Kitchen hobs have become one of the most crucial parts of the kitchen. They have a smooth and eye-catching design and unlike gas stoves, they have a lot more features. For people who like to introduce modern technologies in their kitchen, a kitchen hob is one of the best picks for them.

If you're a hesitant cook or a skilled chef, a good hob gas stove is a must-have in any kitchen. Meal preparing will be faster and simpler, and cleaning will be smoother with the best version for your kitchen area and cooking method. You may like to find the best hobs in India to pick the right one instantly.

As there are hundreds of hobs available in the market, you need to pay close attention to choose the right one. The size, style, number of burners, and many more things put a great impact on your choice. You first have to check the space you have, the number of burners you want, and the style you prefer.

Hobs have different types as well. You can find models that work on gas and the versions that operate on electricity. In this titbit, we will first explain the different types of hobs and then we will explore the features that you must take into account while picking a gas stove for you.

Types of Kitchen Hobs

Gone are the days when you could only pick between gas and electric hobs; nowadays you can choose between gas, electric, induction, and ceramic hobs. Here we have illustrated the variations among them to make your work a little easier:

1. Gas Hob

Gas hobs are one of the simplest to use and provide instant heat, making them a popular choice among skilled cooks. A gas hob is considered the best hob for Indian cooking. They're convenient to utilize and come in a variety of sizes. Many include specialty burners, such as wok burners, which allow for greater precision when cooking oriental meals.

They can be utilized with any type of pan and are cost-effective, making them a great all-rounder. The only disadvantage is that they are by far the most difficult hobs to clean, but if this is a big concern, you should always opt for gas on glass hob.

2. Induction Hob

The metal pan forms a connection on an induction hob, providing quick heat and rapid turn-off and cooling once the pan is eliminated. This implies they are faster and less expensive to operate than other forms of hobs since they only utilize the same amount of energy required.

Since induction hobs just heat the plate, you can hold the adjoining layer without risking damaging yourself. It only fits with unique pans, so you will need to buy a new collection in addition to your order. Induction hobs are often more costly and noisier than other types of jobs.

3. Ceramic Hob

Electric ceramic hobs have a sleek, easy-to-clean finish. They have an elegant and stylish appearance and are easy to heat up and sustain heat, ensuring that your cooked foods remain hot even after the stove is switched off. Ceramic hobs, on the other hand, aren't as simple to regulate as gas or induction hobs, and the sleek, streamlined nature necessitates a flat surface for pans and woks.

4. Electric Hobs

The conventional electric hob can be seen in many old houses, and while it isn't as appealing as most of the newer styles of hobs, it is inexpensive to purchase. Some brands also produce old-style electric-coil hobs, which are difficult to get nowadays. They take a long time in heating and cooling, and they aren't especially energy-efficient, but they get the job done.

From these four kinds, you can pick the correct one based on your preferences and requirements.

Features to Look for in a Kitchen Hob

After picking the right type of kitchen hob, the next thing is to consider the size, design, and many other things in the hob you are intending to purchase. Here are some of the features that you must take into account while buying a hob for your kitchen.

1. Size

The size of the kitchen hob matters a lot. If you have a large space to place the hob then, you can pick a large size kitchen hob with 4 to 5 burners. Also, keep in mind the price and your cooking needs as well. If you do not cook plenty of foods each day then buying a large size hob would be a poor decision.

2. Number of Burners

It depends on the family size and your kitchen requirements. If you have a small family of 2-3 members then you can buy 2 or 3 burner hob that will cover less space and also will fulfill your requirements.

For a medium-sized family, getting a 3 to 4 burner kitchen hob would be sufficient. And if you live in a joint family and have many things to prepare every day, a 5 burner kitchen hob will do the job for you.

3. Material

Gas hobs, which are usually manufactured of stainless steel, can be difficult to keep clean. It's valuable paying a little extra for a flawless look. If you are thinking to buy a stainless steel hob, ensure you have a good one or you'll lose the glow.

Conversely, a gas hob with a glass base – an advanced take on stainless steel – may be considered. While glass misses the industrial charm of stainless steel, it is much simpler to maintain due to the fact that food sticks to it rarely.

4. Durability

As you are not going to replace the kitchen hob after few days, make sure you get a hob that is made of long-lasting material. The kitchen hob must not lose its shine and should not tear down within few months.

5. Design

You will find kitchen hobs with different shapes and designs. You can select any one of them depending on your preferences. Match the size and design of the hob with the space in your kitchen and pick the one as per your requirements.

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, expect that this guide will help you find the best hobs in India. We have clearly mentioned the types and features that will assist you to select the correct one as per your requirements.