We get it. You’re in your house, staring at yourself in the mirror and wondering when the barber is going to open shop. Your beard looks like a mess right now. It’s a disaster but a little trim to that extra stubble would smoothen the jawline. Why not select from a plethora of hair trimmers on the internet? We understand that choosing the perfect trimmer for your daily needs can be a daunting task. But worry not! Our top experts have selected the 10 Best Multigroom Trimmers in India so that you can choose the most elegant ones at the cheapest prices. Without further ado, let us introduce the best multigroom trimmer in India on our list.

Our Pick

Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom Trimmer

State-of-the-Art Multigroom Trimmer with Compact Design

From one of the best electronics manufacturers in the world, this trimmer has the Dual Cut technology for precise trimming.

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Our team of researchers has declared the Philips MG7715/15 trimmer an overall winner amongst the 100 products we tested. Its compact design is easy to use and shaved as close as 0.5 mm.

The best thing about this trimmer that impressed our experts is its Dual Cut technology. This provides the best results for multi-purpose grooming as it has twice the number of self-sharpening blades. They give your body hair a precise trimming just the way you want it. It has a rechargeable battery with many length settings. Its blades remain as sharp as when they were new, even after three years of use. The unique skin protector system protects even the most sensitive body areas while shaving them. Our team of experts has aptly declared this to be the best multigroom trimmer in India. And what's more? This trimmer comes with a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The only downside we found to the trimmer is that it is cordless. If you are more accustomed to a corded trimmer, then you might want to try out our next pick, Syska HT4000K AquaTrim.


Syska HT4000K AquaTrim

Corded Trimmer for the Ultimate Grooming Experience

Multiple blade settings with LED digital battery indicator and several comb attachments give this trimmer a high position on our research scale.

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Our researchers especially liked the washable head that allows maximum torque when this Syska trimmer is used after cleaning. The travel lock is an interesting feature that prevents battery discharge.

It has a comfortable grip and can also function as a cordless trimmer. Its cord is quite long and provides the flexibility of use. Out of all the products that were tested this trimmer struck us as the most powerful and versatile device in the market for its self-sharpening blades. Its durable body helps the user to reach corners where they usually cannot, to get a clean and thorough shaving. It has 9 hair-length settings for various styling options and offers avant-garde SensoCut blades for smooth and precision trimming. The travel lock on this device prevents battery discharge during travel. It has a long-lasting body and comes with a 2 years warranty period.

If this is out of your budget then don't worry. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, have got you covered. For a more affordable trimmer, check out our budget pick, Nova NG 1151 All-in-One Trimmer.

Budget Pick

Nova NG 1151 All-in-One

All-in-One Cordless Beard Trimmer for Fast and Efficient Styling

This precision trimmer groom’s unwanted hair easily with or without a length comb. Adjustable settings and ergonomic design allow you to work faster with this.

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The affordable price without any compromise of its quality is the best thing about this trimmer. It can be used by amateur fashion enthusiasts to create the contours and lines they want as their signature style.

The durable, stainless steel blade is entirely smooth on the skin and does not hurt or nick it in any way. It has washable attachments that can be detached and cleaned thoroughly with water before reusing. Its waterproof body and blade save it against rapid deterioration. It comes with a cord but can also be used without it when it is running on a high-powered, rechargeable battery. Its multifunctional usage at such an affordable price made it rank so high on our list of top ten multigroom trimmers in India.

The trimmer comes with a USB charging cable and a range of grooming products that are needed to style your hair the perfect way. All of these operate on low noise and have a pre-lubricant coating. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Top 10 Multigroom Trimmers in India

If you are searching for the best multigroom trimmer in India online, then you will find a plethora of options that may confuse you. Which one will you choose among the 100+ options that are made available to you? At Lifestyle Titbits, we have tried to make your choice easier. Here, we have brought you a list of trimmers that have passed our series of tests and can be called the best trimmers out there.

