We are sure you must have heard about green tea, it surely has tons of health benefits that make a person pink with health. However, there are many types of green tea and green tea powder out there up for grabs. Each one has its own perks and benefits for health. Well, we are not here to discuss green tea but a type of it called matcha tea. Just to keep things in the correct perspective, matcha tea or matcha green is your regular green tea with a difference.  Your regular green tea is the powder of the top part of the tea leaf whereas matcha or the ceremonial matcha is made from the whole green leaf of the tea plant. 

Matcha green as it is commonly known is very rich in antioxidants and is something that one would certainly love to add to their diet during these pandemic times - especially in India. Just a quick fact, your regular matcha is actually known as Japanese matcha internationally and is a green color powder mixed with hot water and drank. Health editors at Lifestyle Titbits have sampled 35 leading brands of the product and come up with the 10 best matcha green tea in India. Our research shows that the best one that you can consume regularly is VAHDAM- Certified Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, followed by Heapwell Superfoods Japanese Matcha Green Tea. Just keep on reading to know more about our product selection here and stay at the peak of your health. All this so that you live the healthy, safe, and jovial life you deserve.

Our Pick

VAHDAM - Certified Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

The Best Matcha Tea in India

Sourced from the best tea estates, it has all the goodness intact for you.

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VAHDAM has sourced this organic matcha powder directly from A-class tea estates of Japan. It has all the nutritional value of the tea intact. Has a great green color that signifies and validates that this is culinary grade matcha. Regular consumption of this organic matcha powder would ensure that you stay young and your body has a robust immune system to help you fight the infections that you might face. Our team had sampled the product amongst a group of 5 people for 30 days and they all reported having a better feeling of wellbeing. The brand also takes care that all the benefits of matcha are intact by importing the product in small batches. Price-wise it is also very affordable and something that all the adults of your family must consume regularly for maintaining peak health. Just mix one teaspoon with a cup of hot water and secure your health holistically.

For any reason, if you don't opt for this brand (which you should not) then our runners-up pick is also a good alternative, Heapwell Superfoods also is an equally good ceremonial matcha tea that retains all the traditional benefits of the product. Read ahead to know about it. 


This is a premium-grade matcha tea and offers all the health benefits of our top pick. The only reason it is here on the second slot is, that while doing a real-life test, our team found out that the taste of the tea is a bit bland for some of the subjects. Otherwise, it is one of the highest grades of matcha that you can lay your hands on. Perfect for your immunity and heart health the antioxidant level of the product is optimally maintained as it comes in small batches for Indian markets. The method of packaging is such that the chlorophyll content remains intact. Maybe this is the reason for its taste that some of us might not like. Keep the taste aside and gulp one teaspoon of it down with some warm water and enjoy enhanced energy levels and immunity. 

Budget Pick

Don't let the word budget fool you here, it is just because of the price point that we have kept it here. Otherwise, all our research and testing show that this is one premium matcha tea that happens to be in the affordability bracket. Amongst all the green tea brands we tested this one aced the budget criterion for sure. It comes well packaged in a tin container, this ensures that elements like direct sunlight while in cargo do not hamper the quality and the hard work put in by the processing methods of the manufacturer down the drain. It has a very smooth texture and a balanced taste and is loaded with a wide range of antioxidants. This also happens to be one of the finest ceremonial grade matcha that would suit your pockets. Good for boosting immunity and combating heart diseases, you will surely love the benefits that this cup of matcha brings to your life.

10 Best Matcha Tea in India

Matcha tea is a relatively new health beverage in India. Many people are not aware of it and even more, are not aware of how versatile the product is. Just search around on the internet and you would find many lip-smacking matcha recipes waiting to be tried out. The benefits of matcha tea are many and consuming a cup of matcha tea daily can really perk up your health provided you are consuming the right one. That's why our team has researched the best Japanese Matcha tea that is trending in India and has compiled the 10 top ones here. Read ahead to know more about them. All this so that you can feel the matcha experience that you deserve.

  1. VAHDAM - Certified Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  2. Heapwell Superfoods Japanese Matcha Green Tea
  3. Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha Green Matcha Powder
  4. OZiva Plant Based Matcha Plus
  5. Tea Trunk Matcha Green Tea
  6. Real Matcha Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  7. Golden Tips Japanese Mint Matcha Green Tea Powder
  8. Twinings Matcha Green Tea with Cranberry & Lime
  9. BLUE TEA - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder
  10. The Tea Shelf, Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

Trust us writing this post is not everyone's cup of coffee. It took around 2000 hours of hard work and real-life testing, combined with lots of secondary research to compile the list that you see above. All the products you see above fall within the category of ceremonial grade matcha. Regular consumption of just a gram of matcha that we have cited above will surely protect you from a host of diseases. Tea leaves used in making this premium-grade matcha are sourced from Japan and do not contain any Indian tea leaves. Just a subtle reminder that matcha is made by using the entire tea leaf and that is what gives it the signature sweet taste that is a bit different from other teas. So let the delicate taste of these matcha tingles your taste buds. Read ahead to know more about the best ones that you and your family can enjoy to the core. 

