Best Whey Protein in India for the Results You Deserve

By Lifestyle Titbits Staff
Last Updated On May 30, 2020
Whey protein has been covered by a lot of scientific literature and is considered to be the best sports nutrition supplement due its exceptional results in muscle development.
Best Whey Protein in India
Do you crave for a better physique and a toned up body? Are you regular with your workout regime but looking for enhanced results? There is only one way of doing so – better nutrition targeted towards muscle building and growth. Whey protein is the way to go.
However, the market is flooded with so many brands, how then do you decide on the best whey protein in India to get the results you deserve? You have to make sure that the whey protein is genuine and effective. Don’t waste your money and time on products that don’t work!
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This titbit is about picking the best whey protein in India. Our dedicated team has done all the hard work and shortlisted the top ones, so you can narrow down on the best whey protein brand in India quickly.

Here is what we will be covering in this titbit while exploring the best whey protein brand in India:

Let us begin by learning more about why whey protein is the best supplement to meet your muscle building and growth targets.

Where Does Whey Protein Come From?

Whey is a natural by-product extracted from milk while making cheese. It makes up for almost 20% of protein found in milk sourced from cows. Addition of rennet (a form of complex enzymes) after the production of cheese and curd via pasteurisation, inoculation and incubation coagulates the milk and results in the extraction of curd and whey.

What Are the Different Forms of Whey Protein?

Whey protein comes in the form of:

  • Whey concentrate
  • Whey isolate
  • Whey hydrolysate

Here are more details on these whey protein forms:

Whey Concentrate

The mixture is filtered and then neutralized with citric acid after the curds and whey are separated.  This results in a protein percentage of around 80%, which can be boosted to 90% with further micro filtration. The liquid whey is turned into whey protein powder by warming and spray drying. This is called whey concentrate – it still contains some carbohydrates and fat as lactose.

Whey concentrate is the cheapest of all its forms and the protein content can vary from 30% to 90%. However, most sports whey protein supplements provide 70% to 80% concentration.

Whey Isolate

Whey protein is available in many variations depending on the production processes used to come up with these different forms of whey.

Whey isolate is produced by removing the water as well as most of the lactose – this results in a 95% concentration of protein.

Whey Hydrolysate

Whey hydrolysate is subjected to enzymatic pre-digestion to create shorter chains by breaking down the amino acid peptide bonds. This accelerates the availability of amino acids in the body and quickens absorption.

Whey hydrolysate is ideal in situations where you are looking for a whey protein that gets absorbed quickly, like right after an intense workout.

What Are the Benefits of Whey Protein?

Scientific research has concluded that individuals engaging in regular sports and exercise need more protein compared to sedentary people. Whey protein helps you achieve the protein intake needed to meet your health goals. It helps prevent loss of lean tissues (including muscle mass) and enhances muscle growth and strength.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Many well-designed studies have established the efficacy of whey protein in stimulating  muscle-protein synthesis with adequate amounts of intake (20-40gm per serving).

Whey protein supplements have also shown excellent results in the older population to prevent sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass).


Along with the physiological benefits of whey protein supplements, athletes and sports persons have also reported excellent performance-related gains.

Which Is the Best Whey Protein in India?

Now that you are convinced that you need to supplement your intake with whey protein, where do you start from? The market is flooded with so any choices with everyone claiming to be the best whey protein brand in India. How do you pick the best whey protein in India?

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Do you want to get the best whey protein in India that helps you gain muscle mass and strength without damaging your body? You are in good hands. We have spent a lot of time and energy in assembling this list, so you can pick the best whey protein in India easily.

So, without any further ado, here is the list we’ve been promising. See what each of these whey protein offers, and start using the best whey protein in India to achieve your health goals:

5 lbs, 2.27 kg (Many flavours available)

Optimal Nutrition is one of the largest manufacturers of sports nutrition supplements in the world. Their strenuous requirements of raw materials leads to their Quality Assurance team rejecting many loads that do not meet their strict standards.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

This gold standard ON whey protein powder is imported from the USA and is guaranteed to be 100% genuine and pure.

