What is that one ingredient that all Indian mothers swear by? What is that one thing that all grandmothers insist on eating with every meal? We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are here to answer these questions in our bid to help you live the healthy, beautiful and awesome life you deserve. The answer to your quest is ghee. This Indian super food finds its mention in Ayurveda and has been used ubiquitously for its amazing health benefits. But did you know about the ghee benefits for skin? Just as ghee adds a lot of flavour and individuality to every dish, it does a lot to heal our skin from within.

This titbit will cover ghee benefits for skin – stay in touch with us to get more practical titbits like this, so you can live the stunning, fit and happy life you deserve.

Use of Ghee in Ancient Indian Culture

In the early times which date back to somewhere between 2500 and 1550 circa in the Indus valley civilization, there have been mentions of the use of cosmetic products. The use of desi ghee for improving skin has been well documented in Ayurveda and consuming ghee is known to moisturize our skin along with bringing about a bright radiance to the face.

From your dry elbows to chapped lips to hair problems - ghee benefits for skin covers up all. In traditional Indian culture, ghee has been considered the easiest cure for skin rashes as well as treatment of bruises and bone density problems. Ghee benefits for skin also include using it as bath oil along with skin moisturizer.

Ghee Works as a Deep Absorbent

The essential fatty acids present in ghee keep the cells hydrated for a long span of time, through which, it also moisturizes our skin. More than any other cream or oil, desi ghee for skin, when mixed with other herbs and nutrients can be absorbed in the deepest layers of the skin. Thus, it can be said that ghee also acts as a brilliant carrier that increases the efficacy of essential herbs and other ingredients when applied to the skin. Due to its superior healing and penetrating abilities, ghee causes the skin to reveal a never seen before radiance on the skin. This also explains why desi ghee is used since time immemorial in various kinds of herbal preparations.

Ghee as a Hydrating Face Pack

An important benefit of desi ghee for skin is that it can defy time as the essential fatty acids contained in ghee are great for moisturizing your dry skin while reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. With repeated usage, you can get bright and clear skin and get rid of all unwanted breakouts. That’s one of the awesome things that desi ghee for skin can do for you.

You can make a pack by mixing equal proportions of besan, milk, and ghee and apply it to your face. You may also add a dash of sandalwood or turmeric powder to the mix. Applying ghee on skin along with these amazing ingredients can also be used as a night cream and you will wake up to clear, glowing, and supple skin.

Ghee for Relieving Your Tired Eyes

If your dark and tired eyes are one of the hindrances to achieving complete beauty, desi ghee can offer the much-needed solution. The loaded antioxidants and fatty acids present in ghee help in reducing puffiness under the eyes while also getting you rid of pesky darkness around your eyes. You should gently massage some ghee in a circular motion above and under your eyes for relaxing the eyes. You can leave it overnight and wash it off with cold water on the next day and repeat the process until the problem is alleviated.

Ghee for Massaging Your Body Before Bath

Desi ghee benefits for skin also wields respite from issues such as skin peeling, dryness, and dehydration along with fungal infections on the skin. As ghee is loaded with antibacterial elements, it can fight pimples efficiently. If you suffer from dry and flaky skin, especially in winter, massaging your whole body with desi ghee before a bath can be extremely beneficial for you.

Ghee for Conditioning Your Streaks of Hair

As it is known to all, eating ghee for skin gives you the required daily dose of beneficial fats and antioxidants which is also useful for beautifying your dull and deadlocks of hair. It not only works as a deep conditioner but can also fight frizz, breakage, and split ends. As your hair will be free from these issues, ghee will also help you achieve the thickness of hair and proper hair growth.

You will have to warm up some ghee in a bowl and mix it with any other carrier oil and massage the mixture deeply on the scalp for about half an hour. Then you can wash off the residue of ghee with a mild shampoo. Now you know that ghee uses for skin and hair are also equally enticing as its regular consumption.

Ghee for Overall Wellness

In Ayurveda, ghee is believed to attract the pure vibrations in one’s environment. That is the reason it is used for lighting lamps for auspicious occasions. Before applying ghee to the skin, you can blend it with other pure ingredients such as camphor, coconut oil, basil, and sesame oil. This mixture will not just rejuvenate your skin but also invigorate your senses for the attraction of positive energy that keeps you going all through the day.

End Note

Besides beautifying you, the benefits of eating ghee for skin also deserves a mention. As it contains various kinds of vitamins in the right quantity, it improves skin elasticity and keeps the signs of aging at bay. As ghee in our daily diet will supply the right amount of butyrate to our digestive system, we can enjoy good gut health. It works by regulating bowel movement so that the accumulated toxins are released from the body. And as our body becomes free from the unwanted toxins, we can get glowing skin that’s devoid of dark circles, dark spots, and wrinkles. Thus, adding a moderate quantity of ghee to your daily diet also improves complexion while reducing allergies and dryness of the skin.

You must not only apply desi ghee on your skin but also allow it some space in your daily diet so that it replenishes your skin from within. To sum up, whether you choose to treat irritated skin by applying ghee on the affected area or consuming it with your regular food, ghee benefits for skin are sure to reach you deeply. Ghee is good for skin and your soul too.

Use the information in this titbit and make ghee a part of your lifestyle to live the wonderful, healthy and worry-free life you deserve.