Breaking things is quite easy. Even babies do it without having a conscious thought in their heads. But joining broken things is what needs strength and perseverance. Probably, this led to the invention of adhesives or glues! Keeping all these philosophical thoughts aside, we can tell you that you feel visible discomfort and trouble when your favorite shoes come undone. People get attached to shoes, and hence, are prone to fix a worn-out or torn shoe rather than throwing it away. And if you too are thinking of an effective DIY method of fixing your old yet favorite shoe, then we must tell you that you have arrived at the perfect place. Our team has reviewed more than 50 adhesives that can bond your shoes and make them feel new again. According to our research, our best pick would be Pidilite Fevibond for Sticking Leather Rubber Rexine.

Our Pick

Pidilite Fevibond for Sticking Leather Rubber Rexine - 50 ml

Top-Notch Adhesive for Fixing Your Shoes

From rubber, wood, leather to rexine and various metals, this is the best adhesive that helps bond various surfaces together. It is a tried and tested solution for delivering maximum performance.

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The Pidilite Fevibond is the perfect safety adhesive that contains every fulfillment criteria and checks every parameter that we need for it to rank as our top pick.

This glue has passed through several hours of rigorous testing. We have used glue to bond various surfaces like rubber, metal, plastic, leather, rexine, etc. Since it is a synthetic, rubber-based adhesive, it displayed a very high bond strength and setting time when our researchers tested it. The best part of this adhesive is that you can use it for DIY shoe repairs. Whether your shoe sole has come off, or your shoe body has undergone wear and tear and you need to cover it with a patch, this glue from Pidilite works just fine for all these purposes. The instant fix, creation of a quick bond, and high bond strength ensure that your shoes can be used for more years. Moreover, you have the trust and guarantee that comes with the Pidilite brand name.

Apart from the multipurpose nature and smooth applying surfaces, the Pidilite Fevibond scores high in almost every department. However, the product does not come in packs of multiple and it does not even have an anti-clog cap to prevent the glue from drying out from inside. If you are a little careless with capping the glue unit, it might dry out and not leave you an option of using it. In such cases, our experts would heavily recommend the Gorilla Super Glue Gel which has featured as the runner-up in our product categories.


Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Super-Strong Glue for Shoes

This super-tough clear glue gel is ideal for fixing several surfaces, not just your shoes. Therefore, buying it will help you get rid of any fixing problems.

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The Gorilla Super Glue Gel comes at a very close second position to the Pidilite Fevibond in our list of the best glue for shoes in India. However, it is one of those products that has been heavily tested, verified, and trusted by thousands of Indians for different domestic purposes.

This clear glue has a setting time of only 10 to 15 seconds! This is one of the factors that amazed our researchers and product experts and they kept on testing it against more grueling parameters. The bond strength displayed is enormous, and hence you can call it ideally gorilla-tough! One of the primary reasons that you should get this glue for your home is its multipurpose nature and superior functionality. Be it ceramics, plastic, metal, leather, rubber, cloth, rexine, cork, jewelry, or any other, the Gorilla Super Glue bonds them without any difficulty. Thus, fixing your shoes will be seamless and alongside, you can fix any other broken or torn material within a jiffy!

The Gorilla Super Glue is one of the most coveted products by almost every Indian. However, our researchers found that the price tag of this clear glue gel is immensely steep. The volume of the glue gel and its price tag is quite disproportionate. Therefore, we would recommend you to check out our budget pick MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive.

Budget Pick

MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive

Superior Performance Adhesive

One of the choicest products in this segment, the MMOBIEL B-7000 is an industry-grade adhesive that bonds with immense toughness and displays unnaturally high bond strength.

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If you are flustered at the very high price of the Gorilla Super Glue Gel, then you can consider the MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive for its enormous strength and multipurpose functionality.

