If the stay-at-home directive has incited the cooking enthusiast in you, then you need to do a couple of things. Starting slow and simple is the first step. Don’t try complicated recipes at first. The next step involves selecting the ideal kitchen appliance so that cooking becomes a breeze. Now, if you are considering our advice as to the stepping stones to your culinary proficiency, then you should start by making a warm, breezy breakfast for yourself and your family. And there, a pop-up toaster can help you immensely by helping you bake, toast, and whiff up superlative and scrumptious sandwiches within moments. You can start your day bright with the bite of crunchy bread, and for that, we would recommend you take notice of our best pick- the Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster.

Our Pick

Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster

Best Pop Up Toaster in India

One of the best picks for the Indian consumer, this pop up toaster is one that combines advanced technological offerings to help you make your breakfasts and meals special.

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Apart from having the looks that augment your kitchen or your stylish interiors, this superb offering from the house of Bajaj is what every Indian homeowner needs. Even if you are not a culinary expert, the Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster will help you become one. It deservedly ranks at the top spot in our list of the best pop-up toasters available for online purchase in India.

When our product research and gadgets team came across this pop-up toaster from the house of Bajaj, the first thing that impressed them was the futuristic design and the aesthetics. A cooking appliance this good-looking instantly creates an indelible impression on your mind. When our team subjected this pop-up toaster to several tests, it revealed some of the superior technologies that indeed make it a wise purchase decision for every Indian. The cool touch body prevents you from getting a rude shock of heat. Maintenance comes easy with this pop-up toaster, and hence we stress that this gadget works well for the uninitiated in cooking too! The 6 settings in this pop-up toaster enable you to achieve the ideal crispness of the bread according to the particular dish you are creating. With the reheat and stop functions, you can again enjoy a delectable dish that has gone cold. Our gadget experts say that the 2-slice chambers and the easily removable crumb tray make this one of the best buys in this segment.

The Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster is affordable, super-efficient, and high on looks. Apart from some of the most commendable features, these make it our top product on the review list. However, if you are looking for something more feature-rich, you can go ahead and take a look at the Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster that is a close second according to our reviews.


Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster (White)

Highly Functional Toaster With a Multitude of Features

Philips has stayed true to its brand name by delivering this suave, smooth and awesome toaster that features in our runner-up position in the list of pop up toasters in India.

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Our product research and the testing team were simply floored by this pop-up toaster from Philips- one of the pioneers in creating superlative electronics and electrical appliances, for ages. The Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster lives to the expectations of the Indian consumers as well as the critics.

We subjected the Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster to all those tests that were performed on the Bajaj ATX. And to our great satisfaction, this pop-up toaster performed superbly when subjected to such stringent quality control methods. One of the best features of the 830-watt Philips pop-up toaster is that it can auto shut off itself when there is a power surge, and hence protects itself from getting short-circuited and damaged thereby. As a result, you and your family are always safe when you are using this pop-up toaster. The 2-slice bread chambers enable immensely fast baking and toasting, whereas the 8 settings enable you to achieve the desired crispness. With the integrated bun warming rack, removable crumb tray, and instant reheat and defrost functions, this product is a winner in every category.

However, the multitude of features comes with a bigger price tag than most standard pop-up toasters. Although this pop-up toaster has a plethora of features and therefore seamlessly features in our list of the best pop-up toaster in India, you might want to take a look at the Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster for its overall quality and affordable pricing.

Budget Pick

Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster (White)

Top-Tier Energy-Efficient Pop up Toaster

With this superb pop up toaster from Morphy Richards amongst our topmost picks, you can get a crispy start to your day without breaking a sweat!

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Our reviewers and product research team have found the Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster to be an immensely attractive and high-value pop-up toaster. With several high points that do not buckle even when put to stringent quality tests, this pop-up toaster deservedly makes its place amongst the top 3 pop-up toasters on our list.

Our researchers and product testers feel that the Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster will help you get an even toast of bread with a spread seamlessly. If you want an extra crunchy slice to appease your tastebuds, this pop-up toaster will do just that. The cool touch body helps you to bake your breakfast without risking an injury, while the anti-skid base enables you to place this toaster anywhere in your kitchen or pantry. Our kitchen appliances experts feel that the presence of this feature will prevent the toaster from skidding or slipping and hence encountering damage. The auto pop-up feature is a cool one that caught the attention of our experts.

Talking about the price- it comes in a wide price bracket which makes the buyers’ decision easy towards selecting the best at optimum prices. 

According to the several polls we conducted regarding these pop-up toasters, the Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster scores high because of its superb energy-efficiency feature. The 2 years warranty on the product also makes it one of the most coveted pop-up toasters amongst the Indian consumer segment.

