With increased gas pollution every day around the streets and open public spaces, the supply of oxygen is becoming restricted and breathing is tough. With all the pollution there’s an increase in respiratory diseases affecting people of all ages. And how can we forget the COVID-19 pandemic which only made things worse in general? With all of the world’s population essentially switching to masks, breathing has become a difficult issue indeed. Some of the effects of a coronavirus infection also involve breathing difficulties - mainly originating in the lung.

The best oxygen concentrators in India will fix all of that by delivering purified oxygen directly into your respiratory system. These machines have a system that purifies the nitrogen out of the surrounding air and delivers the oxygen-rich air directly to your nose via a tube that connects the machine to your nose. Some of them even come with oxygen cylinders. We at Lifestyle Titbits realize that these machines are an urgent need of the hour and because they are costly and available commercially- we want you to only get the best of the best devices for your health. Since the demand for oxygen concentrators is high and spikes during the COVID waves, we have prepared a list of the best oxygen concentrators in India. And the best oxygen concentrator for home use in India is the Dr. Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - (1101).

Our Pick

Dr. Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - (1101)

Oxygen Concentrator with Smart Intelligence Technology

Our experts at Lifestyle Titbits were more than impressed by this unit due to its robust and powerful performance in oxygen therapy.

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Our experts at Lifestyle Titbits units research lab observed that this unit of machinery delivers about 5 litres per minute of oxygen within only a shocking 30 minutes. The intelligent technology that helps regulate everything else along with the blood oxygen levels is just icing on the cake.

There are different types of oxygen concentrators available online. However, this machine is, according to our team, the best oxygen concentrator for home use in India for multiple reasons. It consumes only 390VA of power for robust and efficient performance. We also ran several tests with the intelligent technology and interface that lets the user view and regulate the flow rate, oxygen concentration, and time of operation for this device. We were surprised by how much it allows us to control the concentration of oxygen and delivery settings of the device. Some of our relatives with respiratory problems used the device and they were very happy with the results as it helped relieve them almost instantly. We also found out that the strong and sturdy plastic casing protects the compressor and concentrator against heat even though they are already heat-protective. This device also comes with a humidifier function that allows the air going to your system through the tube to be humid and moist so that your nose doesn’t dry up.

What we also didn’t expect to see was the intelligent and smart warning functions that warn or notify against air pressure changes, low oxygen levels, and even a possible power loss during its runtime. We highly recommend this device for all those with respiratory problems like Asthma, Pneumonia, BPD, or RDS.


Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator

Lightweight, Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This 14kg lightweight machine may be small but our team of experts at Lifestyle Titbits found that it packs a powerful punch.

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This device is a portable oxygen concentrator that you can carry around in case you travel a lot. Our team was impressed by this device for its compact size, over-the-top performance, and portability.

Just because it is a pandemic doesn’t mean everyone can stay inside all the time. And when someone with a respiratory problem is obligated to go out, we believe this device is a lifesaver for them. We were surprised at how light this one weighs at only 14 kilograms and with that weight even a child could roll it around. The wheels are sturdy, smooth, and powerful so roll away we say! We also discovered that this machine has a surprisingly long battery life considering it’s only a mobile unit. We saw that it can continue up to 24 hours easily after which it only needs a little time to rest and charge- and after that it is good to go for another round. Because of its compact size, we believe it can also be stored away safely at the back of your car trunk or other storage spaces without getting in your way when you are not using it.

Our team of experts traveled around with this one for multiple hours and on multiple locations and scenarios and we saw no dip in its performance. We believe it will indeed be a lifesaver for those who are traveling with a chronic or regular asthma patient or such other respiratory diseases.

Budget Pick

Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator

Silent and Affordable Oxygen Concentrator

This mini oxygen concentrator is not only small but also very silent in its operation and this is what impressed our team of experts most.

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This small machine is an affordable and powerful oxygen concentrator that comes with the added benefit of silent operations so that it does not disturb or hinder your regular flow. We at Lifestyle Titbits thought it was perfect for office environments.

