Humidifiers are now selling like hot cakes in India. At least, that's what our keen observation of the online marketplaces tells us. But, generally speaking, whenever the word humidity comes into mind, the vibes are not correct, especially for those living in the plains of India or on the shoreline. Humidity means brutal weather and a total loss of interest in any physical activity. As a result, there has been an era when people would frantically search for tools that could help them dehumidify the space. 

Check out any air-conditioner unit, and you will know that making the space dry has its value. However, this post is not about dehumidifying but humidifiers, and we will shift our focus on that now. Humidifiers have many benefits if you choose the right one for the suitable space. 

So what are humidifiers anyways! 

Humidifiers are small (or maybe big at times) machines that add humidity to your room. They come in many sizes and capacities and have more than one technology running their operations. A simple search on google will let you know exactly how much variety this small piece of wonder comes with. The markets are full of offerings; however, we need to know which one best suits our particular needs. So, before we take a plunge on what and whatnot, let's understand what's on the platter in the online markets. 

Kinds of humidifiers

Get this straight - all the humidifiers have the same function; they maintain the humidity levels of your surroundings and living space. It is essential as some people and climate types require a high degree of climate control. Anyways coming back to the point, humidifiers commonly available in the markets are of the following classes. 

Let us now dig into the exact details to have the utmost clarity on what's on offer. 

Steam Vaporizers

The cheapest and perhaps the most prolific humidifier in the Indian markets, steam vaporizers are simple devices. They have a heating element that quickly boils the water, and that steam is then naturally cooled slightly and released into the air. They sell like hot cake because they are damn cheap to own and are readily available at your local pharmacy and online. However, they do have limited reach and might not be the ideal choice for climate control. That is something we will discuss later in the article. 

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

These also produce the same vapor; however, this device uses ultrasound to agitate the water molecules for creating steam or vapor. They are slightly expensive but still are in the affordability bracket of most people. They are pretty safe to use also. 


They produce vapor by using a steady stream of air on steaming water. Very easy to use and generally found to be safe for most applications. 

Impeller Humidifier

If you have small children or older adults in the house, this is the best type of humidifier to own. It does not utilize heat for creating humidity. Instead, there are rotating discs that agitate the water molecules to generate thesteam. Very safe but slightly expensive for the common masses. 

Central Humidifiers

This is one type of humidifier that you won't find online or in your local markets generally. These are specialized equipment connected to your central air conditioning unit and are typically used in large format spaces. 

Now you know the types of humidifiers that you can stumble upon in the markets; now, it is time to focus on the benefits of the same. 


Suppose you are sensitive to climate changes and generally have sinusitis or hay fever when things become dry. In that case, you need to maintain the humidity levels of your living space. The only way to effectively do that is by getting yourself a good quality humidifier. To keep things in the correct perspective, here are the benefits of humidifiers that you must be aware of. 

Prevent Influenza

A considerable amount of research shows that using humidifiers reduces the risk of catching the common flu. That is something we all need, considering the COVID issue that the world is facing. However, prevention is the best cure. 

Skin Care

Optimal levels of humidity are the best remedy for preventing dry and chapped skin. This is particularly helpful during winters, where we lock our interiors and keep things dry. Try it, and it will surely help you. 

Reduce the severity of cough

Humidifiers help make your cough productive and get rid of the issue quickly. By quickly, we mean faster than the usual duration that one might take to get fully cured. It has been clinically proven, and you should try it if you face cough and cold issues in your family regularly. 

Side effects and risk

There are certain risks associated with the use of humidifiers. Firstly there is always the risk of severe burn injuries with the common types of humidifiers. The reason is to heat the water to boiling temperature, and that is risky. If you have kids or the elderly around, then you might need to be extra careful while installing and using the commonly available humidifiers. 

Apart from the risk of physical harm, too much humidity can also have health consequences that are not welcomed. For example, if you have asthma, you must watch the humidity levels in the house as too much moisture could upset things here. In addition, dirty humidifiers can lead to many health complications than cure them. So, it would be wise to clean and maintain your humidifiers properly. 

Who should use

You should probably invest in a good quality humidifier if you:

  • Live in an area with a dry climate 
  • Have respiratory issues 
  • Have dry skin

Who should not use

You should not get yourself a humidifier if you: 

  • Have Asthma 
  • Live in an area that has mixed and unpredictable weather 
  • Have active small kids 
  • Live is a largely unmonitored space

The best ones in the markets 

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Humidifiers are a great appliance; you should know how to use them properly. We hope our effort here has enriched your knowledge.