Traveling is one of the most exploited muses of human culture. We as humans love traveling. Since we love traveling, we need travel accessories to make our journey comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. So whether it is business travel or leisure - travel bags will always be an essential part of our living. There are many best luggage bags in India that you can find online, but not all luggage brands live up to the promise they make, this is where the confusion and heartburns crop up from. The average Indian consumer often gets lured with things like zippered pockets, soft luggage, fortified outer pockets, and other such gimmicky terms. Seldom you would find any of the luggage brands focusing on the exact utility and value proposition of their travel bags.

This is one part of the story, the other is the enormous types of luggage bags that we are greeted with. Marketing of travel bags is done in such a way that there would be a plethora of bags for travel for every occasion. You would have a bunch of them for your air travels needs and a few of them for other commutes. Sit back and think to yourself, do you actually need so many types of soft luggage rotting away in your storeroom? The answer is a clear NO! That's the exact reason why our team dived deep into the world of luggage brands and sorted things out based on utility rather than cosmetic fashion.

A premium-quality luggage bag should serve the need rather than a muse. That's what forms the basis of writing this review article for us at least. Our research led us to the conclusion that the best luggage bag in India is American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene followed by the Skybags Cardiff Polyester. These bags would suit your international travel needs equally well as they do your local travel needs. If you believe in lightweight travel and love to be the one carrying the lightest luggage, then these are your top options. They fit the cabin luggage requirements perfectly and come with great outer material and adjustable straps. Both of them are trolley bags and have no rough surfaces to harm you, they can also act as the perfect carry-on bag. 

Let us now move ahead and explore these great luxuries - in travel gear options that our research has led to.

Our Pick

American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene

The Best Luggage Bag in India

Made of high quality material, comes with dual wheels and extra pockets.

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This is the best double-wheel luggage bag for Indian conditions. If you are a frequent flier or even for that matter if you travel by rail or on the road, this is one of the best travel trolley bags that you can get your hands on. It has a stylish design to complement its utility too. It also has one of the best combination locks that you would ever encounter. The brand has taken due care of the safety on the go here for sure. This is one of those types of suitcases that would never bother you with overhead compartments in the airplane. It is designed to fit in with ease there. The addition of shock absorbers would have been great as that's the only flipside that we could see, however it is not a deal-breaker anyway. Yes, one more thing, there are no adjustable straps or any straps for that matter, so you won't be able to use it as a backpack. 

Comes with spinner wheels, so moving around with it is also a breeze, and has extra pockets on the inside too. It has a great domestic warranty to take care of any rare malfunctions if they ever occur.


Skybags Cardiff Polyester

The Second Best Luggage Bag in India

Made using highest grade polyester, comes with a great international warranty.

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Comes with a decent warranty, something that an international traveler would appreciate. This is a softshell suitcase at the core that can be used as a regular travel bag also. It has the design provision where the extra straps can be utilized to change the shape of the bag completely. Has great laptop compatibility and would keep your electronics stuff pretty safe while you enjoy your journey. There are ample external pockets to add some more spice to the product. Has two singular wheels with a retractable handle, so moving it around is also not a pain. 

The flip side is that it does not have a dial combination lock, but has a provision for putting in your regular key lock for keeping things safe. Comes with a padded handle to enhance the ease of use. Remember this is not your regular extra-large suitcase, so you might want to use it wisely. Best for your solo trekking trips where you need to put all your stuff in one place. Perfect for those overnight trips too.

Budget Pick

AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag

Our Budget Pick

One of the most affordable amazon skybags out there. Best for those who love blue travel duffle bags.

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This is one of the best Amazon sky bags that you can lay your hands on. It is one of the most affordable and basic duffle bags out there in the online marketplaces. Amazon sky bags are anyways built to last and with the Indian travel conditions in mind. The only flipside that we could see with this one here is the fact that there is no 5-year warranty, this is something we were expecting for sure. Better to use this bag while you are in the warranty valid period. Since it is a duffle bag, then there is no retractable handle, something you would have wanted while planning family trips. Another thing we actually missed was the presence of a strong handle, we Indians do tend to overload the duffle bags, and a strong handle type would have certainly improved the product appeal. 

Best for taking along your next unplanned and sudden road trip and family trips, but don't expect any extra security or a sturdy design here, this is a duffle bag after all and comes with a limited liters capacity. The outer surface is also smooth and soft, so you need to be wary about your surroundings. The ideal choice for unplanned and sudden trips. One more thing the water-resistant levels of the bag are not known, so you might want to buy a rain cover with it for added weather protection. 

