The acronym BLDC stands for Brush Less Direct Current. This is a relatively new technology, developed and perfected over the last few decades. It is different from the traditional induction motor present in conventional ceiling fans. While traditional induction motors have an electromagnet, BLDC motors have permanent magnets. This is a crucial difference in terms of energy consumption as it exponentially increases the energy efficiency of your ceiling fans leading to a significant reduction in electricity bill charges of your household. We at Lifestyle Titbits know the relevance of such technologies in this age. We feel like a responsible consumer you strongly share our concern regarding this. So, we assembled a team of experts to help you in your purchase of the best bldc fan in India. Our team prepared a list of the top 10 bldc fans in India after meticulous testing of various brands that dish out such products. This led our team to declare the Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan as the best bldc ceiling fan in India 2022.

Our Pick

Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan

Remote Controlled Superior BLDC Technology Equipped with Inverter Stabilization Technology

If you want a ceiling fan which reduces your electricity bill to a significant extent, then Atomberg ceiling fans are the best bldc ceiling fans in India 2022.

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Our rigorous study conclusively showed that this product can reduce your electricity bills by more than INR 1500. It has another added advantage as it proved to run three times longer with conventional inverter batteries. Its inverter stabilization technology lets it run consistently with the same speed even if there is a fluctuating electricity input.

The virtues of this product are multifaceted. One of such virtues is its compatibility with remote control mechanisms. The remote is available with the fans. It can be operated easily from a distance. Our research showed that it can be controlled by this remote from a maximum distance of 20 feet. The speed of this fan is at par with traditional ceiling fans with a 230 cubic millimeter air delivery rate and a rotation speed of 340 revolutions per minute. This ensures a cooler ambience within your rooms. Apart from this, it has a LED indication for speed, which can also be used as a night lamp. These fans are suitable for 140 sq. ft. rooms according to our research and can be used in living rooms, dining rooms as well as bedrooms.

The remote control features various modes such as boost mode, sleep mode, speed control, and timer. All these virtues rendered these fans the topmost candidate among the top 10 bldc fans in India.


Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan

Highly Energy Efficient Fan with Easily Functionality Remote

If you want the most energy efficient bldc fan in India, then this is the best bldc fan in India that will cater to your requirements.

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Our experts experimented and conclusively proved that these fans save 50% energy less than the conventional ceiling fans. This is reflected in the five-star rating of these ceiling fans by the Board of Electrical Efficiency (BEE) in India.

These fans have an air delivery rate of 370 cubic millimeters. The speed of the wide blades of these fans is 370 revolutions per minute. The fan is operational with a voltage of 90 V to 300 V.  Operating at full speed, this fan consumes 35 watts of electricity while at its lowest speed, it consumes a mere 6 watts of electricity. You can save up to INR 6000 annually if you buy this fan. We felt that this is a fan that you don't buy, rather invest in.

Crompton is a widely known brand in the Indian market and it is one of its best products. Apart from all other virtues, the remote control technology associated with the fan has easy functionality which ensures you can control it by pointing the remote anywhere in your room. This makes the fan one of the top ten bldc fans in India.

Budget Pick

Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fan

Least Power Consumption with Beautiful Bottom Motor Cover

If you are looking for the most affordable BLCD fans with all the highest qualities then this is the perfect brand for you.

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Our experts saw that this fan consumes a minimum power of only 26 watts per hour. If you are looking at standard conventional fans then they would consume almost 75 watts per hour. So, all things considered, this fan saves 65% more energy for you.

These fans have a sweep size of 1200mm. It has a 220 cubic millimeter air delivery rate. The rotational speed of the blades of this fan is 350 RPM. The blades are ribbed and the bottom motor cover is elegantly crafted. This gives elegance to the design of these fans. It also has a rated frequency of 50Hz.