  1. Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom Trimmer
  2. Syska HT4000K AquaTrim
  3. Nova NG 1151 All-in-One
  4. Kubra KB-5300 5-in-1 Multifunctional Trimmer
  5. Braun MGK3221 6-in-1 Multipurpose Trimmer
  6. LetsShave Beard, Body and Head Trimmer
  7. Swiss Military Shv-5 5-in-1 Trimming/Grooming Set
  8. Havells GS6451 Beard and Hair Trimmer
  9. VGR V-055 Professional Rechargeable Cordless Beard/Hair Trimmer Kit for Men
  10. Lifelong LLPCM17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper

This list features the top 10 trimmers that our researchers have chosen after painstakingly conducting extensive research on the vast choice of products available online. We have checked their features, mainly focusing upon durability, the flexibility of grip, battery life, hair length settings, and comb attachments.

So here is the list of the best wall primers in India for our readers to savor and improve their living standards.

1. Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom Trimmer

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, we recommend the Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom Series 7000 13-in-1 Face, Hair, and Body Trimmer. Phillips is on top of the charts when it comes to electronics and has wowed us with its compact design and the best solution for facial hairs, ear hair, and whole-body grooming. Our experts loved the advanced Dual Cut technology and twice the number of self-sharpening blades for precision trimming of body hair.

It is the best range of grooming essentials you can get. The rechargeable battery ensures a quick charge and the cordless operation along with a comfortable grip, skin-friendly blades, and style attachments enable an effortless trimming experience even in hard-to-reach areas. The precision length settings help you customize your beard lengths and full-body trimming experience.

2. Syska HT4000K AquaTrim

Our experts feel that this is a multipurpose trimmer with a durable, easy-to-maintain design and multiple blade settings. This body grooming kit is complete grooming artillery for you with its washable head ensuring maximum torque. The LED digital battery indicator shows the battery status and the comb attachments help you have a precise trimming experience.

It also has detachable, self-sharpening stainless steel blades on the trimmer head which enables you to get rid of unwanted hairs in a single stroke. The high-precision blades make it a versatile cordless beard trimmer. It is one of the most powerful trimmers that acts as an efficient ear trimmer and also gets rid of your nose hair for a single charge session with its high-end attachments.

3. Nova NG 1151 All-in-One

It is one of the best budget trimmers that ensure maximum precision when it comes to defining your grooming style. Our product testers feel that this is a multi-grooming kit that ensures a soothing and hygienic trimming experience.

One of the key features of this item model is its sleek design and battery backup that can be fired up with USB charging. The shaver head has pre-lubricated blades for a complete trim. It is a detailed trimmer with adjustable settings for precise grooming and amps up your grooming game!

4. Kubra KB-5300 5-in-1 Multifunctional Trimmer

If your bathroom sink needs a sci-fi-looking beard trimmer that doubles up as one of the most attractive grooming devices, then we would recommend this product. Appearing in a multi grooming kit rife with some advanced features, it has 19 precision length settings for variable body hair lengths that perform the grooming task with ease.

Additionally, it comes with a charger indicator with USB rapid charge technology so that you can always know if it's amped up. The lithium-ion batteries are highly powerful and make this a beast amongst grooming devices. The 2-year warranty period will rock your grooming experience for sure!

5. Braun MGK3221 6-in-1 Multipurpose Trimmer

Taking it up a notch from the previous generations, the Braun MGK3221 6-in-1 Multipurpose Trimmer delivers some high-end performance. The 6-in-One multi grooming kit enables these stylish trimmers to deliver an easy, fast, and precise shave. With lifetime sharp blades, the Braun MGK3221 allocates 13 user-friendly blade settings to get that perfect cut each time.

The main reason why we put this in the center of our scale is because of its 50-minute battery life. It takes around 10 hours to fully charge its NiMH battery so you might want to look out for that. Considering the price point and dexterity, it does a fair job nonetheless.

6. LetsShave Beard, Body and Head Trimmer

If you thought that the other ones in our body and beard trimmer list were versatile, the LetsShave Beard, Body, and Head Trimmer will blow your mind with an incredible range of 38 length settings. It is one of the perfect trimmers that doubles up as a body shaver and helps you get a quick trim for a single charge.

