Although India is in the tropics, in certain parts of India, especially in the north and the northeast, winters can be merciless. The temperatures are frigid and often drop below the freezing point. In such cases, you need faster heating solutions that offer quick heating along with a range of safety features and efficient power consumption. That is why, we, at Lifestyle Titbits, have carried out rigorous research and testing and presented a range of the best heaters with maximum heating efficiency in this informational article cum buying guide. According to our research, we believe that the Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan is the best oil heater in India.

Our Pick

Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan

Excellent Design for Effortless Distribution of Heat

According to a unanimous decision amongst our team of experts, we placed the Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan as the numero uno product when it comes to the best oil filled room heater in India.

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After shortlisting every top-rated electrical appliance that enables seamless heat distribution, we ensured that there were hours of strenuous research that went behind choosing the best oil-filled room heaters that can feature in this buying guide cum informational article. And our painstakingly long efforts yielded a result where we crowned the Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan as the best-in-class oil-filled room heater in India at this moment.

With a range of features, this product from Havells truly mesmerized our team of experts. Our experts especially loved this portable heater due to its impeccable heating element that not only enables spot heating but also caters to the uniform heating requirements of a sizable space. We loved the advanced technology that is evident in the 3 power settings as well as the truly robust safety features in the form of overheat protection. If you want quick heating without having to spend a huge load of electricity, then this product is tailor-made for you!

Heat distribution is not only its upside. This product surprised us with its thermostatic heat control, which further accentuates its heating efficiency. We also loved its castor wheels that elevate its portability. However, if you want another state-of-the-art alternative to room heating, you can check out our runner-up.


Morphy Richards Room Heater

Credible Heating Solution during Winters

The Morphy Richards Room Heater has ranked within the top two products curated by our experts owing to its efficient heating mechanism and a ton of additional safety features.

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Morphy Richards has been dishing out some of the best variants of oil-filled room heaters in India, and this product is a testament to their innovation and highly advanced research and development wing. Everyone in our team of experts considers this product as one of the very best in its segment.

Morphy Richards has made a name in manufacturing high-quality home appliances like this oil heater. We loved this particular product, mostly due to its convenience and ease of usage. The oil-filled room heater contains an adjustable thermostat that helps you to select the required room temperature for you and your family. One of the highest points is the power selection knob, which enables you to select the wattage at which the heater will be operating, thereby improving its energy consumption and efficiency.

Along with these features, this product comes with a 2-years warranty that will make sure that your investment is protected. This flurry of upsides makes this a desirable choice amongst thousands in India. But if you want a more cost-effective option that does not weigh heavily on your coffers, you can check out our budget pick - Singer Room Heater.

Budget Pick

Singer Room Heater

Instant Heating to keep away the Frigid Temperatures

This is one of the most affordable heating solutions according to our team of experts and has rightfully gained a place in our top three products due to its excellent features.

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One of the most efficient picks in the oil heater segment, this particular product enamored our experts and specialists with its flurry of exceptional features. If you are looking for uniform heat distribution throughout your room, then this is the perfect oil heater for you!

Why did we conclude that the Singer Room Heater is a perfect choice for uniform heat distribution? Well, it has 11 ergonomic fins that constitute the fan that operates when you turn on this heater. The fan ensures that heat is distributed equally to every nook and corner of the entire space. Along with the fan, we loved the additional features like thermostatic control which gives you a grip over your preferred temperature. The smooth portability of this heater also caught our attention and we were immensely appreciative of it.

However, with all these advanced features, modern design, and enhanced technologies, this oil-filled room heater has decided to stay low on the budget segment. It is highly affordable, and for people who feel that a room heater is out of their reach, they can conveniently purchase this particular instant heating solution.

Top 10 Oil-Filled Room Heaters in India

Our home appliances experts at Lifestyle Titbits are well-suited to offer you recommendations about oil-filled room heater brands. They understand that you deserve a life full of comfort, joy, and happiness and thus they have done careful research and analysis to create an assortment of the best brands that will heat your room and provide you immense comfort. Check out these brands to stay up-to-date with the market’s best oil-filled room heaters.

  1. Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan
  2. Morphy Richards Room Heater
  3. Singer Room Heater
  4. Havells Wave Fins Room Heater
  5. Usha 3809F Room Heater
  6. Bajaj Majesty RH Room Heater
  7. Orient Electric Ultra Comfort Room Heater
  8. DELONGHI Room Heater with Fan
  9. Kenstar PTC Fan Heater
  10. Venus Room Heater

Every product mentioned above is a result of careful research in a scientific setting. Check out their detailed descriptions below.

1. Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan

This product is from one of the most reputed companies in the country. The Havells OFR Room heater heats up your room very fast and comes with thermostatic heat control as well as castor wheels for mobility. You also get cord storage and a rear safety cover with this room heater.

