How to Choose Your Perfect Helmet?

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1. Vega

With around 9 million manufacturing capacity helmets in a year, Vega is one of India’s top 10 helmet brands. One of the reasons Vega Auto helmets are so popular among Indians is their quality and affordability. Over the years, the company has started offering other bike accessories like goggles, scarves, side boxes, etc., making the brand more desirable and popular.

If you want to explore some options even while keeping it under the budget of ₹3000, then Vega is a brand that you need to check out.

2. Royal Enfield 

Royal Enfield is the most known manufacturer and brand among bikers. And it is not just because they are one of the oldest manufacturers in India, but they also offer some of the best rides. But did you know that the company also provides some of the most durable helmets on the market? Although you are likely to assume that the prices are costly, it is not. The helmets from Royal Enfield start at prices below 2000 and hardly go up to 8000.

For the stylish and classy products, the prices are worth it. Plus, a helmet from the same manufacturer wouldn't be too bad if you have a Royal Enfield.

3. Steelbird Helmets

Steelbird Helmets is quite popular among young riders, but it is also a preferred choice for many other riders of different ages due to its affordability and reliability. The Steelbird Helmets started as early as 1964 and became the most reliable company to bring an affordable range of helmets to the market.

Even today, you can find a Steelbird helmet from as low as ₹600, which can go up to ₹4,000. So it is safe to say that the brand can cater to various requirements and preferences.

4. LS2

Many riders would define LS2 as a luxury helmet brand and highly desirable. Comparatively, LS2 is a new brand, as it started offering its products only in 1990. While some riders believe the brand’s offering to be expensive and luxurious, others are loyal customers of the brand’s helmets who would define the pricing as reasonable.

One of the mistakes you will likely make while buying an LS2 helmet is buying a seemingly premium-looking one at under ₹4000. Because the brand’s helmet offerings prices start somewhere from ₹4600, anything below it would probably be a dupe.

5. Wranglers

Most of you must have heard of Wranglers for its clothing and men’s fashion. But Wranglers’ helmets are not as commonly known. While Wranglers primarily focused on clothing and fashion, they have started working on affordable helmets over the years.

The result wasn’t bad. Wranglers today offers some of the best and variety of helmets for different protection levels at affordable pricing. Suppose you require safety helmets, protection helmets, riding helmets, bulletproof helmets, etc. You can explore helmets from Wranglers with only ₹600 in your pocket.

6. Aerostar

Aerostar might not be your ‘the most stylish helmet brand’, but it has been offering reliability to Indian consumers for years. Aerostar is a famous brand name for various cities across India and gives helmet prices starting from ₹400.

Even if you want a good quality helmet from Aerostar, you don’t have to go way beyond ₹2000. You don’t have to question the quality of helmets for too long because it is ISI-certified.

7. Aaron Alpha

Aaron Alpha is not a heavily marketed brand, for which maybe you are not familiar with the name. You can buy the offerings from this brand both online and offline, but online through Flipkart or Amazon would be easier because of easy availability.

Aaron Alpha is one of the brands that offer Bluetooth-enabled helmets at affordable pricing and has good reviews from buyers. You can buy Aaron helmets from ₹800 and explore different types, including Open Face, Full Face, Fill-UP, Moto-X, etc.

8. MT Helmets

MT Helmets is anything but cheap. It is known in the market for its premium quality and extraordinary features and uses. The pricing of the MT Helmets starts at where some of the famous brand’s pricings end. But all pricings for MT Helmets are justified for the quality and materials used like energy-absorbent thermoplastic, carbon composites, etc.

MT Helmets can be used for motorsports because it provides the required safety and the style of a racing helmet. With added features or quality of products, the prices of this brand’s products can go up to ₹23,000.

Helmets from MT Helmets are used in motorsports in various parts of the world, and in India, you can buy them only from specifically approved dealers.

9. SMK 

SMK is a brand that offers fun and quirky graphics in helmets and is also considered a premium range helmet in the Indian market. It is another famous brand among Indians, although not every Indian buys it without a second thought because of its premium range pricing.

The products from SMK start at ₹4000 and offer some fun features like Dual Visor System, In-Helmet Sun Shades, Wind Protector, Top Air Vents, Comfort Padding, Bluetooth, Breath Deflector, etc. The most expensive helmet from SMK would cost you someone around ₹10,000.

10. Fastrack

While Fastrack is one of the known and popular brands for watches, the helmets from the same company are primarily aimed at everyday riders, with pricing starting from ₹2000, to somewhere around ₹4000. The brand’s helmet offerings are inclusive of all gender and offer some of the best options for colours.

Although the helmets don’t have any innovative safety features, the cheek padding is highly reliable for the safety of its wearers. This makes Fastrack’s helmets one of the most affordable yet reliable helmets in the Indian market.

11. Shark

Shark is not just a helmet manufacturer but leads the helmet industry in innovation and technology. They bring some of the best breakthrough technology in safety, design, and comfort.

Shark helmets are not for your day-to-day use standard helmet but can be considered a premium headgear. Even the starting price is ₹30,000, which can go up to around ₹9,00,000. Shark offers a unique design for professional racers that prioritise security, comfort, and appearance over everything.

12. HJC Helmet

For over 45 years now, HJC Helmet has been manufacturing sports helmets of premium quality but offering at many affordable rates. Compared to other premium brands of helmets, HJC Helmet’s offerings’ pricings start at ₹7,000 and don’t go much beyond ₹45,000.

13. Arai Helmets

Arai Helmets is one of the premium headgear brands popular among professional motorbike riders in various countries worldwide. The brand, based in Japan, is one of the oldest brands that were not primarily into motorbike helmets. The company is known for manufacturing protective headgears in WWII.

With prices starting from ₹30,000 and going up to ₹3,00,000 and its safety features, it is safe to say that Arai Helmets is for those who want to mix thrill and adventure with riding.

14. Gliders

Gliders’ helmets are all about safety and quality. Not every product from Gliders is a fan favourite; the company sure offers some decent deals regarding affordability, durability, reliability, and not to mention, style.

Gliders’ designs are comprehensive and cover conditions, including motocross helmets, open face helmets, flip-up helmets, and many more. The pricing starts at ₹2,500 and goes up to ₹7000 depending on the type. Gliders also offer other accessories like bags, face masks, goggles, etc.

15. Bell Helmet

Bell Helmet has always been specific about its target users and audience. Earlier, the company used to manufacture dirt bikes and motocross helmets, but now their manufacturing and offerings are aimed toward sportbike riders. Bell Helmet offers wind protection at high speed.

The Indian market offers the Bell Helmet helmets starting from ₹9,000, increasing to ₹30,000.


The best way to look for the fitting helmet for you is to consider your requirement and the scope of your use first. Going for the pricing would be too unreasonable because higher helmet pricing doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality for different services.

If riding two-wheelers is just a mode of transport in your day-to-day lives, a premium headgear makes no sense. However, if you like to ride or have been into stunts and high speed, investing in premium headgear is something you should consider.