The two precision trimming combs- the stubble comb and the beard comb, are detachable and can be used as per your preferences, giving you the ultimate control over-usage. This cordless trimmer comes packed with a powerful Lithium-ion battery that delivers a staggering 90 minutes of cordless usage to prune even the thickest of the lush!

7. Swiss Military Shv-5 5-in-1 Trimming/Grooming Set

Looking to get that stylish clean-trim military look? The next pick by our experts doesn’t disappoint. The Swiss Military Shv-5 5-in-1 Trimming/Grooming Set is a hard player amongst kit trimmers. The elegant kit setup combines a durable, easy-to-maintain design along with multiple-sized hair combs that make it a total grooming package. It acts as an effective nose hair trimmer as well with its skin-friendly rounded tips.

This comes with detachable stainless-steel blades with Self-Sharpening technology for higher durability. The most lucrative thing about this product is that it comes with a charging base. You don’t have to worry anymore about tangled wires everywhere- just switch on the charging base and keep the trimmer in the designated slot for self-charging.

8. Havells GS6451 Beard and Hair Trimmer

Coming with variously shaped and sized trimmer head variants, the Havells GS6451 Beard and Hair Trimmer defines excellence. Its detailed foil shaver heads and sharp trimmer ensure a smooth shave in the most difficult corners. Additionally, its metal hypoallergenic blades ensure a skin-friendly grooming session and prevent infections and rashes from happening.

Our experts love this beard trimmer since it is well above the average power punch and packs a solid 90-minute cordless use for the customers. When it comes to security and consumer service guarantees, our experts trust Havells.

9. VGR V-055 Professional Rechargeable Cordless Beard/Hair Trimmer Kit for Men

The VGR V-055 Professional Rechargeable Cordless Beard/Hair Trimmer Kit for Men is a budget pick for a precision trimmer under Rs. 1000. This one also comes with a mineral oil-based lubricating agent to keep the blades running for a longer duration. A sleek yet high-performance product, the innovative denoising design of this full-sized trimmer offers a silent yet smooth shave.

Its 3500 rpm motor also delivers a quick shave when you’re in a hurry. Added with IP7 waterproof guarantee and a whopping 120-minute work time, this one secures the trust of our experts and features within our top 10 list.

10. Lifelong LLPCM17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper

The winner’s done but this isn’t any less! Concluding our list at number 10, the Lifelong LLPCM17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper delivers generous performance at the price range. It comes with 6 user-friendly combs for easy application and ceramic titanium blades which add sturdiness to the cut.

It also comes with an LED-charge indicator like some of our other selections and IPX-7 waterproof protection. This electric trimmer acts as an ideal nose trimmer with its protective trimmer head.

Product Testing and Research Methodology

At Lifestyle Titbits, we understand your need to know the grounds of our research to buy the best multigroom trimmer in India. Here is how we chose the top 3 multigroom trimmers. Maintaining this transparency helps us build a relationship of trust with our readers.

Why You Should Trust Us

As our name suggests, Lifestyle Titbits aims to improve the lifestyle of our customers by informing them about the latest products in the online marketplace. We test various brands that produce the same product to evaluate which one is the best for you. People are always looking forward to using devices that cut down manual effort, so the multigroom trimmer has become a household name at this point.

At Lifestyle Titbits, we always keep the reader's needs in mind. Our team of experts did the same as they collected data from over 100 products and tested them to put together a curated list of the top 10 multigroom trimming devices. The team consisted of grooming and beauty professionals who spent hours conducting extensive research and holding interviews and online polls to help gauge popular opinion.

The last few weeks saw us go to great lengths to collate the data we gathered from our research. Everyone involved in the process enriched us with more knowledge about multigroom trimmers available in India.

Who This Is For

Our list of top multigroom trimmers online caters to a wide spectrum of audiences. This is a useful device and can be easily used by an amateur or a professional.

  • Men desiring a clean, cropped look.
  • Beauty professionals.
  • Grooming experts.
  • Hair stylists.
  • Make up artists.
  • Fashion enthusiasts

We hope that our recommendations help whoever is looking for that ultimate solution of getting the best-shaved look.

