The culinary art is one of the highest degrees. Like other arts, it needs efficient tools for creating awesomeness. A frying pan can be considered one of the most basic tools that helps you create memories in the form of delicious dishes. Since the online marketplaces are brimming with several frying pans which is enough to create confusion and dilemma in you about a fruitful purchase, we have taken this opportunity to test and research on 90 models of frying pans listed in online eCommerce platforms, e-retail stores and marketplaces. After our detailed study and research, we found 10 products that can be considered worthy of your purchase and would fit nicely into your kitchen, catering to your variable demands of cooking. According to our meticulous and detailed research, the CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm, emerged as the most superior product.

Our Pick

CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm

Best Frying Pan in India

Considered the best frying pan in India by Lifestyle Titbits research and product testing team, this frying pan has made its way to the numero uno position in our list owing to its superior build, safety and durability.

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The CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm scores high based on all our research parameters and testing methodologies. The outstanding quality of the frying pan is demonstrated by the presence of top-tier coating from ILAG.

This frying pan from Carote is a superlative product that endured close to 100 hours of meticulous tests by our product research team. The Swiss imports used to coat it have made this frying pan exceptionally safe, efficient and highly functional. The inner tank made from aluminum alloy enables fantastic heat distribution and therefore one can cook way too fast. This is a great feature on this frying pan and has impressed our product testing and research team. We also found out that the 5mm thick bottom of the frying pan ensures a stable heat distribution while you are cooking and frying. Some of the hobby chefs and professionals in our team used this product to deep fry and shallow fry and the recipes came out as brilliant! The efficient and fast heating makes it a product that is top-of-the-league.

Apart from these features, the product is highly versatile and functional owing to its ergonomic handle. Our researchers also highly graded this product because it is 100% free from PFOS and PFOA- thus making it exceptionally safe. We found the build to be of supreme grade aluminum alloy which is a common feature in every superlative product dished out by the house of Carote. When we were enquiring about the longevity of the product, our testers found out the presence of a four-layer non-stick coating that ensures a longer lifespan. All in all, this is one of the very best frying pan India. However, if you are looking for variable size options and the seal of Amazon in your product, you can take a look at the AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch).


AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch)

Your Gateway to an Awesome Cooking Experience

This frying pan set is one of the highest degrees and carries the seal of trust that every AmazonBasics product has. The variable sizes of the cookware ensure seamless cooking and frying of various volumes of food.

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The AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch) is the best culinary arsenal for anyone who wishes to cook several types and volumes of food, all at once! We also feel that you can offer this 3-piece cookware set as a tasteful present to anyone who is close to you. Our product research team tested this non-stick cookware set for the same number of hours as they did to the Carote frying pan and found that this can be an affordable yet quality choice for all your culinary adventures. Frankly speaking, the runner up in this category performed seamlessly and quite similar to the top pick.

Some of the high-points that this non-stick frying pan set scores depends on the build material and the body. Our product research team and testers found out the pans were built from the highest quality of aluminum and the presence of non-stick material makes cooking and frying several dishes a cakewalk. We also highly recommend this frying pan set because the non-stick material eases your cleaning hassles. We have found that cleaning the excess oil from the top and bottom of this pan is supremely easy. The BPA-free pans also score high in matters of safety. The long-touch, riveted handles are not only aesthetic and ergonomic, but they are safe as well. These handles don’t conduct heat and you are never in for a rude thermal shock when cooking with all your fervour.

When some of the hobby chefs in our team used this pan to make omelettes and sandwiches, they found it supremely easy. According to them, the gently curved sides of the frying pans combined with wide and flat bases eases their struggles and makes cooking enjoyable. One of the flipsides about these pans is that they are not induction-compatible. If you are looking to buy something that is not this inexpensive and a high-class choice, you can look at our super pick for this segment that happens to be the Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black.

