“Binoculars are great instruments for seeing objects at a distance. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t seen or used a binocular. But taking the plunge to purchase one? There are no many! We often believe that binoculars are something that does not offer much usability or they are required only when we are going for a jungle safari. But there are some serious binocular lovers. But what about any commoner who wants to possess these exotic devices? Well, this guide is just for them.”

In a layperson language, binoculars are simple optical instruments consisting of distinct lenses for each eye, and they are used to view objects located far far away. They are used everywhere from watching sports events to viewing birds and everywhere else you can imagine. There is also a dedicated binocular for opera watching.

Theoretically, binoculars are somewhat similar to placing two telescopes together. But the major advantage of using binoculars over telescopes is that it allows complete utilization of both the eyes for an in-depth three-dimensional view of the object. Let’s understand the structure of binoculars so that you live the vibrant, fun, and adventurous life you deserve.

Since the time Galileo invented the first line of binoculars, there has been much improvement in technology in the construction of glasses. Today, we can see better images and improved magnification while the techniques developed by Galileo are not much in use today. They are only used for cheaper models that are used in opera.

Keplerian optics, which are endowed with high magnification and depth, are used for most binoculars today. These optics function through inversion and additional technology is used for removing this un-invertedness. So, if you are looking for a pair of binoculars with over 5x zoom, it’s better to opt for one with Keplerian optics.

Back in the 1850s, Ignazio Porro, a renowned Italian artillery officer had positioned a pair of right-angled prisms in order to create an inverted image that quadrupled the angled faces. These came to be known as Porro Prisms and are much used with binoculars.

Ernest Abbe, in collaboration with the Carl Zeiss optical works, constructed the first-ever prismatic binocular in 1893. The structure of that Zeiss prism field glass is still considered the standard shape today. There have been a lot of advancements and innovations in the form of optics and superzooms. The design of binoculars that we use today was developed almost a century ago.

Key Factors to Consider While Shopping for Binoculars

Binoculars are quite expensive and sometimes you may have to stretch your budget slightly for getting the best binoculars. These optical instruments are long-term investments meaning that they are built to serve you for many years. Thus, you should make sensible choice and factor in a number of aspects as depicted below:

1. Decide the Price Range

Before delving deeper into the world of binoculars, you should determine the amount you are willing to shell out for these instruments. Top-notch binoculars with pristine and deep images are likely to work for many years. Needless to say, they are quite pricey. But binoculars in low price points today also proffers a host of features owing to advanced technology.

2. Magnification

Binoculars are often termed by two digits that are separated with an ‘X. The first number is the magnification power while the second number refers to the diameter of the front lens or its diameter measured in millimeters. The higher the power of this objective lens, the more will be the amount of light entering the instrument. And also, the image will be much brighter. For instance, if a binocular shows 8x32, it means the object you see is magnified eight times compared to the naked eye. Experts suggest that you should not opt for a binocular more than 10x if you want to use it without a tripod.

3. Eye Relief

The binoculars available today come with eyecups that retract for the accommodation of glasses or extension of shading for the eyes. So, you must go for durable and multi-adjusted eyecups. If you have glasses, you should adjust the eyecups to the minimum position in order to ensure that there’s eye relief. There shouldn’t be any black rings around the visuals when you see through the binoculars.

4. Field of View

This refers to the side-to-side measurement of the object in a circular viewing area. With a wide-angle binocular, you can have a wider field of view which is suitable for high-moving visuals like wild safari or sports events. Most binoculars come with a focus knob and the close focus or minimum focus is specified with each binocular model. A binocular can only focus on objects placed at this distance and this is an important feature when you want to view spectacular natural objects.

5. Inter-Pupillary Distance

Another important feature of the binoculars is the IPD or the inter-pupillary distance which differs from one person to another. The adjustment for the inter-pupillary distance is adjusted through the opening and closing of the hinged portion for bringing the eyepieces together or farther if required.

Best Binocular in India

To buy the best binoculars in India, you will first have to understand the kind of devices you will need. If you want a binocular for leisure travel, you will want it to fit in your bag. On the other hand, for a sports event or concert, binoculars with a magnification of at least 8X will let you see the faces better. We have listed some of the best binoculars out there to make the purchase easier for you.

