With intermittent lockdowns, quarantine, and stay-at-home directives, your growing child might be needing some serious activities to prevent lethargy and laziness. Since mental growth is closely associated with physical growth, we have taken this chance to review some of the best bicycles and bikes that will help your kid get some much-needed activity in the driveway, the lawn, or the front of your house. And after reviewing close to 50 models of bicycles and bikes that you will find in online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, we found that the Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike is the top choice when it comes to being the best bicycle for 10 year old boy in India.

Our Pick

Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20t Single Speed Bike

Best Bicycle for a 10 Year Old Boy

This bicycle is colorful and appeals to the choice of your kids. With an adjustable saddle and ease of operation, it can be the best gift for your young adult.

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Our extensive research behind finding the best choice of bike for your kid has been rewarded with the Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike. It completely fits every kind of requirement that one can have in a kid’s bike. We have reviewed the features and functionalities of this bike for days so that we enlist the best product which you will be satisfied to buy, and your kid will be happy to possess.

One of the best things about this bicycle is that it can be used by your 10 year old daughter too! Since kids above seven years old are barely old enough to ride bicycles, the handlebars have solid grips that will prevent unprecedented situations and protect them from encountering accidents or falls. Hero has been one of the longest-standing contenders for the numero uno position of all types of bicycles in India, and this product from their stable definitely deserves to have a place in your house. Another interesting feature that our expert's team found out was the metal chain guard that makes it super-safe for your kid to ride on. Apart from these functionalities, it also has superior design and aesthetics that will be ideal for your 10-year-old.

The only thing that might make you flinch a little is the absence of training wheels with the product. We understand that training wheels are a necessity when you are teaching your kid how to ride a bicycle. In that case, you can head on to the RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle which has won the attention of our experts as the runner-up in the 10-year-old’s best bicycle category.


RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle

Superlative Bicycle for Boys

This premium choice product comes with every safeguard that will prevent your kid from encountering an accidental injury. Lightweight, yet sturdy, it is the best pick for your growing child.

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Once our reviewers and experts got their hands on the RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle, the first thing that caught their attention was the cutting-edge design. Combined with vibrant colors, this bicycle was definitely going to be the winner when it comes to getting your child’s attention.

But the looks and design are just the superficial part of a product that actually feels and works great. Our experts actually got 10-year-olds and 11-year-olds as volunteers to try this bike and guess what? They are absolutely enthralled! The bike promises fluent riding and has anti-skid pedals to safeguard your child against any unexpected situation or accident. Apart from the aluminum alloy frame and A-head that make the bicycle lightweight and easily maneuverable for your kid, the steel handlebar and other sections create durability and sturdiness. The adjustable seat is ideal for your growing kid. You would not want them to outgrow this bicycle fast!

If you are looking for a steel body throughout, this bicycle might not be meant for your kid. But fret not, because our experts and researchers have considered every possibility and covered every detail. For a superb steel body and futuristic design, you can consider the Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys & Girls. It features next in our choice of premium products for your kid.

Budget Pick

Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys

Cool Bicycle for 10 Year Old Boy

A cool bicycle for your 10 year old boy, this exceptionally sturdy product can be used by your daughter as well. This product is a great investment for your growing child.

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The cool quotient of this Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys & Girls is phenomenal! One of the most modern-looking, unisex bicycles, your kids will love the design and the aesthetics of this product.

This bicycle also passed through our probing eyes and grueling research methodology. We never let loose in these segments. This bicycle is a fixed gear bike and therefore prevents any unprecedented occurrence for an overenthusiastic child. The design is very similar to European bikes, with a high handle and soft rubber grips. You can also consider this product for its durable yet lightweight plastic pedals and a steel frame throughout. The branded front end is a winner because most kids will like to show off their new bikes to their friends and compatriots. The adjustable height of the bicycle is proof that the brand cares for your investment. They don’t want your fast-growing kid to outgrow the bicycle. The adjustable height will prevent it from being junk within months or a year.

In a nutshell, this bicycle provides the performance, stability, features, and aesthetics to be considered as a frontrunner in the category of the best bicycle for 10 year old boy in India. However, the short mudguards over the tire might create a hassle for you. If your kid is cycling over puddles and wet patches on roads, regular cleaning and maintenance might become an issue.

8 Best Bicycles for 10 Year Old Boy in India

After reviewing close to 50 models with our research team and kid volunteers to get an up-close and personal point of view, we have listed the 8 best products that can be considered worthy of purchase. Following is the list of the best bicycle for 10 year old boy in India that fits all our testing parameters of safety, durability, aesthetics, and other critical features.