Budget Pick

Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black

Exceptional Quality Frying Pan for Creating Delicacies

This is one of the best products in this segment and is highly revered by users and experts alike. Like every other product from this brand, this one also comes with the promise of incredible quality.

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Prestige cookware pieces live up to their expectation by belting out this amazing Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black. It is our super pick because it amazes our product research and testing team in every department- starting from handling, functionalities, safety, durability and longevity.

According to the result of our polls conducted on several homemakers, professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, almost everyone trusts the Prestige frying pan at one go and shares their rich experience of using this Prestige frying pan. But we didn't take the poll results for granted and invested several hours of hard work behind researching and finding out authentic outcomes. Our product research team and testers have been equally satisfied finding the 5-layer non-stick coating on the frying pan that increases its longevity while helping you to clean the surfaces effortlessly. We also enquired into the German technology that goes behind synthesizing this frying pan and found out that it also has a substantial impact in improving the lifespan of the frying pan. The granite build is impressive and works its way through to improve the sturdiness of the frying pan. However, apart from these usual features, our product research team and experts were duly satisfied by the hallmark of Prestige’s innovation. According to them, the spatter-proof surface that makes the frying pan metal-spoon friendly while keeping its newness intact is the USP of this product and a proof that Prestige always strives beyond the usual to satisfy its customers.

The Prestige frying pan is indeed a deluxe choice and considered amongst the best frying pan in India because of its seamless compatibility with induction and gas cooktops. With a plethora of features that makes it the ideal choice for an Indian household, the dishwasher-friendly Prestige granite frying pan is a tad too pricey. So you need to consider all your options before making the purchase.

Top 10 Frying Pans in India

A painstaking testing and research procedure that involved 90 models of frying pans available at various online marketplaces and e-retail stores handed us the precious list of the 10 best frying pans in India that we would like you to read about and consider as a purchase option. All these 10 frying pans are unique and satisfy our testing parameters of safety, durability, longevity as well as scoring high on design and aesthetics.

  1. CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm
  2. AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch)
  3. Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black
  4. Hawkins Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Compatible Frying Pan
  5. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Frying Pan
  6. Urbanhouse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry Pan, 10.25 inch, Black
  7. Prestige Omega Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan with Lid, 260 mm, Black
  8. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Non-stick Frying Pan, 28cm
  9. Tefal Simply Chef Non-Stick Fry Pan, 20 cm, Rio Red
  10. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan, 9 inch, Black

Once you take a pick from this list, you would not be disappointed. But our product testing and research team would want you to first read about all the products in detail and explore all your options before making a purchase.

1. CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm

This frying pan from CAROTE is one of the best frying pans in India, according to our eminent product research and testing team. It is 100% free of PFOS and PFOA. The pan has a high-quality coating from ILAG. It is coated by Swiss imports and the inner tank is made of aluminum alloy. The 5mm thick bottom provides a stable heat distribution during frying and cooking. It also heats up quickly.

The aluminum alloy CAROTE uses for their cookware range, including this pan, is of premium quality. Besides, this pan has a four-layer non-stick coating, which also ensures better longevity of the product.

2. AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch)

We found that this set of three pans from AmazonBasics make the perfect gift for cooking pros. The aluminum body and the non-stick coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. This product is BPA-free. One amazing feature of these pans is their comfy, long, soft-touch riveted handles that do not heat while cooking.

Using metal spoons and storing food in these pans is not recommended. These inexpensive top-class pans from AmazonBasics are compatible with gas, electric, and glass cook-tops. However, they are not induction compatible. The gently curved sides and the wide, flat bases make flipping omelettes and sliding sandwiches seamless.

3. Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black

Prestige is one of the largest cookware brands in the Indian market. This well-known household brand is known for its super-high quality products and affordable range. This frying pan is one of their bestsellers and is ideal for making tikkas, pancakes, and the perfect stir fry. It is dishwasher friendly, and hence, you would not have to break a sweat while cleaning the deluxe frying pan. Our experts and product researchers wholeheartedly recommend this product to you and your loved ones who enjoy cooking.

