In the past few years, we’ve seen the rampant manipulation of meats in the market- meant to deceive the customers and resulting in countless health complications and diseases. From the addition of chemicals to selling meat other than the traditional meat options, the meat industry had stooped to its lowest lows. As a counter-response to this countrywide phenomenon, people grew skeptical of meat and meat-based products. As such the protein intake of the country was reduced by a considerable percentage. This is when artificial protein supplement companies swooped in to sway the market to their tides. With products like Collagen powders, the consumers had a direct source of valuable protein delivered purely and directly to their bodies. This was a boon for not only the health-conscious, wary Indian meat-consuming population but also the fitness experts and even bodybuilders. Seeing the growing markets, several brands popped up offering their products as the best in class and this is where we Lifestyle Titbits come in. We have gone through hundreds of these collagen protein powders to bring you this comprehensive list of our top ten favorites in the market. The product among these that takes the throne is of course the GradeOne Collagen Powder Supplement.

Our Pick

GradeOne Collagen Powder Supplement

Best Collagen Powder in India

Our expert team of nutritionists has commended this product for its high vitamin and mineral content and overall quality of the collagen powder provided. The results we experienced were truly apart from anything else we have tried.

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Our team of nutritionists and dermatologists at Lifestyle Titbits highly favor this collagen powder over any others in the market. With their superior processing and production facility and their quality factory-farm sourced collagen, it’s been rightfully determined as the best collagen powder in India.

Powdered collagen is for easy digestibility and absorption of the protein and we were impressed by the fine and unclogged powder we were getting right off the bat. Our research revealed a combination of Collagen Type 1 and several other natural amino acids and vitamins and minerals that all blended to bring you this complete package of a health supplement. Include this in your diet and you won’t be missing out on any vital nutrients for your body. With easier absorption into the body, our experts felt an almost immediate change in their bodies after consumption of this product. Because of how abundant the presence of collagen is in our bodies and the numerous functions it plays- this collagen powder directly boosts your skin and nail health, strengthening the bones and muscles and even specific organs like the liver and kidneys. It increases the elasticity of the skin, the tenacity of muscles, and the overall bone mass and concentration.

With countless benefits to keep in mind, we couldn’t help but rank this as our top pick. After all, this is not only the best collagen powder for skin in India but also hails from the best collagen brand in India. While it does have pages worth of benefits, we still recommend consumption of this product under proper guidance either by a nutritionist, doctor, or healthcare expert- because all collagen supplements have some general side effects which can be dangerous under specific circumstances. It must still be kept in mind that this is not a vegetarian product as the collagen is sourced directly from farm animals and cattle.


Healthy Hey Nutrition Collagen Gold

Easy-to-MIX, Sugar-Free Collagen Powder

This ones an odorless, tasteless collagen powder which makes it easy to mix and have with your regular diet. Mix it in a shake and you are good to go!

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The Healthy Hey Nutrition Collagen is composed mainly of collagen peptides which are odorless and tasteless so they can be easily mixed into your morning tea or coffee, milkshake, or even cereals.

Our expert team at Lifestyle Titbits was very impressed by this feature. We ran a plethora of stringent tests and evaluations to check for harmful or potentially dangerous combinations for the several mixture options available but to our surprise, it was perfectly safe in all cases. Collagen peptides help relieve joint pain and strengthen joints in general. They are also beneficial for stomach health and satiety. Our team of nutritionists and healthcare experts have all tired out this product and they have confirmed more regular and stable digestion cycles, reduced chances of gas, and overall a stronger stomach. The collagens also indirectly help reduce the strain on the kidneys and liver. We highly recommend adding this to your diet regularly for maximum benefits so that you can reap its full value!

This is also a sugar-free product so it’s very viable for those with diabetes and glucose intolerance. This is a very good product for on-the-go fitness freaks, gym enthusiasts, bodybuilders as they can have this mixed in with their regular water and consume them in their periods of exercise. Because they are also replete with vitamins and minerals, we also discovered it’s surprisingly good for all youth who are involved in the rush life.

Budget Pick

OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder

Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Collagen MIX

Our team at Lifestyle Titbits has deemed this as the best budget pick for all our low-spending budget-conscious customers. This is also gluten-free and GMO-free for all those with specific preferences or allergies.

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Our team of experts has deemed this the best collagen powder for skin in India. With Vitamin C, Biotin, Silica, and Bamboo shoot essence mixed into the powder, the collagens work especially best to boost skin health.