A List of the 8 Best Pop up Toasters in India

Our product testers and reviewers have tested nearly 70 pop-up toaster models and found only 8 that are worth mentioning before you. These 8 pop-up toasters score high in every department- from durability, a multitude of features, advanced technological offerings, energy efficiency, superior design, and affordability. Therefore, it is time for you to start selecting the ideal pop-up toaster that fits your requirements.

  1. Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster (White)
  2. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster (White)
  3. Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster (White)
  4. Havells Crisp Plus Pop-up Toaster (Black)
  5. Usha Pop-up Toaster (Blue)
  6. Morphy Richards AT 402 Pop-Up Toaster, White
  7. Black+Decker ET122 Pop-up Toaster, White
  8. Kent 16030 Pop-up Toaster, Red

With every credible information provided with a pop-up toaster model that has been listed in our review, you can compare, and identify the one that suits your needs. Thus, it will be easy to make a purchase decision.

1. Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster (White)

Bajaj ATX4 Sandwich Pop-up Toaster is available at an affordable pop-up toaster price in India. You can toast 2 slices at once. This has non-stick plates so that no crumbs are left behind. Our stringent product research has revealed it to be one of the choicest kitchen appliances one can have.

The toaster from Bajaj has a cool-touch body and a locking clip. This device is easy to maintain and has 6 settings for you to get just the crispness you are in the mood for. If you have prepared sandwiches beforehand, then you can also use the reheat function. It has a removable crumb tray and runs on the maximum power of 750 watts. Our testers and reviewers recommend this product to everyone who wants to toast a few slices at an instant.

2. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster (White)

Philips Daily HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster has 8 settings to make 2 slices together. It has an integrated bun warming rack. The cancel button allows you to stop toasting whenever you want.

To protect itself against short circuits, the 830 Watts Philips toaster comes with an extra auto Shut-Off Protection. You can easily lift smaller pieces of bread here. The reheat and defrost functions help you get the perfect toast every time!

3. Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster (White)

Get a budget device from Morphy Richards at the best pop up toaster price in India. This 650 Watts toaster has two slots and 7 browning settings for best results. Its auto pop-up feature helps you make breakfast quickly.

It has a cool-touch body and helps you to save energy. The lever lifts the toasted slices of bread easily. Its anti-skid base keeps it steady on your kitchen counter.

4. Havells Crisp Plus Pop-up Toaster (Black)

Choose Havells Crisp Pop-up Toaster that comes with 7 heat settings for 2 slices at once. It has reheat, defrost, and cancel functions. The cool-touch body along with the stainless steel cage housing makes this a must-have modern appliance for your kitchen.

Havells Crisp Pop-up Toaster now has bread slots that are 3.2 cm bigger to fit your wider sandwich bread slices. This 750 Watts model has a lever that lets you raise the toasts. It has a stable base so that you can use this safely even when you're in a rush.

5. Usha Pop-up Toaster (Blue)

Whip up a quick breakfast with Usha 3720 Pop-up Toaster. This model comes with 7 browning settings and 2 wide bread slots. You can also use smaller bread slices here easily since it has a high lift lever. The drop-down crumb tray helps you to clean the toaster smoothly and is one of the high points that impressed our expert team very much.

The cancel function of this toaster lets you stop toasting anytime. Usha 3720 Pop-up Toaster runs on a power of 700 Watts and has a cool-touch body. It provides you 100% safety during usage.

6. Morphy Richards AT 402 Pop-Up Toaster, White

Looking for a toaster with 4 wide bread slice chambers? Bring home the Morphy Richards AT 402 Pop-Up Toaster. These slots allow you to toast bread slices of all sizes and give them an even browning with its 7 heat options. The Defrost, Reheat and Cancel functions come in handy too.

Morphy Richards AT 402 Pop-up Toaster has a high lift lever along with its auto pop-up technology. It comes with a Bread Centering Guide to help you position the bread at the center to get that perfect toast all around. It has a removable crumb tray and runs on a power of 1450 Watts.

7. Black+Decker ET122 Pop-up Toaster, White

Experience high-speed and efficient toasting from Black+Decker ET122 Pop-up Toaster. It consumes around 800 Watts of power and can toast 2 slices of bread at once. You can reheat or thaw bread in this device and use the cancel function anytime to stop toasting. This comes with 7 electronic browning options.

Black+Decker ET122 Pop-up Toaster comes with a crumb tray and has an automatic pop-up feature. It has a cool-touch body. The manufacturer provides a 2-years warranty on this product. The warranty makes this product highly valued amongst the customer base.