How We Picked

At Lifestyle Titbits, we have an extensive list of parameters that we use while evaluating products. The basic factors we considered were – durability, grip, battery life, and hair length settings.

  • Durability: There's no way you're going to want to get another trimmer anytime soon. The investment is not worth it if your current purchase does not last for long. So, multigroom trimmers that are highly durable, preferably with stainless steel blades that won't get damaged under any conditions are ideal.
  • Flexible grip: Though not as dangerous as razor blades, trimmers can still slip from your hand and cause an injury. So a trimmer should come with a flexible grip on its handle.
  • Battery life: If you're going to get a multigroom trimmer, you would want it to be cordless. It will be easily portable and usable wherever. To enjoy this feature to the fullest, you will have to make sure that your device has a long battery life, so that you don't have to charge it again and again.
  • Hair length settings: Adjustable combs are supplied with most trimmers available online. Buying the ones that come with the combs that you are going to have a use for, is wise. For professional stylists, the wide range of different comb sets might be more preferable than the ones buying for personal usage and thus only needing one comb variant or two.

These are some of the basic factors that should be considered. In all actuality, we had a long list of parameters that weighed in on our decisions. Including all of them will make this a boring read, so we provide you only a brief overview.

Our Picks

Grooming one's appearance is never an easy task – it needs time and an eye for details. Especially for shaving, men struggle to maintain uniformity if they want to keep a neatly trimmed stubble. Multigroom trimmers are easy to handle with many effective settings. So they are quite expensive and we want our readers to make the perfect buy! Our detailed information about each of the products on the list will hopefully help our readers gain insight into choosing which trimmer will suit them the best.

Photo Title Price Buy
SYSKA HT4000K Cord...image SYSKA HT4000K Cord Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Black
Nova NG 1151...image Nova NG 1151 All in One 100% Waterproof Corded n Cordless: 60 Minutes Runtime Grooming Kit For Men (Black) ₹1,499.00
KUBRA KB-5350 Trimmer...image KUBRA KB-5350 Trimmer & Shaver For Men Trimmer 150 min Runtime 10 Length Settings, Black
LetsShave Beard Body...image LetsShave Beard Body & Head Trimmer for Men with 2 Combs, 38th Length, 90 Min Runtime, Rechargeable & Waterproof, Full Body Trimmer, Suitable for Beard, Body and Head ₹1,329.00
Swiss Military 5...image Swiss Military 5 in 1 Trimmer Grooming Kit for Nose, Ear, Beard & Moustache, Full Body with Rechargeable Base for Charging and Storage, Unisex, Water Resistant Detachable Stainless Steel Blades, 70 minutes Run Time, 2 Years Warranty SHV-5 (Black)
Havells GS6451 -...image Havells GS6451 - Fast Charge 4-in-1 Grooming Kit for Beard & Hair Trimming with multiple attachments; Cord & Cordless adjustable; Titanium blades; 90 mins run time (Brown) ₹2,250.00
VGR Professional Battery...image VGR Professional Battery Powered Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer Kit with Guide Combs Brush USB Cord for Men, Family or Pets, Multicolor ₹673.55
Lifelong Llpcm17 Ace...image Lifelong Llpcm17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper with Digital Display, 3 Hours Runtime 6 Combs (3Mm-12Mm) | Heavy Duty for and Beard Cut Black Men

Final Verdict

Try our top pick, Philips MG7715/15 Multigroom Series 7000 13-in-1 trimmer, for ultimate satisfaction. We assure you 100% ease of use with this and comfortable skin-friendly blades.

For a smart battery indicator, you can choose our next best choice, Syska HT4000K AquaTrim. This multipurpose trimmer has detachable steel blades that let the user take them off to clean them properly and use them again.

Of course, there's also our budget pick, Nova NG 1151 All-in-One trimmer, which goes easy on your pocket. Its pre-lubricated blades are smooth on the skin and are made with high-quality stainless steel.

Whichever option you choose out of our list of the 10 best multigroom trimmers in India, be assured that you are going to get amazing results. All the products on our list are tried and tested by our experts for your comfort and safety.