Tips to Find the Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin in India

By Lifestyle Titbits Staff
Last Updated On October 10, 2020
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Acne prone skin causes a lot of health and appearance problems that are extremely tough to handle. A good face wash for acne-prone skin helps clean your face inside out.
Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin
Love your skin a lot? Do you also want to get clear skin with no acne? Then do not worry, we at Lifestyle Titbits are going to give you vital solutions to do away with the problems you hate.
The foremost reason for acne is clogged pores and extra oil when hair follicles get blocked by oil and dirt – it results in acne and blackheads. Most commonly, acne and pimples occur during puberty, but it can affect people of other ages too.
Using the best face wash for acneprone skin in India that suits your condition will help you get rid of the extra oil and dirt – which will result in reduction of ugly spots. Not treating your skin condition the right way will worsen your acne that you do not want for sure. In this article, we will help you narrow down your search for the best face wash for acne prone skin in India. We will also highlight the leading causes of acne and pimples. Stay engaged with us for more practical updates about glamour, lifestyle, and health-related topics to help you live the life you deserve.
We will be covering these subjects in this titbit to make it easy for you to pick the best face wash for acne prone skin in India:

What Is the Reason for Acne?

Do you know what acne exactly is or what is the reason behind acne? Are you also a part of the ignorant tribe that considers only pimples to be acne? You may not have the right answers but do not worry.We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are going to provide you complete information about what is acne and what is the reason for this skin condition.
Acne is an inflammatory skin ailment that mostly attacks the face, back, and shoulders. When the hair follicles get blocked by dirt and excess oil is produced by small sebaceous glands, it creates whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples – these are all different forms of acne.
However, there are numerous other factors that lead to acne. Hormonal imbalance, family skin history, and various cosmetic products also contribute to acne in some people. Generally, acne is harmless, but it sometimes leaves ugly marks on the face. Acne is a skin condition that can even lead to the bacteria spreading to other parts of the face and body which causes bumps, cysts, etc.

Benefits of Using the Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin in India

1. It Gets Rid of Extra Oil

A good face wash for acne-prone skin will remove extra oil from your face that will result in reduced acne and pimple. It will clean the dirt from the pores and leave you with fresh skin.

2. It Cleanses Deeply

Face wash not only removes excess oil but also deep cleanses your skin. It eradicates the dead skin cells from the uppermost layer of the skin and opens up clogged pores.

3. It Exfoliates

Using the best face wash for acne prone skin exfoliates your skin effectively. It removes all the dirt and softens the top layer of the skin resulting in visibly fewer blackheads and whiteheads.

Which is the Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin in India?

We, at Lifestyle Titbits, are now going to provide you with the list to help you choose the best face wash for acne prone skin in India. This listing has been put together by our expert skin specialists to make it easy for you to easily wade through the jungle of so many competing products out there. Now, you can confidently pick the one that is the best fit according to your lifestyle, budget, and other factors.

1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

Cleans impurities and clear marks – 200ml
Himalaya is a well renowned cosmetic brand in India which manufactures all its products without chemicals. This face wash can be used throughout the year and it has no side effects.
This face wash has a soap-free and herbal formulation which helps to deep cleanse the impurities and clears all the pimple marks.

Key features:

  • Soap-free
  • Makes skin healthy
  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Suit all skin types

2. Plum Green Tea Cleansing Face Wash

Cent-percent cruelty-free and vegan – 75ml
Plum offers beauty products that do not contain any harmful chemicals and treats skin problems with natural ingredients. This face wash is specifically formulated for acne prone skin.
Plum face wash cleanses your skin gently and yet effectively. It removes extra oil and dirt which are the foremost source of acne and associated skin problems.

Key features:

  • 100% vegan
  • Paraben-free
  • SLS-free
  • Contains green tea extracts
  • Highly affordable
  • Soap-free as well

3. Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

Removes extra oil and dirt – 80gm
Clean & Clear is a forerunner brand that presents beauty products for treating skin ailments. This brand is extremely popular among women and girls.
This is the one of the best face wash products for acne-prone skin in India and is gentle yet an effective solution to deal with the acne. Use twice a day for better results.