This fan also runs three times longer on an inverter battery compared to conventional ceiling fans. It is operable at a wide range of voltages starting from 220 to 240 V. All these qualities are available to you at a very reasonable price. The amount you pay while buying these fans is easily compensated in your savings from electricity bills.

Top 10 Brands of BLDC Ceiling Fans in India

Energy efficiency has become the most popular trend in many electrical appliances such as fridges, AC, etc. Fans are still the most widely used and electricity-consuming appliances in average Indian households. These best decorative ceiling fans in India are highly energy-efficient fans that can reduce electricity consumption to a large extent. This helps in fighting climate change disasters as well as putting some extra money in your pocket. We at Lifestyle Titbits undertook this study of the top ten brands of BLDC fans for this reason.

  1. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan
  2. Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan
  3. Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fan
  4. Crompton Silent Pro Enso BLDC Ceiling Fan
  5. Superfan Super X1-Pink BLDC Ceiling Fan
  6. OTTOMATE Sense Connect Smart BLDC Ceiling Fan
  7. SINOX Hybrid Dual Input BLDC Ceiling Fan
  8. Usha Heleous BLDC Ceiling Fan
  9. ZENTAX BLDC Ceiling Fan
  10. OCECO Fancio BLDC Ceiling Fan

This is a comprehensive list of available brands of BLDC fans in India. We request you to go through the whole list before making an informed decision regarding your purchase.

1. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan

With this ceiling fan, you won’t have to worry about getting up from your bed just to turn it on, as it comes with cool remote control. This product runs on a powerful BLDC motor, and enables maximum energy savings, and reduces quite a bit of money on your electric bills.

Energy efficiency is not the only thing we loved about this fan. Apart from the energy consumption parameter, you can control several features and modes through the smart remote control like sleep mode, speed control, boost, etc. It also comes with a LED indication for speed and works longer on an inverter than any other fan in the market. Our experts also loved the silent operation of these super energy-efficient ceiling fans.

2. Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan

This product deserves its spot amongst the top 10 BLDC fans in India because of its super energy-efficient BLDC motor. Known for its high-quality and easy functionality, this fan also consumes a lot less energy than other fans. You can save upto 50% energy compared to other conventional fans, which is one of the main reasons why this product is so popular amongst the people.

You can change and adjust the fan speed according to your wish, without having to move anywhere.  The massive sweep size and supreme blade design ensure that every corner of your room gets enough air circulation. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, which is why it is such a value for your money.

3. Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fan

Havells is one of the most well-known brands in the country, especially when it comes to electrical appliances. This BLDC ceiling fan doesn’t disappoint either and stands up to its high reputation. Its power consumption is a lot less than other conventional fans. 

This product is known for its consistent performance and superior air delivery apart from minimized electricity consumption. With a balanced blade, a powerful motor, and smart remote control, this BLDC ceiling fan lasts a long time and comes with a 2 years onsite warranty as well. All of these reasons make this pearl white ceiling fan one of the best BLDC ceiling fans in India 2022.

4. Crompton Silent Pro Enso BLDC Ceiling Fan

As one of the best BLDC ceiling fans in India 2022, this Crompton BLDC fan comes with 'Active BLDC technology' that ensures minimum power consumption. You can change the speed settings according to your will and its maximum speed amazes us thoroughly.

One of the best features of this product is its noiseless operation. It comes with an aerodynamic design that reduces air friction for smooth performance and maximized air delivery rate. It also remembers the speed settings when it is turned off and retains the same speed when it is turned on again. It is also extremely easy to operate through the remote control, which makes it one of the most loved fans in India.

5. Superfan Super X1-Pink BLDC Ceiling Fan

This BLDC fan is a favorite among netizens as it comes in a cute pink color and has an ergonomic yet simple design, operating at a wide range of voltages. It ensures smooth operation and is extremely high in quality as well. Its silent operation with smart motor technology delivers more upsides compared to any normal ceiling fan.

