With an increase in the number of desk-job-oriented occupations, especially in the IT sectors but not just limited to it, there's a burgeoning literature available on the design of everyday office space. Office space is primarily composed of machines and human resources using such machines. Apart from that, furniture plays an often unnoticed yet distinctive role in molding and building such office space for maximum productivity. Office chairs are important pieces of furniture that have a direct correlation with the physical health of the employee. Good and sturdy office chairs improve the comfort level of an employee with a desk job and help raise productivity in multifarious ways. This is the reason that we at Lifestyle Titbits conducted a thorough and rigorous study to find out the best office chair brands in India. The study was undertaken to assist you in your purchase of the branded office chairs in India with relative ease and solid empirical information. According to our team of experts, the study found the AmazonBasics Office Chair as one of the best office chairs India.

Our Pick

AmazonBasics Office Chair

Super-comfortable Office Chairs Upholstered in Black Bonded Leather

We at Lifestyle Titbits picked this brand as the provider of the best office chairs India because of its multiple features giving you a complete experience of comfort.

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These chairs are very stylish looking and will add a distinct professional outlook to the overall design of the interior of your office space. Alongside this superior style, it provides you with numerous comforts.

Our team of experts complemented the pneumatic seat-height adjustment available with these chairs. It permits you to raise or lower your seat. It also allows you to rock back or seat upright according to your choice. This multiplicity of possible options of seating lets you adopt the most comfortable and ergonomic posture during work. We observed that AmazonBasics does not spend any amount of money on marketing, advertisements, or brand promotion. Instead, they are utilizing every dime for research and innovation and dishing out these perfect products that maximize your productivity.

The dual-wheel caster available with this chair is perfect for multi-tasking convenience and allows you to move with relative ease. Our study shows the chair capable of withstanding around 125 kgs of weight. So, it is compatible with a wide range of human weight categories. All these virtues of this product compelled our experts to declare this product as the numero uno among top office chair brands in India.


Green Soul Seoul-X Office/Study Chair

Stylish chairs with Padded Backrest and Fixed Armrest

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits praised this particular product for its simple yet elegant design. We were driven by its design and multiple cutting-edge features to include it amongst our top 3 list of the best office chairs.

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These chairs have superior quality along with ergonomic design. The internal frame of this ergonomic chair is made of wood giving firm support to your body with multiple seating postures.

While doing our experiments and research, we found that the back of these chairs is padded with high-quality foam. In addition to this, fabric upholstery in this product is suited to give you an exquisite seating experience during those long hours of work. Our experts emphasized the comfortable experience achieved from its unique seating positions. The seat is made of molded foam and fabric. Our study shows this material to be perfect for sweat-free seating. This makes this suitable for sitting for long hours at a stretch giving comfort to your shoulders, back, hips and legs. We also observed that this comfortable seating arrangement enhances your productivity.

Our team likes the combination of a simplistic outlook with the superior quality of comfort given by these chairs. Fixed armrests of these chairs are perfect to support you in your seating postures. The heavy-duty metal base with smooth-rolling five wheels adds another advantage to make this product one of the best-branded chairs in India.

Budget Pick

SAVYA HOME APEX Delta Office Chair

Ergonomic Copolymer Chair with Mesh Back and Height and Tilt Adjustment

We at Lifestyle Titbits are very happy to pick this product as our budget choice since it ensures maximum comfort for you with minimum strain on your pockets.

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Our team may run out of words to give a holistic account of the benefits offered by this chair. Endowed with a simple design, this chair gives you superior quality comfort with its multifaceted features.

Our team of experts highly praised this product for its numerous marvelous features which include a mesh-like backrest, one-touch height adjustment, etc. The meshlike backrest allows easy passage of air which keeps you cool. The height adjustment mechanism gives you an ergonomic posture with minimal effort. Our team also liked the heavy-duty swivel mechanism present in this product. It allows sloshing by a small amplitude with simple up and down adjustment. This stable system is wonderfully complemented by an umbrella shape base

The seat cushion is made of thick and high-density mesh enhancing your seating experience throughout the day. Such features make you extra comfortable during your working hours. Such an ergonomic design makes this product one of the best office chairs India.

