Bananas are a common fruit we eat almost every day. But have you ever heard about or seen Red bananas? If not, don’t worry. We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are here to help you.

Some of you might be knowing about red bananas. But if not, we can ensure you that you are not the only one. Red bananas have not become as common as the yellow ones yet. Even though they are being transported all over the world to different countries, most people are unaware of the incredible advantages of red bananas.

It is quite rare to come across a red banana in our regular schedules. These are known to have their origin from the country of Costa Rica in Central America. They have a red or maroon covering after-ripening and are slightly softer. They taste much sweeter than yellow bananas. Some people have even commented that the taste of a red banana is like eating a raspberry and a yellow banana at the same time.

Now that you know the basic facts about red bananas, let’s move our attention towards the nutritional value of red bananas.

Nutritional Value of Red Bananas

Red bananas are available in small quantities and cost about 50% more than the yellow ones. These are rare and have high nutritional value. It is a well-known fact that if the fruit is redder, then it has more carotene and vitamin C level. Hence, red bananas have a higher content of vitamin C and beta carotene than regular bananas. They are also rich in minerals like iron and potassium. They are also the natural sources of three sugars: sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

Now that you have seen the nutritional value of red bananas, you might be wondering about how this benefits us?

Red Banana Benefits

Red banana is getting popular with more people now because of its wide range of health benefits. Starting from our energy levels to our skin and body, it has been very beneficial to the ones eating it. Red bananas are known to improve blood circulation and have even been proved to help quit the habit of smoking. These are an instant source of energy because of the presence of sugars and low content of fiber. Some of its main benefits are listed below:

1. Prevents Kidney Stones

How are kidney stones formed in our bodies? This happens mostly because of the deficiency of potassium in our diet. Red bananas are rich in potassium content and therefore helps in protecting your body against the formation of kidney stones.

2. Helps in Weight Reduction

With the hectic schedules, almost everyone is trying to keep themselves fit. Red bananas help you with that. They are low in calories and also fill up the stomach. Hence, you can eat a banana rather than something which has high-calorie intake. In addition to this, it has high fiber content and is low in fats which makes it the best choice for the people who are overweight.

3. Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for our body. It provides our body protection against the uninvited germs and microbes. It helps strengthens our immune system and improves our metabolism. Red bananas are rich in Vitamin C and therefore, helps our body avoid catching acute diseases.

4. Helps Maintain a Healthy Skin

One of the most important vitamins needed by our skin is Vitamin E. Good for us, red bananas are also rich in this vitamin. Thus, the consumption of these fruits keeps our skin smooth, glowing, and acne-free. It brings a younger look in our physical appearance and reduces wrinkles on your face. Along with this, it also avoids skin inflammation.

5. Improves Hair Strength

Who doesn’t want smooth and shiny hair nowadays? You must have seen some haircare brands producing banana shampoos. This is because it promotes healthy growth of hair. Consumption of red bananas reduces the scalp and increases the smoothness of the hair. Thus, it will prove to be very beneficial to your hair.


Along with the benefits, you must also keep in mind some cautions. Red bananas have high sugar content and excess intake may be harmful to diabetic patients. These are also rich in beta carotene and intake in a large amount can lead to slightly yellowish skin.

In summary, red bananas can be really helpful to you but only if consumed in an adequate amount. Now that you know all about red bananas and its benefits, go ahead and let red bananas help you live the life you deserve.