We thoroughly tested this device to look for any flaws due to its small and compact size but we found none. We observed that it has a flow rate of a whopping 5 litres of oxygen per minute and if that isn’t powerful we don’t know what is. Its specialty is that it operates below or sometimes only equal to 43 decibels and we didn’t know that these machines could operate that quietly. To additionally trust this product it comes with a staggering 2 years or 5000 hours in warranty right off the bat and that was reassuring for our team. We used this in our offices and none of us was disturbed by its presence some of us didn’t even notice it while others forgot it was there even. That alone is a testament to its ultra-silent performance. We also tested the several accessories that came with it like the humidifier and filters- both internal and external and we were surprised by how high quality they were.

We believe that this machine was tailor-made for offices as a commercial power supply can cater to it and it won’t hinder your attention or workflow owing to the silent operation. For those with asthma and a regular job that requires them to go to an office- this machine is a boon and because of its affordability we think you should get one as soon as possible- even if for emergency reasons.

Top 10 Best Oxygen Concentrators in India

In these times of the raging pandemic, we understand the threat of breathing right and breathing healthy. Oxygen concentrators have recently come into the commercial limelight ever since the Covid-19 pandemic and you must choose the right one for yourself and your family. We at Lifestyle Titbits were worried about the multitude of companies - both commercial and medical cashing in on this new market and selling you faulty or imperfect products. That is why we have personally selected, screened, tested, and researched the best ones from the market and recommended them to you.

Below is the list of the top 10 oxygen concentrators in India. We only ask that you go through every product carefully as the oxygen flow rate and oxygen saturation offered by them are variable. Since every wave of the pandemic results in a surge of COVID-19 patients, a portable or stationary oxygen concentrator is your best bet at stifling the COVID-19 cases. When it comes to health we believe that no one should compromise the medical device variants that are the best fit for them.

  1. Dr. Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - (1101)
  2. Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator
  3. Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator
  4. VEAYVA Mini Oxygen Concentrator Machine
  5. Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
  6. SG Oxygen Concentrator DEDAKJ 1 Ltr Machine
  7. Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator
  8. Owgel Oxygen Concentrator
  9. Oxy-Med MOOXYO5 Oxygen Concentrator with Inbuilt Nebulizer
  10. Vandelay Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator Machine

1. Dr. Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - (1101)

Our experts consider this among the most trustworthy oxygen concentrator machines in India. With 390VA power consumption, this powerful machine offers you a continuous flow of oxygen. If you have patients with Asthma, Pneumonia or RDS, or BPD, this oxygen concentrator can help to pump high-level oxygen into their bloodstream.

This machine provides you with the highest quality of concentrated oxygen and is also safe to enhance your oxygen purity level instantly. If you want an easy-to-maintain product that will aid in supplemental oxygen therapy for your family, this is the right product for you.

2. Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator

This is a highly recommended product for supplemental oxygen therapy. It is placed so far up our experts’ list as it is lightweight and easy to use. This oxygen concentrator also allows you to have a constant supply of fresh and pure oxygen at maximum flow without too much effort.

Our experts speak highly of the Respironics Philips product as it is portable and provides a continuous supply of oxygen, maintaining the maximum purity levels. It helps to provide up to 5 litres per minute of oxygen at maximum capacity. Overall this is a wonderful product and worthy of our choice.

3. Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator

With a flow rate of 0.5 litres per minute, this oxygen concentrator is among the favorites of our experts. It is affordable, easy to install and maintain, and helps you get oxygen at an amazing rate. You can also control the sound level when it comes to this oxygen concentrator.

This product has been received very well by hundreds of users, mostly in Uttar Pradesh which suffered massively from COVID-19 infection during the second wave surge. With its compact shape, constant flow maintenance, and affordability, this particular oxygen concentrator was in high demand. It also comes with a 24 month or 5000 hours warranty, which makes this a value for your money and features in our list of top 10 oxygen concentrators in India.

4. VEAYVA Mini Oxygen Concentrator Machine

All the people who have tried this product have been satisfied with its service and have given it rave reviews on the internet. The same goes for our experts. That is why this is one of the best products on our list. It comes with an inbuilt nebulizer as well as a timer, which makes things convenient for its users.

This product is also portable and even comes with an alarm for low oxygen purity levels, low operating pressure, and direct power supply fluctuation. You also get a 36 months warranty with this product, making it the ideal electronic device for ensuring an endless supply of oxygen.

5. Yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This product deserves the tag of the best oxygen concentrators in India for home use, for preventing a shortage of oxygen instantly. It is lightweight and allows the flow of oxygen at 5 litres per minute, even at 90% oxygen purity levels. The noise levels are also very low, below 52dB and so our experts feel that it is highly valuable for the elderlies and others who can rest while being supplied with oxygen.

You also get a self-diagnosis system with this product along with multiple safety alarms. The air inlet filter that comes with this is also easy to clean, which makes this product easy to maintain.

6. SG Oxygen Concentrator DEDAKJ 1 Ltr Machine

This product deserves a spot in the top 10 oxygen concentrators in India list. It is highly recommended by our team of experts especially due to its features. It comes with a live oxygen purity level display on screen which helps people to monitor their oxygen saturation without the need for a pulse oximeter.

You can get the oxygen operating pressure of 20-70 KPa and oxygen concentration of 30-90%. It is also lightweight and comes with an LED light display, making this one of the best concentrators for supplemental oxygen therapy in the country.

7. Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator

This oxygen concentrator caught our experts’ eyes as it is a low-noise product and is easy to transport as well. This product is also value for your money as it comes with a 24-month warranty. Overall, this product provides you with a continuous flow of pure oxygen without much hassle.

This product uses the Pressure Swing Absorption Technique, also known as the PSA. It is an extremely convenient and comfortable machine, which is why it can be called the best oxygen concentrator for home use in India.

8. Owgel Oxygen Concentrator

If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator best brand in India, then this is the apt product for you. This is a 5 litres oxygen concentrator that offers 93% purity. It also comes equipped with an intelligent alarm system that sets off an alarm when there is low pressure, low concentration, or low outage.

This is also an extremely convenient appliance, as it produces little to no noise no matter how long it is being used. It also comes with a 6-months warranty which adds to its popularity and value.

9. Oxy-Med MOOXYO5 Oxygen Concentrator with Inbuilt Nebulizer

This oxygen concentrator is expert recommended as it stands out from the rest. Other than having some amazing features, this appliance also has a beautiful and robust appearance, which is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. It offers 93% oxygen purity and continuous flow from 0-5 lpm.

This is an easy-to-maintain appliance that cuts back on your effort and time. It also comes with a lucrative 3 years warranty which is one of the reasons why this has made it into our curated list of the top oxygen concentrators in the country.

10. Vandelay Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator Machine

This product caught our eye as it is the most convenient oxygen concentrator on the market. If you are looking for an oxygen concentrator best brand in India, you can go for this product. It comes with a beautiful large color panel, a beautiful LED screen, remote control, voice broadcast function along with a timer operation function.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is that it can work for 24 hours without producing much noise. It also comes complete with all the necessary accessories, so that you won’t have to buy them individually.

Testing Procedures and Research Methodologies

We at Lifestyle Titbits understand the urgent need for healthy and purified air. The rising levels of pollutants, some of which even carry carcinogenic chemicals, in addition to the raging coronavirus, have made pure and fresh air a rare commodity. As such we have prepared a list of the best oxygen concentrators in India as of 2022. To better elaborate on how we operate we have divided the following sections into different parts namely:

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits care about your health as much as we do for ours and we would want only the best of the best products for you from the market. When it comes to devices that can be a lifesaver, we put in the extra grunt work to get you the most perfect and reliable products in the market.

We have a passionate and diversified team of health professionals, doctors, and experts in medical technologies who have been part of our team in this project. Our team has conducted over 100 hours worth of screening, research, and testing, and only after the most critical evaluations have we come to a consensus and conclusion about our product recommendations. Our strenuous and dynamic examinations also evaluate durability and longevity standards because when it comes to costly electronics, we know you’d want them to last and serve your needs longer.

We have also contacted professional doctors and health practitioners for their valuable bit of opinion and advice on these matters. In addition, we have also organized and conducted countrywide polls asking our fellow patients with respiratory problems what their preferred devices and machines are for this purpose and what they’d like to see recommended to future buyers. As such this has helped us greatly stay true to our goals and serve the best products to our nation- not only suggested by experts but also approved by a countrywide audience.

Who This Is For

These medical machines and devices are very viable and relevant for a wide range of customers including doctors, health professionals, and even aging people But if we had to be a little more specific, these products of ours are especially targeted towards:

  • Patients of Asthma.
  • People suffering from Pneumonia.
  • Covid patients.
  • People suffering from such other respiratory diseases.
  • People with lung problems.
  • People with nose problems.

