Check Out the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin-Makes Face Glow

By Lifestyle Titbits Staff
Last Updated On September 24, 2020
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Excessive oil can be very harmful to your skin as it clogs pores that frequently results in acne and blackheads. A good face wash helps remove the extra grease from your face.
Best Face Wash for Oily Skin
Love your skin a lot? Do you also want to get healthy and glowing skin with no traces of oil? Do not worry, we at Lifestyle Titbits are going to give you an ultimate solution to do away with the grease you hate.
Well, all of us have an idea that the sebaceous gland produces oil which keeps the skin moisturized. But more of it can cause a lot of skin problems for instance acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, etc. Hormonal as well as environmental impurities are a key reason for extra sebum production.
Face wash for oily skin can help you get rid of extra oil from your face and leave you with a radiant glow. Not treating the extra oil on your face may result in never-ending problems that you do not want for sure. In this article, we will talk about the causes of oily skin and the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin which can be used by men and women both. Stay in touch with us for more valuable and practical tips on health, glamour, and smart living.
We will be covering the following topics in this titbit to find the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin:

What is the Reason for Oily Skin?

Have you ever observed that your skin emanates a little more shine? The reality is that every human being has oil in their skin. There is a sebaceous gland under each of your pore which produces sebum that keeps your skin healthy, moisturized, and hydrated.
Although in several people, sebaceous glands produce oil more than required which makes skin greasy and oily. The reason for oily skin can be open pores, lifestyle factors, and more. Let us check out the reasons for that lead to unwanted greasy skin.

1. Age

The major cause of overactive sebaceous glands is age. If you are a teenager you are more likely to get oily skin because of hormonal activities and as you grow your sebaceous glands slow down.

2. Weather

The season also has a great impact on your skin. You tend to have more oily skin in the moist and hot season. You will probably have more oil on your skin in summer than you would have in winter.

3. Enlarged pores

The more big pores you have the more oil on your skin. Large pores tend to produce extra oil. Pores can enlarge because of breakouts and age.

4. Wrong skincare

The wrong product can also be a reason for the excessive oil on your face. Using the same products throughout the year can affect your skin adversely.

Pro Tip: keep changing your skincare products according to the season.

Benefits of Using Best Face Wash for Oily Skin

1. Works as a cleanser

Using the best face wash for oily skin helps remove the extra oil, dirt, and micropollutants present in the inside layer of skin.

2. Exfoliate

Face wash not only removes dirt and pollutants but also reveals a fresh layer of skin beneath. It brings a natural glow to your face and makes it look bright.

3. Improves blood circulation

Using face wash in a circular motion helps improve blood circulation and is incredibly therapeutic. Face wash for oily skin gives long-lasting hydration.

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin Men Need

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are now introducing you with the Best Face Wash for men with oily skin. We will provide you with the most realistic facts relating to which you can find the best face wash for yourself.
Here is the record of Best Face Wash for Oily Skin Men are sure to benefit from. Take a glance at the key features of the merchandise listed below to discover the best one for you.

1. Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Face Wash

Eradicate excess oil, pollutants, and dirt-100 ml
This face wash by Himalaya is completely soap-free and removes impurities from your face by using regularly. Himalaya is an Indian brand with all its products manufactured without chemicals.
This oil control face wash by Himalaya can be used by men throughout the year because it is modest. Use twice a day for better results.

Key features:

  • Enhanced by lemon and Indian willow
  • Cent-percent chemical-free
  • Affordable with great results
  • Powered by active boost technology
  • Refreshes skin without over-drying

2. Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash

Deep cleanses and removes excessive oil-100gm
Garnier is India’s top men’s face wash brand. This face wash has an intense anti-grease action that removes dullness and extra oil from your skin.

This is one of the best face wash for oily skin men can get their hands on. It is enhanced with the decency of menthol and clay. This will give you an oil-free feel the whole time.

Key features:

  • First deep cleansing face wash for men
  • Makes skin fresh and clean
  • Contains oil-absorbing mineral clay
  • Includes cooling Cryo menthol
  • Deep cleansing icy face wash
  • Makes the skin spotless and rejuvenated

3. Ponds Men Oil Control Face Wash

Removes excess oil and provide icy freshness-100gm
Ponds is a leading beauty product brand (more popular with women) and has equally amazing products for men too. This face wash is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever and the origin country is India.
Ponds men oil control face wash exfoliates the dull skin cells which will brighten up your skin and give it a cooling freshness. It will also remove sweat and dirt from the pores.

Key features:

  • Contains mineral clay, witch hazel extract, and salicylic acid
  • Icy scrub beads help exfoliate the tanned skin cells
  • Menthol refreshes your skin
  • Deep cleanses oil, dirt, and dullness
  • Gives icy freshness
  • Highly affordable

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin Women Can Benefit From

After talking about the best face wash for oily skin men should consider, let us talk about the best face for oily skin women should consider getting their hands on. Well, not only men but a majority of women also suffer from oily skin even when their puberty days are over because of an abnormal production of sebum that results in breakouts.
Although we do not have any control over the functioning of our sebaceous glands, there are still some ways to cope up with the excessive oil by using the best face wash for women with oily skin.

1. Nivea Milk Delights Face Wash

100% organic with fine gramflour-100ml
This Nivea face wash is enriched with the integrity of milk and gram flour and has a pH level alike to the skin and hence not cruel at all and protects your skin.
Nivea Milk Delights face wash is the best face wash for oily skin women want. It efficiently shrinks stickiness leaving you with plump and healthy skin.

Key features:

  • Removes extra oil
  • Contains gram flour which keeps skin oil-free
  • Cent percent organic and natural
  • Reduces stickiness
  • Affordable as well

2. Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Foaming Face Wash

Soap-free and herbal formulation face wash-150ml
Himalaya is a forerunner brand that presents herbal products with chemical-free ingredients that leaves your skin clean without stretching and drying it.
This face wash is blended with lemon, a severe and cooling agent along with honey which has amazing deep cleansing properties and makes your skin bright and glowing.

Key features:

  • Eliminates blackheads
  • Fades age spots and freckles
  • Contains antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple
  • Lightens and softens skin
  • An herbal formulation that removes excess oil
  • Extremely reasonably priced

3. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree Wash Oil Control Face Wash

Natural, organic, and chemical-free ingredients-120gm
Lotus herbals is a personal care and cosmetic manufacturer from India. This cosmetic company offers skincare and other beauty products for both men and women.
Lotus herbals oil control face wash is the best face wash for oily skin women expect. This face wash gently removes dirt and oil from the skin and is not harsh on your face.

Key features:

  • Regulates sebum production
  • Controls acne and blackheads
  • Reduce skin swelling
  • Restore natural oil balance
  • Lightens acne scars
  • Removes dry patches
  • Do not leave pore-clogging residue
  • Brings natural glow

So, here we are – wrapping up with the list of best face wash for oily skin that men and women need for regular use. Now you can easily choose the one according to your lifestyle, skin type, and budget. Go ahead and get the one you find the most appropriate for you. Using the best face wash for oily skin will kick start your journey in the direction of a beautiful, happy, and joyful life you deserve.

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