This adhesive has undergone the same number and types of quality testing as the other glues in this segment. And honestly, it has performed commendably well. This adhesive can be used to repair your torn or worn-out shoes and can also be put to a host of other DIY uses. You can use it to fix toys, metal products, jewelry, clothes, nylon, ceramics, rubber, rexine, cork, etc. Our product researchers were amazed by the sheer number of surfaces that this industry-grade adhesive can bond with ease.

However, we found some pain points while using this glue. Although semi-transparent and fluidic in nature, the glue contains 30-35% of solid matter. This often makes it difficult for smooth application. Another pain point was the high setting time. Although after the initial setting time of a few minutes, the glue displayed appreciable strength; it was only after the set time of 24 to 48 hours that you could say that the torn or worn-out shoe surfaces and soles are completely fixed. Although this glue features in our segment of the best glue for shoes in India, we would recommend you to go with it only if you are on a tighter budget and have ample time between fixing your things.

Top 10 Glue for Shoes in India

After reviewing and testing more than 50 types of adhesives and glues, we have found 10 products that might be worthy of your time, consideration, and eventual purchase. Almost every product in this category is a real deal and you will find it easy to fix your shoes with any of these products. Our assortment is guided by the promise of credibility and several parameters like finishing strength, longevity and durability of the bond, affordability, and the like.

  1. Pidilite Fevibond for Sticking Leather Rubber Rexine - 50 ml
  2. Gorilla Super Glue Gel
  3. MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive
  4. Loctite 406 Bonder Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive , 20 gm Bottle
  5. Ekon E8000 Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue - 50 ml x 2 pcs
  6. Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe and Footwear Repair Adhesive - 20 ml
  7. Pacificdeals T3000 Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive - 50 ml x 2 pcs
  8. Ekon Pack of 2 T7000 Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue
  9. Pacificdeals Pack of 1 Traditional Multi-Purpose Semi Fluid Black Adhesive
  10. Polyfix Instant Glue 15 gm for Shoe (Footwear) Pasting Cyanoacrylate Adhesive - 25 Pcs

With all products in this category that satisfy our testing parameters, you can use them for fixing your shoes seamlessly. You will get all product information from our list. Thus, get set and start exploring! Our researchers and product experts are convinced that you will be able to find your pick from our list without any hassle.

1. Pidilite Fevibond for Sticking Leather Rubber Rexine - 50 ml

Buy the best synthetic rubber-based adhesive from Pidilite Fevibond. You can apply this on any wood, leather, metal, and rubber surface. It instantly sticks to the surface and forms a quick bond easily. This product is ideal for fixing any part of your shoes.

Pidilite Fevibond has high functionality. It is user-friendly and lets you do other DIY jobs around the house easily. Now you don’t need to worry about damaging your favorite shoe anymore. According to our reviewers and product experts, this synthetic glue is the best within its category.

2. Gorilla Super Glue Gel

Ensure precise application with the clear Gorilla Super Glue Gel from the house of Gorilla that bonds metal, ceramic, leather, wood, rubber, and glass surfaces with equal strength! You can use this crystal clear instant adhesive for fixing any household items, including shoes. Apply this on a clean surface to get the best results! This product is water-resistant.

The package of the Gorilla Super Glue includes a single unit of 15 gms. However, you can get the same in different packs that have multiple numbers of the product. It sets quickly onto the surface and has great impact strength. So, what are you waiting for? Get this product now and make your shoes last long! Our reviewers and product experts highly recommend this glue.

3. MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive

This industry-grade adhesive is the perfect glue that you would need to bond your torn or worn-out shoe. According to our experts, this glue is the most versatile one in its category. Apart from fixing your shoes, you can use it in bonding toys, jewelry, glass, nylon, wood, ceramics, and more.

