Carrom is an indoor game involving four players and is played with a wooden board and eighteen discs. It is a popular game to play with friends and family. It is also very popular to have carrom boards at club rooms, college union rooms, and places of social gathering. A game of carrom is a very convenient indoor game that promotes bonding among individuals from different walks of life. Within the family, it acts as a popular recreational activity during which family members can relax with some fun and healthy competition among them. Though generally considered as an amateur’s game, people can also play carrom at a professional level. Such requires training as well as a habit of instinctive gameplay that can be developed with years of expertise and experience. This is achievable easily if you have a carrom board in your living room. We at Lifestyle Titbits want to provide you with genuine and empirically-based information on India's best carrom board brands. This will guarantee whatever your purpose is in playing the game or whenever you play the game, you have a unique and satisfying experience with minimum fuss. According to our extensively conducted study, the best carrom board in India is KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board.

Our Pick

KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board

Full Size Carrom Board with 4mm Thick Plywood Crafted with Precision

Our team of experts studied a large number of brands that manufacture carrom boards suitable to use in championships and professional games. This is the best carrom board in India according to their extensive research.

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The product is available for different sizes and suitable for usage by players from different age groups, according to the unanimous opinion of our group of experts. The range of carrom boards from this brand includes the following - a small and medium-sized one suitable for children, a separate large and extra-large one suited for young adults and adults, and a club-sized board perfect for club rooms and professional tournaments.

Our experts confirmed that every size provided by this brand is suitable to give you a unique and unforgettable gaming experience. These carrom boards are hand-made with extreme precision. Korner is a well-known traditional carrom board brand. Their designers provide premium quality with a range of expertise such as curving, inlay, and joinery. Our team at Lifestyle Titbits was blown away by the superior quality of plywood available in this product. The board is made with special ‘Assam Plywood’ which is uniquely suited to give you an extraordinary gaming experience. The plywood is polished meticulously to provide you with smooth gameplay and low friction along with a hard-wearing finish.

Our research conclusively showed that these carrom boards are suitable for championship purposes, as they provide the players with excellent rebounce. There is sturdy reinforcement at the back of the board to prevent warping and to enhance the flatness of the surface. These qualities make this brand undoubtedly the best carrom board maker in India. The board also comes with other accessories of carrom such as discs, striker, and powder for maintenance. So, if you're buying this product, you can initiate your game instantly after getting it and don't have to worry about buying anything else!


GSI Khel Mandir Carrom Board

The Perfect Carrom Board for Casual Play with Friends and Family

If you are looking for a suitable carrom board to keep in your living room, then we, at Lifestyle Titbits, unwaveringly suggest you go forward with this brand.

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Garg Sports International is a renowned Indian sports equipment brand based in Meerut. Apart from other sports accessories, they can provide you with superior quality carrom boards if you are looking to enhance your pastime with some quality gameplay and recreational activity that promotes bonding.

Our team of experts confirmed that the quality of these carrom boards is extremely good. They have an exceptionally smooth playing surface, which is an addition to your gameplay. The re-bound capabilities of these carrom boards are remarkable which drew massive appreciation from our team of experts. Our experts opined that this feature comes from their Kikar-made borders on four sides in addition to a low friction-generating polished surface made of Assam plywood.

This board comes with a set of carrom accessories too. These accessories include all the necessary coins, one striker, and a pack of boric powder required to keep the board surface smooth. These virtues make this brand undoubtedly one of the best carrom board brands in India.

Budget Pick

Zitto Tom and Jerry Kids Carrom Board

Multi-Color, Superior Quality Square Carrom Board Ideal for Children

If you are looking for a small size carrom board which is ideal to introduce the joy of carrom to your kids, then this is the best product for you to buy. Not to forget, this is also one of the most budget-friendly products in this segment.

