the middle of doing something important and the power goes out. Our researchers examined more than 100 products and found out that Philips LED cool day light bulb is a 12 watt rechargeable emergency bulb. It houses a powerful lithium-ion battery, which would last up to 4 hours of continuous lighting and provide reliable backup during power cuts. It was proven to be highly energy efficient. Our research team also concluded that this rechargeable LED bulb was the best in its segment available in the Indian markets.

One must always be prepared in case of emergencies and our vast research and thorough experimentation has led us to suggest this rechargeable LED bulb from Philips for such emergencies and inconveniences. If you're looking for a rechargeable LED bulb that has similar features as the Philips LED cool day light bulb, try our runner up brand - Halonix rechargeable emergency inverter LED light bulb.


Halonix Rechargeable Emergency Inverter Led Light Bulb

Built with Quality Materials and Circuitry to Keep your Home Safe

We at Lifestyle Titbits tried Halonix rechargeable emergency inverter LED light bulb and are glad to recommend such a terrific product to you.

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We ran various tests and analysis through which we found that the Halonix rechargeable emergency inverter LED light bulb deserves to be among the top two products on this list.

Our research established that this rechargeable LED bulb is composed of high-quality LED that consumes very little power and is also highly eco-friendly. The charging time of this bulb is eight to ten hours. Once the battery is fully charged the current stops flowing owing to an advanced circuitry and protects your battery from overcharging. One of the biggest upsides that we discovered was that this LED bulb has a universal fit and can easily fit into any bulb socket with ease, making it immensely compatible. According to our researchers, it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide light during a power outage. Want to know a surprise fact? When the bulb comes into contact with metal or water, it turns on!

Our findings also show that the bulb provides soft and bright light and comes filtered so that you do not face any difficulty or feel your eyes strain while using it. However, we understand that this product might be too costly for some people. As a result, we've come up with a cost-effective solution for you all. Check out the Wipro NE9001 emergency white bulb, which is our budget pick.

Budget Pick

Wipro NE9001 Emergency White Bulb

A Snazzy and Affordable Product from a Trustworthy Brand

Wipro NE9001 emergency white bulb, according to our specialists, is the most cost-effective and high-quality rechargeable bulb accessible in Indian markets.

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After hours of extensive research, this rechargeable bulb was confirmed by our experts to be a budget-friendly alternative that does not compromise on quality. We found several upsides in this product and will highly recommend this to you as a budget option during uncomfortable situations.

Our findings revealed that the Wipro NE9001 emergency white bulb has a great feature of emergency mode. At times of unexpected power cuts, it lights up automatically, making homes more comfortable even when there is no electricity. The bulb functions in dim mode, and has a great battery life with a fantastic backup of four hours. It also has an automatic charging & protection feature.After a power outage is over and the electricity is restored, the bulb automatically switches to charging mode with the current supply. With over-charging protective features, the bulb stays in function for a long time.

Wipro NE9001 Emergency White Bulb is highly efficient and cost-effective, according to the conclusive tests done by our team of experts and researchers. Given the price range, we also believe that it is the best in its class.

Top 10 Rechargeable LED Bulbs in India

Rechargeable LED bulbs provide illumination allowing people to see clearly just like any other bulb. However, one reason why these are great options is that you can use them in times of emergencies when there is a power cut, or when you are camping or partying outdoors. Lifestyle Titbits has created a list of the top 10 rechargeable LED bulbs in India that are available in the market.

  1. Philips LED Cool Day Light Bulb
  2. Halonix Rechargeable Emergency Inverter Led Light Bulb
  3. Wipro NE9001 Emergency White Bulb
  4. Philips LED T-Bulb
  5. Syska LED While Emergency Bulb
  6. Murphy Cool Day LED Bulb Light
  7. Bajaj Ledz Bulb
  8. Orient Electric Cool Daylight White Lamp
  9. Urban King Foxsun LED White Emergency Bulb
  10. SILENCIO Inverter Bulb

If you're thinking about buying a rechargeable LED bulb, have a look at this list first. It will provide you with an insight into the top rechargeable LED bulbs in India with detailed information about their features.

1. Philips LED Cool Day Light Bulb

Philips is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to appliances of all kinds. This LED bulb is one of its best products, equipped with a powerful lithium battery. This rechargeable bulb can be a lifesaver during sudden power cuts as it can last upto 4 hours during that time.

It comes with 2200 mAh rating which charges it super fast, and it even holds that charge for a long time. It comes with 500 recharge cycles and comes with high voltage and surge protection as well. We loved the fact that these can be used as rechargeable emergency lights and since they emit a bright light, we would highly recommend you this LED bulb.

