The Brazil nut is a commercially derived nut from a South American tree by the same name. In today’s world, thyroid, stress, and immunity problems are rampant and our talented team of dry fruits experts thinks that these Brazil nuts are a key to solving those problems. With a majority of the population still unaware of the reclusive but vital mineral of selenium, it is no surprise that often people go unnoticed of its lack in their diet and end up with a severe selenium deficiency. This ultimately leads to the above problems. While most nuts contain only about 1 mcg of selenium- the brazil nut has surprised us with a whopping 96 mcg per nut. Our researchers and analysis experts have said that only two of these nuts per day will not only keep your immune system and mood boosted but also make up for the aforementioned lack of selenium. In India, the brazil nut market is a relatively new one and looking for more customers. Here are some of our best and favourite choices among those available in the Indian market. Namely, the product that takes the cake here is none other than the Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts.

Our Pick

Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

Nutritious, Immune-Booster Superfood Nuts

Our experts have deemed this as the best Brazil nuts in India for its organic and 100% natural farming and processing. This keeps its rich selenium and other mineral content intact allowing a rich taste and a premium experience.

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These nuts come packed with Nature’s power and our team was on the frontlines for this one. We found that the exotic taste comes from the unique and traditional growing and harvesting process that preserves the nutrients and minerals as best as possible against unpredictable weather conditions.

Our team of expert nutritionists and dry fruits connoisseurs have found out, through intensive research and experimentation, that these Brazil nuts are especially effective for the skin. The rich selenium content and the intelligent organic processing allow it to be better absorbed by the skin thus keeping it healthy, fresh and glowing. Our testing team has even tracked their skin health and skin tone through a whole month of consuming these Brazil nuts and we can assure you the results are unexpectedly brilliant. We have also experienced improved immunity which is, we believe, a result of the other micronutrients and healthy fats present and naturally occurring in these nuts. These nuts are also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids that improve eye health and help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. We have also found through research that these are highly beneficial for those with heart ailments.

We highly recommend these Brazil nuts as a natural vitamin and mineral supplement substitute. These can be eaten raw or salted and we determine that their surprising durability will help keep all your nutrients intact even if you decide to put it on a dish or cook it with something.


Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts 400gms, Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

Premium Brazil Nuts With High Energy Density

Our team of experts at Lifestyle Titbits was surprised by the power these nuts pack with their high vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant content. With all other elements factored in, we deem this as one of the best Brazil nuts in India.

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Our dry fruits team at Lifestyle Titbits have applauded the superior packaging of this product. With minerals like selenium, magnesium, manganese, thiamine, and copper, your body will get a regular stream of these micronutrients and never run into a deficiency.

Our team was shocked by its rich creamy nutty taste and after much deliberation, we found that the meat of this nut tasted closer to the coconut than other nuts. With extensive research, we found that these nuts were natural powerhouses, and having only two of them a day can replace your regular Selenium supplement. Because of their high selenium concentration, these nuts can alone sustain your body's need for this micronutrient. We tested this through several means and experiments and found that it's true. We also found out that these nuts are viciously effective against inflammation and highly beneficial for thyroid regulation, brain and heart health, and boosting the immune system. Our research revealed that its high vitamin and mineral content is what helps boost the immune system and thus keep the head and the heart healthy. Its rich Vitamin E reserves also help in keeping the skin healthy and without infections. Its rich reserve of antioxidants also helps purify the blood and keep it healthy.

Some of us started seeing improved health results within only a week of having these Brazil nuts included in our diet. We highly recommend you include this in your and your family’s regular diet plans for common disease resistance, weight management, and mood-boosting functions.

Budget Pick

Happilo Natural Premium Californian Almonds

Brazil Nuts Enriched With Essential Minerals

Our product testing team was thoroughly impressed by these specific Brazil nuts’ exotic and authentic taste and high mineral reserves. This one is truly a superfood and would be a powerful addition to your healthy diet.

