We spend several hours a day in our offices. Of course, we all have different jobs and  different offices as well, but it takes up a large chunk of our days. For people who have primarily desk jobs, this can be a considerably important issue. So, it is essential to maintain a good posture in your office, as if you sit in the wrong position for several hours a day, it can take a toll on your health.

There are many things that one can do to change their posture while working in the office. But before attempting that, it is important to know more about the health issues that come with bad posture, so that you are adequately prepared to deal with them.

Correct Ergonomic Seating Position in the Office

The correct ergonomic seating position involves the following particulars.

  • Both feet should touch the ground. Therefore, you should get a height-adjustable ergonomic chair for your office.
  • The pelvis should be balanced for which it is convenient to arch the lower back.
  • The upper back should be straight and comfortably aligned. For this, it is essential to have a chair with a back support.
  • The arms should be placed on the side of the body. The elbows should be by the side so that the forearms form an L-shape at the elbow joint. You can choose an office chair with a suitable armrest.

What Are The Health Issues Connected With Bad Posture?

When you sit in the same space for multiple hours a day, especially with a wrong posture, it can negatively affect your health. Here are some common health issues that you might experience during this time.

1. Spine Misalignment

Sitting in the wrong position for hours every day can negatively affect your spine. Spine curvature is one of the main problems to having poor posture, as it can change the shape of your spine. It can also reduce the shock-absorbing capability of our spine if we don’t make some positive changes soon. People with improper sitting posture in the office may encounter moderate to severe problems like spondylosis, spondylitis, and even scoliosis.

2.  Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common in people who have poor posture. When you sit in a bad position throughout the day, it puts a lot of pressure in your upper and lower back. This can cause a lot of back pain, even when you sleep or or do any kind of physical activity. It can even lead to flattening your back muscles and put a lot of pressure on your shoulders, which can be very uncomfortable and can also result in persistent back pain.

3.  Neck Pain and Persistent Headaches

It is not uncommon to feel neck pain when you read a lot or use your cellphone for a long time with your head dangling in front of you. It is the same case here. When you have an improper sitting posture throughout the day, it can put a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders which can lead to persistent neck pain. This can even lead to headaches if they aren’t treated properly.

How Can You Improve Your Posture While Working in Your Office?

Here are some steps that you can take to improve your posture while working in your office.

1.  Get Comfortable Office Chairs

The first thing to do here would be to get some comfortable ergonomic office chairs for yourself. If you spend hours at your desk every day, it is important that you correct your sitting position fast. The best office chair would offer you perfect lumbar support, is going to be comfortable for you and is also going to help you align your neck and back properly while you’re seated.

You should also go for the best ergonomic chair brands in India, especially the ones whose height can be adjusted according to your wishes. The width and depth of the seat are also very important, and so is the seating of the chair itself. This is one of the most basic and effective steps that you can take to improve your posture.

2.  Keep The Computer Monitor at Your Eye Level

If you have a desk job where you have to spend a lot of time looking at the computer screen, then it is important to position it in a proper way. When you place the monitor level lower than the level of your eyesight, you would need to look down a lot. It might result in you bending your neck and working in the wrong position for hours which can lead to neck pain and headaches.

3.  Be Careful About Your Posture

Even with certain measures, you can still be practicing a wrong posture during your workday. Slouching, or bending your neck and shoulders for extended periods can foil your progress. So, you need to be careful about your posture in general. Keep it in mind to check how you’re sitting every now and then and change it whenever you need to. This can result in you getting a habit of correcting your posture often, which you can highly benefit from. Also, you can take small walks around your office after sitting in the same position for a long time to stretch your back and leg muscles.

Final Thoughts

Changing your posture in your office can be a tough but really rewarding thing. But if you want to stay away from back and neck problems permanently, then you must also implement positive changes in your overall posture, even when you are not working.