Don’t you want healthy, clean, and glittering teeth? Healthy, white, and shining teeth enhance your self-esteem. You can laugh, cheer, and enjoy every moment of your life. On the other side, if you have ugly, pale, unhealthy teeth, you not only become prone to different diseases but also lose self-confidence. A healthy mouth and teeth are more crucial than you might have considered. You eat, drink, smile, speak, and more with your mouth. If you will not take appropriate upkeep of your mouth, all these activities will be affected badly.

A strong and healthy mouth and teeth prevent you from numerous diseases. Thus, you need to give much attention to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and strong. Oral care is not much difficult, but it takes thought, care, and time. Check out some significant do’s and don’ts that will assist you better protect your mouth, teeth, and gums.


Oral care is much more important than you think. If you are not doing the right things to protect your mouth and teeth, you are risking your overall health. Cavities start building in your teeth and the bacteria in cavities gradually eat away teeth enamel. To enjoy healthy and strong teeth, you should do the following things regularly:

1. Brush your teeth regularly

The first step towards oral care is brushing your teeth every day. Pieces of food you eat, remain in your mouth between and around your teeth. Brushing the teeth helps in removing these particles to prevent plaque that can lead to cavities. If you do not brush, cavities will make your mouth extremely sour and you will feel difficult to eat anything. To avoid such situations, you should brush your teeth after every meal or at least once every day.

Water flossing can also aid you in keeping your mouth and teeth strong. Through water flossing, you can get rid of particles that are cannot be removed by brushing. So, water flossing after brushing your teeth will aid you in keeping your teeth and mouth clean and strong.

2. Learn how to brush

Cleaning your teeth with brush is not easy as it seems to be. It is also not tough; you just have to learn the right steps to clean your teeth. You should not only brush your teeth from the front side but also from the backside to remove all food particles and germs. You should also tell your kids how to brush properly. Also, do not overlook cleaning your tongue.

3. Take care of your toothbrush

After brushing your teeth, firmly clean your toothbrush and keep it in a dry place. Do not put any cap on it, rather, leave it uncovered.

4. Eat a balanced diet

You should not stick to things like chocolates, sour candies, ice, potato chips, etc. However, if you like eating such things, then you must reduce their usage as they cause various problems to your teeth. Do not forget to brush your teeth after eating them.

5. Visit your dentist regularly

You should keep checking in your mouth for sores or any other notable disease. In addition to this, you should regularly visit your dentist for a proper checkup to remain healthy and fit.


Your teeth need better protection. There can be things that you are doing for a long and you are unaware of them. Here are the things that you must prevent doing for the betterment of your mouth and teeth.

1. Avoid sharing your toothbrush

It may seem a gentle sign to share your toothbrush with others, but actually, it is not. You may get numerous ailments by just allowing someone to use your brush. The reason behind this is that when you brush your teeth, it may cause gums to bleed. When you give your brush to someone else, you are transferring bloodstream diseases to other people. In addition to this, you are also passing bacteria and viruses in your mouth to other people.

2. Do not smoke or chew tobacco

Everyone knows the adverse effect of smoking on your health. It can cause severe problems like mouth and lung cancer. Chewing tobacco is also not safe. Many people think it is not risky to use tobacco but it almost has the same healthy disadvantages as smoke. If you keep chewing tobacco for a long, leukoplakia may start developing in your mouth.

3. Do not put your baby to bed with a milk bottle

To keep your child healthy, you must avoid putting him/her to bed while he is drinking milk with a bottle as it can cause baby bottle tooth decay. Keep playing with your baby until he/she has finished drinking milk.

4. Avoid eating sticky candies

The delicious candies you eat can cause severe problems to your mouth and teeth. While eating small amounts of chocolates followed by a brush is okay but eating them excessively can badly affect your oral health. Thus, you must avoid eating candies in excess.

5. Do not scrub your teeth

You may have heard, scrubbing your teeth hard while brushing can help them clean better. But it is totally false. If you scrub your teeth hardly it may result in enamel abrasion and gum recession. This can lead to sensitivity and your teeth may lose their original structure as well.

Stick to this comprehensive guide, if you really are in a mood to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Keep visiting your dentist, whether you have any oral ailment or not, to stay safe, and keep your teeth and gums always fit.