10 Best Luggage Bags in India

It took our team 3000 hours of research to select the perfect choice of luggage bags that India deserves. We kept many elements while testing the bags that we have recommended here. Ideally, your travel bags should keep your belongings safe and should be an ideal choice for any mode of transport that you prefer. The outer body should be sturdy enough to meet the travel requirements and the bag should offer a decent amount of water-resistant properties. These were some of the things that we kept in mind while listing the best luggage bags in India that you see here. Here are the 10 best luggage bags in India that would make your life a bit easier and more joyous.

  1. American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene
  2. Skybags Cardiff Polyester 
  3. AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag
  4. The Clownfish Tapestry 
  5. Aristocrat Sienna Polycarbonate
  6. Safari Ray Polycarbonate
  7. Lavie Sport Polar Large Wheel Duffle Bag
  8. Safari Polyester 65 cms Blue Softsided
  9. Gear Statement Maxis Duffel-cum-Backpack
  10. FATMUG Foldable Duffel Luggage Bag for Travel

What you above is the best list of luggage bags that will tantalize your innate sense of wanderlust. Whatever be the preference of luggage exterior material you might have, these great cabin luggage and general luggage options will surely fit in somewhere your budgets and needs. We have selected products from the largest luggage makers in the country. While compiling this list we also took due note of luggage bags available in the offline market, looking at the offline market is something that we could ignore as it would make our research complete and help us churn out a better piece of recommendations.

Now let's look at the salient features of the bags that our team has listed down here.

1. American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene

Comes from a very good brand, has all the features that the average Indian traveler needs. It is built robustly and would not give you any reason to crib. 

It is our top pick and you can read the detailed review above. Should anything go wrong the brand has provided the bag with a great warranty backed up with PAN India service coverage?

2. Skybags Cardiff Polyester 

This is a blue duffle bag that has all the features to make you drool, there is everything to be loved about this great travel gear. After all, it is from Skybags a very well-established luggage gear brand of India.

The best part is that it comes with an international warranty, so if you are a frequent flier then this is the bag to go for. Fits perfectly in the luggage compartment of airlines and has ample space to take care of your travel needs perfectly.

3. AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag

This is a plain and simple duffle bag from AmazonBasics a brand that knows the Indian markets and their needs. Needless to say that this bag is affordable and gets the job done effortlessly. 

No wonder it perked up our interest as being the most affordable piece of luggage that you can own. Best quality - best pricing!

4. The Clownfish Tapestry 

This is the most stylish duffle bag that we could find that is worthy enough of your time and money. The tapestry work on the bag is nothing short of art. It is as arty as it can get at this price point. 

Remember this is a duffle bag and should be used like one. It is sturdy and will help you travel well in comfort and style.

5. Aristocrat Sienna Polycarbonate

If you need to travel long and hard with too many pit stops in between, then go for the Sienna from Aristocrat. It has a hard shell that can keep all your luggage safe and sound.

It comes with a 3-year worldwide guarantee that is something that would come in handy for the globetrotters here. 

6. Safari Ray Polycarbonate

Another gem for the globe-trotting Indians, this one will fit in your cabin luggage and you won't have to pay anything extra. Well, that's one advantage, the other one is that it is super sturdy and safe.

All your stuff will reach the destination as desired and that too in utmost style and comfort. Comes with a 5-year warranty and that is something amazing about this luggage bag.

7. Lavie Sport Polar Large Wheel Duffle Bag

It is stylish and best for those who love to travel light. Lavie is the heartthrob brand for young Indians. It is designed to be youth-friendly and has additional pockets to keep our gadgets safe while on the go.

The interiors are also made of high-quality polyester and are built to last. This means overloading it by a little bit would not bring great harm. However, that's a feature that we would not encourage the end-users to exploit.

8. Safari Polyester 65 cms Blue Softsided

It looks stunning and works well, Safari soft-sided travel bag is designed for the urban traveler and comes with a distinct laptop spacing. All your stuff remains safe and in place for those long-haul journeys.

Overall the bag is pretty sturdy, however being a soft-sided bag it is prone to scratches and cuts, so you might want to be careful where you place it while traveling.

9. Gear Statement Maxis Duffel-cum-Backpack

This is a hybrid bag, you can use it as a duffle bag and as a backpack. All it takes is a minor strap adjustment. Very sturdy and playful, we loved the design and the quality of this one.

Perfect choice for those who wish to carry all their stuff for most of their active needs from a single luggage bag. You can carry it to the gym and office without any consequences.