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Today's world is full of rapidly developing computer games and other virtual gaming experiences. It is quite hard to entice kids to a traditional indoor board game-like carrom these days. According to our team of game experts, this is the ideal carrom set for kids to introduce them to this fun experience!

This carrom board is made of MDF wood making it lightweight and very easy to carry. In addition to that, the carrom board also features a smooth playing surface and has excellent re-bound capacities. Tom and Jerry are one of the most popular cartoon characters across the world, this board is sure to attract children.

The back of the carrom board has a Tom and Jerry snake and ladders game too! This provides an extra source of fun and engagement for kids alongside carrom. Such features make this carrom board a hot favorite for children. All these features along with its reasonable price tag make this product attractive to our experts.

Top 10 Best Carrom Board Brands in India

Carrom is one of the most popular indoor board games in India. A high-quality carrom board gives you low friction on a smooth board surface and superior rebound capabilities. These features add an edge to your game and provide you with a superior foundation to build on your skill. Check out the top brands of carrom boards enumerated here.

  1. KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board
  2. GSI Khel Mandir Carrom Board
  3. Zitto Tom and Jerry Kids Carrom Board
  4. GSI Superior Matte Finish Carrom Board
  5. Craftnation Wooden Finish Carrom Board
  6. PLAY Rabbits Carrom Board
  7. Precise Elegant Carrom Board
  8. Siscaa Winit Waterproof Carrom Board
  9. Whitedot Carrom Board
  10. Noorah Collection Wooden Round Pocket Carrom Board

In this table, we have provided an assortment of the best carrom boards available for your purchase in 2022. Go through this list comprehensively if you are willing to make a purchase. You can also get relevant information on each of the products below.

1. KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board

If you are a fan of indoor games or even belong to the category of professional players, then these carrom boards are a must-have for you. This is a high-quality Assam plywood board with hardwood borders and it comes in a beautiful brown and beige color combination. It offers an excellently smooth surface for you and your friends to have an amazing time playing carrom in it.

This carrom board has been a favorite amongst novice players as well as carrom federations all over the country. This is a long-lasting, sturdy product and it does not require too much maintenance either. It comes with a carrom powder bottle and spraying this powder ensures you create a smooth striker surface once you start playing. Our experts had a fun time playing while testing this product and so we assure you that you can also have a great time with family using this product!

2. GSI Khel Mandir Carrom Board

If you want the best carrom boards to enjoy a game of carrom with your friends or peers, then this one can be a great choice for you. It is manufactured by a reliable company and comes with a superior smooth finish for an amazing game. It comes with excellent rebound capabilities as well.

Made from Assam plywood, this is an extremely sturdy piece as well. It comes in a brown and beige color combination and is also a very durable carrom board to have in your home. We tested the product meticulously and feel that it is suited to host club games quite effortlessly as well!

3. Zitto Tom and Jerry Kids Carrom Board

For any child who is a carrom enthusiast, this carrom board is a must-have, according to all our product testers and researchers. It is a laminated product and comes with a superior finish and offers a smooth playing surface and high rebounding capabilities. It is a colorful product, with a 'Tom and Jerry' theme that makes it even more suitable for kids.

This premium carrom board is made out of MDF wood which makes it a lightweight product. It is easy to carry around as well, which can be a very handy aspect when you have kids. It even comes with an additional snakes and ladders game which can entertain the kids when they are tired of playing carrom.

4. GSI Superior Matte Finish Carrom Board

Many people regard this product as the ‘best carrom board in India’ due to its sturdy nature, smooth playing surface, and sturdy reinforcement features. It comes with a 2-inch border which gives it high rebounding capabilities, which is why it is such a popular choice amongst professional carrom players.

This product comes from one of the best carrom board brands in India and is known for its high-quality products that can last a long time. The soft cotton pockets don't disappoint either and its beige color with a matte finish gives it a stylish look. According to our team of product researchers and experts, this is nothing less than a professional carrom board of standard size and made out of sturdy plywood.