1. Canon 4624A002 Binoculars

“The big daddy of binoculars – It is a beast that needs some serious attention”

Whether you are an avid bird watcher or a sniper spotter (just kidding), this is one binoculars that can really do wonders for your objectives whatever they might be. If keeping a close watch is what you like, then this beast will surely help you out.

Best Binoculars in India

Canon 4624A002 Binoculars

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Canon binoculars are so powerful that you can read the number plate of a vehcile a mile away. It also gives you a very clear view of objects upto 3 miles away. It needs 2 AA size batteries for its electronics to work,you would require any additional tripod for regular use.

Key Features:

  • 18X Optical Zoom
  • 4 Degree real angle of view
  • Requires batteries
  • Very functional
  • Premium product
  • Total value for money

2. Gosky 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Adults

“Perfect mate for birders – Just get one and set new records in bird watching”

Gosky binoculars are internationally liked by professional nature lovers and bird watchers. They have been perfected over time to meet the stringent requirements of bird watchers. Equipped with world-class lenses, these pairs are the only thing you would require to have some really good times in the jungle.

Perfect mate for birders

Gosky 10x42 Roof Prism Binoculars for Adults

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It comes bundled with many good accessories also. You would get a phone mount and a carry case free with it. Now that is something cool. It is also pretty affordable considering the kind of features and the power it has. Get yourself one we are sure you would love it.

Key Features:

  • 10X magnification power
  • 18 mm bluefilm eye peice
  • HD optics
  • Very sturdy
  • Can be connected to your mobile phone camera lens
  • 1 year warranty

3. Celestron 71454 Echelon

“Best binoculars for those who don't care for weather conditions”

If you are a serious bird watcher or a wildlife conversationist who loves to be out where the action is! Then Celestron 71454 is the binoculars that would do real justice to your ambitions.

They are built to withstand natural forces and heavy rains can't do any harm to them. The lens is really powerful and would allow you to monitor things that are literally out of view for human eyes.


Celestron 71454 Echelon

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Echelon is nitrogen purged, which means even in the dampest of locations you would get fogged out the lens. Best for those who love venturing out in the jungle. They are hand-assembled in the USA and have Japanese precision optics to enhance their capabilities. Something you would really appreciate when down in the action.

Key Features:

  • Fully waterproof
  • Zero fogging
  • Very strudy
  • Best for serious jungle dwellers and nature lovers
  • Affordable

4. Nikon Monarch HG 10X30 Binoculars

“For those who love HD level views with very sharp optics”

These binoculars are for the pros. If you love to see things sharply and that too in full Hd kind of quality, then these are the pair of binoculars that you must own. The lens and the built quality are just phenomenal.

best binoculars for long distance in india

Nikon Monarch HG 10X30 Binoculars

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Monarch is completely weatherproof, so it does not matter whether you are in a rain forest, in a desert, or at dead of a sea. These things will work and perform. After all, they are from Nikon a brand known for its superior optical instruments.

Key Features:

  • Very compact
  • Very powerful
  • High-quality optics
  • Rugged for all-weather application
  • Extremely high brand value

5. GOR 20x50 Red Eye Porro HD Binocular

“Best entry level binoculars for the curious guys”

If you have just begun your adventures with nature, then GOR Red eye is your best bet. These are a basic yet powerful pair of binoculars that would make you a master watcher soon. So if you don't want to shell out much money on the fancy stuff, just go with this one.

best binoculars for long distance in india

GOR 20x50 Red Eye Porro HD Binocular

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It is sturdy and it would get the job done. Although very basic in functionality you can still rely on it for superior quality optics and performance. We would say, it is one of the best starter binoculars that you can lay your hands on online.

Key Features:

  • Minimal distortion
  • Anti-reflective lens
  • Wide angle view
  • Affordable
  • Durable


Binoculars are of various kinds and thus, they have diverse usage. They are useful everywhere from indoors to outdoors. The environment and purpose of using the device are the two primary considerations when choosing a binocular. The third one is of course your overall budget. When shopping for a binocular, make sure you have a clear idea about your needs and preferences so that you can lay your hands on the best one.

Just follow our steps and we are sure that you would soon live the exciting,dashing and natural life you deserve.