This oil-filled room heater is a convenient and useful product to have in your home. It comes with 3 power settings as well as overheat protection for safety. We loved every heating technology that has been employed in this oil-filled heater for quick heating. The safety features are also top-notch and power consumption is extremely optimal, leading you to enjoy uniform heating throughout the winter season. These are some reasons many experts in our team deem this to be the ‘best oil heater in India’.

2. Morphy Richards Room Heater

As one of the most popular oil-filled electric heaters in the country, the Morphy Richards Room Heater is known for its efficiency and fast action. It helps to heat up the room quickly and has the power to warm up even the farthest corners of your room easily.

This product comes with an adjustable thermostat to choose your preferred temperature setting. It also comes with a power selection knob, a back cover as well as a humidifier. You also get a 2-year warranty on this product. We loved this particular oil room heater since it is one of those portable room heaters that have an overheat protection feature and therefore lasts longer than most types of room heaters available in online marketplaces.

3. Singer Room Heater

If you are looking for a convenient heater with a fan for instant heating, then this is the product that you should go for. The Singer room heater is an 11 fins room heater that comes with 3 power settings and thermostatic control. It is also an energy-efficient room heater that consumes a lot less power than others.

This product comes with many safety features, along with overheat protection. The caster wheel  present on this product allows you to use it easily and move it around without any issues. We loved the heat reservoir that these types of heaters flaunt, along with the unmatched sleek design. It is so good that most of the experts in our team believe this to be the ‘best oil filled room heater in India’.

4. Havells Wave Fins Room Heater

This room heater is often recommended by our team of experts as it comes from one of the most reliable and trustworthy brands in the country, and it is a high-quality product. It has an elegant design and comes with large surface wave fins for faster heating.

Havells has been deemed by many as the’ best oil heater brand in India, and this product doesn’t disappoint either as it hails from the same superlative brand. It is known for its heating efficiency and comes with heat protection and thermostat control as well. We loved the safety cut-off feature that leads to a thermal shutoff and prevents the radiant room heater from getting damaged.

5. Usha 3809F Room Heater

This product deserves a spot on our curated list due to its interesting features and elegant design. The Usha Room Heater comes with a PTC heating element and an adjustable thermostat that allows you to change your room’s temperature quickly and easily. It even comes with recess handles and castor wheels which allows users to move it around effortlessly.

This room heater comes equipped with powder coated fins for rust protection, and a tip-over switch. It heats up the room amazingly fast, and comes with a 1-year warranty on product. This type of heater is better than conventional room heaters as it can cater to multiple heating positions with its holistic heating settings. These features are why many specialists and experts in our team consider it to be the ‘best oil filled room heater in India’.

6. Bajaj Majesty RH Room Heater

If you are looking for a heater for winter, something that will have an efficient design and will also be affordable, then this is the product that you should go for. Bajaj appliances have made a name for themselves in India, and this Bajaj Majesty RH Room heater is one of their best products. It comes in a stylish black or golden color and has an international design.

With a whopping 2 years warranty on the product, this oil heater comes with tilt protection and 3 different heat settings. We loved this absolutely noiseless heater which is better than all conventional room heaters with its feature of overheat protection that prevents the appliance from damage. We loved this top-rated product and would wholeheartedly recommend our readers to purchase this superlative electrical appliance. This product is so reliable that it has garnered the status of the ‘best room heater in India’ in many places.

7. Orient Electric Ultra Comfort Room Heater

With a beautiful white color, this oil heater comes with advanced S-shaped 3rd generation fins to ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the room. It is also one of the safest heaters in the market as it comes with triple heating protection. You can control the rate of heating and move it around easily as well, with the help of its castor wheels.

If you are worried about the oil room heater price in India, then you can shrug away your worries as this product sports the most affordable prices amongst its segment. It is a long-lasting product that provides fast heating, and even comes with a 2-year warranty. We loved the convenient product dimensions sported by these high-quality home appliances and its ability to ensure uniform heating over the entire space of your residential premises.

8. DELONGHI Room Heater with Fan

This is a certified product that comes with patented thermal slot technology. It is a brand that many people believe to be the ‘best oil heater brand in India’, and it does not disappoint in terms of quality or efficiency. It also comes with pre-assembled castor wheels for easy storage and smooth mobility.

We were captivated by this product since it has a fantastic appearance, and looks great in any decor due to its glossy and matte finish. It is a durable product too, with a sturdy metal body with a plastic interface. The dual thermostat technology makes this one of the safest products as well. We would highly recommend this product as we feel that it is an ideal pick for the modern household.

9. Kenstar PTC Fan Heater

For noiseless operation and fast heating,the Kenstar PTC Fan Heater that you should consider. It is a safe product with overheat protection and comes with high grade oil which allows it to last longer.

It has a beautiful design and comes with large surface wave fins. It heats up every corner to the room and keeps people warm and cozy even during the harshest winters. This oil filled room heater is one of the major types of heaters that does not disrupt the air quality of the rooms while offering uniform room heating. We loved its efficient heating mechanism and the additional safety features that enabled us to include this product in our heater buying guide.