We again assure our customers that our products will serve anyone and everyone equally as long as they’ve read through the details we have provided and purchased the ones that best suit their needs.

How We Picked

While there are the basic parameters like durability, longevity, compatibility, and affordability, we also check our products against some micro parameters. While we won’t go into the statistics and numbers, some of the more technical parameters, which are essential while choosing the best oxygen concentrators in India are:

  • Flow Rate: Flow rate indicates the rate at which oxygen travels to the user from the machine. Flow rates sometimes vary for individuals and it is important to discuss the flow rate suitable for you with your doctor- who will then prescribe suitable oxygen concentrators for you. The best oxygen concentrators allow a wide range of choices in flow rates so that it meets your specific needs while also keeping itself viable for use by other patients in emergencies. 
  • Portability: Oxygen concentrators vary greatly in size and portability. There are the in-house variants that are large, heavy and powerful and they provide high flow rates while the outdoor variants are smaller in size and generally very lightweight and thus provide lower flow rates. It’s important for the customer to decide which is best suited for their needs. They all however usually come with wheels as no matter their location they usually need to be moved around now and then for convenience.
  • Oxygen Concentration: Oxygen concentration refers to the amount of pure oxygen the machine is able to produce. While bigger machines come with a high concentration of up to 99% pure oxygen, the smaller ones usually sacrifice oxygen concentration for portability. The oxygen concentration depends on the interior and exterior filtration system used by the machine and the effectiveness of its nitrogen-removing sieve system.
  • Noise Level: Because of the nature of their function and process, oxygen concentrators can sometimes be noisy- and we are talking about the noise levels produced by air conditioners at the least! While this may not be a concern for most, this does become a hindrance in office environments or any environment where concentration is required. As such there are several silent machines on the market you could opt for which only produce noises equivalent to or approximate to 40 decibels which for context relay the ambience of a standard library.
  • Power Consumption: The best oxygen concentrators in India are heavy and intricate machines so generally high power consumption is expected but there are lower variants to consider in the market. As such some oxygen concentrators even come with industry-grade batteries which can support the device in case the power cuts out which is a very handy and reliable feature.

Even though we did not go into the tens and hundreds of other parameters, let us assure you we leave no stone unturned when we check the quality of our products.

Our Picks

Based on our above standards and parameters, we at Lifestyle Titbits have brought you the best oxygen concentrators in India and we urge you to go through every one of them to pick the options that serve you best and are tailor-made for your needs and specifications.

Photo Title Price Buy
Dr Trust Respiright...image Dr Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - 1101 (White)
Gvs Oxygen 5L...image Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator ₹35,000.00
yuwell 8F-5A Portable...image yuwell 8F-5A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine (93% Concentration At 5L), White ₹16,499.00
SG |Oxygen Concentator...image SG |Oxygen Concentator DEDAKJ 1 Ltr Machine | Warranty Only by Seller"SpiceStyle Powered By SpiceJet Ltd."| Be Aware from FAKE Sellers - NO Warranty
Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator...image Healthgenie Oxygen Concentrator (0.5-5 Liter Per Minute) with 2 Years Warranty, Oxygen Concentration Purity 93% 3% at Full 5 LPM, White
Owgel Oxygen Concentrator...image Owgel Oxygen Concentrator 93% concentration at 5L, White ₹24,999.00
Oxy-Med MOOXY05 Oxygen...image Oxy-Med MOOXY05 Oxygen Concentrator with Inbuilt Nebulizer - 5 Ltr (White)
Vandelay Portable Home...image Vandelay Portable Home Oxygen Concentrator Machine (1-7LPM) 90% @ 1 LPM

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a premium, in-house device with enhanced functionality and modern intelligent technological assistance and regulation, we urge you to go for our top pick Dr. Trust Respiright Oxygen Concentrator - (1101).

If you’re looking for an outdoor lightweight portable oxygen concentrator variant, the Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrator may be the one for you.

If you are looking for an affordable but compact and silent device then the Gvs Oxygen 5L Oxy-Pure Ultra Silence Oxygen Concentrator may be your go-to option.

Even apart from the top 3, let us assure you that all the products listed in our top 10 are worthy of your trust and purchase because they have all gone through the same screening processes and test procedures and all of them have passed by our nitpicky standards.