  1. Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike
  2. RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle
  3. Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys
  4. Leader Kids Cycle Murphy 20T
  5. CAYA Aviator 20 Kid's Bikes
  6. ACTINO Girl's and Boy's Road Bike Cycle
  7. SINTEX BMX Kids Fat tyre Sports Cycle for Boys
  8. Hero Flake 20T Single Speed Cycle

You can take a pick from the above list without any worries or doubts. Our experts and research team have put in hours of hard work and careful analysis to curate these products. Now let’s explore these products in detail.

1. Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike

Hero is the most popular bicycle brand in India. The Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Bike is ideal for children aged above 7 years. The PU saddle is adjustable, while the handlebar comes with solid grips. It has a robust steel frame for long durability.

Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T has anti-skid pedals that guarantee your child's safety. The rigid suspension and durable rims are a hallmark of this company. Its single-speed transmission mode operates smoothly, letting the child ride without a problem.

2. RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle

Available in red and orange colors, RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX is an excellent bicycle for your growing boy. The frame and the A-head are made from aluminum alloy, while the handlebar is made of steel. The fiery design will surely make your child excited about riding it.

Training wheels are included in the package of the RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX. It runs on a single-speed transmission and has inflatable inner tubes. These help your child ride through any road conditions safely. Anti-skid pedals provide extra protection.

3. Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys

Looking for a dashing bicycle model for your child? The lime green-colored Beetle Storm 20T is here for you. It comes with trendy decals on the chain guard that looks cool and provides your child safety at the same time

The Beetle Storm 20T is a fixed-gear bike. It has a high handlebar with soft rubber grips of European designs as well as a branded frontend. The model comes with the best plastic pedals that are long-lasting and durable. The height of the bike is also adjustable to fit the needs of a growing child.

4. Leader Kids Cycle Murphy 20T

Give your child the best quality bicycle from Leader Kids Cycle Murphy. This bicycle comes in funky pop colors and is fitted with tyres that have excellent grip. Its steel frame is designed to be strong and comfortable. The handles are equipped with soft rubber grips. The model also has a front basket!

Leader Kids Cycle Murphy has an adjustable PU seat and its brakes are super-efficient in all landscapes. Worried about the chains hurting your child? The Murphy has a matching chain guard to ensure the kid's safety. Now with long-lasting, premium quality tyres, give this cycle as a precious gift to your child.

5. CAYA Aviator 20 Kid's Bikes

CAYA Aviator 20 Kid's Bike comes in two eye-catching colors – Floro Green and Metallic Aqua Green. It has triple-layered paint that does not easily chip off. The rust-proof frame is sturdy and sleek to ensure the safety of your little boy while he rides in style.

American Valve has been used in the tyre of the tube. The CAYA Aviator 20 bike comes with flexible plastic accessories that do not break under pressure. With this bike, you can rest assured that your child will have the most fun.

6. ACTINO Girl's and Boy's Road Bike Cycle

Why do you have to choose comfort over style? Choose both with ACTINO Road Bike Cycle that comes in a stylish orange color. It has a comfortable seat that can be adjusted according to the height of your child. Training Wheels are also included in the package to provide maximum safety while the kid is still learning how to ride

The cycle has an additional toolbox that can be attached to its frame. Its anti-skid pedals are safe for your child, while its mudguard protects the bike from getting dirty easily. The ACTINO bicycle has a single-speed transmission that works smoothly and is equipped with Caliper brakes. The sturdy steel frame and rigid suspension are ideal for the child.

7. SINTEX BMX Kids Fat tyre Sports Cycle for Boys

SINTEX BMX Kids Sports Cycle comes in the classic red color with a matt finish. It has a stylish flying fender for a glamorous look. The package includes training wheels.

The SINTEX BMX Kids Sports cycle has strong, wide tyres. It comes in a semi-assembled state.

8. Hero Flake 20T Single Speed Cycle

Hero Flake 20T Single Speed Cycle is another top contender in this list from the best-known cycle manufacturers in India. Sleek in a black and yellow design, this model has dual v-brakes with twin fork suspension. The integrated frame suspension gives your child a good balance and absorbs all shocks while riding for maximum safety..

Hero Flake 20T Cycle gives your kid a smooth riding experience. The non-slip pedals and adjustable PU saddle provide the ultimate support to your child. The robust yet lightweight aluminum alloy frame is apt to be used by a growing child.

Our Product Testing and Research Methodology

Now we will discuss with our readers how we have selected the products and made our curation effectively. We want our readers to understand the credibility behind our research and how we are sourcing the information for them.

Why You Should Trust Us

Looking for the ‘best actionable advice on the products that can transform your lives and help you live the best life you deserve? Then you must have come across our website or have actually gone through our reviews while Googling stuff.

Yes, we at Lifestyle Titbits, have a super-functional team of experts and product researchers from every segment. These people look through the products with a probing eye and find out every detail that will be worthy of judging the product. Our experts are invested in finding out all the features that say everything about the product and whether it will cater to your requirements. After hours of careful analysis of testimonials and online buying guides, we finalize 50 to 100 products that make it to the next round of our research. Sometimes, the products are more.