Key features:

  • Weight: 5 lbs or 2.27 kg
  • Calories per serving: 120
  • Protein per serving: 24 gm
  • Primary source: Whey protein isolates
  • Just 1 gm sugar and 1 gm fat per serving
  • Each serving has 5 gm naturally occurring BCAAs and over 4 gm glutamine and glutamic acid

5.0 lbs (48 Servings) – Available in multiple flavours

The multi-functional Syntha-6TM protein powder packs 6 complete proteins, with each having its own digestive rate and amino acid profile.  The tasty combination keeps your muscles nourished for up to 8 hours. It is also fortified with essential fatty acids, aminogen and fibres for better digestion, MCTs (healthy medium chain triglycerides) to keep your heart healthy, and glutamine peptides for muscle training.

Bsn Syntha-6 Protein Powder - Chocolate Milkshake

With Syntha-6, not only do you get “ridiculously” tasty protein shakes, you also get the healthy meal you need to maintain your busy lifestyle.

Key features:

  • Weight: 5 lbs or 2.27 kg
  • Number of servings: 48
  • Protein per serving: 22 gm
  • Fat per serving: 6 gm
  • Contains natural BCAAs
  • Provides essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Excellent source of fibre

4 kg / 8.8 lbs (Available in Vanilla, Café Mocha, Strawberry, and Rich Milk Chocolate flavours)

Muscleblaze whey protein supplement powder is the top selling protein health supplement from this company. Its unique formulation delivers to the satisfaction of regular bodybuilders and gym goers to meet their after workout protein requirements.

Muscleblaze 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder

With no added sugar and zero aspartame, every scoop of this whey protein powder provides almost 76% protein content. Superior glutamic acid profile and BCAA provide for the quick muscle recovery and synthesis that every fitness enthusiast dreams of.

Key features:

  • Weight: 8.8 lbs or 4 kg
  • Protein per serving: 25 gm
  • BCAA per serving: 5.5 gm
  • Primary source: Whey protein isolate
  • Secondary source: Whey protein concentrate
  • Contains digestive enzymes to ease and quicken protein digestion
  • Manufactured from Whey imported from the USA ensuring international standards of protein quality

3 lbs, 1.36 kg (Cookies & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Creamy Vanilla, Mango Peach, Pineapple orange banana and Banana & Cream flavours)

Isopure whey protein powder packs 50 gm of 100% pure whey isolate with no carbs. Though it is full of nutrients and glutamine, it does not contain any impurities and is lactose free – this makes it easy to digest.

Isopure Zero Carb 100% Whey Protein Isolate Powder

The Isopure whey protein microfiltration process makes for a seriously fine fuel when dissolved in water to get a completely clear milk protein.

Key features:

  • Weight: 3 lbs or 1.36 kg
  • Protein per serving: 25 gm
  • Glutamine enriched and loaded with BCAAs
  • Primary source: Whey protein isolate
  • Free from gluten, lactose, and aspartame
  • Zero carbs

5 lbs, 2.27 kg (Available in many flavours)

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar whey protein isolate powder provides the nutrition needed to fulfil the body requirements of athletes and bodybuilders. Ultimate Nutrition is one of the most respected brands in the health and fitness industry. This whey protein supplement provides you with all the necessary ingredients you need to maintain a high performance body.

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Each 3 gm serving of Ultimate Nutrition Prostar whey protein isolate provides 25 gm protein – this is ideal for gaining muscle and strengthening your body.

Key features:

  • Weight: 5 lbs or 2.27 kg
  • Protein per serving: 25 gm
  • Contains 6 gm BCAAs
  • Provides essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Primary source: Whey protein isolate
  • Dissolves in milk and water easily
  • Just 1g of carbs ideal for gaining fat-free muscles

5 lbs, 2.27 kg (Available in 12 indulgent flavours) – Pre and post workout protein powder

Every serving of Dymatize Elite whey protein provides 25 gm 100% pure fast-absorbing whey protein. This is just what your body requires to recover and build muscle after intense workouts.