Our dermatologists were very impressed by this ingenious and effective mixture and even tried it out for themselves. They were very impressed with the results. These extra elements work in cohesion to improve skin moisture, elasticity and remove excess oil and oil accumulations. Over time and regular consumption of this collagen mixture, our research revealed that it’ll effectively treat acne and boils within the approximate span of a week.

For those facing skin problems, this is their best buy as it is objectively the best collagen powder for skin in India. Especially because it serves the Indian skin type and skin problems very effectively. Truly a product catered to India. With its highly affordable price, we are also sure it will help a lot of people.

Best Collagen Brands in India

Our experts have hand-picked the following top 10 collagen brands in India. While an abundance of options is available to choose from, our experts have shortlisted these collagen brands and offer them to you as their best recommendations based on extensive research into the quality of their products and their reputation across various marketplaces over a long period.

Sr. No.Brands Buy Now
1GradeOne NutritionBuy From Amazon
2HealthyheyBuy From Amazon
3OzivaBuy From Amazon
4CurevedaBuy From Amazon
5NeocellBuy From Amazon
6BbetterBuy From Amazon
7HealthKartBuy From Amazon
8HerbalValleyBuy From Amazon
9SwisseBuy From Amazon
10Vital ProteinsBuy From Amazon

Top 10 Best Collagen Supplements in India

We at Lifestyle Titbits understand the rush and stress of daily life. Our bodies in this state of constant stress and anxiety often shut down and inhibit the production of various vital proteins and vitamins. That's where health supplements come in. We have compiled this comprehensive and curated list to help our readers and customers to choose what's best for them.

  1. GradeOne Collagen Powder Supplement
  2. Healthy Hey Nutrition Collagen Gold
  3. OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder
  4. BoldSkin Collagen Supplement
  5. Cureveda Plant-Based Collagen Builder
  6. NeoCell Super Collagen
  7. Bbetter Collagen
  8. HealthKart Collagen Builder
  9. HerbalValley Collagen Peptides Powder
  10. Zeorwik plant Collagen powder

This is a list of our favorite top 10 collagen supplements in the Indian market as of 2022. Read on to find out one that best suits your needs.

1. GradeOne Collagen Powder Supplement

GradeOne markets the best collagen powder for skin in India. This marvelous collagen supplement is a combination of everything our skin needs, said our panel of dermatologists and skincare experts. It has amino acids combined with collagen Type 1 and a vitamin-mineral blend. This product makes you beautiful inside and out.

If you are someone looking for an easy way to get better overall health, this product is for you. Our team of experts suggests a regular intake of this product for good skin, bones, and gut health. The product is an amalgamation of marine Collagen, Vitamin C&E, Curcumin, Biotin, and 17 amino acids.

2. Healthy Hey Nutrition Collagen Gold

Healthy Hey is the best collagen brand in India according to several gym enthusiasts and nutritionists. Our experts believe that if you are a diabetic looking for a collagen supplement, this one's for you. This product is not only sugar-free but it also amazes us because it does not smell. It is easy to mix and consume and we found that gym-goers can have this supplement seamlessly. Our team testifies that its orange flavor makes its flavor profile incredibly rich.

Consuming this product first thing in the morning and then eventually at night will reduce your risk of bone fractures and improve your mobility. We also give our word that this product is an anti-aging catalyst and will help you to get smoother skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin conditions. The product is not only of premium quality but also approved by leading regulatory boards and authorities, earning our seal of trust.

3. OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder

If you are vegan or plant-based then this product is specifically made for you. Go for this product with your eyes closed if you are looking for a classic collagen supplement. It primarily contains Vitamin C, Biotin, Silica, and bamboo shoots. The product has surpassed all the expectations of our team of experts.

If you are allergic to gluten, our experts would recommend you to go for this particular product. It is vegan and soy-free. It has 0 grams of sugar making it an incredible choice for those looking to lose weight or cut down on sugar.

4. BoldSkin Collagen Supplement

BoldSkin is easily the best collagen brand in India according to the gym trainers and experts whom we polled. This fruity watermelon-flavored supplement is a personal favorite of many gym-goers who are into fruits and organic juices. If you are looking for a perfect refreshing drink during summer, then this is for you.

This product is moisture-locking and gives you silk-like baby soft skin. It is consumable by all genders and is an ideal product for gaining bone and joint vitality. We guarantee that this product is ideal for the health freaks who want a kick of protein with their collagen supplements.