10. FATMUG Foldable Duffel Luggage Bag for Travel

This is your traditional retro-looking yet very modern in an appealing duffle bag. Can be used to dump in loads of stuff and it holds everything in place perfectly. We love it for its durability and reliability.

It comes with a shoe compartment also, which else you could ask for while traveling on your next adventure.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

It is a tradition with us to provide relevant information on the research and testing methodology that we use for every recommendation and review article we publish here on Lifestyle Titbits. We have to break the market average standards and provide our readers with information that adds value and does not merely kill their time. In the case of luggage bags things like separate security chains, manual security chains, international guarantees, the existence of external compartments, single lock movement features, Centre locking mechanisms, durable polypropylene used or not matters. We have considered everything and included everything while writing this review article. Below is detailed information on how we crafted the insights about the best luggage bags in India. Hope it will help to foster our relationship even further. 

Why You Should Trust Us

We have a dedicated in-house research team that takes care of everything. We don't outsource even the minor attributes or work that matters or would curtail the intentions that we have. We take care of every element of product details and only enlist the quality product for further testing and reviews. That's one big reason for you to trust us.

For this particular article our chief content owner and editor Mr. Vivek Sethi has personally given 70 plus hours reviewing the work done here, he edited the content thoroughly thus ensuring that our readers only get the cream information that would serve some value to them.

Who This Is For

This is for every traveler in India. If you love traveling and need to do it comfortably and safely, then you would always need the proper gear to back up your travel plans. whether you need a 2 wheeler suitcase or a rolling suitcase we have considered it all here. Luggage is a very flexible topic that has to be tackled with an open mind. We know that diversity triumphs here and things like a push-button handle would change your purchase intent. So, once again if you like to travel then this article is for you, it will help you pick the right travel gear for your frequent travel needs.

How We Picked

This is a little hard to explain, but we will still do our best to deliver some justice here. We know through our deep research that most luggage buyers are not looking for huge capacity options. So we tried to rein our horses to the average capacities, the products picked up here have numerous elements being considered. Things like the nature of the material - polycarbonate graphite or premium-grade polycarbonate, durable polyester fabric, heavy-duty water-resistant base fabric, external compartments, manual security chain, and levels of international warranty were the components of our product selection.

We aimed to beat the market average benchmark of reviews and we did it nicely. International guarantee is something that was at top of our mind as we have to cater to the international travelers too.

We haven't ignored the active travelers also and have a few rucksack hiking bags in our kitty too.

Our Picks

Here are our picks for the best luggage bags in India, please explore to get yourself the best one as per your needs.

Photo Title Price Buy
American Tourister Ivy...image American Tourister Ivy 68 cms Medium Check-in Polypropylene (PP) Hard Sided 4 Wheeler Spinner Luggage/Suitcase/Trolley Bag with TSA Lock (Black) ₹3,499.00
AmazonBasics nylon 17...image AmazonBasics nylon 17 Cms Duffle Bag(Resourced_ZH1603219R1F_navy)
Aristocrat Sienna Polycarbonate...image Aristocrat Sienna Polycarbonate 77 Cms Blue Hardsided Check-In Luggage, Large ₹5,255.10
Safari Ray 65...image Safari Ray 65 Cms Medium Check-In Polycarbonate (Pc) Hard Sided 4 Wheels 360 Degree Rotation Luggage/Speed_Wheel Suitcase/Trolley Bag (Midnight Blue) ₹2,199.00
Lavie Sport Polar...image Lavie Sport Polar X Large Size 63 cms Wheel Duffle Bag | Lightweight Trolley Bag | 2 Wheel Duffle Bag
Gear Polyester Statement...image Gear Polyester Statement Maxis 33L Large Hybrid Duffle Backpack/Travel Duffle Bag/Sports Duffle/Gym Bag For Men's/Women's (Black-Yellow), 26 Cm ₹895.00

Final Verdict

If you want the very best then go for our top pick American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene, you can also try out our runners-up Skybags Cardiff Polyester.

If you are looking for something affordable then go for our budget pick AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag. If you need more options then please explore the 7 other best luggage bags in India that we have listed above.


We know that you might still have some questions in your mind, that's why we have created this FAQ section. 

Which Are the Best Luggage Brands in India? 

Well, you can check that yourself, we have only listed the best luggage bags from the best brands. Still, we will list the best luggage brands in India here for you.

  • Skybags 
  • Aristocrat 
  • Safari
  • Lavie
  • Clownfish

The above-mentioned brands produce the best luggage bags in India. Many brands would soon make it to our list of the best luggage brands in India, however for the time being this is it?