10 Best Office Chairs in India

The difference between office and work has become increasingly blurry with the advent and application of the ‘working from home option in numerous jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to this, the so-called office space has become much more fluid. Office chairs at home can give you extra bits of comfort during these scenarios. We at Lifestyle Titbits are offering you a reliable and empirically-based guide to purchasing such furniture to make your long office hours more comfortable.

  1. AmazonBasics Office Chair
  2. Green Soul Seoul-X Office/Study Chair
  3. SAVYA HOME APEX Delta Office Chair
  4. Savya Home Apex Chairs
  5. INNOWIN Jazz Office and Home Chair
  6. CELLBELL C104 Office/Study Chair
  7. TIMBER CHEESE Office Chair
  8. Da URBAN Miller Office Revolving Chair
  9. MBTC Xcelo Mesh Office Chair
  10. Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chairs

All the products mentioned in this list are a result of meticulous study. You can gather more insights by reading the product descriptions below.

1. AmazonBasics Office Chair

This chair is known for its superior comfort level and ergonomic design. It is a sturdy and durable office chair, admired by people all over the country. It comes with a padded seat and padded backrest for added comfort, along with pneumatic seat adjustment.

This is an adjustable armchair with dual-wheel casters. It is strong enough to hold up to  127 kgs of weight and it even comes with a 1-year limited warranty. We loved its adjustable armrest as this endows the ergonomic office chair with maximum comfort that you will need after a long and tiring day at your office.

2. Green Soul Seoul-X Office/Study Chair

This executive chair comes with a sturdy metal base and has many unique features that set this incredibly adjustable office chair apart from the rest. We found that this type of chair comes with a tilt mode for high-level comfort which allows you to sit in a proper posture. It even comes with an adjustable seat height feature, with a padded back and seat, for maximum comfort.

This chair is known as the ideal office chair, but we were wowed as it can also be used as a gaming chair. It is available in various, beautiful colors that can help to give your office a classic look. With spacious seats and fantastic seat depth as its key features, along with a 1-year warranty, this height-adjustable chair is regarded as one of the best office chairs India.

3. SAVYA HOME APEX Delta Office Chair

When it comes to an ergonomic chair, this is a timeless piece, with a sleek and classic design that can blend into any office decor effortlessly. This executive chair is known for its ergonomic design, sturdy metal base, and heavy-duty swivel mechanism with tension control, that helps you to move it seamlessly without any problems.

The Savya Apex chair is loved by our team of experts and product testers as it is manufactured by one of the best office chair brands in India. If you have this swivel chair in your office, we will advise you to bid goodbye to all the cheap office chairs that were eating up your office space till now! It even comes with a high-density seat padding and pneumatic cylinders for maximum comfort and a one-touch high adjustment feature, so that you can sit however you want without any issues.

4. Savya Home Apex Chairs

Savya is one of the best office chair brands in India, known for its top-quality products and innovative designs. The Savya Home Apex Plastic chair offers maximum comfort with its high-density padded seats and seat height adjustment mechanism that allows you to sit in any position you want. If you want a nice chair for the office, our experts will wholeheartedly recommend this product.

Other than its adjustable features, this product features a heavy-duty swivel mechanism that allows you to move with maximum ease. We inquired several executives about the feeling and they all testified to additional comfort amongst other superior qualities. The one-touch tilt adjustment is another interesting feature that adds to your comfort when you buy these modern chairs for your office. Equipped with durable material, a solid plastic armrest, and a 12 months warranty against breakage or mechanism defects, this heavy-duty chair beats any standard office chair with ease!

5. INNOWIN Jazz Office and Home Chair

If you are looking for a chair that will provide you with maximum comfort at your workplace, then we will advise you to go for this product that trumps any other comfortable chair with ease! These amazing mesh chairs from INNOWIN come with 2D lumbar support and are made from a glass-filled nylon structure with a breathable mesh.