With every credible information provided with a pop-up toaster model that has been listed in our review, you can compare, and identify the one that suits your needs. Thus, it will be easy to make a purchase decision.

1. Vahdam - Certified Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

The earthy taste of this tea really won our hearts, there is no bitter taste here the one you would find by consuming unbranded matcha, excellent for skin health and preventing heart diseases, it also helps regulate healthy blood sugar levels to a certain extent.

Does not contain any artificial ingredients and has minimal caffeine content, best for every family and every adult who wishes to stay healthy and fit. 

2. Heapwell Superfoods Japanese Matcha Green Tea

One of the trendiest products as of now in the green tea market online. It is loaded with nutritional qualities that would boost your energy levels and has an authentic Japanese flavor. Warm milk or cold milk, whatever you like, this tea blends well with both and still retains its natural flavor. 

This is surely one of the finest quality products that you can purchase online. You can read the detailed review at the top, we are sure you would try it out.

3. Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha Green Matcha Powder

If you are looking for an affordable matcha tea then this is the best one that you can pick online. It is loaded with nutrition and is imported in very small batches so that the quality remains intact. It can surely help you reduce your health care cost as it boosts your health and energy levels.

Comes in Tin packaging to keep the natural ingredient safe and fresh for your consumption. Overall a really nice product that is certainly worth your time and money. 

4. OZiva Plant Based Matcha Plus

One of the health benefits of matcha tea is flawless and radiant skin. If you want that then go with this tea. Oziva matcha tea is organic and vegan. It has all the good stuff that your body wants and will thank you for.

The flavor is great and we know that it makes up for some great matcha cucumber lemonade. You can also make some decent matcha protein smoothie with it. 

 5. Tea Trunk Matcha Green Tea

This is as pure as matcha can get. Made in the traditional Japanese way there is nothing to dislike about it. It will give your body all the matcha tea benefits that you can imagine.

Its exotic taste will surely sweep your feet away and put you in the prime of your youth and health. Just look at the Jap folks out there, you might just be on your way to become healthy and fit like them.

6. Real Matcha Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

If you are a person who is on the flabbier side of things and would like to shed some fat, then this matcha tree can be a tool in your fat-burning arsenal. Just a few grams a day would surely make your health balanced and its exotic vegetation taste will make you feel closer to nature.

It does not contain anything artificial and is completely plant-based, so if you like your things vegan then this is the matcha tea to go for.

7. Golden Tips Japanese Mint Matcha Green Tea Powder

This cup of matcha will surely leave a minty fresh taste in your mouth. If you love flavored tea with some awesome health benefits, then this is the one to go for.

Remember that this tea contains mint flavor and that it is an additive. So if you are looking for an all-natural thing, then stay away from this one.

8. Twinings Matcha Green Tea with Cranberry & Lime

We know that many of us like tropical beach flavors and this is something we cannot do away with. For those, here is the option that will boost your health in a really lip-smacking way. Just try it once we are sure you would not be disappointed.

Yes, one more thing, this one comes in tea bags, so just warm the water and dip. One flipside here is that you won't be able to use it for making smoothies or other mocktails.

9. BLUE TEA - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

If the quality of ingredients is always your concern then this matcha tea is USDA certified. It is 100% organic and does not contain anything that could harm your health.

It is also culinary grade matcha so you can use it freely to experiment with your gastronomic ambitions. Do let us know if you come up with a new matcha recipe.

10. The Tea Shelf, Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

This one is expensive! It is also the purest one as per the research that we conducted. However, since it's pretty traditional not everyone would like the taste for sure. If you are looking for health benefits only then grab a pack now.

It is full of aroma and nutrition and we highly recommend it for getting quick and tangible health benefits.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

We are a responsible reviews portal, and it is our duty to make our readers understand how we research the products we review and recommend them. It is always wise to trust only genuine sources of information because, in the end, it is your life and the money we are talking about here. Please read ahead to understand how we form these review articles. It will help you trust us more.