10. Venus Room Heater

Venus is regarded by thousands as the ‘best oil heater brand in India’, especially for its efficiency and affordability. The Venus Room heater can be the perfect choice to heat up medium to large-sized rooms very fast and it even comes with 3 convenient heat settings.

This is an extremely safe heater to have in your home, and is also easy to move around and reposition with the help of its nylon castor wheels. It is also a long-lasting and durable product and is energy-efficient as well. The excellent features of this superb product ensures uniform distribution of heat. This made our experts fall in love with this excellent product.

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Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are always making a conscious effort to help you with your health, lifestyle and everyday essentials. In our attempts to provide you with the perfect solutions that help bring joy and comfort in your lives, we are constantly researching, testing and categorizing products with the help of our expert teams. Here, we took the onus of researching and testing the best oil room heaters in India to help our readers spend their winters comfortably. In our endeavors to present you with the most credible information without any veil, we have divided the following section into five parts -

Why You Should Trust Us

This is a very important question, and we wish to answer this to you in detail. Zeroing in on the best oil-filled room heater brands during your online forays is often a tough task. Most of the brands present online will claim to be far superior than the others and claim to have a better product range. Therefore, it becomes confusing for the user to find the right brand that will serve their purpose. Since most of our readers suffer from such a dilemma, we extend our helping hands and empower them to become informed consumers who can pick their preferred products themselves. Over the years, Lifestyle Titbits has become an acclaimed haven for getting the best product recommendations with detailed information about them.

But how do we come by this information? These are the results of detail-oriented research and analysis that we conduct. Consider this particular scenario. We assembled a group of mechanical engineers, designers, electrical and power engineers along with several experts from related fields who helped us take the first foot forward by shortlisting nearly 50 oil-filled room heaters online. These oil room heaters were sent to our product testers who started evaluating them based on several relevant parameters.

Our teams have also contacted competent and renowned professionals in the field to know about their expert opinion and thoughts on the matter. As the final step before making our lists public, we also conduct countrywide polls to know what the general population thinks, wants, and prefers - which further help us streamline and adhere to our company goals and deliver only the best of the best to our audiences.

At the same time, our marketing team invested their time by interviewing consumers. They also ran a series of online and offline polls for users across the country. By the time the results of these interviews and surveys were compiled, our product testers also finished hours of testing. Both the results were tallied and we finally landed with some of the choicest contraptions in the oil heater segment!

Who This Is For

Although we generally do product reviews that will cater to every section of the Indian population, here, we have picked some of the target groups based on the utility of the oil heaters. They are -

  • Old and feeble people
  • Newborn babies
  • People living in areas with cold weather
  • People suffering from hypothermic conditions

How We Picked

Our product testers emphasized a bunch of important parameters while they created the assortment of the best oil heaters in India. Some of these parameters are written below -

  • Mobility: Generally, it is difficult and highly expensive to create a centralized heating solution for your entire house. Also, for a country like India, it is unnecessary. Therefore, we gave more points to room heaters that were highly portable as they can be taken to any room at any time to offer the required amount of heat there.
  • Safety and storage: When it comes to an electrical appliance, our experts always focus on the safety features. The overheat protection feature is one of the most excellent features that is present in most of these heaters that we have listed here. Along with safety, storage features like cord winders and others are also essential as we would like to save space in our rooms while using these oil heaters.
  • Ease of usage: The presence of flexible temperature control settings, adjustable thermostat, control knobs, etc. impressed our team of researchers highly as they improve the ease of usage.

Our Picks

Now that we know about the premium oil-filled room heater brands in India that will serve our requirements, it is time to find out more about the products. Check out the space below!

Photo Title Price Buy
Havells OFR 11...image Havells OFR 11 Fin OFR 2900 Watt with 3 Heat Setting DUO Tech PTC & OFR (Black) ₹9,498.00
Havells OFR 11...image Havells OFR 11 Wave Fins Heater with Fan Beige 2900 Watts
Usha 3809F PTC...image Usha 3809F PTC 2000 Watts Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater (White)
Orient Electric 13...image Orient Electric 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator | 2500W | Advanced S- Shaped Fins | Triple Overheating Protection| 3 Heat Setting | Portable | 2-year replacement warranty | White,Gold
DELONGHI 12 Fin...image DELONGHI 12 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater with Fan (White, 3000 Watts) ₹15,999.00
Venus 13 Fin...image Venus 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater(Black)/Curved Fin/ISI - 2900 Watts ₹10,200.00

Now that you know a lot of exceptional oil heater brands in India, you can go forward and make a purchase.

Final Verdict

If you want to go forward with an all-round heating solution for cold and uncomfortable winters, we would suggest you to go ahead with the Havells OFR Room Heater With Fan.

When it comes to taking your convenience a notch higher, we would want you to check out our runner up - Morphy Richards Room Heater.

However, if you want a more affordable heating solution, we would recommend the Singer Room Heater.

All the above products are pretty comparable when it comes to features. You simply need to choose the one that best suits your requirements.