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For all our budget-conscious customers out there, this is the best-in-budget product you’ve been looking for. Without sacrificing any quality, these come packed with the rich goodness of the Brazil nuts and you can have them raw or blanched as per preference.

Our research revealed that these nuts come packed with proteins, minerals, dietary fiber, and healthy fats. These help in maintaining body cholesterol, heart health and check body stress levels. Our team also found how these nuts help against heart diseases, liver cirrhosis, and cancers. It keeps the stomach strong and healthy and helps keep the skin protected from external harmful factors including harsh weather conditions and germs. The minerals and micronutrients on this one help increase metabolism and help keep the lungs clean and healthy.

As such we were also impressed by how it boosted immunity and bone health- preventing even some blood-related ailments like anemia.

We urge you to give this a try in case you’re looking for a cheaper or more affordable alternative to Brazil nuts. Our team especially recommends this product to those who want to try out these nuts for the first time and don’t know what to purchase. These Brazil nuts are, by our standards, an ideal and gateway experience for all those adventurous ones out there who are willing to give these a go despite their inexperience.

Top 10 Brazil Nuts in India

We understand that the Indian demographic is still new to this Brazil nut superfood. But we see India’s pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and so we at Lifestyle Titbits have brought you this well-researched and comprehensive list of the best and our favourite brazil nuts in India which our Indian audiences can buy and experience for themselves.

  1. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts
  2. Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts 400gms, Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts
  3. Happilo Premium International Exotic Brazil Nuts
  4. Flyberry Gourmet premium Brazil Nuts
  5. Agile Organic Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts
  6. Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts 250gm, Brazillian Nut
  7. Pi-True Handpicked Brazil Nuts Organic
  8. Urban Platter Brazil Nuts (Amazon Nuts)
  9. Namo Organics-Handpicked Brazil Nuts
  10. NUTICIOUS Brazil Nuts

Below is our compiled and comprehensive list of the best available brazil nut brands in India and their unique properties and benefits. Have a look to find out your best pick!  

1. Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

These selenium-rich brazil nuts are one of the most popular snack options online, as they are safe to consume and provide various health benefits. These are dense in minerals and are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids as well, and therefore, they are among the highly recommended nuts on our list.

If you want to have glowing, healthy, and supple skin, then these brazil nuts can be the perfect choice for you. Our experts have used it and found that it offers fantastic skin benefits, as it is high in minerals and antioxidants. It is also a vegetarian product.

2. Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts 400gms, Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

We highly recommend these Brazil nuts as they are nutritious and are great for your health as well. They are enriched with minerals like selenium, magnesium, copper, thiamine, manganese, and Vitamin E and consistent use of this product can keep you healthy and safe from diseases.

If you have thyroid problems or if you want to lose some weight, you should go for these nuts. Our experts have liked these nuts from Dry Fruit Hub due to the health benefits they offer and also for the fact that they are vegetarian and completely natural as well. These are also rich in antioxidants and can help you to remain fit and fine as well as control your body temperature.

3. Happilo Premium International Exotic Brazil Nuts

These fantastic nuts have received rave reviews from people that have tried and loved them. The Brazil nuts from Happilo Premium offer multifarious benefits for the human body. They work towards improving the immune system, preventing diseases, and keeping you fit through and through. They also help keep your skin safe, glowing, and healthy.

These Brazil nuts are enriched with minerals like selenium along with protein and dietary fiber. If you are looking for a good weight-loss snack, then these nuts can be a good choice for you as it is known to boost your metabolism.

4. Flyberry Gourmet premium Brazil Nuts

Our experts recommend this product, especially due to its hygiene and safety. These immensely beneficial nuts come in a tightly sealed jar so that it remains safe from unnecessary contact, all the while staying fresh and healthy.

The induction sealed packaging allows people to carry this product anywhere they want, making it easily portable. It is completely vegetarian and available in various sizes for the convenience of the customers.

