How to Choose the Right Curtains?

Your curtains will provide privacy from peeping toms into your home, enhance the look of your rooms, and it also controls the amount of light that enters your room. Choosing the right curtain is to look for more than just aesthetics; it is to know what patterns or colours would be the right for each of the rooms in your home. You should carefully pick out the colours that will fit right in with your interior and the materials too. Even though most people like to choose either cotton or linen blended with rayon, there is a massive range of fabrics to choose from. In this blog, we have discussed the top 7 best curtain brands in India, from which you can select a brand that fits your requirements and budget.

1. Home Sizzler

If you are looking for curtains with a sheen to them, the 100% polyester collection is durable, colour safe, and has a composition of 150GSM. It also has eight rust-proof eyelets with a silver coating, giving it a much more elegant appeal. In addition, their curtains are semi-transparent and easy to clean on a machine or handwash. They also do not wrinkle or shrink, making them durable for a long time.

2. D’decor 

If you want to make your home look more elegant with curtains with subtle designs and make your living space more vibrant, choose D'decor's products. This premium quality brand's curtains come in several fabric types ranging from jacquard to embroidery, weaves, and sheer. Their designs are flexible, too, containing small motifs, abstract, botanical, stripes, geometric, checks, etc. In addition, since it comes in multiple sizes, you would be able to use it for both doors and windows.

3. Swayam

Another one of the best curtain brands in India is Swayam, whose products are popular among homeowners across the country for their premium quality. With a plethora of options available, from providing privacy in your bathroom to enhancing the look of your living room, you would be able to make your choice from Cotton, Jacquard, Polycotton, Polyester, Satin, and Silk. They also have several design options and solid curtains that you would find of excellent quality and elegant fabric.

4. Cortina

Cortina is known to be providing high-quality, budget curtains to people who are looking for premium-grade polyester curtains. Available in four fabric qualities and more than ten pattern styles, Cortina's curtains can be used for windows, doors, and long doors. The designs on Cortina curtains are perfect if you are looking to add more character to your living room or your area.

5. Linenwalas

If you live in a place where you get strong sunlight during the summer seasons, Linenwalas curtains are perfect since it can easily provide protection and shade from strong sunlight. With 15 years of experience in the curtain industry, Linenwalas is perfectly aware of the type of fabric that will require to block at least 80% of sunlight. These textured curtains enhance your interior's look and have 350 GSM cotton canvas giving the curtain a matte finish.

6. Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing is another one of the best curtain brands in India that have been providing premium quality curtains for decades now. Their premium quality polyester curtains are everything you need to give your interior an elegant look and absorb scorching sunrays during harsh summer months. Even after its exposure to direct sunlight and multiple washes, its colour does not fade. With years of experience in providing top-quality fabric materials, you cannot go wrong with any Bombay Dyeing product.

7. Modern Fab

If you want your curtains to have a unique 3D look, Modern Fab's curtains are ideal for you. Since these curtains are digitally printed, it gives them a unique 3D feature. Made with lightweight polyresin, these curtains are known for their longevity, quality, and solid colours. These curtains are available in multiple colours and are machine washable too. Modern Fab is slowly becoming one of the most prominent curtain brands in India, and all for good reasons.


Choosing the right curtain depends on where you live and how much sunlight you receive on the hottest day. While for some people, sheer curtains will do the job, for some homeowners, the thickest material will be the primary requirement. Even though designs on the curtains play an essential role, the first thing you should focus on is the fabric material and versatility of the product.