Key features:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Does not clog pores
  • Specially formulated with neem and lemon
  • Oil-free formula
  • Works marvels for acne-prone skin

4. Mamaearth Tea Tree Face Wash

Deep cleanses impurities and purifies skin – 100ml
Mamaearth tea tree face wash includes tea tree oil, neem leaf extract, and lavender oil that helps reduce acne plus excess oil and maintains glowing skin.
This everyday use face wash helps to control acne and prevents the development of new pimples and acne. It gets rid of undesirable oil from your skin without leading to stretches or dryness.

Key features:

  • Free of sulfates
  • Does not enclose artificial colors
  • Paraben-free
  • Contains anti-bacterial property
  • Purifies skin
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Completely safe from chemicals

5. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Derma Cleanse Face Wash

Reduces acne and clears zits – 80gm
Cheryl’s derma cleanse face wash is an antibacterial face wash that is specially formulated with the key ingredients such as cinnamon and biosulphur.
This face wash specializes in treatment of greasy skin that is prone to acne. It ensures the removal of acne and enhances the way your skin looks.

Key features:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Reduces sebaceous secretion
  • Restores pH balance
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Clears blemishes
  • Heals acne naturally

6. Aroma Magic Face Wash

100% soap and paraben-free – 100ml
Aroma magic neem and tea tree face wash is one the leading best face wash for acne-prone skin in India. It cures acne and helps prevent blackheads plus whiteheads.
This is an herbal disinfecting face wash made with neem and tea tree oil which helps cure acne and maintains the skin’s oil level.

Key features:

  • Improves skin tone
  • Extremely affordable
  • Best for acne-prone skin
  • Lightens scars and blemishes
  • Controls acne
  • Prevents dehydration

7. Khadi Mauri Herbal Anti Acne Face Wash

Enriched with neem and tea tree oil – 210ml
Khadi mauri herbal face wash is very effective for people with a history of acne-prone skin. It unclogs pores, fades blemishes, and relaxes your skin.
This face wash can be used by people round the year as it is extremely modest. It is also totally free from external harmful chemicals and fragrances.

Key features:

  • Protects from micropollutants
  • Eliminates oily skin
  • Brightens your skin
  • Very affordable as well
  • Relieves dryness
  • Maintains oil balance
  • Reduces inflammation

8. Kaya Clinic Acne Free Purifying Cleanser

Enhanced with salicylic acid – 100ml
Kaya is a dermatological expert leading beauty product brand in India with a strong understanding of Indian skin as well as hair.
Kaya clinic acne-free purifying face wash is highly recommended to people with acne-prone skin as it reduces acne and prevents skin from future breakouts.

Key features:

  • Deep-pore cleanser
  • Dissolves extra oil
  • Prevents acne formation
  • Boosts nourishment
  • Suitable for combination and oily skin

9. Zymo Pimple Care Face Wash

100% soap-free and gentle – 70gm
This face wash by zymo is highly reviewed and effective for people with acne and pimples. It is loaded with active micro-globules which improves skin texture.
Zymo pimple clear face wash is very gentle to the skin and can be used by both men and women throughout the year without facing any side effects.

Key features:

  • Contains salicylic acid
  • Includes vitamin B5
  • Reduces pimples and dark spots
  • Protects skin from bacteria
  • Paraben-free
  • Extremely effectivefor acne-prone skin

10. Wow Skin Anti Acne Face Wash

Cent-percent vegan and paraben plus sulfate-free – 100ml
Wow skin anti-acne face wash includes natural antimicrobial bioactive that are totally safe and effective. It cleans pores removes dead cells, and decreases acne.
This face wash delivers visible results on the face after regular use and limits acne breakouts, lessens blackheads, and lightens scars.

Key features:

  • Soothes skin
  • Lightens blemishes
  • Gives nutrition to the skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Tones skin
So, here are we finishing off with the carefully created list to help you choose the best face wash for acne prone skin in India. Go right ahead and get the one that satisfies your skin and lifestyle needs. Now you can step out confidently without worrying about your skin acne and live the beautiful, happy and fun life you deserve.
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