5. Agile Organic Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts

This is an extremely popular choice and beloved by customers. Our team of experts loves this product due to its amazing taste and myriad of benefits. If you are a health-conscious person, these nuts can be a wonderful choice for you.

These vegetarian nuts are rich in selenium, which can give your skin a beautiful, warm glow. They can help you stay safe from diseases by aiding your immune system while making you look beautiful at the same time.

6. Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts 250gm, Brazillian Nut

These amazing nuts caught our eye as they are among the tastiest items on this list. They are known for their smooth, buttery texture and their tasty, nutty flavor which keeps them apart from all other Brazil nuts. They are also highly nutritious and offer a lot of energy too, which makes them one of the healthiest snack alternatives for anyone.

Rich in selenium and minerals, these brazil nuts can help you stay fit and healthy for a long time. They are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and can help you get relief from inflammation as well.

7. Pi-True Handpicked Brazil Nuts Organic

These affordable Brazil nuts are rich in minerals and antioxidants, making them amazing in every way. We have tried these nuts and recommend them because of their exceptional taste and large size. They are also great for weight loss, as they aid in increasing your metabolic rate.

These handpicked nuts are dense in energy and can help to reduce inflammation. They are also great for the skin, as they help to make them healthy and supple. Another great feature is that these nuts help in controlling body temperature, making them a fantastic snack to have any time during the day.

8. Urban Platter Brazil Nuts (Amazon Nuts)

These nuts from Urban Platter are among the best-rated products, as everyone who has used them loved them very much. These Brazil nuts are rich in minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, along with vitamin B and digestible fats. They can be used to make and garnish a variety of dishes due to their amazing taste.

One of the best features of these Brazil nuts is that they are high in energy, and can help to keep you on your feet throughout the day. They can be used in cooking but they can also be consumed raw, roasted, or even as toppings on desserts, anytime, anywhere.

9. Namo Organics-Handpicked Brazil Nuts

These delicious Brazil nuts are great for your immune system. We have tried and tested this product and found out that these nuts help keep you safe from a variety of diseases if taken consistently.

These selenium-rich Brazil nuts are great for your health in general, as they are rich in various other minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and antioxidants as well. They have a fantastic flavor, which is why they are so popular.

10. NUTICIOUS Brazil Nuts

These Brazil nuts from a well-known brand, Nutritious, are specifically suited for people who are vegan or have a gluten intolerance. Additionally, these nuts have proven to be great for cardiovascular diseases.

These nuts are completely natural. The best thing is that these nuts have a high fiber content which is great for our digestive system. They also have a high nutritious value and a long shelf life.

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Research Methodology and Testing Procedures

In modern India, health is rising on the list of investment priorities. Indian consumers, like the West, are looking out for the healthiest food supplements and alternatives out there. Because of India’s uneven diet practices and lack of regular vital minerals and vitamin intake, a majority of Indians suffer from one deficiency or another. At Lifestyle Titbits, we put the lives of our customers as our highest priority. So we prioritize and highlight products that are cost-efficient, internationally approved, and come packed with health benefits. That is why we have chosen the Brazil nuts superfood this time and have brought you a list of our favourite, expert-approved, quality Brazil nuts products available in India. Below we have discussed the nitty-gritty details of our research processes and product testing. For your convenience, the following section is divided into these categories:

Why You Should Trust Us

At Lifestyle Titbits, we aim for the highest quality of life for our customers. Switching to a healthy lifestyle is a big and vital step for all of India and we are here to guide our fellow Indians through it. Our vast team of trained and talented experts, experienced veterans, and connoisseurs in all areas come together to make your life easier with their professional advice and suggestions. That is why you can trust us to only bring you only the premium grade products in the market.