5. Cureveda Plant-Based Collagen Builder

This 300gms of collagen is enriched with natural sweetness and rose water. We thoroughly loved the packaging of this product. Cureveda, according to our experts and nutritionists, produces some of the best collagen supplements in India. Blending 20 grams of this powder along with a full glass of cold milk or smoothie can be an easy and healthy breakfast.

It also contains Vitamin E and Evening Primrose along with pearl powder to enhance the working of the formula. Vegetarian proteins of rice and wheat make this product an excellent addition to your protein shake.

6. NeoCell Super Collagen

This unflavoured collagen is keto-friendly. We conducted interviews with people and found out that consuming this collagen powder regularly endows you with stronger nails and thicker hair. Our group of experts was impressed by the premium quality of this product. NeoCell without a doubt has dished out one of the best collagen supplements in India.

Our experts recommended 10 grams of this with your preferred drink for boosting bone health and for a healthier lifestyle. We recommend this product for its overall positive impacts on your health.

7. Bbetter Collagen

Repairing skin and renewing dead skin cells is one of the specialties of marine collagen. This product is purely hydrolyzed and can be quickly absorbed by your body. This marine-based collagen is flavourful and is the best purchase according to our experts who studied its impacts and were floored by the reasonable price tag.

This product is FDA-approved and is packaged with precision and hygiene. We were moved by the number of quality control standards that were maintained while sourcing, processing and packaging this product.

8. HealthKart Collagen Builder

If you are looking for some of the best collagen supplements in India, then Healthkart has you covered. Their wide line of supplements leaves the best of our health and nutrition experts wide-eyed. This plant-based collagen builder is the perfect supplement for any vegetarian. We also recommended this product because of its palatability and awesome taste.

This amla, aloe vera, and acerola cherry-infused powder might be your type of supplement. However, our experts were visibly amazed at the Indian kick that we got from the anar and lemon flavors that are present in this product.

9. HerbalValley Collagen Peptides Powder

HerbalValley has dished out one of the most premium collagen powders infused with the essence of lemon and mint. This product will cover your collagen needs for days and leave you with visible benefits. Our team recommends this product to anyone suffering from osteoporosis.

This is currently the best collagen powder for skin in India according to several important celebrities and experts. The proteins in the product help in connective tissue health. Our testers verify that it indeed decreases fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks and makes your skin taut and child-like.

10. Zeorwik plant Collagen powder

This collagen is loved by all fruit lovers because of its unique set of contents. We found the essence of guava, lemon, orange peel, pomegranate, strawberry, acai berry, ginger, pink salt, green tea extract, cinnamon extract, and even acerola cherry extract. Our team recommends this to everyone who might be lacking vitamin C and other fruity nutrients.

The users reviewed and said that they see the results of this product right after one week of utilization. The product is mostly used by people who are above 30. We believe that they will notice a visible difference while using this collagen powder.

Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

We at Lifestyle Titbits aim to deliver and improve the lifestyle of our dedicated clients and patrons. One of our focuses for this end is improving the health of our customers. Our selection, screening and testing procedures hinge at this very focal point. We select healthy, convenient products from the market and screen the hundreds of options available to select a considerable number of promising products on which we perform rigorous testing to bring you our top favourite recommendations. To further explain the details, we have divided the following section into these parts:

Why should you trust us

We at Lifestyle Titbits have a reliable team of expert nutritionists, dermatologists, and medical health professionals to back us up on this search for the best collagen powder in India. Our team only wants the best for you and so we keep looking and leaving no stone unturned until we find our perfect picks and the best of the best in the market.

Throughout this process, our team has put in more than 100 hours of work and research to bring this list to fruition. After rigorous standardized quality checks and some special stringent tests to further evaluate our products, we have finalized our decisions. Our tests include looking for side effects, taste, health hazards, overall benefits, and nutritional content, and so on. Collagens are health supplements so we took extra care to look at the preservatives added and extra chemicals and additives used and weigh if they make the product better or worse.

We also got in touch with working professionals on the field including doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists, and high-ranking dermatologists for their expert advice and opinion on the matter. We consulted some professional gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders on the matter too. In addition, we also conducted polls all around the country to know what our countrymen think about the matter. With this, we bring you a list not only recommended by us but also approved by the nation.

Who This Is For

While our products pertain to a vast array of customers and consumers like health and fitness enthusiasts, some of our specific targets this time around were:

● Aspiring Sportsmen.
● Gym trainers and enthusiasts.
● Beginner bodybuilders.
● People facing skin problems and joint aches.
● Youth who are caught up in the rush of life.
● Fitness-oriented homemakers.