5. Craftnation Wooden Finish Carrom Board

If you want to build memories and have fun playing carrom with your friends and peers, then you cannot ignore this amazing carrom board with super deep pockets. This is from one of the best carrom brands in India and it comes at a reasonable price as well.

This wooden carrom board comes with carrom coins, striker, and powder for an engaging gaming session. While testing manually, we felt that this is a sturdy and durable piece that does not require too much maintenance. It is a water-resistant plywood carrom board that can be used for long and grueling carrom games.

6. PLAY Rabbits Carrom Board

This is a waterproof carrom board that comes with an excellent finish and has a sturdy nature. It comes with coins, striker, and powder and is dished out by a reliable carrom board manufacturer as well. It is an extremely popular product and is known for its superior quality that trumps any traditional carrom board.

It comes in a beige and brown color and has a sleek and stylish look as well. It is also known for its excellent polish with a matte finish. Our testers were amazed at the nominal prices for which this board is available as it boasts of long life and compact size.

7. Precise Elegant Carrom Board

This is a precise carrom board often recommended by our experts due to its elegant design and ultra-smooth playing surface. There is also a sturdy reinforcement present at the back of the board that enhances the flatness and prevents warping.

This product comes with a set of coins, striker, and powder as well. It is a sturdy and durable piece, and hence it serves a dual purpose. We feel that it is ideal to have fun with family and can even be utilized for tournament games. Several carrom federations in West Bengal use this carrom board for championship purposes. We spoke to those federations and they feel that this is a championship model and hence consider this as the best carrom board in India.

8. Siscaa Winit Waterproof Carrom Board

The Siscaa carrom board comes with a water and scratch-proof surface and is an extremely sturdy product as well. It has a long life, an ultra-smooth surface and comes equipped with coins, strikers, and powders, and promises you endless memorable games!

This product offers a smooth texture and also has a matte polish. Since it is available in both offline and online stores, it is one of the premium board options for multiple-level tournaments. It is very high-quality, durable in nature, and is even used by professionals for important tournaments in India. We genuinely inquired about this championship model and found that it has been preferred by an international carrom federation as well!

9. Whitedot Carrom Board

As his product is one of the best carrom board models in the market, it is loved by millions of Indians. It comes at an affordable price as well and comes with a  set of free games like Ludo and Chess along with the wooden coins needed for these games.

This carrom board is a must-have if you want to enjoy a hoard of indoor games while you’re at your home. It is a sturdy and durable product, along with being very high in quality. We inquired customers about this product and everyone was immensely satisfied with their online shopping experience, purchasing this nice product! They were tremendously happy with the excellent board surface and its options of several board games that come alongside.

10. Noorah Collection Wooden Round Pocket Carrom Board

With a sturdy reinforcement to prevent warping, this carrom board is known for its sleek design, durability, and superior quality. It comes in a brown-beige color combination along with an assortment of carrom items like coins, striker, and powder for intense gaming sessions.

This is a famous model with a stylish appearance and it comes at an affordable price as well. You can use it for a long time too, which makes it a value for your money. This product has also garnered amazing reviews on the internet from its satisfied carrom board players throughout the country. We feel that a game of carrom brings unending joys to a family that is staying at home during the pandemic, and these best-quality carrom boards offer you a beloved carrom time!

The Intricacies of Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Carrom is one of the most popular indoor board games in India. It promotes healthy and friendly competition. During this pandemic, when we are stuck in our homes for a large part of the day, engaging in a game of carrom can be incessantly relaxing and also encourage bonding between family members. Since Lifestyle Titbits is all about promoting your lifestyle and making it easy, we understood the importance of good quality indoor games in your daily lives, especially during the pandemic. Thus, we at Lifestyle Titbits, gathered a team of experts to aid you in search of a perfect carrom board that will make your lives fun-filled. We believe in offering actionable insights that are thoroughly backed by extensive product research and testing so that you don’t have to encounter the hassles of going through a plethora of products listed online. Our experts conducted an in-depth study for this purpose. Some of the details of our research process are given below.