8. Kent 16030 Pop-up Toaster, Red

Kent 16030 Pop-up Toaster gives you the perfect toast in the busy hours of the morning. On pre-heating it for only 2-3 minutes, you can toast 2 slices together at a time. It has 5 browning settings to give you the exact brown and crispy bread you prefer.

Keng 16030 Pop-up Toaster comes with 3 heating modes – Defrost, Reheat, and Cancel. Its removable crumb tray makes cleaning it an easy task for you. This product has wide bread slots to accommodate bread slices of any size and has a high lift lever to raise the smaller slices. The toaster runs on a power of 850 Watts.

The Essence of Our Research Methodology and Testing Patterns

We at Lifestyle Titbits, believe in providing you the best actionable advice by bringing you a solid review of products. We do extensive research and are duly committed to reporting our findings to our readers so that they can make a fruitful and informed purchase decision. That is why we bring to you this section where you will learn about the intricacies of our research methods. This section contains the following:

Why You Should Trust Us

We won’t ask you to pin your faith in our reviews and research with blind eyes. Instead, we will ask you to think with a clear head. Whenever you want to search for any product, appliance, food material, or anything related to your lifestyle or overall health and wellness, Google will direct you to our pages. Lifestyle Titbits has been known to be a pioneer in product reviews, and even the Search Engines affirm this fact. Hence, you can come to our page, take time to read a review article on a specific product, and then finally go online to make a purchase.

Kitchen appliances and gadgets are immensely essential for every household. Since hobby chefs and lifestyle experts feature on our product research and testing team, we do a very detailed analysis of the products and pass them through stringent tests. Once our product research and avid home appliances experts Jagdish Thakur and Preetika Sharma put in the painstaking effort of reading every available information and resource online and zero in on the list of products that make it to the next round, we are ready to test them. They also spend hours reading every testimonial and review article, so you should know that you can choose from our reviews without much thought.

After they have given the green signal to a host of appliances, we carefully test them against a variety of research parameters. Apart from the results of our research, we poll several consumers on the particular products and rate their experiences. Finally, comparing all these user data and research results, we create a curation of products that will make the lives of our readers easier and blessed them with joy and happiness.

We have utilized the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 outbreak to conduct these research and polls effectively and the result is right before your eyes.

Who This Is For

With several pop-up toasters listed in online marketplaces, the journey of choosing the ideal one for your house and kitchen indeed becomes difficult. Confusion and dilemma might roam large in your minds and it is natural. Hence, our product research team and experts aim to rid you of such confusion and dilemma and help you make a superb purchase.

As a result, we have curated the products based on the wider cross-section of the consumers. Our efforts and motives are to benefit the users with our reviews and credible information so that they can take action. Broadly speaking, we have classified who this review article is for:

  • People who love cooking instantly.
  • People who love safety and durability.
  • Professional chefs.

How We Picked

While they were searching for the best pop-up toasters in India, Jagdish and Preetika had a few basic parameters in their mind. They checked every product against safety, durability, affordability, design, and aesthetics. However, these parameters are the macro ones, and therefore, might give you a blurry idea of how we actually curated this assortment. To give you a fuller picture, we have come up with the intricate parameters that influenced our selection and final assortment.

  • Design features: Having an impressive design works for every kitchen appliance. The pop up toasters that we selected mostly have a detachable crumb tray for easy cleaning and maintenance, auto lift-up function, 2 slice chambers, anti-skid legs, cool-touch boy and others that would always be considered as the best when it comes to making a purchase.
  • Power consumption: Energy-efficient pop up toasters are the favorite amongst the masses. You have already seen that our product research team and experts have considered power consumption amongst the top priorities when they are enumerating the best pop up toasters here. Generally toasters have a wattage of around 750 to 830 watts. You should also look out for this parameter when you are purchasing a pop up toaster.
  • Various settings: The variable browning and crisp settings, reheat and defrost functions, auto shut-down and timer settings give extra points to a pop up toaster. We would recommend the users to check all these settings before making up their minds impulsively.

Apart from these basic parameters, hundreds of others helped us to create this assortment.

Our Picks

We present to you the top picks for the best pop-up toaster position. Take a look at them carefully and make a purchase.

Final Verdict

The Bajaj ATX4 Pop-up Toaster is our best pick as it scores evenly on design, aesthetics, functionality, safety, and affordability.

With a little heavier price tag, the feature-loaded Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 Pop-up Toaster is the runner-up.

The Morphy Richards AT-201 Pop-Up Toaster is also a great option for your home and features in the number 3 position.

However, all these products are very close to each other in terms of high points and can be considered worth your time and expense.