This chair allows you to sit in a relaxed position during a grueling day at the office. So we will recommend that you throw away all the ordinary chairs that were crowding every foot of office space and purchase these definers of space instead! It comes with non-adjustable arms for added comfort and is known for its excellent quality. We loved the multi-position seat lock system for added convenience.

6. CELLBELL C104 Office/Study Chair

If you are working for an extended period, then you might have encountered neck pain and feel the importance of back support. This office chair is designed in a way to give you utmost comfort and its natural curve enables you to sit in an optimal position so that you can work throughout the day without any kind of physical discomfort. With a thick foam cushion, padded seat, superb fabric material, and padded armrests, these are the best office solutions you could ask for.

This chair comes with a maximum user weight capacity of 105 kgs. According to hundreds of satisfied customers we interviewed, it offers enough space for you to sit comfortably, which is why it can also be used as a gaming chair. Being the perfect blend of utmost comfort and safety features, these furniture solutions are equipped with a soft cushion seat with a hydraulic 3-inch seat height adjustment, breathable mesh fabric seat upholstery, and seat tilting mechanism that make them the best choice for a modern office.

7. TIMBER CHEESE Office Chair

This ergonomic chair is from one of the top office chair brands in India. With a sleek design, stylish appeal, heavy-duty plastic umbrella-shaped base, and sturdy armrests, this chair easily stands out as one of the best in the market.

This is a high-quality office chair with many adjustable as well as safety features. It comes with seat height adjustment, tilt adjustments, and a 2-inch padded seat for maximum comfort which amazed us and truly made us understand why these chair brands are the innovation leaders. It also comes with a whopping 2-year warranty, which makes it a value for your money.

8. Da URBAN Miller Office Revolving Chair

This might be an expensive office chair, but its amazing set of features makes it worth every penny. This chair can be the perfect fit for you if you work long hours at the office. You would want a chair that could provide you with utmost comfort, adequate lumbar support, and also support your back and head better than anything else. We thoroughly loved its adjustable lumbar cushion and the extra flexibility with its advanced tilt adjustments. 

It is a fully adjustable chair which means you can adjust almost anything to your liking and comfort level. From the seat height to back tilt owing to the tiltable neck and multi-point tilt locking, this chair allows you to tweak anything so that you can have a snug fit. It is a spacious chair, easy to assemble, and comes with an increased seat pad thickness as well.

9. MBTC Xcelo Mesh Office Chair

This is one of the most beloved branded office chairs in India. You can use it for an extended duration without having to worry about back pain as its ergonomic features, backrest angle and seat angle adjustability offer perfect back support for users.

It is easy to assemble and comes with a sturdy nylon base and has a maximum weight capacity of 120 kgs. The wide range of product features including its excellent quality internal frame for spine safety and improper posture correction along with castor wheels have impressed our office furniture experts in ergonomics. We also loved the warranty on hydraulics that comes with this product.

10. Wipro Furniture Adapt Office Chairs

As one of the most popular branded office chairs in India, this product comes with a comprehensive guide for easy installation in your office setup. It comes from a trustworthy brand and is equipped with 'Automatic Tension Adjustment Control' which adapts according to the weight of the user. The shiny black color also gives this product a sleek and stunning look.

You can adjust your seat’s height according to your desires and this product even comes with armrests and cushioned lumbar spine support for added convenience.  The durable upholstery, ergonomic lumbar pillow, quality mesh fabric, and convenient headrest angle make it one of the most economic solutions to have in your office!