Miss Tanisha Mathur - a dry fruits aficionado, has gracefully supervised all of our research and testing teams and tested all of the selected products up until they were finally narrowed down to the best 10. Her team of experts comprises experienced nutritionists, food experts, and health professionals who have come together unitedly to screen, test, experiment, evaluate and review over 100 products over a period of several weeks to bring our consumers only the most premium products on the market. About 80 hours alone has been dedicated to the screening process of these products to find the ones that best stand out from the rest and deliver a healthy, nutritious, and power-packed performance. All the following testings, experiments, and evaluations are conducted and carried out in our state-of-the-art modern facilities to consider with detail down to the last microscopic feature in our recommendations. We are joyous to bring you the best products in the market after all the arduous efforts we invested to find them in this market.

Miss Tanisha has also personally conducted a series of curated polls and interviews over the past month to know what the country prefers, thinks, or knows of the matter at hand. The team has collaborated with veteran homemakers and professional chefs and even as far as health experts and asked them about their opinion on Brazil nuts and their health benefits. Our findings from these social evaluations and polls also heavily influenced our perspectives on what the country wants and needs during these times. And our list only caters to and for the best of and this country’s citizens- and helps them lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Who This Is For

While this product will cater to everyone in general- including dry fruits lovers, health professionals, fitness enthusiasts and even some culinary masters, some of our specific target groups are as follows:

  • Nut enthusiasts
  • Nutritionists
  • Those with skin problems
  • Those suffering from low immunity
  • People with Selenium deficiency
  • Healthy snackers

We can however guarantee satisfaction to whoever buys our products and guarantee a healthy effect on your lifestyle.

How We Picked

These special nuts are incredibly difficult to farm and harvest agriculturally and as such, they are all manually and naturally grown and harvested from the forests of South America. Because of their high healthy fat content, they also have a very reduced shelf-life thus earning them a few special areas of notice which will deem their quality and taste While there are several international food and health standards we adhere to before even considering recommending a product, there are a few specifics we focused on while selecting our choices for the Brazil nut.

  • Whole Kernel Size - Kernel sizes depend on the size of the nuts after their shells are broken down in the harvesting facilities. These sizes range from large or giants, mediums, smalls, midgets and tiny. The prices depend of course in accordance with their sizes and the weight first and foremost.
  • Raw or Processed - Brazil nuts can either come raw or processed as roasted or salted to both improve their shelf-life and render them a new rich taste. Raw Brazil nuts, however, though perfectly organic, chemical-free and replete with all its vitamins and minerals have a reduced shelf-life.
  • Packaging - Packaging of Brazil nuts is vitally important to increase their shelf-life and preserve their rich nutrient qualities. Vacuum packaging is advisable but air-tight packets and induction sealed packaging is also used to the same effect for the same purposes.
  • Purity - A lot of inferior companies use a plethora of preservatives on these nuts to preserve them for longer and get away with it. These excess preservatives or any preservatives for that matter stand a chance to ruin its taste and worse- even diminish its nutritional values. This is something we absolutely stand against.

Rest assured there are a hundred other parameters we consider before recommending our products so you can sit back and purchase them from our list without any worries.

Our Picks

We have something for everyone in this curated list of the best Brazil nuts in India. However, for better results, we ask our readers to go through our entire list in detail so as not to miss out on any information. That’s how you can purchase the best product suited and catered to your specific needs.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for quality, tasty, premium, and healthy state-of-the-art Brazil nuts that come packaged with that are beneficial for skin and heart health then we recommend our favourite Berries and Nuts Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts.

If energy-packed, powerful, and mineral-rich Brazil nuts are more up your alleys then the Dry Fruit Hub Brazil Nuts is the best option for you.

If you’re instead looking for affordable but quality alternative Brazil nuts procured from the exotic forests of Amazon then the Happilo Premium International Exotic Brazil Nuts is your best bet.

But let us again reassure you, no matter your choice our products are catered towards 100% customer satisfaction so do not be afraid to go for your own choicest favourite among our list.