While most Indians have enjoyed coconut water in street style, which is the closest to enjoying your natural coconut water, market-bought coconut water products are popular too.

Rich in electrolytes but low in calories, coconut water is a good way to boost energy levels mostly during lazy summer days. And if your local street cart doesn't offer fresh coconut water, your next best bet is packaged bottles from the best coconut water brands in India.

1. Vita Coco

Vita Coco is a brand all about the goodness of coconut - be it in coconut milk form or coconut water. The brand’s one of the best products Vita Coco Organic Coconut Water offers all the natural goodness like potassium and magnesium for proper hydration and functioning of your body.

While Vita Coco might not offer the most natural sweetness, you will still not regret it because it definitely offers the promised hydration and one of the best tastes your taste buds have ever experienced.

The brand also offers other coconut products which are Sparkling Coconut Water in various flavors and Pressed Coconut Water products. All the product lines are readily available in online Indian markets, and since it contains few ingredients, it offers the same old natural taste for your taste buds.

2. Harmless Harvest 

Harmless Harvest is quite a popular brand name amongst coconut water lovers as its products are not just tasty but also offer a whole new level of antioxidants to the body. The coconut water from Harmless Harvest is sourced from coconut trees in Thailand and offers 10 times more potassium compared to other coconut beverages.

Harmless Harvest’s coconut water offers a natural taste but due to the presence of polyphenols, it has the tendency to appear pinkish when the content meets with a light source.

One of the best ways to enjoy your Harmless Harvest coconut water is to enjoy it when slightly chilled. You can blend it with smoothies to enjoy it after your workout session for extra boosting of your energy.


For most coconut water products, artificial sweetening can be avoided because the natural taste itself offers a subtle but required sweetness. In ZICO’s coconut water product, you will find no added sugar, and being 100% natural water, it is suitable for your health even with regular consumption.

The naturally occurring electrolytes in ZICO’s coconut water not just boost your energy for the entire day but also quenches your thirst immediately.

ZICO’s coconut water products come in a variety of sizes and make it possible to enjoy them in many ways or on various occasions. You can choose to enjoy a bottle individually or you can buy it for your whole family to enjoy during breakfast or create different types of drinks at a summer beach party. With so many choices, it won’t be wrong to say that ZICO Natural Coconut Water Drink is the best coconut water in India.

4. 365 Everyday Value

When 365 Everyday Value offers your favorite product, you can also blindly rely on it for quality and for being organic. Once again, the brand offers a product that is completely healthy as its coconut water has a low level of sodium making it suitable for people that have restrictions on sodium intake.

Among many other benefits, this product offers a rich source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Although, if you are looking to store your coconut water for a week, this is not the best product to go for.

365 Everyday Value’s Market Coconut Water might not be easily available in many parts of India, but offers the best natural taste that only has a negligible difference from enjoying water directly from a coconut.

5. Amy & Brian Coconut Water

Certified as non-GMO coconut water, Amy & Brian’s Coconut water product brings the goodness of Thailand’s coconuts at affordable rates. The brand’s coconut water product offers a rich flavor of natural coconut water, as it doesn’t contain any added sugar or preservatives.

You can either drink this bottled coconut water after a morning or evening run or after your workout. But you can also drink it to stay hydrated on a summer day out. Rich in electrolytes, this coconut water can be a healthy and tasty substitute for water on hot summer days. But why the brand is so loved is also because Amy & Brian’s coconut water comes in a variety of flavors like - grape, lime, cinnamon, pulp, etc. All of them are equally healthy, nourishing and tasty, and of course, worth tasting.


It is very important that whichever coconut water you choose, it offers the natural source of all 5 electrolytes including calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. And no matter from where the water is sourced, the ingredients list will reveal its quality and healthiness.