Naturally, you would be curious about how we tested and picked the products you see here. We give very stark The next round comprises our team of product experts that would carefully analyze every feature including the design, functionalities, durability, aesthetics, and the like. It also comprises volunteers who would provide a neutral opinion after testing the products and there would be no percentage of bias. We collect every research data and finally shortlist our products and create the assortment that you see now. After all these meticulous testings, these products get included in our lists.

Who This Is For

When you are going online to find out the best bicycle for your 10 year old boy, you will be greeted with a flurry of choices. However, not all of them are superb products and can be considered worth buying. Our experts know about this roadblock that you face and have curated this list based on the segment of users that it will be ideal for.

This segment of users is the 10 year old Indian boys. However, a lot of our products are unisex and are ideal for 10 year old girls as well. When we are talking about ‘10 year old’ kids, understand that this product list will not be useless when your kid grows up. In fact, we have created this valuable assortment based on the age range- 7 to 13 years. Broadly speaking, this review article is ideal for:

  • Parents having kids and young adults
  • 7 to 13 year old Indian boys
  • 7 to 13 year old Indian girls
  • Parents who are worrying about their kids’ growth
  • Parents who worry about their kids’ road-safety

Reading the reviews will help you get the ideal product for your kid that aligns with your interests.

How We Picked

Our team of researchers had an eagle eye on the broad features like safety, durability, aesthetics, affordability, design, and others. We can call these the broader parameters. When you are looking for more intricate details, we will give the same to you.

  • Handle and grip: We care about the importance of your kids’ safety while they are riding bicycles or bikes for the first time. Therefore, the handle should be sturdy whereas the grip should be comfortable, yet strong.
  • Pedals: Sturdy, anti-skid pedals are a must. These will prevent accidents when your child is riding the bicycle. These pedals could either be made of durable plastic, alloy or steel.
  • Framework or body material: Most of the bicycles are made of steel. This imparts durability and longevity. However, some of the bicycles are made of aluminum alloy. Apart from being sturdy, it makes the cycles lightweight and easily maneuverable for your kids.
  • Adjustability: The bicycles we have reviewed are for the kids who are aged between 7 to 12/13 years, and primarily 10 year old boys. This is an age when the kids grow very fast. So having adjustable seats will enable your kids to ride these cool bikes for a few years and not outgrow these immediately.

These are some of our important testing parameters. Hope you found the ideal and can use them to navigate to your top pick from our list.

Our Picks

The following assortment contains a list of the best bicycles for 10 year olds in India. Hover on the right product to make a fruitful purchase.

Photo Title Price Buy
Hero Blast 20T...image Hero Blast 20T Kids Cycle with mudgaurds | Black | Easy Self assembly | Cycle for age 7 to 10 years boys and girls 12 Inches, Rigid ₹4,799.00
RAW BICYCLES Sports...image RAW BICYCLES Sports BMX Single Speed Tube-Less 20 inches Wheel, Steel Frame Road-Touring Bicycle/Cycle with Training Side Wheels for Unisex Under 13 Years (Red)
Beetle Storm 1.0,...image Beetle Storm 1.0, 20T City Bike, Kids Bike with 12 Inches Steel Frame, Single Speed Bicycle for Boys and Girls (6 to 10 Years) - Green/Black ₹6,747.00
Leader Kids Children,...image Leader Kids Children, Boys, Girls 20T Road Bike , 20 Inches Steel Frame , Single Speed Cycle For 7-10 Years , Sea Green & Light Pink, Rigid ₹3,799.00
CAYA Aviator 20...image CAYA Aviator 20 Kids Bikes Cycle for Boys and Girls 20 inches Steel Frame 8-11 Years (Metallic Aqua Green) ₹6,171.00
ACTINO Cycle for...image ACTINO Cycle for Kids (Unisex) (7-10 Years) Orange-16'' Frame
Hero Flake 20T...image Hero Flake 20T Road Bike , 13.7 In Steel Frame , Single Speed For Unisex Youth (Black Yellow), Dual

Final Verdict

If you need the top-rated bike for your 10-year old that has the promise of a well-known brand and is affordable, go for the Hero Kids Unisex Blast 20T Single Speed Bike.

If you want sturdiness, style, and the support of training wheels that will enable your kid to learn to ride the bicycle, then you can go ahead with the RAW BICYCLES 20T Sports BMX Single Speed Kids Bicycle.

If you want your kid to be the uber-cool one in the neighborhood, show off his branded bike and ride a futuristic design that exudes class, then you can pick the Beetle Storm 20T Kids Cycle for Boys & Girls.

Making your choice soon will guarantee the best future for your kids. Since these are more or less affordable and have the promise of the best brands, you should go ahead and make a purchase. Our review article has been devised to help you make that purchase effectively, fruitfully, and without the hassle of researching or making any bad investments.