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Office furniture is one of the most important items in an office space. With the advent of ‘work from home’ provisions, more and more employees are required to sit at home during the long office hours. Therefore, it is sensible to get such furniture which helps in your work. Office chairs are the foremost among such furniture and can be effective in increasing productivity as well as comfort level. It also has a positive benign effect on your physical health if you can adopt a suitable posture for seating throughout your office time. We at Lifestyle Titbits engaged in this study thinking this to be an urgent need as it is natural to be confused to choose the best product all by yourself. We gathered a team of professionals who studied numerous brands of office chairs in the market to show you the unique features of the top ten products. Some of the details of the study are enumerated below, with the section divided into five interrelated parts, for your kind consideration.

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits want to provide our readers with relevant information that assists them in choosing the best product from the online and offline markets. Such information is intended to enable our readers to decide for themselves with a better understanding of their specific needs and requirements. With this inspiration, we assembled professional researchers, market analysts, and interior designers in a team for this study.

The research team compiled a list of more than 50 brands of office chairs based on online sales records. They then shortlisted twenty brands based on an ergonomic index. After this, they compared the remaining brands from the list based on a set of parameters. The interior designers help us in identifying such parameters. Based on this comparison, we prepared a final list of top brands of office chairs in the Indian market.

We also conducted interviews with focus groups amongst consumers at a definite interval regarding their experience in using various brands. In this way, our study attempted to reconcile expert opinions with popular experience.

Who This Is For

We think that this article will be of use to several groups of people across India. However, we have compiled a list of the people for whom this article will be particularly helpful. Some of the specific target groups for this study were -

  • Office executives.
  • Corporate HR officials.
  • People employed in the IT sector.
  • People working from home.
  • Students studying for long hours.
  • Small business owners.

How We Picked

We can't give you all the details of our meticulous testing process as it will exceed the limits of this single article easily. To spare you from straining your already clogged-up, busy schedule, we give you some of the most important parameters in our study below.

  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic structures are designed to promote efficiency giving a boost to productivity with higher levels of comfort. We used a well-defined measurable ergonomic index to prepare our list of products in the initial phases of the study.
  • Material of the Chairs: Material of the chair is essential as it provides you with enough pressure that helps in enhancing your physical health during extensive seating hours due to your job requirements. Our research team focused on this parameter adequately as a result.
  • Quality of Seat: As we are speaking about chairs, quality of the seats is sure to be one of the most important parameters. Our research team thus looked at the design and composition of this part of the chairs with extra emphasis.

Our Picks

After strenuous research and testing, we at Lifestyle Titbits selected the top ten office chairs in the Indian market. We urge you to go through the whole list and pick the product which suits your needs and requirements after comparing the features of all the products.

Photo Title Price Buy
Green Soul Seoul...image Green Soul Seoul X Office Chair, Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair with Comfortable & Spacious Seat, Rocking-tilt Mechanism & Heavy Duty Metal Base (Grey) ₹3,899.00
oakcraft Medium Back...image oakcraft Medium Back Reclining Leatheratte Office Chair, Desk Chair/Work from Home (Brown)
INNOWIN Jazz High...image INNOWIN Jazz High Back Office Chair | Mesh Ergonomic Chair with Multi-Tilt Lock, Lumbar Support, Strong Nylon Base | Home & Office Seating (Black) ₹8,400.00
CELLBELL Desire C104...image CELLBELL Desire C104 Mesh Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair/Study Chair/Revolving Chair/Computer Chair for Work from Home Metal Base Seat Height Adjustable Chair [BLACK]
Timber Cheese Ergonomic...image Timber Cheese Ergonomic mesh Chair (Black)
Da URBAN® Miller...image Da URBAN® Miller Medium Back Office/Revolving Chair (Black) ₹10,000.00

You can browse through our list and make an informed purchase decision yourself.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best office chairs in India then our team will unanimously recommend you to buy AmazonBasics Office Chair.

If you are looking for the most stylish ergonomic office chairs then our experts will suggest you buy a Green Soul Seoul-X Office/Study Chair.

If you are looking for the most affordable office chairs then our budget pick, SAVYA HOME APEX Delta Office Chair, may interest you.

However, every product listed in our article is of superior quality and will provide you with maximum user satisfaction.