2. Halonix Rechargeable Emergency Inverter LED Light Bulb

This is a powerful and long-lasting Halonix rechargeable light bulb, from a reputed company. It takes upto 8-10 hours for charging and can stay on continuously for 4 hours without any electricity. Amongst the wide range of options available to customers, this product is one of the best due to its bright white light and energy-efficient nature.

One of the best things about this LED light bulb is that it can be fitted into any fixture without any troubles. The bulb even lights up when it comes into contact with metal and water, which makes it a safe product to use. We saw that this product has incredible bulb power and can be one of your most trusted sources if you suffer from frequent power cuts.

3. Wipro NE9001 Emergency White Bulb

This product is often recommended by our team of experts due to its high quality and consistent performance. With a 2200 mAh battery, it charges up pretty fast and can keep the charge for a long time as well. It even comes with overcharging protection for added safety.

It comes with 4 hours battery backup and can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies. It even comes with a 6-months warranty, and is a safe product to use against voltage fluctuations. These rechargeable inverter bulbs work on heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries and even sport popular product prices that fascinated us. We found that this product has immense light output that lasts several hours of usage.

4. Philips LED T-Bulb

This is a single bulb that deserves a spot on our curated list. It is from a reputed and reliable brand and comes with some amazing features. This bulb is easy to install and it charges very fast as well, which makes it an efficient and convenient bulb to have for any emergencies.

With a 4-hours backup time, this bulb comes with energy saving features. Using this in your home can help you save some money from your electric bill.It is also a very long-lasting product, and comes with a 1-year warranty. This product has been used as a trusted source of light in every industrial area in India and this gave us immense confidence.

5. Syska LED While Emergency Bulb

This Syska inverter light bulb is a must have for homes that experience frequent and irritating power cuts. It can get fully charged in 8-10 hours and its battery capacity is also quite high. It can stay on continuously for 3.5 hours without any fluctuations.

One of the best things about this light bulb is it immediately lights up in case of a power outage. It comes with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery and even comes with overcharging protection for security. This is why many people deem this as the best rechargeable led bulb in India.

6. Murphy Cool Day LED Bulb Light

This is one of the most popular inverter emergency bulbs. This bulb automatically lights up during power failures and can stay on at a stretch for upto 4 hours. It charges fast as well, and installing it also is quite easy.

It comes with overcharging protection, which is why it is a safe product to have in your home. This is a powerful product, and a value for your money. It even comes with a 1-year warranty. The rechargeable bulb specifications are mentioned clearly and that helped our product testers during the product evaluation.

7. Bajaj Ledz Bulb

If you have this light bulb in your home, you won't have to worry about power cuts or overcharging. It comes with a durable Li-ion battery and has a light backup of upto 4 hours. The battery automatically cuts off after it has been fully charged, which makes it one of the safest light bulbs to have in your home.

It comes with VSP technology that protects against a power surge. It has over 15000 hours of burning life and offers uninterrupted power supply after only a few hours of charging. We found several advantages of LED bulbs in this product and would highly recommend this 9W LED bulb with inbuilt battery for your domestic usage.

8. Orient Electric Cool Daylight White Lamp

This LED light bulb has been turning heads for quite a while now. It is extensively used in schools and hospitals due to its durability and long-lasting nature. It has an efficient design, and works on AC voltage with high output of 900 lumen.

It takes about 8-10 hours for the battery to be fully charged. It lasts uninterrupted for upto 4 hours and even comes with a 1-year warranty. Many people even consider this to be the best rechargeable led bulb in India.

9. Urban King Foxsun LED White Emergency Bulb

This is white ceramic rechargeable light bulb that recharges automatically even when it is being used normally. It comes with a 2200 mAH battery life and can recharge within 8-10 hours. It is a must-have for your home if you stay in an area where there are frequent and sudden power cuts.

This is an energy-efficient product that can help you save quite some money on your electricity bills. It is also quite affordable and is also a very long-lasting product.

10. SILENCIO Inverter Bulb

This is a popular multicolored light bulb that is tried and tested by experts and gives 100% output when working on the battery power supply. It glows at 50% lumen level when the main power supply is on as well. It doesn't flicker and offers continuous light for a long period.

With 800 lumens, this is one of the brightest LED lights in the market. It is easy to install as well and recharges automatically too. We loved this automatic bulb with built-in battery as it runs both on external electricity supply and even displays an automatic charging feature.