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits aspire to provide effective advice and suggestions to our readers which enable them to be informed, consumers. We don't promote any one product. We aim to give you a bunch of empirically-backed relevant information which we hope will assist you in making an informed purchase decision yourself. The team of experts for this study was picked by our sports product expert - Mr. T. Sekharan.

Mr. Sekharan was involved in the professional sporting clubs in his state and has an intimate knowledge of professional-level tournaments and even indoor games. He has some acquaintances in the professional carrom circuit too. These acquaintances included erstwhile professional carrom players. We invited some of them to be part of our team of experts and volunteers. We also invited some of the people involved in crafting carrom boards.

At first, our market analysts gave us a list of 80 brands of carrom boards based on online sales of various products. Among them, 20 brands were shortlisted by consultation among professional carrom players at various levels. These brands were then extensively studied by the technical team and ranked, based on multiple parameters. This produced a list of the top 10 brands of carrom board in India.

Who This Is For

Our list will be beneficial to the general section of the population as well as specific audiences and target groups listed below -

  • Professional carrom players.
  • Casual and novice carrom players.
  • Carrom enthusiasts.
  • Clubs with existing and potential infrastructure for carrom.
  • Family members interested in carrom.

How We Picked

Our research team at Lifestyle Titbits ranked the products based on multiple parameters which are relevant to the making of the best carrom boards. Giving an account of all the parameters in detail is beyond the scope of this article. Without straining your already busy daily schedule, we are giving you the most important parameters below in a concise manner:

  • Material: Material used to make the carrom board is undoubtedly the most important parameter in this research. Our experts accordingly focused on the materials used for making carrom boards from various brands.
  • Friction: Carrom boards should have low friction so that discs can slide easily over it. Our research team also considered this carefully looking at the quality of polish present in products dished out by various brands.
  • Rebound Capacity: Rebound capacities of carrom boards are supremely important parameters. This is decided by materials used to make the four borders of the carrom board. Our experts emphasized on this particularly while creating the assortment.

Our Picks

After extensive study of all these parameters, our research team has chosen a list of top brands of carrom boards. We only urge you to go through the whole list before making a purchase. We are not interested in the sale of any one product and you can compare various products and decide for yourself.

Photo Title Price Buy
KORNERS Cut Pocket...image KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board Set of Coins Striker and Carrom Powder (Cut 32 inches) ₹1,899.00
GSI Superior Matte...image GSI Superior Matte Finish Full Size Carrom Board with Coins Striker and Boric Powder for kids and adult, Beige (Large 32 inch) ₹1,859.00
Craftnation Wodden Finish...image Craftnation Wodden Finish 26 x 26 Inches Size Carrom Board with Free Coins, Striker High Finish
Play Rabbits Carrom...image Play Rabbits Carrom Board Medium Size 26 Inch Carrom Gloss Finish Ply with Plastic Coins, Strikers & Powder Carrom Board Brown color Brown for 2 years or above
PRECISE Elegant Carrom...image PRECISE Elegant Carrom Board Champion Board Aicf Approved Used In National & International Tournament, Baby ₹11,490.00
NCT Noorah Collection...image NCT Noorah Collection Wooden Round Pocket Carrom Board with Coins, Striker and Carrom Powder (32 x 32 Inches, Beige, Black, Full Size) for 2 years or above ₹1,399.00

You can browse through the products listed above and study them to make a solid purchase decision.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a carrom board suitable for professional carrom games and championships, then our team unanimously recommends you KORNERS Cut Pocket Carrom Board.

If you are looking for a carrom board to play casually with your family members, then our recommendation for you will be the GSI Khel Mandir Carrom Board.

If you are looking for a carrom board to enhance the game’s interest in your kids, then our research team will suggest you buy a Zitto Tom and Jerry Kids Carrom Board.