It is definitely one of the most high-performance glues that you can get in online marketplaces. Its superb bonding strength outperforms rubber types of cement, silicones, or acrylics. If you want fine and precise application without any mess, you should pour in small adhesive drops on the designated surfaces. The semi-transparent floating body of the glue has 30-35% of solid content. The setting time is 3 minutes to 6 minutes after curing. However, the complete curing time is 24 to 48 hours to create a strength of supreme magnitude.

4. Loctite 406 Bonder Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive , 20 gm Bottle

A singular adhesive that can be considered a prime choice of the Indian consumer base, Loctite is a glue that can be used to bond multiple material surfaces effectively. Our reviewers and experts highly recommend this product.

One of the best products in its category, Loctite has been used and verified by several Indians. It is one of the best glues to fix your shoes, rubber materials, plastic, metal, silicones, etc.

5. Ekon E8000 Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue - 50 ml x 2 pcs

Ekon E8000 Multipurpose Adhesive gives you an excellent finish for all your mini repair jobs around the house. This can be used on various surfaces no matter how flat or uneven they are. It has a full curing time of 48 hours. After that, your repaired shoes will be as good as new ones! 

This package from Ekon contains two units of E8000 Multipurpose Adhesive. This clear glue is washable and waterproof to suit all your needs. The adhesive tube has a high-precision nozzle that helps you to reach the most obscure places and has maximum efficiency.

6. Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe and Footwear Repair Adhesive - 20 ml

Made especially for fixing shoes, Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix makes your footwear the most durable. Usable on any kind of sandals, leather shoes, canvas shoes, and sports shoes, Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix helps you repair all heels and soles. It has a no-drip formula.

This glue is resistant to water and highly durable in all terrains. It is transparent and leaves no marks behind on the material of your footwear.

7. Pacificdeals T3000 Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive - 50 ml x 2 pcs

Pacificdeals T3000 Multipurpose Transparent Adhesive is very compatible on all surfaces. This glue can easily fix your footwear no matter what material it is made of. It is 100% waterproof and has a great impact strength. Its high-precision nozzle helps you to get the best results.

Want to prevent damage to your new shoes? Now you can keep a tube of Pacificdeals T3000 at hand and let go of all your worries. This works instantly on your footwear and helps to give you the ultimate comfort! It has a no-drip formula and no strong odor so that you can use it easily without any trouble.

8. Ekon Pack of 2 T7000 Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue

Get the best results at an affordable price with Ekon T7000 Multipurpose Black Adhesive. You can use this on various surfaces easily for any DIY projects and repair your shoes. Wait for 3-6 minutes for the adhesive to gain some traction and then apply some pressure. Leave it like that for 48 hours and you’re all set!

This glue penetrates the finest of cracks and has a high-precision nozzle. It is waterproof and washable so that you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting ruined anymore! It holds the sole tightly, ensuring your maximum comfort.

9. Pacificdeals Pack of 1 Traditional Multi-Purpose Semi Fluid Black Adhesive

Looking for a traditional glue for fixing your shoes and doing various DIY jobs on different surfaces around the house? Get the maximum efficiency with Pacificdeals Traditional Multipurpose Glue. Put some pressure on the glued surface and leave it for 48 hours for your job to be done.

This glue has no strong odor and is black but appears clear once it dries. You can use it on flat and uneven surfaces with no issues. Experience the best waterproof, weather-resistant adhesive with this product from Pacificdeals.

10. Polyfix Instant Glue 15 gm for Shoe (Footwear) Pasting Cyanoacrylate Adhesive - 25 Pcs

Used by professionals in the shoe-making industry, Polyfix Instant Glue is ideal for fixing your shoe swiftly. Its curing time is less than one second and it can dry quickly with moisture even at room temperature. This outstanding product has a shelf life of 2 months.

This glue by Polyfix Instant has a low viscosity and gives quick bonding with the material. This single-component adhesive comes in a user-friendly bottle that is easy for you to handle.