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein Supplement Powder

Dymatize Elite whey protein has been uniquely formulated to provide you with an out of the world taste experience. So now, when you are done with your workout, the whey protein is no longer just a necessity, it’s a well-deserved reward.

Key features:

  • Weight: 5 lbs or 2.27 kg
  • Protein per serving: 25 gm
  • Contains 5.5 gm BCAAs
  • 7 gm Leucine supports stimulation of Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Fast Digesting
  • Gluten Free
  • Fast Absorbing

4 lbs, 1.81 kg (Available in 14  delicious flavours) – Pre and Post Workout Protein Powder

Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech whey protein has been scientifically for more muscle, better strength, and enhanced performance.

Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Peptides & Isolate

Nitro-Tech contains whey protein that has been primarily sourced from whey isolate – which is one of the purest protein sources available to  bodybuilders and athletes. This whey protein supplement provides more amounts of highly bioavailable and easily digested protein compared to most other products.

Key features:

  • Weight: 4 lbs or 1.81 kg
  • Protein per serving: 30 gm
  • Contains 6.9 gm BCAAs
  • Primary source: Whey protein isolate
  • Provides 5 gm Glutamine and 3 gm Creatine
  • Speeds soreness and fatigue recovery of muscles

5 kg, 11lbs – Made in USA – Unflavoured and tested for purity

AS-IT-IS Nutrition whey protein 80% Concentrate provides the benefits needed by people who work out a lot. This whey protein powder contains all the nine essential amino acids.

Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Peptides & Isolate

This 80% whey protein concentrate gets broken down easily and is absorbed quickly. It provides your body with the boost it needs pre and post workouts. Just add 1 scoop of the whey protein powder to 240 ml of juice, water, or any other beverage you prefer.

Key features:

  • Weight: 11 lbs or 5 kg
  • Calories per serving: 119
  • Protein per serving: 24 gm
  • Zero sugar and 1.5 gm fat per serving
  • Each serving has 5.4 gm BCAA
  • Minimally Processed so you get the maximum nutrients and protein preserved in original form
  • Free from fillers and preservatives

5 kg, 11lbs – Made in USA – Unflavoured and tested for purity

Myprotein Impact whey protein provides over 80% protein per serving for better growth and maintenance of your muscles. It is made from 100% finest grade whey concentrate and delivers all the essential amino acids.

Myprotein Impact Whey Protein

If you want a premium whey protein supplement that comes in incredible tastes, your search ends at Myprotein Impact Whey Protein. This whey protein is fast absorbing and hence ideal for post workout consumption. The accompanying zone recipe page offers many recipes to make the product use more exciting.

Key features:

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs or 2.5 kg
  • Protein per serving: 20 gm
  • Grade A ranking
  • Each serving has 4.5 gm BCAA
  • Provides over 2 gm of leucine per serving
  • Comprehensive amino acid profile – provides all the essential amino acids
  • Ideal for meeting all training goals

2 kg, 4.4 lbs (Available in 5 tasty flavours)

GNC Amp Gold Series 100% whey Protein Advanced formula is a fast digesting whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. The contained hydrolysed whey peptides offer higher absorption and nutrient uptake.

GNC Amp Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced

5.5 gm of  BCAA (branched chain amino acids) provide advanced performance and recovery. 4 gm glutamine and glutamine precursors maximise muscle recovery with proper hydration and fuelling of muscle cells while ensuring proper absorption in the digestive system. 100 mg of digestive enzymes enriched with aminogen and lactase improve nutrient breakdown.

Key features:

  • Weight: 4.4 lbs or 2 kg
  • Protein per serving: 24 gm
  • Each serving has 5.5 gm BCAA
  • Provides 4 gm glutamine and glutamine
  • Contains 100 mg digestive enzymes
  • Source: whey isolate and whey hydrolysate
  • Gluten free
  • Ideal for meeting all training goals
So, here it is – the carefully assembled list of supplements to help you pick the best whey protein in India. Now you know which is the best whey protein brand in India that you can trust for your muscle nutrition needs. Go ahead and grab the whey protein supplement you need to meet your bodybuilding and health goals so you can live the life you deserve.