It deserves its spot in this curated list of top 10 BLDC fans in India, as it is super energy efficient. So, if you want to lower your electric bill, this high-speed ceiling fan can be a very good choice for you. The sleek design was loved by our experts and some commented that this type of ceiling fan is better than all decorative ceiling fans available in the market.

6. OTTOMATE Sense Connect Smart BLDC Ceiling Fan

For maximum electricity-saving and smooth performance, this is the fan that you should go for. It comes with 'Smart Fan' features along with an elegant design and is extremely easy to operate. It also comes equipped with an anti-dust coating, which wowed our team of product testers.

This product comes equipped with automatic speed adjustment technology along with an ambient temperature sensor. It gives a natural airflow in the room that spreads evenly with two different modes - 'Turbo mode' and 'Breeze mode' which you can choose from, based on your requirements.

7. SINOX Hybrid Dual Input BLDC Ceiling Fan

This product is regarded as the best BLDC fan in India by thousands of people, especially due to its amazing performance, high quality, and contemporary design. It is an energy-efficient product that does not consume too much power and helps you save a lot on your electric bills.

A really interesting feature of this BLDC fan is that it can work on solar energy. This makes it environment-friendly, which is a bonus along with the 2 years of manufacturer warranty. Thus, we recommend you to purchase this as it operates on a wide voltage range and delivers a better experience compared to other common appliances.

8. Usha Heleous BLDC Ceiling Fan

This product is often recommended by our team of experts as it comes equipped with rust-free aerodynamic ABC blades along with an innovative, ergonomic design. It is a noiseless ceiling fan that works efficiently without disrupting your peace in any way.

This fan can work in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. It is easily operated with the help of a remote and even comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. The price range is also quite attractive for the common Indian. All of these reasons are why it is one of the top 10 BLDC fans in India.

9. ZENTAX BLDC Ceiling Fan

This fan has been turning heads for a while now, especially due to its beautiful color and sleek design. It is a highly efficient product and consumes less energy as well. It comes with different speed settings and spreads the air uniformly throughout the room.

This fan is endowed with advanced technology and is easy to operate with a remote control that does not need to be pointed at the fan to be used. It also comes with a whopping 5-year warranty, making it one of the most popular fans in the market. We also inquired about the brand's sales services and they are quite lucrative.

10. OCECO Fancio BLDC Ceiling Fan

With many advanced features, this BLDC fan is regarded as the best BLDC fan in India by thousands of satisfied customers. It helps to save a lot of money on electricity bills as it consumes very little energy, making it a truly energy-efficient product in the BLDC ceiling fan market.

This product comes with many speed settings and modes for you to choose from. It can be easily operated with remote control and even comes with a 3-year warranty. We loved the awesome distribution of air and the air thrust it provides during operation! The blade span is massive and it ensures superb comfort very similar to air conditioning.

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The Details of Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Fans are still some of the most widely used electrical appliances in India. It is not surprising given India's tropical climatic condition. Traditional fans with induction motors consume a large amount of energy and contribute to inflating the monthly electricity bills. BLDC fans can give you a reprieve from such things. It not only saves you a significant amount of money but also ensures that you are a valuable component of the worldwide mitigation action against climate change. Such energy-efficient technological innovations are a crucial part of climate change mitigation. So, if you buy these fans, you are investing in energy-efficient green technology. This investment comes back in your pocket in a multiplied form through your savings from the reduction of your annual electricity budget. We at Lifestyle Titbits want to guide you in becoming such a responsible consumer. This is why we assembled a team to study available brands of BLDC fans in the Indian market. Below, we give some of the details of our research process for your consideration. For your convenience, the following section will be divided into five parts.

Why You Should Trust Us

We at Lifestyle Titbits consider ourselves as personal guides to our readers in living a healthy, comfortable, and better life. Such aspiration is complemented by our commitment to provide our readers with products that are rigorously screened and tested by our experts. This empirical basis of our study gives us the confidence to provide you with high-quality products to enhance every aspect of your lifestyle.