However, no matter who chooses to make a purchase, they are guaranteed satisfaction with all of our recommended products.

How We Picked

Health supplement products like collagen powders have a plentitude of details to consider before they are even considered for our lists. Even after our basic parameters like shelf life, packaging, mineral and vitamin content, there are hundreds of other nitty-gritty aspects we have to consider before recommending it to our customers. Some of those are:

  • Type of Collagen Used: These include bovine or cattle collagen, marine collagen, chicken collagen and even egg collagen. Depending on the type of collagen used the powder can serve several functions such as managing joints and ligaments, bone mass and strength, and even inducing your own body to produce its own collagen. We put more emphasis on hydrolysed collagen/collagen peptides that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Body Compatibility: This essentially means how readily and fast your body accepts a foreign collagen input. Objectively marine or fish collagen is the easiest to absorb. However, as we said before when other collagens are hydrolysed, they form collagen peptides which are very easily absorbed.
  • Quality of Sources: These points to the quality of the animals or creatures the collagen is procured from. It is agreed upon that if the collagen is procured from cattle then the cattle must be grass-fed or well pastured. In the case of fishes and marine creatures, they must be caught from the wild and not farm-raised for the best and most quality output. It also goes without saying that the creatures must be checked for diseases and illnesses so as not to cause any accidental or unforeseen ailments in the human. We ensured that each product was from a manufacturer that adhered to all these quality control standards.
  • Taste: We also discuss the taste of the collagen powder. While most would prefer the purest, odorless and tasteless flavour, we also understand that some others would instead like a flavoured one. We recommend anything with the least amount of ingredients- even among flavoured ones for the best results. However, we have taken care to reject any collagen supplement that comes with additives or artificial flavors.

We’ll leave out all the other statistical and numerical parameters in case we bore you but rest assured - hours of research and testing have been undergone by all of our recommended products until they were all 100% approved premium quality products.

Our Picks

We have worked tirelessly to bring you this comprehensive and complete guide on the best collagen powders in the market. For the ultimate satisfaction, we ask that you go through each of them to find out the one that suits your specific needs and functions. Listed below are our promised top 10 best collagen powders in India.

Photo Title Price Buy
GRADEONE NUTRITION Marine...image GRADEONE NUTRITION Marine Collagen Powder Supplement, 200g, For Skin Hair Nails & Joints - With Biotin, Curcumin, Vitamins & Amino Acids, Mango Flavour ₹995.00 (₹497.50 / 100 g)
HealthyHey Skin Glow-n-Shine...image HealthyHey Skin Glow-n-Shine Collagen Power 200g | Hydrolysed Collagen for Women and Men with Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin and Vitamin C for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails - (Cranberry, 200gm) ₹699.00 (₹349.50 / 100 g)
OZiva Vegan Collagen...image OZiva Vegan Collagen (Tangy Amla) with Biotin & Vitamin C For Brighter & Youthful Skin | Collagen Supplement For Women & Men | Plant Based Collagen Powder | Certified Vegan 250g (Pack of 1) ₹854.00 (₹341.60 / 100 g)
Cureveda Collagen Builder...image Cureveda Collagen Builder Glow Powder for Brighter & Youthful Skin, Plant-Based Supplement with Rose Water, Veg Beauty Protein, Evening Primrose 100IU, No Added Sugar, 300gm ₹1,325.00 (₹441.67 / 100 g)
BBETTER Collagen Marino...image BBETTER Collagen Marino For Women & Men- Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Powder for Skin,Hair, Nails & Joints (Pack of 1) ₹499.00
HerbalValley Collagen Peptides...image HerbalValley Collagen Peptides Powder | Naturally flavored | Supplement for Healthy & Shiny Hair | Strong Nails | Optimal Skin | Joint Care (Lemon Mint) ₹749.00 (₹374.50 / 100 g)

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an all-rounder product that boosts every aspect of your health, while also tasting delicious, we suggest you go for our top pick GradeOne Collagen Powder Supplement.

If you’re specifically looking for an authentic, no additives, sugar-free collagen powder with the same health benefits then we recommend our runner up- the Healthy Hey Nutrition Collagen Gold.

If a budget choice is what you’re looking for or one specifically catered for your skin health, we recommend you our best in-budget pick OZiva Plant-Based Collagen Builder.

But let us assure you, no matter which option you choose from our list, we guarantee customer satisfaction- so fear not and make your own choice!