Climate change is real, and it is evident from the increasing amount of air pollution that is degrading the air quality in developing nations like India. In this highly polluted environment, everyone needs a highly functional air purifier to improve the air quality within their residential premises.

An air purifier protects us from the millions of bacteria, microbes, allergens and multiple germs present in the air. It is especially important to have one during this pandemic, and there are numerous choices online from where you can choose the right one.

Coway and Philips - both are leading brands when it comes to air purifiers. While Philips leads the Indian markets, Coway is generally regarded as the more popular brand worldwide. There are many amazing air purifier models dished out by Coway and Philips that you can get for your home or office space.

It could be hard for you to determine which one is the best between these two. As a result, we have created a detailed rundown about their unique features to identify the individual reasons for their popularity.

Coway Air Purifiers - Features

Coway Air Purifiers are deemed as the No.1 Air Purifiers across the world. Their products have gained a huge fan following and amazing reviews over the years due to their constant innovation and novelties in the terms of models. Here are some of their salient features.

The Upsides

They Have an Amazing Filtration Process

One of the best features of Coway Air Purifiers is their unique and amazing filtration process, with 4-5 different filters. Coway roughly has about 20 product models, and almost all of them consist of a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a coarse filter and a titanium filter which makes them extra efficient.

They Offer Medium to High Coverage

You can get coway air filters that offer medium to high coverage, based on the size of the room where you plan to place it. You can use them for big and large halls, and also use them for relatively smaller rooms with ease. The AP-1009 Ch model has been turning heads when it comes to coverage areas as well as fancy features.

Their Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is Very High

The clean air delivery rate, or CADR is an extremely important feature when it comes to air purifiers. The Coway Air Purifiers all have the CADR above 200, which denotes the extreme popularity and efficiency of these products.

The Disadvantages

They Have High Filter Replacement Costs

One of the biggest disadvantages of getting Coway Air Purifiers is that they have high filter replacement cost. It can be a hassle for people as it takes a toll on their pockets - especially since the filter needs to be changed periodically.

Some Products Are Heavy

Air purifiers need to be light in weight, compact in size and convenient to use. Some Coway models are on the heavier side, which acts as one of their major disadvantages.

Lack of Extra Features

As the makers of Coway focus primarily on the efficiency of the filters, they sometimes lak in many additional features that are available in the purifiers from other competitive brands.

Philips Air Purifiers - Features

Philips Air Purifiers have made a name for themselves over the years, especially in the Indian subcontinent. They are known for their innovation over the ages and dishing out efficient models at a competitive price point. Here are some of the main features of Philips Air Purifiers.

The Upsides

They Have an Efficient Filtration Process

The filtration process of Philips Air Purifiers is quite efficient, with three filters and a pre-filter. They too have a HEPA filter for arresting minuscule particles, allergens, germs, along with a carbon filter for removing foul odors and a pre-filter that removes large, unwanted particles from the air.

They Cater To Multiple Coverage Areas

Just like the Coway models, Philips Air Purifiers come with varying coverage areas and can be used in rooms of different sizes. You can use them for large auditoriums or halls, and even for smaller rooms.

Fancy Features

Philips Air Purifiers are known for their fancy features and their sleek and stylish designs. The Philips 4000i series is one of the most popular models - endowed with a sleek design and high CADR ratings. The others products too have many multiple features like the ‘Turbo Speed’ mode, mobile app connectivity and filter replacement sensor.

The Disadvantages

Comparatively Low CADR Ratings

One of the biggest disadvantages of Philips Air Purifiers is the comparatively low CADR ratings. The products are quite efficient, especially the Philips 3000i series and the Philips 4000i series, yet their CADR ratings generally trail behind Coway’s.

High Prices

The filter replacement cost for Philips Air Purifiers is quite high. The cost of the products can also shoot up when, depending on the range of specifications and features offered.

Hard-To-Find Filters

Finding the filters for the Philips Air Purifiers can become quite a painful affair, and the cost of those filters is also quite high. This becomes a substantial disadvantage to Philips Air Purifiers.

The Verdict

Finding the Best air purifier in India is not an easy job, and both Philips and Coway are great brands. Their products are unique, and it depends upon the preferences and requirements of the user to find out which one will suit him the best.

Final Thoughts

Coway and Philips might be competing brands, but their competition makes their products better and keeps the research and development going on at breakneck pace. At the end of the day, one can safely say that most products from these brands are efficient and a value for money, and getting one of those can be a valuable addition to your home.