This 5-layer non-stick coating frying pan is made using advanced German technology that improves its longevity. The USP of this pan is the spatter-coated surface. This surface makes it metal-spoon friendly besides making it look brand-new even after several uses. It can be used on both induction and gas cook-tops.

4. Hawkins Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Compatible Frying Pan

Frying pans are kitchen essentials. This frying pan from Hawkins is highly recommended by our experts as it is built on the pillars of innovation, durability, safety, and trust. This stainless steel frying pan is perfect for healthy, low-oil cooking.

The heavy gauge aluminum core of this frying pan spreads the heat evenly. The 3mm tri-ply retains the heat for a long duration, making it a good choice for storing food. The sturdy, natural rosewood handle stays cool even when the food is heated for longer hours. However, this frying pan is not safe to be used in an oven. It is not dishwasher friendly.

5. Hawkins Futura Nonstick Frying Pan

Hawkins offers a multi-purpose frying pan that is perfect for sauteing and can even be used for deep frying. It is deeper than ordinary frying pans and has a large capacity. It comes with a sturdy long handle that makes flipping food while cooking easier.

The rounded sides and extra height of this pan along with the snug-fit dome-shaped lids make this pan perfectly suitable for simmering. The high quality non-stick coating that is made in Germany coupled with the unique patented build of this pan makes it a unique product. It conducts heat faster and spreads evenly. Most importantly, it lasts longer.

6. Urbanhouse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry Pan, 10.25 inch, Black

This heavy bottom frying pan is perfect for a large family. Being a cast iron pan, it is hefty. But, the weight is the special feature of this frying pan as it enables the pan to hold heat longer than ordinary frying pans.

These pans minimize gas consumption, distribute heat equally and are amazing at slow cooking. It has two handles and is long-lasting. The Pan has rounded sides and extra height to avoid spillage.

7. Prestige Omega Deluxe Aluminium Granite Fry Pan with Lid, 260 mm, Black

This deluxe frying pan is not only efficient but also appealing. The ergonomic design and the three-layer coating makes it the most-preferred choice of Indian mothers.

Prestige products are produced with safety, security and assurance. This pan is durable and it can be used on induction as well as on a gas stove. It is scratch-resistant, dishwasher friendly, and metal spoon friendly. The granite finish makes it look new even though used many times.

8. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Non-stick Frying Pan, 28cm

The premium quality frying pan from AmazonBasics is affordable and one of the best ones available in the market. This 11-inch frying pan is the go-to pan for any professional cook. It can be used on a gas top and an induction. It is oven-safe to 175 degrees C.

The 2-layer, PFOA-free, nonstick coating of this pan releases food effortlessly. The long, stainless-steel riveted handle remains cool and the silicone wrap on it allows for a comfortable, secure grip.

9. Tefal Simply Chef Non-Stick Fry Pan, 20 cm, Rio Red

This frying pan from Tefal simply chef cooking range features resist plus non-stick interior coating which makes it durable. It also features 2-way coating for hassle-free cleaning. The specially designed handle with silicon thumb rest provides optimum comfort and makes it easy to handle.

This thoughtfully designed product is compatible with multiple cook-tops including electric, gas, ceramic, and halogen hobs. Therefore, it is called a cook’s versatile companion. The food grade safe body of this pan will maintain the quality of your food.

10. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan, 9 inch, Black

The safe and superior coating, stylish design, and classic wooden handle of this frying pan makes it a popular choice.

The wide and flat base of this frying pan makes it compatible with all stoves and distributes heat evenly. If proper care is taken, this product is guaranteed to last long. It definitely deserves its place amongst the top 10 frying pans in India curated by our eminent product researchers and testers.