Why You Should Trust Us

For writing this review article on the best matcha tea, our 3 researchers remain invested for more than 1000 hours. From picking up the initial group of products to filtering out the best 10, it took a lot of elbow grease to find out the champs. Our health editor Tanisha made it a personal point that every product that is selected undergoes thorough scrutiny. Amit, our lead statistics guy ensured that all the facts and figures are doubly checked and verified by the team before being published. Finally, our in-house product testing lead Priya conducted the in-house product quality tests to find out the best ones that you see here. I think our approach and attitude towards the reviews should be enough to make you trust us.

Who This Is For

Honestly speaking, this review post is for every health-conscious adult in India. However, we would certainly recommend it to the 30+ age group more. This is the age when health issues begin to crop up. So, if you are in the age bracket of 30 to 55 then you should certainly consider consuming matcha tea regularly. It will help you boost your immunity and ward off many lifestyle diseases that might be coming your way. Matcha tea is also recommended for those who want enhanced energy levels and glowing skin. This health product comes from Japan and we all know how hard-working and active they are. Their skin quality is also superb and the Japanese are one of the longest living and healthy populations in the world.

How We Picked

We took a lot of technical details into the picture while picking up the best matcha powder in India. Elements like ingredient type, L-Theanine content, nutritional content, caffeine, the green tea variants used while making the product, source, etc were all taken into the picture. We also traced back the origin of the tea to the Japanese tea masters if any. Plus we referred to numerous matcha buying guides that are available on the internet. After all these deliberations we picked the best high-quality matcha for our readers. All this so that you can live a healthy and hyper-energetic life, exactly the way you deserve it.

Our Picks

Here is the list of the best matcha tea in India that you should certainly plan on buying and drinking regularly.

Photo Title Price Buy
VAHDAM, Matcha Green...image VAHDAM, Matcha Green Tea Powder (50 Servings, 50g) 100% Pure Japanese Matcha Green | Matcha Tea Sourced from Shizuoka, Japan | Classic Culinary Grade Matcha for Smoothies, Latte ₹299.00 (₹598.00 / 100 g)
Heapwell Superfoods Japanese...image Heapwell Superfoods Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, 50G (50 Servings) | Sourced From Shizuoka, Japan, 50 Grams ₹399.00 (₹798.00 / 100 g)
Kimino Japanese Organic...image Kimino Japanese Organic Premium Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder, 50g
OZiva Plant Based...image OZiva Plant Based Matcha Plus(Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder With Licorice & Activated Charcoal) For Skin Pigmentation & Dark Circles, Certified Vegan, 50 Servings(50Gram) ₹664.00 (₹1,328.00 / 100 g)
Tea Trunk Matcha...image Tea Trunk Matcha Green Tea Pure Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha Authentic&Premium Matcha Tea Power Immunity Booster Improve Metabolism&Focus Detox Drink No Additives-30 Gm(Original) ₹846.00 (₹2,820.00 / 100 g)
Real Matcha Japanese...image Real Matcha Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder For Weight Loss (30 Cups), 30 grams ₹349.00 (₹1,163.33 / 100 g)
Twinings Matcha Green...image Twinings Matcha Green Tea with Cranberr & Lime 20Tea Bags.
The Tea Shelf,...image The Tea Shelf, Japanese Premium Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder | 100% Authentic | Rich Antioxidants,& Natural Energy | Sourced from Shizouka Region, Japan - 10gm ₹249.00 (₹2,490.00 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

If you wish to have the very best of things then go with our top pick (best matcha powder in India ) VAHDAM- Certified Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, if somehow you feel that this is not the product for you then go for our runners up Heapwell Superfoods Japanese Matcha Green Tea. If you are looking for an affordable yet best option then gladly go for Kimino Japanese Organic Matcha Green Matcha Powder.

If you need more options then feel free to explore the 10 other products that we have reviewed and listed here.


Here are the answers to some of the commonly searched questions about matcha tea online. 

What is matcha green tea powder?

Matcha is a fine green powdered tea. It is mainly made in Japan and exported the world over. The highlighting feature of this tea is that it is made up of full green tea leaves. Hence it has all the goodness of tea in a palatable form.

Where Can I Get Quality Japanese Green Tea in India?

Just read the article above and follow the product link that suits or matches your needs perfectly. There are many good options up for grabs in the online marketplaces. Explore and choose the perfect one. We have listed items based on case use here. So if you want general health and immunity we have recommendations for that and if you are looking for a specific health benefit like glowing skin or better cardiac health then we have recommendations for that too.

What is the difference between blended and unblended matcha tea?

Unblended matcha is a pure form of tea, there are no additives or other stuff mixed with it. You will get the natural taste and full nutritional benefits out of it. On the other hand, blended ones are generally favored to suit your palate or might contain additives to enhance shelf life. That's the major difference that you must be aware of.