To find out the best available brands of BLDC fans, we assembled a team of experts from diverse backgrounds. Our team included professional researchers, technological experts as well as market analysts. Our study started with market analysts making a list of hundreds of available brands in the Indian market. Then, our experts shortlisted 30 brands of BLDC fans based on their technical aspects and energy efficiency. Our technological experts then went through all these shortlisted brands depending on multiple parameters. Such testing of all the products led us to finalize a list of the top ten BLDC fans in India.

Our research not only aims to provide you with a simple list of products for purchase but also aims to give you superior empirical information. These will enable you to buy the best products by yourself. This list of products is made with such objective of empowering you with relevant information for an informed purchase.

Who This Is For

While our list will cater to the needs of many sections of the Indian population, some of the target groups for our research was -

  • Homemakers.
  • Office Owners.
  • People obsessed with comfort.
  • People suffering from hypertension.
  • Cafe and Restaurant owners.
  • Climate conscious consumers.
  • People looking to reduce their electricity budget.

How We Picked

We studied all the products under focus based on multiple parameters. Presenting all those here will enlarge this article to a gigantic extent as well as strain your already busy schedule. For your convenience, we enumerate below some of the most important parameters in our study.

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is undoubtedly the most important feature of BLDC fans. So, our experts focused on optimum energy consumption of all the brands of BLDC fans to find out the best ones for you.
  • Inverter Compatibility: Another important parameter for our study was how long such BLDC fans work while being charged by your inverter batteries.
  • Affordability: This was an important parameter for us as we were looking for BLDC fans which can be afforded by average Indian consumers. So, our experts took considerations on the price of the products under focus.

Our Picks

After long and strenuous testing, we present you with the top 10 BLDC fans in India in the following list. We urge you to read the whole list before you go forward to make a purchase. This will give you maximum information enabling you to decide for yourself which product suits your requirements to the highest extent.

Photo Title Price Buy
atomberg Renesa 1200mm...image atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote Control | BEE 5 star Rated Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan | High Air Delivery with LED Indicators | 2+1 Year Warranty (Ivory & Black) ₹3,699.00
Crompton Energion HS...image Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm (48 inch) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote (Brown) ₹3,399.00
Havells 1200Mm Efficiencia...image Havells 1200Mm Efficiencia Neo Bldc Motor Ceiling Fan 5 stars With Remote,26W,Upto 65% Energy Saving High Air Delivery,Winner Of National Energy Conservation Award (2021) (Pack Of 1,White) ₹3,477.00
Crompton Silent Pro...image Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm (48 inch) ActivBLDC Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Technology (Charcoal Grey) ₹7,899.00
Superfan Super X1...image Superfan Super X1 Pink - 1200Mm (48") Super Energy Efficient 35W Bldc Ceiling Fan With Remote Control - 5 Stars Rated ₹3,800.00
OTTOMATE Sense Connect...image OTTOMATE Sense Connect 5 Star Rated Smart BLDC with Remote 3 Blade 1200 MM High Speed Ceiling fan (Lilac Pink, Pack of 1) ₹4,489.00
SINOX Hybrid Dual...image SINOX Hybrid Dual Input (12V DC/230V AC) BLDC Ceiling 35Watt Fan with Remote (Mett Brown)
USHA Heleous 1220mm...image USHA Heleous 1220mm Premium BLDC Ceiling Fan with Rust Free ABS Blades and RF Remote (White)

Follow this list with maximum care. Then you will be able to distinguish the ideal BLDC fan that caters to your unique needs.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best BLDC fan in India, our team will unanimously suggest you buy our favorite product - Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan.

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient BLDC fan in India, our runner-up - Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan, maybe the most suitable for you.

If you are looking for the most affordable BLDC fan in India with high ratings, then our team will suggest you buy our budget pic - Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fan.

We assure you of maximum satisfaction from any of the products featured in our comprehensive list of the best available brands of BLDC fans in India.