The Intricacies of Our Product Research and Testing Procedures

We, at Lifestyle Titbits are very thorough with our product research and testing procedures and always fulfil our motto of providing the most actionable advice to our readers through our review articles. Here, we are striving to get our readers intimate with the nitty-gritties of our product research and testing methods so that they can have transparency with our works and entrust their complete faith in our review articles. In order to build a thriving community where we help our readers identify the best products that cater to their needs and in turn earn their appreciation, we have created the following sections in our article.

Why Should You Trust Us

Lifestyle Titbits has made a solid niche for itself where it provides the most practical information related to any product that elevates your lifestyle and overall well-being. We are always motivated to bring the best product reviews in front of you so that you can get a direction and your purchase decision gets impacted positively.

With a diversified team consisting of hobby chefs, lifestyle experts and top product researchers in the likes of Rahul Sharma and Neha Thakur, we already pack a punch! Our two avid home and cooking appliance experts are always motivated to bring you the most authentic products and hence they put hours of effort to select the products based on online resources, testimonials and review articles.

In this case too, Rahul and Neha gathered every bit of online resources to finally zero in on the 90 models of frying pans in India. Finally, our testing team took up the mantle and started putting these products to test with stringent measures. These test results were combined with the experience and poll results conducted on common people in India who use frying pans daily. Finally, we compared every research and poll results and created a curation of the top-notch frying pans in India that are worthy of your purchase. Our 10 best frying pans in India list is an eye-opener to every cooking amateur who needs to select the right products to embark on an exhilarating journey of culinary adventures.

Who This Is For

Although we have listed several types of frying pans which could cater to different use cases and can be used in a traditional Indian kitchen or an ultra-modern office pantry or even in a restaurant/eatery; we have tried to nail these specific consumers for which we think this article will turn out to be helpful. This review article is holistically catering to those:

  • Who enjoy cooking
  • Who are always looking for home-fried food
  • Professional/hobby chefs
  • Who love safety and durability
  • Who love stylish and functional utensils

Reading the reviews alone will help you identify the perfect use case for which the frying pan you select will come in handy.

How We Picked

Although Rahul and Neha used the primary parameters of safety, durability, longevity, affordability, design and aesthetics in mind, our product research and testers subjected these frying pans to a variety of micro parameters that helped us take a probing look at their quality and finally enlist them in our list. Let’s take a look.

  • Non-stick coating: The material used for non-stick coating in most frying pans is teflon. The high-graded teflon is often used as a 5-layer/4-layer/3-layer coating in most frying pans. We have always tested and enumerated those frying pans in our lists that contain more non-stick coating. Not only does it enable the user to cook seamlessly, but it also attracts the least oil and soot and makes cleaning and maintenance flawless.
  • Material: of the frying pan Using a high-grade material like aluminum alloy generally ensures uniform heat distribution for fast cooking. On the other hand, it increases the longevity, durability of the frying pan while making it lightweight. Certain deluxe frying pans are stone-derived and made from granite and that also improves their durability and longevity.
  • Safety: BPA-free materials and those free from PFOA and PFOS are highly preferable as they don’t render your food or cooked delicacy toxic. Therefore, our product research and testing team have kept these parameters in their mind while creating this list.
  • Handles: However the handles are made, their design gives brownie points when they are ergonomic and easily maneuverable. Apart from being aesthetic, handles are often heat-proof and that is a big upside in case of frying pans.

Our Picks

The following are our picks of the best frying pan India. Explore them and make the right choice when it comes to purchasing them.

Final Verdict

Overall, our top pick is the CAROTE Frying Pan, 20cm as it scores high in every single department.

The AmazonBasics Non-Stick 3-Piece Fry Pan Set (8,10, and 12 inch) is our runner-up in this segment, since it is an affordable choice. However, it is not compatible with induction cooktops.

Therefore, you can go for our super pick- the Prestige Omega Aluminium Deluxe Granite Fry Pan, 240mm, Black which will delight you with its variety of plush features.

However, we can tell you that all the above products are extremely popular in their segments and display high-end features, becoming worthy of your purchase.