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

Lifestyle Titbits has become synonymous with an online safe-haven with the greatest product selections and fantastic recommendations in the Indian market. We have invested our time in performing time-consuming experiments, quality tests, and several other procedures to present the best rechargeable LED bulbs to our audience. We wanted to make sure that these are the absolute best products that you can get your hands on and therefore we included several industry specialists and experts in our team. We always feel the need to connect directly to our customers and therefore we have discussed all our procedures in great detail. We have divided the content in five discrete sections for better explanation and transparency with our readers:

Why You Should Trust Us

Lifestyle Titbits has always been motivated to play the role of the thoughtful and informed advisor who helps its readers and audience with multiple suggestions to make their lives blissful and comfortable. We believe in providing you with ‘actionable insights’ and therefore, we supply the complete and correct information about the top products in the market. You might ask us - how do you ensure those are the top products? So, let’s reveal that here!

While hunting for the best rechargeable LED bulbs in the Indian market, our fast job was to form a team of experts and researchers we could rely on. Therefore, we gathered a group of experts from related fields like electrical, electronics, production and power engineering to help us select the top rechargeable LED bulbs in India. These specialists compiled a list of all the rechargeable LED bulb brands available in India based on the primary criteria that isolate the best from the rest. Our market analysts created a list of more than 100 products based on online sales data as well as customer reviews and testimonials. After this, we proceeded to test these shortlisted items and our product testers ran a series of grueling tests on each of them. Based on the test results, our experts identified the best rechargeable LED bulbs in India.

However, we didn’t just stop at our experiments and test results. The next step involved interviewing some of the acclaimed and knowledgeable industry experts. Following this, we conducted countrywide surveys - both online and offline, to learn what the general public thinks, wants, and prefers as a final step before making our lists public, which helps us streamline and adhere to our company goals and give just the best of the best to our viewers.

Who This Is For

Although we know that these products are ideal for every section of the Indian population, we have identified certain target groups for which these products might prove to be highly effective. These are:

  • People who like to go for camping and adventures
  • People with families who need bright and dim light for various reasons
  • People living in areas where power cuts happen too often
  • Factory workers
  • Shop owners
  • College and school students studying at night

How We Picked

This is usually the toughest part of our job. Picking the right product involves numerous tests that are painstakingly tedious and result in creation of bars, charts, and other visual-aids. However, we don’t want to spoil your mood with all those unnecessary details here. Instead, we will focus on some of the most essential parameters that helped us pick the best rechargeable LED bulbs in the Indian market. We have listed those essential parameters for your convenience.

  • Battery Backup: We checked to see if the products we looked at had a great battery backup to run for hours. The items were found to be extremely efficient in this department as they go on continuously for around four to five hours.
  • Low charging time: Our researchers state that these bulbs require minimal charging time of around eight to ten hours. It turns out that it is extremely low and in comparison to the other brands that couldn’t make it to the list.
  • Protection from overcharging: It is important to ensure that the bulbs remain protected from overcharging which can cause damage to them and significantly decrease their output. As a result of which, we found that these bulbs have automatic protectors which stop the charging process instantly once the power reaches 100%.

Our Picks

All our tedious efforts have led us to create an assortment of the best rechargeable LED bulbs available in India. Stay up-to-date by following this list yourself.

Photo Title Price Buy
Philips 12W Emergency...image Philips 12W Emergency Bulb | Rechargeable Emergency Bulb for Power Cuts | Backup : 4hrs, Cool Day Light,Pack of 1 ₹499.00
Halonix Prime 9W...image Halonix Prime 9W B22D 6500K Cool Day Light Inverter Rechargeable Emergency Led Bulb Pack of 1 ₹299.00
wipro Garnet 9w...image wipro Garnet 9w LED Emergency Bulb | Cool Day White (6500K) | B22 LED Bulb Base | Inverter Bulb for home, with 4 Hours battery back up| Li-ion Battery | Over charging Protection | Pack of 1 ₹319.00
PHILIPS 10-Watts B22...image PHILIPS 10-Watts B22 Inverter Rechargeable LED T-Bulb - Cool Day Light (White, Pack of 1) (TEm10w_Pk of 1) ₹582.00
Bajaj Ledz 8.5W...image Bajaj Ledz 8.5W Rechargeable Emergency Inverter Led Bulb, Cool Day Light, White, Upto 4 Hours Battery, B22D ₹390.00

We believe that browsing through this entire list enabled you to make the right choice for you and your family.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best and all-rounder rechargeable LED bulb in the Indian market, then we would suggest the Philips LED cool day light bulb to you.

However, if you are looking for a similar product with a lesser wattage, then Halonix rechargeable emergency inverter LED light bulb is the ideal option according to our experts.

If you are plagued by budget constraints but don’t want to compromise on quality, then our budget pick - Wipro NE9001 emergency white bulb may interest you.

All said and done, we promise that all these items are quite similar in terms of quality and overall features.