Our Product Testing & Research Methodology

Our product testing and research methodology is highly detailed and consists of superior procedures that help us in identifying simply the best products and put them on a platter for your efficient usage. We believe that our readers deserve every bit of transparency that goes behind the ‘Lifestyle Titbits' product testing methods and therefore we are presenting to you a macro view of our research and testing procedures. The article deals with the following:

Why You Should Trust Us

Though it is your absolutely personal choice, we would highlight a fact that might be counted as our contention in the top spot for credibility. Whenever you are searching for any lifestyle products or essentials for daily use or any other product that is used for a specific purpose, Googling for reviews is bound to land you on our page. If the Search Engines believe us, then we think that you can also spare a dime of your thoughts for us.

Our product research and experts team at Lifestyle Titbits is highly diversified. We only have the very best of researchers and testers in our team, who do not compromise with the testing procedures and do not let any bit of complacency come in between them and the selection criteria of the top products. Since we understand that it is highly difficult for you to zero in on the perfect product that meets your requirement when you are selecting it online from a flurry of similar products, we want to give you the best actionable advice that will make your buying journey painless.

Now coming to our testing methods. Primarily, we go through every bit of online resources like testimonials, reviews, and every relevant information that we can get our hands on when we are reviewing the products of a specific category. Once that is done, we select at least 50 to 100 products that are ready to go through our meticulous testing. In the case of best glue for shoes in India, we have done all that for over 50 products that we selected in the first round. We test in both controlled and uncontrolled environments and use volunteers as well as our testing staff, product researchers, and experts to create the final assortment of the top-quality products that you see on our lists right now.

Who This Is For

This product list of the best glue for shoes can be used and put to effect by several Indians belonging to various social and professional strata. We have broadly categorized the people for whom we feel this review article carries immense worth.

  • Who love fixing things using DIY methods.
  • Who belong to the leather and shoe industry.
  • Who repair shoes and other stuff.
  • Who work in other manufacturing industries.

Reading the reviews will get your set for buying the best adhesives for fixing shoes and other household and industry-grade items.

How We Picked

Although our macro research parameters involve durability, longevity, and affordability, we want you to take a look at the micro parameters because these will ideally determine how you make a purchase decision. Even if you want to buy another adhesive at a later point in time, you can do that if you keep in mind these micro parameters. These effectively serve you as a personal research guide if you are diving into things on your own. However, our researchers and product experts will recommend you keep faith in our review articles and refrain from doing such tedious work all by yourself.

  • Bond strength: It is the most important criteria of our choice. When we are looking for an adhesive, bond strength is the ultimate parameter that will determine the durability of the bond and its longevity. If you cannot use the glue for fixing your shoe for an extended period of time, then it is of no use.
  • Setting time: Although this parameter varies for most of the adhesives, we have chosen them based on quick setting times. Sometimes, the setting time is abrupt, like a few seconds. At others, it is a few minutes to a couple of hours. Again, we have chosen certain industry-grade products that display enormous setting time once we allow them 24 to 48 hours to bond.
  • Ease of application: When you are using such strong glues, the ease of application becomes an essential criteria. You need to use an adhesive that can be applied without creating a mess, and without making it obvious that the adhesive has been applied to fix the shoe or other stuff.

These are only some of the critical parameters out of more than 100 parameters that we use for testing our products. Thus, you can entrust your faith in our reviews.

Our Picks

Our assortment of the best glue for shoes lies right here before you. Explore each of the products we have presented and make an informed purchase.

Final Verdict

If you want a flawless application of the glue and need the promise of a reputed brand, we would suggest you go with our best pick that is the Pidilite Fevibond for Sticking Leather Rubber Rexine.

If you want super-tough bond strength within a few seconds and are willing to pay more for it, you can go forward with our runner-up in this category, which is the Gorilla Super Glue Gel.

However, if you want an industry-grade application at a moderate price, our product research team recommends you go forward with MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose Adhesive.

You can make your choice and breathe easily. These products will help you with DIY fixing without much hassle.